Marcelo in first. Marisa recovers and threatens Ventura’s third place

If Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa slides a few tenths (he has 62,1%), Ana Gomes also loses almost one point for 16,3%, in Aximage’s November poll for TSF / JN.

In the month when almost everyone goes down, Marisa Matias’ gain stands out. The candidate supported by the Left Bloc grows 1.2 percentage points (pp) and now registers 5,9% 0.7 tenths of the third, which is André Ventura. The leader of Chega is one of those who goes down (1 pp) and collects 6,6% voting intentions.

Fifth, is João Ferreira, the candidate supported by CDU, also regains ground, up half a point for 2,1%.

And at the end of the table, there are two slight rises this month: Tiago Mayan, the liberal candidate rises a few tenths to 1,5%, and Tino de Rans, manages to reach the level of 1%.

Analyzing voting intentions in detail, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reinforces his support to the socialist electorate, but Ana Gomes also gains ground with voters who say they vote for the PS. The candidate still gathers almost 25% of support among those who say they vote for BE.


Plenary of the SCJN invalidates the electoral reform of Tlaxcala


Considering that it was approved by a board of directors that violated the law, in the Congress of Tlaxcala, the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), invalidated in its entirety the electoral reform voted on August 26 of that entity.

During the discussion of the reform, in the Tlaxcalteca Congress, violations of the legislative process were incurred in the session where Decree 215 was approved, which amended the local electoral law, because it was called by a board of directors elected in violation of the Organic Law of the Legislative Power of the state.

In his presentation, Minister Mario Pardo Rebolledo stated that the aforementioned law establishes that the board of directors must be elected by a qualified majority of at least 17 of the local deputies, but only 15 legislators participated in its approval, which invalidated the electoral reform approved on August 26.

That legislation contained provisions related to the reelection and the term of separation of the local deputies who aspire to it; on the integration of an inclusive language, and gender parity for candidacies for municipal positions.

When the electoral reform was invalidated, the Plenary of the SCJN ordered the revival of the previous Electoral Law, which had been repealed, to apply its precepts in the election of the next governor, local deputies and 299 municipal presidencies of Tlaxcala.



A new wind shakes the elections in the sports federations

He held the rope firmly, he did not let go. Philippe Bana was elected on Saturday November 28 as president of the French Handball Federation. At 63, the irremovable technical director since 1999 is well ahead of his two opponents with 57.5% of the vote, and can breathe. At least he is not carried away by the wind of freshness which agitates the sports movement this fall.

The fact that, for the first time, the campaign was tough and between three candidates – in a federation accustomed to unanimous crownings – shows that the lines are moving. Elsewhere, other representatives of the system in place did not resist like Philippe Bana, who presented at least a flattering sporting record. On the tatami, Stéphane Nomis, 50, ex-blue from the 1990s who became an IT entrepreneur, defeated a Jean-Luc Rougé pretending to a fourth term and in the judo house since the 1980s. On the fencing side, Bruno Gares, 55, master of arms and former arms manufacturer for the French teams, prevented an Isabelle Lamour from aligning a third term in a row.

The Covid-19 accelerator

“The desire for renewal is a classic aspiration, the typical president being in the federations a man aged on average from 64 to 66 years old and running for a third term., underlines the sociologist William Gasparini, specialist in the governance of sports institutions. But this time the aspiration is all the more present as new challenges arise in terms of feminization, professionalization, adaptation to new practices, and this in a context disrupted by the Covid-19. “

Most Federations are, in fact, faced with significant redundancies and a terrible economic turmoil. But not only. The evil is also psychological, the morale of the volunteers appearing more and more leaden. “The pandemic has played a role of accelerator by highlighting the impossibility of continuing with a sport still dominated by the high level, analyzes Yohan Penel, 36, one of the three candidates for the presidency of the French Badminton Federation. Admittedly, the consideration of health sport or leisure sport among others, is present in the speeches, but most federations only tackle these subjects at the margins, without real global plans. “

