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This morning: the EU wants new rules to manage the flow of migrants, Édouard Philippe is thinking of a return, should Verlaine and Rimbaud enter the Pantheon together?

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Hello dear readers,

We knew about “European solidarity” (well, we have vaguely heard of it but we have seen it little). We have learned to discover “compulsory solidarity”. This is “à la carte solidarity”! This invented expression designates the new rule regarding the reception of migrants desired by Brussels: “You (the Member States) do not want to welcome refugees? Very well! You will have to go to the cash desk or take them back yourself to their country of origin ”. For some leaders, the transit of the pill promises to be complicated. To the point of derailing the scheme drawn up by the European Commission?

The advice of the day comes from Emmanuel Macron: “Faced with the virus: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Wear your mask. 3. Keep your distance. ”

Have a nice day,

Ronan Planchon, journalist at Figaro

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Migrants: Europeans want to change the rules

A family of refugees from the Moria camp, destroyed on September 9, goes to a new temporary accommodation on the island of Lesbos on Tuesday. Y. NARDI/REUTERS

Failing full optimism, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson deserves credit

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Violent protests in Minneapolis, Renault savings plan, Adama Traoré … Most of the news of this Friday

News in France

Renault. The automaker unveiled a vast savings plan on Friday with nearly 15,000 job cuts expected worldwide, including 4,600 in France due to difficulties accentuated by the health crisis. It provides for the closure of only one site in France, that of Choisy-le-Roi in Val-de-Marne, the president of the car manufacturer, Jean-Dominique Senard, said at a press conference on Friday. «Each decision, each saving measure has been weighed at length with the employees in mind that of course these decisions could disturb ”. Our report in Choisy-le-Roi.

With. The coronavirus epidemic has killed 52 new people in 24 hours and the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline, according to the report released Friday by the Directorate General of Health.

Budget. In order to cope with the coronavirus crisis, the government presented on Friday a comprehensive emergency plan for communities of 4.5 billion euros, including 2.7 billion euros for the departments, announced Matignon. Friday morning, Édouard Philippe had already unveiled an envelope of 1.75 billion for municipalities and inter-municipalities, which included 750 million euros in compensation linked to the loss of tax revenue.

Hydroxychloroquine. Dozens of scientists have published an open letter expressing their “Concerns” on the methods of the large study published in the Lancet, which led to the suspension of clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine. The researchers point out “Concerns related to methodology and data integrity”, and draw up a long list of problematic points, from the refusal of the authors to give access to the data to the lack of“Ethical review”.

Deconfinement. Don’t save, spend. This is the message that the Minister of Labor Muriel Pénicaud sent this Friday. She called on the French to “Come out” and “use” the 60 billion euros “Put into savings” during confinement in order to “To start again” activity and “combat” the economic and social crisis.

Investigation. The latest medical expertise in the investigation into the death of Adama Traoré, a young 24-year-old black man who died in 2016 during an arrest, once again dismisses responsibility for the technique of arresting the gendarmes in his death, a AFP learned Friday from a source close to the case.

Rally. The day after the former minister’s agreement with the local right, the Republic on the march withdrew its investiture from Gérard Collomb on Friday for the second round of municipal elections in Lyon, the presidential movement said in a press release.

Galeries Lafayette. After Printemps, which had obtained an authorization to reopen from the administrative court, it is the Galeries Lafayette which will reopen on Saturday morning following the green light from the police headquarters, announced Friday the Parisian department store, closed for nearly three months because of the coronavirus epidemic.

In the world

Minneapolis. Five hundred National Guard soldiers were hard at work Friday morning to restore calm in the US city of Minneapolis, after a third night of violence following the death of George Floyd during his arrest by police, according to a statement military. A team from the American 24-hour news channel CNN was arrested by police on Friday morning. The main policeman involved was arrested. Our report.

With. The pandemic has killed at least 360,419 people worldwide since its onset in December in China, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources. The United States, the country with the most deaths and cases, records 101,621 deaths. But experts agree that this official record is likely below reality. This is followed by the United Kingdom with 37,837 deaths, Italy (33,142), France (28,662) and Spain (27,119). By far the most affected country in Latin America, Brazil has passed 26,754 dead. Peru, for its part, has passed the 4,000 dead mark. Follow our live.

Moderation. A new act in the Trump vs. social media war. While the American president signed a decree on Thursday aimed at limiting the protection of social networks and the latitude they enjoy in the moderation of their content, one of his tweets was posted again this Friday. This post about the clashes in Minneapolis in connection with the death of George Floyd was reported on Friday by Twitter for “apology for violence”.

South Korea. The country – which on Thursday recorded its largest outbreak of new cases in nearly two months (+79) – on Friday imposed restrictions on the number of students its schools can accommodate in Seoul and its surrounding areas, hoping to contain new sources of Covid-19 contamination. Nurseries, primary schools and colleges in the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul, where half of the country’s population lives, will only be able to accommodate one in three children, and the rest will have to take distance education.

Volkswagen. Still entangled in the dieselgate scandal, the German automobile giant Volkswagen announced Friday a total investment of around 2 billion euros to develop in the electrical sector in China, the world’s largest automotive market.

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Laurent Nuñez. The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior defends security forces questioned for their action during the confinement and refutes the distrust of part of the youth and social movements. Read the interview.

Camping. In the South, the campsite owners impatiently awaited the reopening and are preparing their establishments which will welcome tents and caravans from June 2. From our special correspondent in Saint-Raphaël.

Interview. If the Covid-19 crisis upsets our hierarchies of values, do the various measures taken during this pandemic not promote a neoliberal agenda? According to the philosopher Barbara Stiegler, the contactless society and the dematerialization of activities favor the dissolution of the collective and the stifling of social struggles, which it is important to pursue after the crisis. Read here.

Le P’tit Libé. The pandemic is not easy for the elderly: their lives are threatened because of this virus, so they must keep as far away as possible from those around them. Why are our links with them important? And from what age are we old? It’s the new issue of the week!

Check News. Does the Covid-19 ultimately kill less than expected? Answer here.

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