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Almost a month after the elections, and with his multiple allegations of “fraud” dismissed in court due to lack of evidence, outgoing US President Donald Trump continues to avoid acknowledging his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, who positioned himself this Monday in the key state of Arizona, consolidating its success only in the absence of results in Wisconsin.

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“Today we signed the certification of the 2020 elections in Arizona,” tweeted Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of that state that has passed into the Democratic field for the first time in nearly 25 years. Biden won a narrow victory, by a margin of 10,457 votes, in a state in which almost 3.5 million voters cast.

Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is responsible for election operations, said the election was “conducted with transparency, precision, and fairness … despite numerous unsubstantiated allegations to the contrary.”

However, the certification communicated this Monday does not necessarily mean the end of Republicans’ recourse to court, as this status allows the results to be contested even after they have been validated.

In fact, Trump’s campaign team has tried, so far without success, to hamper the process of certification of results in key states won by Biden by challenging them in court.

And it is in this sense that Wisconsin certification is key, since it is the only state that has not yet validated the election results is Wisconsin, whose certification will also take place probably this Monday And it came after Trump’s own campaign requested and funded the recount in several counties.

But, contrary to going in his favor, in the last week the results were made official in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, three of the key states that Trump lost in the elections and that underpin the Democrat’s victory.

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Wisconsin is one of three states that make up the Democratic Blue Wall, which they lost during the 2016 election.

“The Wisconsin recount is not about finding errors in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally and that case will be filed after the recount ends, on Monday or Tuesday,” Trump wrote Saturday in his Twitter gutter. “We have found many illegal votes. Pay attention!”.

The deadline to certify the vote in this state expires this Tuesday and, despite the fact that everything indicates that the certificate will sentence the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s strategy seems to point towards the judicial allegations.

In fact, A conservative group has already filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin election officials to seek to prevent the certification of the results.

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For their part, attorneys for Democratic Governor Tony Evers asked the local Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit that was added to another lawsuit filed over the weekend by Dean Mueller, a Wisconsin resident, alleging that the ballots placed in mailboxes are illegal and should not be counted.

Protests in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, harsh protests against racism have been unleashed in recent months, a fact that Joe Biden capitalized on during the campaign.

Would the path of electoral fraud or theft prosper?

Donald Trump has continued to cry out “fraud.” “The 1,126,940 votes came out of nowhere. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, maybe a lot more than people will ever know. Pennsylvania’s votes were rigged. In all the other key states as well. The world is watching,” he wrote. Monday from his Twitter account, which adds the messages of the president continuous warning notes in the absence of evidence.

Almost a month after going to the polls, and amid a pandemic that has already killed more than 260,000 people in the country, Americans stare in amazement at Trump’s surprising and often contradictory statements.

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However, the courts have gone one by one dismissing almost all of the president’s complaints. “Saying an election is unfair doesn’t make it so. The charges require specific charges and then evidence. We do not have either of the two things here, “Judge Stephanos Bibas, of the Philadelphia Court of Appeals, said on Friday.

Bibas, in fact, was appointed by President Trump himself to the position. This Saturday, it was also known that the vote count requested by the Trump campaign in Milwaukee County, in Wisconsin, he added 132 votes to Biden’s already wide margin of victory.

And it is in this sense that Wisconsin certification is key, since it is the only state that has not yet validated the electoral results is Wisconsin

What if they certify the triumph of Joe Biden?

Democrat Joe Biden has already begun to announce some of the positions that will make up his cabinet, after confirmation by the Senate, such as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Still, however, without receiving the traditional courtesy call from the loser in the elections. The closest thing has been to a concession of the defeat occurred this Thursday.

In questions from journalists, and following a call with the troops deployed abroad on the occasion of Thanksgiving, about whether he will leave the White House if Biden is voted in the electoral college, he replied: “I certainly will, and you know it.”

Trump has tried to frustrate the electoral bureaucracy because, once the count of each state is confirmed, they consign the delegates that correspond to them within the Electoral College system on December 14 and transmit the result to the President of the Senate and Vice President, Mike Pence, the January 6th.

Once confirmed that Biden exceeds 270 electoral votes, the president-elect will inaugurate his term in a ceremony in front of the Capitol on January 20. Lthe results place Biden with 306 votes compared to Trump’s 232.