Finally, take social performance into account

To change the situation, Yohan Penel proposed a “Citizen call” signed by some federal candidates such as Stéphane Nomis, new president of judo. The only contender declared for the moment for the presidency of the French Equestrian Federation, Anne de Sainte-Marie, 36, former director of the Cense stud farm, also a signatory, shares this desire to review the traditional sporting model. “We have had pioneers who have done a wonderful job, but whose ideas have dried up, with outdated management, difficulty in understanding societal changes, she blurted out. The number of licensees is important, but cannot be the only indicator. What interests me is the quality of life of my club leaders, which includes economic, ethical, etc. issues. “

For William Gasparini, the sports movement is crossed by a dynamic seeking to better take into account social performance. “ Medals and sports heroes are obviously still essential, supports the sociologist, but the societal dimension also requires mobilization: healthy sport, with a diversified offer and above all trained educators who are not competition coaches; the integration of young people, in difficult neighborhoods but also in the countryside; citizen sport, very important in the fight against radicalization; feminization finally. Do we need a new generation of leaders for this? I do not know. But we see that part of the answers go through digital technology, and that at this level, there is a real divide. “

Would sport be affected by degagism? “It’s a real risk, but it is limited by respect for inheritances and people, swears Anne de Sainte-Marie. The opposite risk also exists: that of making major cultural errors. “ Refocus therefore, more than anything to revolutionize. “ But with determination, prône Yohan Penel. Because to change in my opinion, it’s now or never. The latter evokes “The prospect of the 2024 Games”, but not only : “This time, if we do not manage to put sport in its rightful place by showing how it can respond to current social issues, I fear that afterwards it will be too late. “


The National Olympic Committee, the other essential campaign

“An educational, social, health, societal and economic objective. “ This is the mission that Patrice Martin wants to assign to sport, who announced his candidacy for the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) in mid-November. The president of the French Water Ski Federation since 2009 is currently the only candidate for the election scheduled for June 29, 2021. Because it is the other electoral campaign that looms after those of the federations. It will also be a question of adaptation to the current world, with major issues such as feminization or the place of e-sport which, again, are shaking up traditions.


Trump acknowledges Biden’s victory in “rigged” election for the first time

After hinting at the possibility of a change of government in the United States last Friday, in his first reappearance to the media after hearing his defeat, Donald Trump seems to have surrendered to the evidence, but in his own way. The president acknowledged this Sunday that his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, won the November 3 elections, a fact on which he had so far avoided commenting. But, yes, he has attributed the triumph of former Obama vice president to elections that were “rigged”, as he has assured on his Twitter account. «He only won in the eyes of the fake media. I do not concede anything! We have a long way to go ”, he warned.

In the president’s opinion, Biden “won because the elections were rigged. There were no supervisors or observers. This is how resounding he has expressed it in an inflammatory message in which he has accused the Dominion company, “owned by the radical left,” of supplying “misleading” vote-counting equipment with the complicity of “the false and mute media. ». A whole declaration of intentions that he will not make the change in the White House easy, as he already hinted this Sunday, when, surrounded by thousands of followers in Washington, he again claimed about the existence of electoral fraud.

The current president has denounced that “all the mechanical ‘errors’ that occurred on Election Night were, in reality, Democrats who were caught trying to steal votes. But those who were not caught were very successful. Elections by mail are a sick joke. However, his accusations, lacking evidence, do not have the backing of government security agencies either, which claim that “the November 3 election was the safest in the history of the United States.” Nor has any court or electoral authority, including the Republicans responsible for overseeing the recount, have validated these Trump allegations.


Pending litigation.

“We have a long way to go,” warns the president, referring to his legal battle

Accusations without evidence.

