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The moderator would like to qualify for the toughest triathlon in the world for the second time. For two years he wants to get fit for the great challenge – and takes the users of with him on his arduous journey.


On December 5th, work on completion is to be continued

Laying ship for Nord Stream 2 in Laage

The Norwegian consulting and certification specialist Det Norske Veritas – Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) is discontinuing its cooperation with the replacement ships from Russia.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin Almost exactly a year ago, threats of sanctions by the Americans stopped the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline. The European special ships that welded the pipes and lowered them to the seabed withdrew – the operators were too risky of being targeted by the US authorities .

Nothing progressed for months, but now things are in motion: The “Akademik Tscherski”, a Russian laying ship that was sent to the Baltic Sea months ago, but has so far been idle in the port of Mukran on the island of Rügen, is in on Thursday Lake set. This is proven by GPS data that can be viewed on the online platform Vesselfinder. The Nord Stream 2 final has started.

A spokesman for Nord Stream 2 AG confirmed at the weekend that work on the pipeline will resume on Saturday, December 5th. The Baltic Sea Waterways and Shipping Office in Stralsund has already announced construction work south of the Adlergrund area from next Saturday and has asked ship captains to be particularly careful, as the NDR reported. There are the two pipe ends that lead to the Lubmin landing station.

Six percent of the total of 1200 kilometers long and around 9.5 billion euros expensive gas pipeline still has to be laid. Most of the missing sections are in Danish waters and a small part in the German part of the Baltic Sea.

Tension is now growing on both sides of the Atlantic. Completing the pipeline will be a race against time. Because while construction work in the Baltic Sea is to be resumed, Washington is working on new sanctions.

The first consequence: the Norwegian consulting and certification specialist Det Norske Veritas – Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) is discontinuing its cooperation with the replacement ships from Russia.

“We believe that DNV-GL’s risk management activities for equipped ships managing the Nord Stream 2 project are subject to US sanctions,” the company said. That is why DNV-GL will no longer offer any services which “could be incompatible” with the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of the USA.


This law, known as PEESA for short, was passed by the US Congress with the stated aim of stopping Nord Stream 2. The pipeline, which aims to double the capacity for direct deliveries of Russian gas to Germany, has many opponents in the US.

The Americans fear that Europe will become precariously dependent on Moscow. That is why the resistance against Nord Stream 2 unites the otherwise hopelessly divided political camps in Washington.

In the coming weeks it could be decided whether Nord Stream 2 will become a billion dollar grave. Or whether the Russian gas company Gazprom and its European business partners Engie, OMV, Royal Dutch Shell, Uniper and Wintershall-Dea will still succeed in completing the project.

Nord Stream 2 AG, based in Switzerland, did not want to comment on DNV-GL’s withdrawal. “It is up to the governments and the European Commission to protect European companies from illegal extraterritorial sanctions,” the company said.

DNV-GL initially only wants to discontinue those certification services that are related to laying vessels. The certification of the pipeline itself is not affected by the withdrawal decision. The news agency Reuters quotes from an email from DNV-GL that the line is ready to be certified until it is completed. How long it will stay that way is open, however.

Across factions, Democrats and Republicans are currently working on another anti-Nord Stream 2 bill. The planned “Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Clarification Act” (PEESCA) would expand the existing PEESA rules and could bring the pipeline project to a permanent failure.

In June, DNV-GL was unaffected by the sanctions threats from the Americans. The company announced at the time that all contracts, laws and trade regulations were complied with and that a system was in place to ensure compliance with sanctions. At the time, however, industry insiders already had doubts whether DNV-GL would stand firm.

There is an alternative

However, there is still an alternative: If DNV-GL were to drop out completely, at least the Danish approval authorities would accept a replacement, because the Danish energy authority did not require a specific certification company when approving Nord Stream 2. Nord Stream 2 AG is thus free to choose another provider.

There are not many alternatives. In the industry, however, there has been speculation for months that the Russian side may commission a Russian certification organization. Nord Stream 2 AG does not comment on this.

Ursula von der Leyen

The head of the EU commission defends the construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline.

(Photo: dpa)

There is broad consensus within the EU that US sanctions threats are unacceptable. Governments of EU countries that reject the pipeline project also take this view.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen last made the position of the Europeans clear at the beginning of November. “The Commission firmly opposes the imposition of unilateral sanctions against EU companies doing legitimate business. Such measures are unacceptable and violate international law, ”said a letter from the Commission President dated November 3rd, addressed to MEPs from Germany and Austria.