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Trump questions the electoral result but Wall Street closes with strong gains

Wall Street has risen very strongly this Wednesday (Dow Jones: +1,34%; S&P 500: +2,20%; Nasdaq: +3,85%), on its third day of earnings after rises for the first two days of the week. The New York Stock Exchange has advanced with a firm step after the initial doubts that marked the futures, which have reached a negative price when Trump has questioned the electoral result in United States. The president continues to sow uncertainty, and has even denounced that voting by mail is “very strange”, since it is making him lose “magically” in states where he was winning.

Investors are waiting for the final results of the presidential elections in the United States. The polls have failed again and Joe Biden has not achieved a clear victory. Further, Donald Trump maintains his re-election options, although at the close of the market they have been reduced after Biden’s victory in Wisconsin.

Although there is still no clear winner, the market discounts that Biden will not have enough margin in the Senate to apply their promised tax hike to large companies, which is very positive for listed companies.

“The main point is that It looks like the Republicans will keep the Senate. This is probably much more important to the financial markets than the victory of Trump or Biden, “he explains. Esty Dwek, Director of Global Market Strategy at Natixis.

“A Republican Senate basically means a traffic jam and that there is no ‘Green Deal’ for renewables, no tax hikes or massive fiscal stimulus“, adds this expert.


Joe Biden has maintained its hope in achieving the final victory because “we are on our way to winning these elections and we have to be patient until the count ends”, while Donald Trump has said that “they are trying to steal the elections. We will never let them do it“.

From the Biden campaign they point out that this afternoon they could have enough advantage to claim victory. The internal data they handle about Nevada y Michigan they put the Democratic candidate in front of the White House.

Joe Biden is on track to win this election and will be the next president of the United States. We believe that we have a clear path to victory ahead of us. For this afternoon, we hope that the former vice president will have enough advantage in some states to exceed 270 delegates, “Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, assured at a press conference.

Something that does not seem to convince Trump, who has denounced through his Twitter account that voting by mail is being “very strange.” “Last night he was leading, often solidly, in many key states, in almost every case controlled and controlled by the Democrats. Then one by one, began to magically disappear as the surprise landfills were counted, “he assured. His representatives have asked the courts to stop counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two of the key states.


“Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Party has retained the House of Representatives, but the outcome of the presidential and Senate elections is still up in the air. The possibility of a major Democratic victory is gone, while the possibility that Donald Trump remains president and a divided Congress has increased. The final result may be delayed until Friday, “Danske Bank analysts say.

The president will decide in the key states of the ‘Rust Belt’ (industrial belt): Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Democrat leads Trump in Michigan. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania has stopped scrutiny with Trump’s lead, as has Nevada, where Biden leads.

But not everything is the elections, since this Wednesday the report was known ADP employment. In October, 365,000 private jobs, well below the consensus projections, which predicted an increase of 643,000. “People are cutting off their social interactions, hurting the leisure and tourism sectors quite a bit,” and “this is not going to get better anytime soon,” say experts at Pantheon Macroeconomics.

In addition, the data of the US trade deficit, which is down 4.7% in September, to 63.9 billion dollars, compared to 67.1 billion the previous month, as confirmed by the Commerce Department.

And the PMI services produced by the consulting firm Markit. The October data (56.9) show a strong expansion of commercial activity in this sector in the US. Specifically, faster growth was linked to stronger demand, despite the advance of the pandemic.

In other markets, oil West Texas rises 3.5% to $ 39, while the euro it appreciates 0.03% and changes to 1.1714 dollars. For its part, the profitability of the 10-year American bond it drops sharply to 0.77%.


what is the Electoral College?

Donald Trump knows it well: to win the White House, no need to win more votes than his opponent. The Queens businessman has garnered nearly 3 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, but he’s the one who rules Washington. Because the presidency is played elsewhere – in the “Electoral College”, made up of 538 “grand voters” appointed by voters from all American states.

► The “Electoral College”, a historic compromise

When the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia in 1787, the method of appointing the president gave rise to heated debates: while some delegates envisaged popular suffrage, a better expression of the will of the people, others only had confidence limited in the clairvoyance of their compatriots.

→ EXPLANATION. US election 2020: how are the president and vice president elected?