“The mechanical ‘mistakes’ on election night were actually Democrats trying to steal votes”

The president’s rejection of the electoral result has caused significant obstacles to Biden on his way to transition. Until now, the president-elect has been deprived of receiving from the General Services Administration the funds that are stipulated that the winning presidential campaign receives to take the first steps towards the conformation of his Administration. Apart from not receiving those $ 6.3 million, the Democratic leader has also been denied access to traditional security reports and briefings, keys to the transfer of power to occur in a safe and orderly manner.

An overwhelming result

Despite his reluctance, Trump knows that, mathematically, staying in the White House is an almost impossible challenge since Biden has obtained 306 electoral votes – only 270 are needed to win the presidency – while the Republican president has had to settle for 232 It is the same result, but in reverse, as the one he achieved in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. In addition, even if the count in Georgia was favorable, he would still not have enough support to win.

For that reason, it was not surprising that since his reappearance on Friday he was forced to recognize that it may not be he who will occupy the White House as of January 20. “What happens in the future, who knows what government it will be, I suppose time will tell,” he said, adding to the confusion the next day by crying out in Washington, emboldened by a crowd of supporters, that victory was his. “There is tremendous evidence of widespread electoral fraud in the sense that there is irrefutable evidence that our Republican observers were not allowed to be present in the counting rooms. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others. Unconstitutional! We win with that alone! ”He snapped.


Donated 2.5 million to the pro-Trump movement. Now you want the money back

A Donald Trump supporter who donated $ 2.5 million (about two million euros) to support allegations of fraud in the presidential election now requires that the donated amount be returned to you, citing “disappointing results”.

The story is told by the British newspaper The Guardian. Fredric Eshelman, a businessman from North Carolina, donated the money to a pro-Texas group in Texas, which promised to advance lawsuits against the electoral process in seven states decisive for Joe Biden’s final victory, with the aim of “investigating, litigating and expose illegalities “in the elections. But, according to a lawsuit brought by the entrepreneur and reported by Bloomberg, the movement dropped legal actions and interrupted the campaign in defense of the transparency of the vote, giving no answer when the entrepreneur asked for explanations. And when he finally answered, it was with “vague explanations and empty promises”.

The movement has, however, posted a message on its website, alleging that it has filed lawsuits in four states in which Joe Biden won, but that the objective goes beyond these elections and aims to “repair the system” with a view to future presidential ballots.

Segundo Eshelman, o pro-Trump group has promised to return a million dollars to him, on condition that the businessman withdraws the complaint, which he refused, demanding the return of the entire amount donated.


Record-breaking Australian artist revives investment in art

Record-breaking Australian artist revives investment in art

Friday – 12 Rabi Al Thani 1442 AH – 27 November 2020 CE

Painting by the famous Australian artist Brett Whiteley (AP)

Sydney: “Middle East Online”

A painting by famous Australian artist Brett Whiteley has sold at auction for 6.25 million Australian dollars (4.6 million US dollars), a new record as it highlights the fact that investing in art has gained traction amid the mystery surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.
The painting “Henry Chair” is a chaotic depiction of Sydney Harbor through the windows of Whiteley’s home in Lavender Bay, Sydney. The artist last sold this painting to lawyer Cliff Evatt in the mid-1970s, according to Reuters news agency.
The price, which surpassed the previous record of A $ 5.4 million, reflects a situation in which luxury goods or luxury goods have turned into a safe area of ​​spending for those with money, with travel and social networking largely out of reach.
“With the commitment of the house, and looking at the four walls more than usual, the art collection came to the fore and we saw a lot of auctions,” said Coralie Stowe, CEO of Menzies Art Brands, which ran the auction.
“The reason for this is partly because people have come to want a creative outlet that improves their quality of life, after they are facing restrictions in doing many of the other things they want to do,” she added.




President accuses Rosa Mendes ‘revu’ of having a racist speech


November 26, 2020 at 7:33 pm

João Lourenço, who was speaking today at a meeting with young people in Luanda, addressed the topic after the intervention of civic activist, Rosa Mendes, one of the participants in this initiative, where various sectors and organizations were represented.

