The reasons why Alberto Fernández celebrated the defeat

After the official results last Sunday, an unusual celebration was seen in the bunker of Front of All with Alberto Fernandez euphoric calling to celebrate Wednesday the day of the militants. The numbers do not show in principle any good reason for the cheerful spirit of the ruling party leaders since the opposition of Together […]

Who is the man who went to vote dressed as a white pig and went viral

If the PASO (Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries) were marked by the appearance of the man-capybara from Nordelta, this time a citizen disguised as white pig it took all the glances. It is about a plastic artist named Martín Hermida. The pig man He appeared this morning at the Faculty of Law while the head […]

Fines for not voting in 2021 elections: how much do I have to pay

The Electoral Justice and the National Electoral Chamber (CNE) made known the census to consult the place, table and voting order for the legislative elections 2021 that will take place this Sunday. As in the STEP 2021, voting is mandatory and unexcused absence carries a fine for violators. In this way, those who are absent […]