In addition, sparsely populated states fear that they will have little voice in the event of popular election. In Philadelphia, many are therefore pleading for a designation of the executive power by Congress, where the Senate reduces demographic differences – each state sends two elected members to this chamber, regardless of the size of its population.

Between these two conflicting proposals, a compromise eventually emerges: the designation of an “Electoral College”. According to this formula, each state designates “large voters”, in number equal to its representatives (equivalent to our deputies, whose number is linked to the size of the population) and to its senators (two). It is these “big voters” who choose the president.

► A unique function: elect the tenant of the White House

These “grand voters” number 538 (sum corresponding to 435 representatives, 100 senators, and 3 votes attributed to the District of Columbia (city of Washington), which is not represented in Congress). To settle in Washington, therefore, it is necessary to reach an absolute majority of 270. The five states which weigh the most are California – 55 electors – Texas (38), Florida (29), the State of New York (29) and Pennsylvania (20).

These “big voters” – local officials in general, rewarded by their party – have only one mandate: to appoint the president of the United States. This vote takes place in December, not in Washington, but in their respective capitals.

The results are then communicated to the Senate in Washington, then officially confirmed in early January during a joint session of Congress. The president can then take office a few days later, on January 21.

► A particularity that weighs on the campaign

Because of the existence of this electoral college, running a presidential campaign in the United States is very special. All the more so since with the exception of Maine and Nebraska, the “grand voters” of each state all wear the same color: that of the candidate who has imposed himself in the state – this is the rule of the « winner takes all » (“The winner takes everything”). To triumph, in California for example, with a vote in advance or 100,000 does not change anything in the final result, which is played out within the Electoral College.

Now California votes Democratic, like Texas votes Republican. New York State also votes Democratic – so there is no need to campaign there, one more or less voice does not change anything after the vote. California would have voted 100% for Hillary Clinton in 2016 that the Democratic candidate would still have remained at the door of the White House …

From then on, each candidate defines his strategy to reach the fateful number of 270 electors. In 2016, Donald Trump chose to focus his campaign on industrial America, considering that the road to the 270 voters went through Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. With reason…


Trump at the election rally protests: “Turn on the TV and nothing else is heard, only Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid Covid”

US President at Rally in Lumberton, North Carolina | CorriereTv

US President Donald Trump protests with the media. He does so at an election rally in Lumberton, North Carolina: “That’s all I hear now. Turn on the TV and you don’t hear about anything other than ‘Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid’ “. A word that the head of the White House repeats 6 consecutive times like a refrain in front of a crowd delirious for him: “Well, after November 4 you won’t hear this word again”


By the Right of the Weak – Newspaper Kommersant No. 191 (6912) dated 19.10.2020

US President Donald Trump continues preparations for the elections amid increasingly dire electoral prospects. Over the past two weeks, he has not been able to reverse the negative trend, and now he – at least as it is clear from his words – is preparing for defeat.

“Can you imagine what will happen if I lose? What am I supposed to do with my life? – the president addressed the public to its approving buzz in the state of Georgia. – I will say: “I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.” I certainly won’t feel good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country altogether, I don’t know. “

Donald Trump has a chance to lose the election, and this chance is considerable:

according to poll aggregator RealClearPolitics, the current head of state lags behind Democrat Joe Biden by 9% in the nationwide sample and 4.5% in victory-critical swing states.

At pre-election rallies, the head of state is already openly addressing those categories and groups of voters that he needs to win. For example, in Johnston, Pennsylvania, suburban women became such a group. This is a really important segment of the electorate: in 2016, more than half of women from suburbs voted Republican. Now, according to a poll by ABC News / Washington Post, Mr. Biden’s advantage in this group is 28%.

“Someone said to me, ‘I don’t know if the women from the suburbs love you.’ I asked, “Why?” They answered me: “They may not like your manner of speaking.” But I stand for law and order. I stand for your safety. So I want to ask you for a favor. Suburban women please, could you love me? I saved your damn neighborhoods! “

Donald Trump also pays special attention to the elderly, people over 65. Immediately after returning to the White House after his own fight against coronavirus, he released a video dedicated to “my favorite people in the world: the elderly.” In it, he promised to “take care of the elderly without any pay” and provide them with the same drugs for COVID-19 that he received himself.