Rosa Mendes, who approached singing before starting her intervention before about a hundred young guests, regretted that it was not possible to “bury Brother Inocêncio de Matos”, 15 days after the young man’s death, following a demonstration and addressed situations of discrimination that women experience.

In addition to the difficulties experienced by women ‘zungueiras’ and domestic workers, who are excluded from social support, Rosa Mendes also pointed out “modern slavery in the private sector”, of which she said she was also a victim.

“We are enslaved by whites,” accused the activist, regretting that the members of the revolutionary movement (‘revus’) in Angola, for having a different opinion, are not recognized, as she said is her case.

“I ask as a father that he is, help us, do not call us names, do not treat us like troublemakers because we are all Angolans”, he appealed, addressing João Lourenço.

Rosa Mendes defined herself as “a victim of the system”, despite her commitment to the battle for democracy.

In response, the President stated that he had not called anybody’s name: “You are the ones who call themselves ‘revus’, whether it is a compliment or a pejorative, everyone draws his conclusions”.

João Lourenço also said that “those who fought for the freedom of this country were revolutionaries and were very proud of it”, so being a revolutionary is not pejorative.

“Nobody condemns what they are saying, it is not condemnable, it is your right”, he reinforced, stressing that “the revolution must be a revolution of ideas”.

The Head of State, on the other hand, disapproved of what he considered to be racist statements.

“We do not support the behavior of xenophobia and racism of those who come to say that they do not work with whites. There are bad whites, but there are also bad blacks, there are very bad blacks”, he stressed, adding: “what we have to fight is evil, and not skin color “.

As for the intervention request to bury Inocêncio de Matos, he stressed that it does not depend on his authorization.

“This is just wanting to do a show, I know perfectly well what has happened so far and why the failure has not yet been buried,” he said, questioning the activist’s intention.

“The authorities prevented the innocence of Inocencio de Matos? Is that false. Did anyone prevent it?”


Trump says there is fraud in US elections with technology used by Chavismo – United States Elections 2020 – International

There is no evidence that fraud was committed in favor of Joe Biden in the US presidential elections Through the use of a technology from the Smartmatic company created in its day in Venezuela under the direction of Hugo Chávez to manipulate electoral processes, as stated by Donald Trump’s team.

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The lawyer Sidney Powell, who leads the legal battle of the outgoing US president against an alleged fraud in favor of Democrat Joe Biden, denounced at a press conference as evidence of his accusations that in the presidential elections of last day 3 were used voting systems that had been created in Venezuela at the initiative of Hugo Chávez to guarantee electoral victories.

Powell claimed that in the US elections there was a “massive influence of communist money” to interfere in the elections coming “from Venezuela, Cuba and probably from China.”

“The voting systems of Dominion, Smartmatic software and other systems used here as well, not just Dominion, were created in Venezuela under the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never loses an election after a constitutional referendum had results he didn’t expect, “he charged.

The lawyer also assured that the Trump campaign had the testimony of “A very strong witness (…) who was with Hugo Chávez when he saw those systems operate and ensure that those elections turned out like this, which was the specific reason for creating this ‘software'”.

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The witness “had seen how it operated and, once he acknowledged that multiple states stopped the counts on election night, he knew the same thing was happening here” in the US, Powell stressed.

The truth is that there is no evidence of fraud in the US to which Dominion Voting System or Smartmatic contributed., a company created in Florida that was attributed links with Chávez’s Venezuela, but that he accused Nicolás Maduro of electoral manipulation in 2017 and that in these presidential elections he only contributed the development of a voting system for Los Angeles County.

A very strong witness (…) who was with Hugo Chávez when he saw those systems operate and ensure that those elections turned out like this, which was the specific reason for creating that ‘software’

President-elect Joe Biden.

No evidence of interference

The accusations of interference by both companies in the US electoral process through a technology created under the direction of the disappeared Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013, have been refuted by both Dominion and Smartmatic.