Coalition politicians are critical of the latest developments. “The federal government urgently needs to discuss Nord Stream 2 with the new US administration. Future US President Joe Biden rejects the pipeline, but he is interested in constructive cooperation with Europe. You have to seize this opportunity, “said Timon Gremmels, reporter for the SPD parliamentary group for Nord Stream 2, the Handelsblatt. It is “inconceivable that we end up with a useless stub of a pipeline in the Baltic Sea”.

Greens against further construction

But there is also resistance to the pipeline in Germany. The Greens demand that the federal government withdraw support for the project. Nord Stream 2 has strained both Germany’s relations with other EU countries and with the USA, said the green European politician Franziska Brantner. The future US President Biden is also a “clear opponent” of the pipeline. Brantner criticized the fact that “letting construction continue would not be an economic or legal necessity, but rather a political stupidity of the federal government”.

When Biden takes office on January 20th, he finds himself in a dilemma. He considers Nord Stream 2 to be a strategic mistake, but on the other hand also wants to improve relations with Germany, which suffered badly under the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

Should he maintain the sanctions against a close ally like Germany, it will be difficult for the hoped-for renaissance of the transatlantic partnership. Should he relax the sanctions, Nord Stream 2 will likely be up and running soon.

Compromise at Huawei is conceivable

The question, however, is whether Biden and his advisors will even have the leeway to relax sanctions on their own initiative. The previous sanctions laws against Nord Stream 2 severely restrict the government’s freedom of action.

If Congress passes the PEESCA Sanctions Enhancement Act before Biden is sworn in, the US government may not have the opportunity to give in.

“I cannot imagine that the Democrats in Congress have an interest in restricting their own president’s ability to act,” said SPD foreign policy expert Christoph Matschie and, like Gremmels, advocated a diplomatic initiative: “If Biden has taken office, we have to strive for political clarification. ”

For this it is necessary that both sides approach each other. Nord Stream 2 must be able to be completed. In return, however, the federal government should signal to the USA that Germany will refrain from using the Chinese provider Huawei, which the US government considers a security risk, for the 5G expansion. Perhaps that way we could do business with the Americans.

More: The biggest problems of the unfinished pipeline


Nord Stream 2 will probably continue to be built in December

Dhe construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea should continue in December after a one-year interruption. A company spokesman said on the weekend. NDR 1 Radio MV had previously reported on it.

According to information from the broadcaster, the Baltic Sea Waterways and Shipping Office in Stralsund has announced construction work for skippers south of the Adlergrund area from next Saturday and has asked for particular caution. This is where the two pipe ends are located, which lead from the Lubmin landing station in the direction of the Baltic Sea.

The American government wants to prevent the almost finished gas pipeline. In December of last year, construction work on the Danish island of Bornholm was stopped abruptly because the two Swiss laying vessels had ceased their work under the pressure of sanctions from the United States.

The American Congress had previously passed the “Law to Protect Europe’s Energy Security” (Peesa) with bipartisan support. President Donald Trump put it into effect despite sharp criticism from Germany and Russia.

In the future, 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be pumped from Russia to Germany each year through the two approximately 1200 kilometers of Nord Stream 2 pipelines. The pipeline, which costs around 9.5 billion euros, is 94 percent complete.

The United States has been criticizing the project for years because it sees its European partners as being too dependent on Russian gas. They are supported by Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Baltic countries. Critics accuse the Americans, on the other hand, of only wanting to sell their liquid gas better in Europe.


Bake healthily: replace butter, sugar and wheat flour in recipes | – guide

Status: 11/27/2020 4:33 p.m.

Christmas cookies such as vanilla croissants, cinnamon stars and gingerbread often contain large amounts of butter, sugar and white flour. But there are healthier ingredients that taste at least as good.

Spelled flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, dates, tiger nuts and cashews ensure the good taste of the pastry. However, there are a few things to consider when baking with the healthier alternatives.

Replace wheat flour when baking

These ingredients are great alternatives to wheat flour when baking:

  • Tigernut flour contains plenty of fiber, which saturates and keeps the blood sugar level constant. Tigernuts are also rich in calcium for the bones and heart and magnesium for the muscles. Tigernuts are suitable for people who are allergic to nuts and gluten intolerance.
  • Hafermehl contains a lot of vegetable protein and zinc, which is important for wound healing. Of all oat varieties, it has the most vitamin B1, which the body needs to convert food into energy. Oats are also rich in vitamin B6, which is important for the endocrine system.
  • Dinkelmehl is slightly better tolerated than wheat flour and contains more vital substances.