He also gave an entire speech last Friday entitled “In Defense of American Seniors.” “Older people are threatened by a radical left movement that wants to destroy the American way of life. We will not allow this to be done, ”he said. Elderly Americans also supported Donald Trump in 2016, but, according to polls this year, they sided with the Democrats. An NBC News / Wall Street Journal study found that 27% more older Americans support Mr. Biden.

As the presidential aides told Politico, this kind of talk also has a tactical task, since Donald Trump acts best in a catch-up situation. “We said he was like Rocky Balboa – waiting for an opponent to hit and then responding with his knockout blow,” Republican political consultant Brian Lanza, who worked in the 2016 campaign and advised Mr. Trump’s current campaign headquarters, told the publication.

As director of the sociological center Quinnipiac University Poll Dag Schwartz told Kommersant, the peculiarity of the current electoral cycle is the amazing stability in the study of public opinion.

“We have had the impeachment of the president, the COVID-19 epidemic, the economic crisis, protests due to racial intolerance and a difficult nomination for a Supreme Court judge. But Biden’s leadership was constant, ”said Mr. Schwartz. He also noted that Donald Trump is the only president in the history of the country whose approval rating, according to official figures, has never exceeded 50%.

However, according to him, the current situation with the increasing gap between the Democrat and the Republican should be taken with caution, since most of the polls were conducted after the first debates and reports of the President’s COVID-19 infection, so the situation may still change a little. “That is why we are conducting measurements right up to the very day of voting,” the expert said.

The president himself does not focus on his deplorable ratings, preferring to talk about the number of supporters at the rallies and their enthusiasm. “I believe our level of enthusiasm is the greatest in the history of a presidential election. The level of enthusiasm of his supporters is negligible, ”the head of state proudly declared at a rally last Friday.

The president, who has ruled for almost four years, is once again portraying himself as an outsider, a political newcomer, who is opposed by the full power of the “Washington swamp” and the “corrupt establishment”.

In a recent example, an allegation against social media that blocked or artificially reduced the distribution of a New York Post article about Joe Biden’s family corruption. TV channels, political opponents and even the coronavirus, which brought down the economy built by Donald Trump, are criticized.

Attempts by presidential aides to direct his speeches in a more positive direction have so far been unsuccessful: the head of state is ready to throw accusations, but, apparently, is not yet ready to promise a bright future after his less and less likely victory.

Alexey Naumov


Trump Shakes Markets: What’s Expected in Bonds and Stocks Based on Election Results

Polls show him losing more and more ground to Democrat Joe Biden as the November 3 election approaches. In addition, the Republican has stirred the idea of ​​a fraud due to the unprecedented number of votes cast in advance via email.

The US equity markets could fall 5-10%, “depending on how bad the news is,” said Binay Chandgothia, portfolio manager at Principal Global Investors.

Stephen Innes, global markets strategist at AxiCorp in Bangkok, said he expected the S&P 500 to fall by around 10% “as the competition between corporate tax hikes versus stimulus is unprecedented.”

The S&P 500 is up 8.7% this year, helped by trillions of dollars of fiscal and monetary policy stimulus, and accumulated a 4% rise in October.

Chandgothia, whose company manages around $ 490 billion in assets, said it expected the 10-year yield to drop by 20 to 25 basis points “if the electoral uncertainty continues.”

The 10-year bond yield is at 0.7173%, down from a low of 0.5040% on August 6.

Chandgothia said he expected the US dollar to appreciate against emerging market currencies, the euro and the British pound, but to weaken against the Japanese yen, without detailing how much.

Innes claimed it was “short dollar / yen” as a non-consensual trade, adding that he expected the yen to hit the 100 level against the dollar.

The dollar index has lost about 9% since its 2020 peak, also in March.

“The best hedges for an underperformance are gold, 30-year US Treasuries and the dollar,” Chandgothia said. “Of these, we are currently long in dollars, and may soon add 30-year Treasuries.”

On the other hand, almost three-quarters of investors surveyed by Bank of America (BofA) expect an increase in volatility in the markets in the fourth quarter, given the possibility that the results of the presidential election will be questioned and Trump will not accept a possible defeat at the polls.

The 224 fund managers surveyed by BofA last week, who manage portfolios of assets worth $ 632 billion, indicated that the US election is the second largest “collateral risk” for the markets. Covid-19 remains the main concern, the US investment bank said in a note on Tuesday.