The Canadian company Dominion Voting System also refers to the conclusions of the Infrastructure Security and Cybersecurity Agency (CISA), under the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, in which it declared that the presidential elections of November 3 “were the safest in the history” of the country from a technical point of view.

Both this company and Smartmatic also highlight the verifications carried out by media such as The New York Times or the AP, whose results refute the accusations against them by the Trump team.

In the case of Smartmatic, it clarifies on its website that its proprietary technology was not used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, or North Carolina, states where Donald Trump’s campaign team questioned or contested the election results. Nor was its technology used in voting machines from other companies.

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In fact, Smartmatic’s only participation in the 2020 presidential election was its association with the County of Los Angeles for the development of a voting system in that territory.

Smartmatic states that it did own Sequoia Voting Systems, a US voting machine company, but it sold this company in 2007. For its part, Dominion indicates on its website that it acquired in 2010 “certain assets “ to Sequoia and, precisely as a result of this operation, he was the subject of legal actions taken by Smartmatic, a company to which he has never belonged and of which he is a direct competitor.

Smartmatic, Venezuela and the shadow of Chávez

The Smartmatics company was founded in 2000 in Florida by Venezuelans Antonio Mugica, Alberto Anzola and Roger Piñate.

As reported by the firm on its website, Mugica and Piñate continue to lead the company and 83% of its capital belongs to a group owned by both families, while 10% is in the hands of the employees, the remaining 7% corresponds to other investors.

For more than a decade, the shadow of Hugo Chávez has haunted this company, especially since WikiLeaks leaked a message from the US embassy in Caracas dated 2006 that cast doubt on the true ownership of this company and its real interests.

In that message, US diplomats assured that Smartmatic “It had gone from being a small technology startup to an important player in the market catapulted by its participation in the recall referendum of August 2004.”

In that consultation, the first to which Smartmatic provided technological support, 59% of Venezuelans voted against revoking Chávez’s mandate, according to the results issued by the National Electoral Council, an entity with which Smartmatic continued to work closely for 13 years.

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The diplomatic message also assured that, despite the company’s proven American origin, “its true owners – probably members of the Venezuelan elite of different political affiliations – remain hidden behind a network of ‘holding companies’ in Holland and Barbados”.

Suspicions peaked when, in 2006, the US Congress investigated the alleged links between the company and the Venezuelan government when announcing its entry into the US market.

Meanwhile, the Government of this South American country has reiterated on multiple occasions that it has no ties with the company and that Chávez has never had a shareholding, a rumor that to date has not been proven either.

The truth is that the relationship between Chavismo and Smartmatic had a hard breaking point in 2017, when the firm, already based in London since 2012, assured that in the “elections of the National Constituent Assembly (in Venezuela) there was manipulation of the participation data.”

According to those responsible for the company at the time, although without providing evidence, in those elections promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, Chávez’s heir, “the difference between the amount announced and that produced by the system is at least one million voters” . Smartmatics participated in that process as a provider of the voting system and voting machines.

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“I can’t wait to work with the Italian presidency of the G20”

Donald Trump continues to claim to have won the elections. Despite repeated legal defeats, the American president apparently goes straight and talks about hundreds of thousands of illegal votes capable of overturning the result of the vote. But behind the scenes The Donald (who took part in the G20, its latest international summit) has begun to come to terms with reality and its magic circle, according to what filters the Washington Post, has already announced its willingness to reapply for 2024.

Trump to G20 leaders: «I want to work with you for a long time. I see an extraordinary decade “

Trump, the eldest son Donald John Jr positive for Covid: he is asymptomatic and in isolation

Trump: “I can’t wait to work with the Italian presidency”

Trump “is looking forward to working with the next Italian presidency of the G20”, which begins on 1 December. This is what we read in a note from the White House, in which it is reported that Trump “thanked Saudi Arabia for its leadership during the G20” and “encouraged” the group “to continue working together to achieve security,” prosperity and peace for all nations ”.