Save calories with sugar substitutes

For the sweet taste of baked goods you can use these ingredients instead of sugar:

  • Date sweetness consists of finely ground dried dates with a lot of tryptophan. The body converts the amino acid into melatonin, which soothes the nerves and helps with sleep disorders.
  • honey and Maple syrup are not much healthier than industrial sugar. But: You need a little less of it, because they have a greater sweetening power.
  • Birch powdered sugar has 40 percent fewer calories than conventional powdered sugar and makes the blood sugar level rise more slowly.
  • Coconut blossom sugar gives pastries a malty note. It contains many enzymes and minerals and makes the blood sugar level rise only half as much as conventional sugar.

Bake with healthy fats instead of butter

The fat ensures a round taste in the baked goods. Instead of butter you can use it when baking Coconut fat use that the body does not store in fat deposits and activates the circulation.

Other healthy fats for baking can be found in nuts and grains, for example:

  • Almonds and Almond contain a lot of fiber and healthy vegetable fats. They can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Hazelnuts score with their vitamin E, which protects the cells from free radicals.
  • Cashewkerne have the fewest calories of all nuts. They contain phosphorus for bones and teeth.
  • Ground Chiasamen contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory effects and ensure a moist consistency in baked goods.
  • The grain Quinoa makes brittle crispy and provides all the amino acids that humans need, as well as the building material for the happiness hormone serotonin.


Instead of sugar, date sweetness is used for the cookies, tiger almond replaces wheat flour. Cinnamon provides the classic flavor. more

Nussecken © fotolia Foto: Fontanis

These hazelnut and cashew nut pastries are very easy to make, crunchy and really tasty. more

Cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, cardamom and nutmegs.  © Colourbox

These healthy biscuits are baked from oatmeal, buckwheat, and dates. Gingerbread spice ensures the typical taste. more


They are not only a popular pastry for Christmas. In this recipe, spelled flour, birch sugar and coconut oil are used. more

Cinnamon stars

In addition to almonds, there are also some healthy chia seeds in the batter. Coconut blossom and birch sugar replace the normal. more

Quinoa Crispy

Christmas cookies that you can eat with a clear conscience. The cookies contain oatmeal, walnuts, chia and quinoa seeds. more

Christmas baking utensils with rolled out dough and cookie cutters.  © Colourbox Photo: -

Advent is the ideal time for baking. Recipes, interesting facts about ingredients and spices as well as tips for baking without sugar. more

Christmas biscuit in star shape with jam filling.  © Photo: nblxer

What could be nicer than the smell of home-baked cookies? Recipe ideas for Christmas biscuits and cakes. more

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Champions League: THW Kiel experiences a déjà vu in Barcelona | – Sport

Tore Barcelona: Fabregas 6, Arino 4, Dolenec 4/3, Makuc 4, Mem 3, N´Guessan 3, Entrerríos 1, Gomez Abello 1/1, Janc 1, Pascual Garcia 1, Pálmarsson 1
Goals Kiel: Zarabec 5/1, Ekberg 4/2, Reinkind 4, Dahmke 3, Sagosen 3, Ehrig 2, Pekeler 2, Weinhold 2
Penalty minutes: 4 / 4


Ramelow: 140 solar modules stolen | – news

Status: 11/22/2020 8:04 a.m.

Unknown people looted the solar park near Friedland (Mecklenburg Lake District) again. The police said that a total of 140 solar modules were stolen from the photovoltaic system in Ramelow last week. The damage is estimated at 25,000 euros. In March of this year, strangers had stolen 92 solar panels worth 13,000 euros. | 11/22/2020 8:03 AM


FC Barcelona shows THW Kiel the limits | – Sport

Tore THW Kiel: Duvnjak 5, Ekberg 5/2, Zarabec 4, Sagosen 3, M. Landin 2, Reinkind 2, Dahmke 1, Pekeler 1, Sunnefeldt 1, Weinhold 1, Wiencek 1
FC Barcelona: Mem 6, Entrerríos 4, Janc 4, Fabregas 3, Frade 3, Gomez Abello 3, Pálmarsson 3, Arino 2, Dolenec 2/2, Cindric 1, N´Guessan 1
spectator: –


Vendée Globe: Sailor Boris Herrmann crosses the equator | – Sport

Status: November 19, 2020 12:05 p.m.

Round-the-world sailor Boris Herrmann reached the southern hemisphere in the “Vendée Globe” and worked his way up to seventh place.

The man from Hamburg has covered more than 6,800 kilometers since it started a week and a half ago. “It’s more exciting than usual because there is so much at stake. It’s about everything. I said before the race that I would like to cross the equator in the top ten. I succeeded and I am above it I’m happy, “said the 39-year-old, for whom it was already the eleventh crossing of the zero degree of latitude.