Despite relegating expectations of a vaccine to February, investors played down fears of a recession as 60% said the world economy is in an early cycle phase.


The power of the armed militias invades the electoral debate in the US

President Trump unleashed a new wave of threats on Monday to pave the way for federal action in Portland following the weekend riots that killed a far-right member during clashes with anti-racism protesters. The new threats from the US president crown a volatile week of violence in the streets, an issue that is already dominating the electoral campaign in a country with the highest temperature and which is entering a new phase of social tension and political division.

The protests against racism spreading across the country and the ensuing violent riots that attempt to discredit them have become a fact that oscillates dangerously over the heads of both electoral campaigns. With only two months to go before the most crucial presidential elections in the country’s modern history, the violence threatens to take a toll on voters’ sensibilities and produce a last-minute reaction that could be tilted either way to determine the electoral sign.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden, in a speech Monday from Pittsburgh, accused Trump of inciting violence in the country for years and having lost the moral leadership to resolve crises. Biden recriminated the president because, according to him, he seeks chaos instead of order and has not condemned the violence of his supporters and of the armed groups that act under his slogans and the discourse of white supremacism.

The Democratic leader defended racial justice and distinguished the riots from the peaceful protests against police abuse. He affirmed that he condemns any kind of violence wherever it comes from and challenged the president to condemn it as well. Biden listed the list of crises that plague the country at this time including the coronavirus pandemic, which last weekend exceeded 183,000 deaths and six million cases. The candidate emphasized the need to end the specter of racism that destroys communities and confronts society.

The case of Jacob Blake

Trump, who has not yet spoken with Jacob Blake’s family and has no plans to meet with them, does plan to meet with members of the Kenosha security forces on Tuesday to assess the damage caused by the recent unrest. The new epicenter of protests against police violence following the recent altercation that paralyzed African-American Jacob Blake after seven shots in the back could become the focus of new tensions with the president’s visit to the security forces while ignoring the victims of police abuse.

After a week of silence, the Republican leader finally referred to the incident with Jacob Blake for the first time on Monday, about which he vaguely commented on his displeasure when he saw the images. The politician who has made the threat of deployment of federal armed forces the slogan of his electoral campaign has also refused to condemn the armed minor Kyle Rittenhouse, who last Friday in Kenosha shot two activists to death in the protests.

Following the riots in Kenosha and Portland, the Police face criticism over their tolerance for armed groups and voluntary militias. Following the death of a protester, this body has declared the protests illegal in Portland. Confrontations between these armed groups and activists have already left three dead in recent days.

These are gangs of civilians belonging to the extreme right that have been operating in different cities across the country with the purpose of discrediting and creating chaos in rallies against police violence and racism. They act under the guise of showing their support and assisting the security forces.

However, the latest deaths have increased pressure on the Police, accused of tolerating the presence of self-appointed law-enforcement gunmen who occupy the protests without uniform, professional training and who act with limited responsibility. The motivations of these armed agents – indistinguishable from one another once masses of protesters fill the streets – include protecting commercial property, freedom of expression, advocating for white supremacy, and fostering civil war.


They spit and insult the German Minister of Health in an electoral act

The German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, was spit on and insulted during an electoral event in the town of Bergisch Gladbach when he wanted to talk with protesters critical of the government’s policy to combat the coronavirus, report this Monday the Rheinischen Post and Rheinischen newspapers ‘Express’.

The conservative politician underlines in statements to the first of the newspapers that “we must seek conversation and dialogue with those who are dissatisfied with our coronavirus policy” and affirms that the discussions are part of democracy. “Although they only work if both parties are willing to listen to each other. But if you yell, spit and reject the dialogue, then it doesn’t work, ”admits Spahn. Last Saturday the German Minister of Health and members of the Christian Democratic Union went to the aforementioned city of North Rhine-Westphalia to support his party partner Christian Buchen in the campaign for mayor of Bergisch Gladbach.

The German Constitutional Court has confirmed the prohibition of a camp of critics against the policy of the German executive to face the coronavirus in the heart of Berlin. Deniers of the epidemic wanted to keep camping next to the central Avenue of June 17 that leads to the Brandenburg Gate until mid-September and had appealed urgently to the highest court of the country after the High Administrative Court of Berlin -Brandenburg ordered the dissolution of the camp and the immediate withdrawal of the tents.