Re-nomination for 2024

Confirming that he does not intend to leave the public scene and indeed that he wants to continue to be “omnipresent” in the media and in politics, Trump embraces the idea of ​​publicly announcing his new descent into the field this year. A move that, if it were to materialize, would immediately throw him into a four-year duel with Biden and would probably throw a republican party already in an identity crisis into turmoil.

The ambitions

The president’s intention is precisely to continue to leverage the party machine to achieve his ambitions. And for now it would not seem destined to encounter particular obstacles: in fact, only a few Republicans have broken the ranks by openly siding against Trump’s attempts to overturn the result of the elections. The few who did, like Liz Cheney, MP and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, were quickly attacked on Twitter by the president.

Defeats in court

Trump does not retreat an inch even in the face of repeated defeats in court to try to block the certification of the vote result. The last, the most indigestible, came from Pennsylvania: in fact, it is not only the rejection of the legal action that weighs but the terms with which federal judge Matthew Brann, a true Republican, did it. “This court has been presented with no merit legal arguments and unsupported speculation,” Brann said bluntly. Words heavy as boulders to which the Trump campaign has responded by announcing that it wants to appeal. The goal of the president in Pennsylvania (as in Michigan) is to block the certification of the vote expected for Monday, so as to delay – at least on paper – Biden’s victory.


Frustrated by the situation and the failure to start the transition, the president-elect and his staff continue to work in the meantime. The first appointments of the new administration are expected on Tuesday. It is not clear whether it will be the Secretary of the Treasury or the Secretary of State, two key figures in saving the economy on the one hand and relaunching America in international diplomacy on the other. In pole position for the Treasury would be the former Fed president, the tough of Brooklyn Janet Yellen, a figure able to obtain the support of the left wing of the party. The staff is also involved in setting up the Inauguration Day which, like the electoral campaign, will be different from all the previous ones due to the pandemic. The celebrations will likely be on a smaller scale and more subdued, but there will be anyway, including to send the message that the Trump era is over and the United States is finally moving on.

Covid Italy, bulletin today 22 November: new infections (28,337) and deaths (562) in decline, swab-positive ratio at 15%

28,337 new cases of Covid have been identified in Italy in the last 24 hours, more than 6 thousand less than yesterday, which bring the total number of people infected since the beginning of the emergency to 1,408,868. The increase in victims also decreased, 562 in one day while yesterday there were 692, for a total of 49,823.


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Bush distances himself from Trump and congratulates Biden on his victory in a “fair” election

Former US President George W. Bush congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on his victory in last Tuesday’s elections, which he described as “fair” and “upright”, and thanked him for the “patriotic message” that the Saturday in his acceptance speech. “Although we all have our political differences, I know that Joe Biden is a good man who has earned the opportunity to lead and unify our country”The 43rd president of the United States said in a statement.

“Americans can be confident that these elections were essentially fair, that their integrity was upheld and their outcome is clear,” he adds. Bush claimed he had spoken to Biden on the phone to congratulate him and said he offered him the same thing as the previous presidents, Donald Trump and Barack Obama: “My prayers for your success, and my commitment to help in any way I can.”

The Texan politician also wanted to recognize the great efforts of the Trump campaign, with which he underlined “he won the vote of more than 70 million Americans”, something that he describes as an “extraordinary political achievement.” He also talks about the high turnout in the elections, which is a “positive sign of the health of our democracy and a reminder to the world of its strength,” while underscoring the fact that Trump has the right to ask for a recount. votes and present legal resources, which will lead to “any unresolved issue will be duly judged.”

Bush, who also congratulates Senator Kamala Harris on being elected vice president of the country, insisted that the country “must be unified for the good of our families and our neighbors, and for our nation and its future”. «There is no problem that it does not succumb to the joint will of a free people. (…) We urge all Americans to join us in wishing our next president and our next vice president the best as they prepare to take on their important responsibilities, ”he said.