Only completed 17 percent of the total distance

The field is led by the British top favorite Alex Thomson (“Hugo Boss”) ahead of the French Thomas Ruyant (“LinkedOut”) and Charlie Dalin (“Apivia”). With the first section of the race from Les Sables-d’Olonne around the world and back, the single-handed sailors have only completed just under 17 percent of the total distance of around 40,000 kilometers. The fastest boats are expected back in France in mid-January.

Weathered storms, only the fruit suffered

Herrmann, who in the meantime reported top speeds of up to 32 knots (60 km / h) with his “Seaexplorer Yacht Club de Monaco”, survived the first few stormy nights well. Only the nets with the fruit had suffered, he said on his website: “The lemons, kiwis and avocados are rotten. Now I am eating apples and oranges.” Other skippers in the field of 32 participants fared worse. The Frenchman Nicolas Troussel gave up the race with his yacht “Corum” after a mast break.

A mishap that Herrmann also noticed, as he writes: “It’s now a pitch-black night outside. I’m still a little worried about what happened to ‘Corum’. Can I go to sleep like this or do I have to jib Top cut for the night? Internally, I’ll fight it out in my sleep … Good night. “

Contact with other sailors

Despite all the adversities, the good mood prevails. “It’s still too hot and humid to sleep. I can better sit in the cockpit, watch how the boat behaves and write down what happened today: I overtook Benjamin Dutreux this morning. We spent a long time on the radio and you could almost say we became friends “, reported the sailor on board:” It was very nice. One of the few skippers I have hardly met before and who I don’t know anything about. Smart guy. “

VIDEO: Cast off! Boris Herrmann starts circumnavigation (4 min)

Further information

The Seaexplorer on the high seas © picture alliance / DPPI Photo: VINCENT CURUTCHET

The man from Hamburg will start the toughest sailing race in the world as the first German on Sunday. Around 40,000 kilometers lie ahead of him. more

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Water cannons against “lateral thinking” -demo and counter-demonstrator: inside

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Water cannons against “lateral thinking” -demo and counter-demonstrator: inside – YouTube


Dummerstorf: Twelve people infected with hepatitis A | – news

As of November 12, 2020 12:44 p.m.

A dozen people have been infected with hepatitis A in the Rostock district. All contact persons should now be vaccinated.

In the municipality of Dummerstorf in the Rostock district, twelve people were infected with the hepatitis A virus. The district announced. Both children and adults are affected. Your contacts will now be vaccinated. Everything else will then be decided individually, said a district spokesman for NDR 1 Radio MV.

Contact person restrictions

In addition, restrictions such as visiting bans apply for several weeks. People who have had close contact with the sick are not allowed to visit nursing homes and daycare centers. Those who work in the food industry are initially banned from work. However, there is no general obligation for all contact persons to stay completely at home, it said.

Some infected people were in the same places

In addition to the twelve detected infections, there is another suspected case. It is still unclear where those affected were infected with the hepatitis A virus. According to the district spokesman, at first glance the persons concerned are not related. However, there are indications that they were at least partially in the same places.

What is hepatitis A?

The main symptom of hepatitis A infection is acute liver inflammation. There are also diarrhea, fever, weakness and yellow skin. According to the health authorities, the disease usually heals without complications. Hepatitis A is the most harmless of the hepatitis diseases. The more dangerous pathogens causing hepatitis B and C are usually passed on through blood and sexual contacts. There is a vaccine against hepatitis B, but not yet against variant C.

Transmission via food?

The health department suspects that the infectious disease was spread through food. Therefore the food control of the district was switched on. Official veterinarians and food inspectors have already taken samples at various locations in the community. Spread through drinking water is considered unlikely. The incubation period for hepatitis A is up to 50 days. Compliance with general hygiene rules, especially hand washing after going to the toilet and before handling food, can protect against infection.

Mostly relatively harmless disease

Hepatitis A is a contagious inflammation of the liver. With around 1,000 cases per year, it rarely occurs in Germany. The infection is acute, usually heals on its own, and rarely becomes chronic. Children often have mild symptoms. In very rare cases, especially with previous illnesses, the disease can be fatal.

Further information

Five hepatitis pathogens are known. The symptoms are often not recognized. An overview of hepatitis A to E. external

Vaccination utensils before vaccination certificates.  ©

Do I only have to get vaccinated if I am going on a long-haul trip? No, because protection can also be useful in Europe. Tips from vaccination doctor Dr. Christoph Langer. more

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