This last instance had determined that the camp posed a threat to public safety, since the participants in it did not keep the minimum physical distance or wear masks to avoid contagion with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The judges of the Constitutional in Karlsruhe pointed out that to avoid the danger of infections a ban on assembly can be issued when there are no other means to achieve this objective. The participants in the camp, which the Police were in charge of dissolving after the sentence was known, had participated this Saturday in the large demonstration of “crown skeptics” that brought together almost 40,000 people in Berlin.

Virologist and Social Democratic deputy Karl Lauterbach has expressed his fear of a wave of infections with the virus, after the demonstration on Saturday against the restrictions imposed by the German authorities to combat the coronavirus epidemic. “It was a large demonstration without masks or compliance with the required physical distance between people in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic and when the numbers of infections are increasing,” said Lauterbach, who warned that “it is likely that infected all of Germany attended the event and spread the virus massively. ‘

The Social Democratic expert considers, on the other hand, very unlikely that this autumn or winter it will be necessary to force a new economic stoppage in Germany in the face of a new wave of coronavirus infections. “It will not be necessary to carry out a new closure,” says Lauterbach in a statement published today by the economic magazine Business Insider, in which he underlines that the important thing to avoid this eventuality is to carry out tests with intelligence and to track and fight effectively the chains of infections .

The infectious disease specialist considers “completely wrong” the closure of schools and nurseries as a preventive measure in order to prevent children from becoming epidemic victims, although he defends periodic and regular tests and analyzes on teachers. Lauterbach also criticizes the lack of consensus among the 16 German federal states to limit the number of people attending private parties in this country. “These are going to play a relevant role in increasing infections due to the danger of their presence in people who are super-spreaders of the virus,” warns the Social Democratic politician.


Trump to visit California on Monday to learn about the fires

Monrovia (United States), 12/09/2020.- The Bobcat Fire progresses in the woods in the Angeles National Forest north of Monrovia, North East of Los Angeles, California, USA, 11 September 2020 (issued 12 September 2020). According to reports, the Creek Fire has burnt over 26,000 acres of forest. (Incendio, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, will visit California next Monday to learn “in situ” of the situation in the fight against the multiple fires that burn in the state, one of which is already the largest in its history.

As a White House spokesman, Judd Deere, told Efe this Saturday, the president will go to McClellan Park, in the vicinity of Sacramento, the Californian capital, where he will meet with local and state authorities to transfer the last hour of the efforts against flames.

“Since mid-August (when the state’s first major fire wave was declared), President Trump and Governor (of California, Gavin) Newsom have spoken on the phone and the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency they have been in constant contact with local and state officials in responding to these natural disasters, “said Deere.

The Government recalled that Trump had already approved a Presidential Declaration of Major Disaster for the state at the end of August, which activates aid programs and makes federal funds available to the affected areas, and described the fire-fighting efforts as “executed locally, state-managed and federally supported. ‘

The president will stop in California after holding several elections throughout the weekend in neighboring Nevada and Arizona, two key states ahead of the November presidential elections.

California is experiencing the worst year in its recent history for wildfires, with more than 1,214,000 hectares burned to date, the highest annual figure ever recorded, and that has not yet begun what has traditionally been the “season »Of fires, in October and November.

Most of the fires broke out in mid-August due to an unusual electrical storm in the region, and since then the dryness, strong winds and high temperatures have caused them to spread at high speed across the length and breadth of the state.

Monrovia (United States), 12/09/2020.- The Bobcat Fire progresses in the woods in the Angeles National Forest north of Monrovia, North East of Los Angeles, California, USA, 11 September 2020 (issued 12 September 2020). According to reports, the Creek Fire has burnt over 26,000 acres of forest. (Incendio, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Also this Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, issued a statement in which he accused Trump of “denying the reality” of the climate crisis and warned that we must act “right now” to avoid a future “of tragedies. Endless like the one that’s affecting the families of the American West these days.

In addition to California, other western states such as Washington, Colorado, Montana and, above all, Oregon, are being affected by the fires, which in the case of the latter keep almost half a million people evacuated and have claimed several victims mortal in the last hours. EFE