Jorja Smith, Weezer, Fire! Chatterton… Discover our weekend playlist

The orchestral R’n’B of the young British artist, the time travel of the Rivers Cuomo band and the new world of spoken-word survivors. Watch our soundtrack for this weekend.

Jorja Smith épique

Five years ago, Jorja Smith surprised her little world with Blue Light, first refined single released on Soundcloud. One album, two EPs, prestigious collaborations and millions of plays later, the Briton re-recorded her first hit and two other tracks with the WDR Funkhausorchester, an orchestra of 30 musicians from German radio WDR. Reunited on an EP, the three pieces benefit for the occasion of a philharmonic arrangement seeming to transcend the words of the singer in a heroic cavalcade. The delicate voice of the 23-year-old artist is showcased here as rarely. Do not miss. N. B.

Weezer against the machines

Weezer on all fronts. In addition to their album From Weezer (finally) announced for May, the group led by Rivers Cuomo should unveil a second disc (or a first, it depends) on January 29. There where From Weezer seems to be heading towards a more aggressive electric rock, Ok Human (according to OK Computer by Radiohead) takes the perfect opposite view. The group is formal: “We used our instruments to connect with the 1960s and 1970s and, with the orchestra, the 18th and 19th centuries. We didn’t use click tracks, loops or hi-tech sounds. Not even an electric guitar“. The first extract all in analog, All My Favorite Songs, announces the color. Black and white. N. B.

The Black Pumas deploy the Colors for Joe Biden

This is the flagship single from their debut album released in 2019, the Texans of Black Pumas have once again emerged Colors on the occasion of a live clip broadcast for the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States. Carried by the sensitive voice of singer Eric Burton, the soft and calm soul of the title and the other compositions of the group have earned them three nominations for the Grammy Awards. If everything continues to smile, the ensemble will land in France, at the Trianon, on June 25, before returning for three dates in November, in Lille, Nantes and Paris. S. C.

Moonspell and ballad

The metallers of Moonspell are stepping up. With the approach of the release on February 26 of their twelfth album, the near-fifties Portuguese have taken to an empty theater to shoot the video for the single. All or Nothing, a melancholy, almost plaintive ballad, which should resonate with the at least gloomy landscape of current events. A rather surprising register for the group which had made itself known for its supercharged hymns of gothic rock. “It’s a song that is based on a more intimate, emotional, almost autobiographical melodic frame, on the joy and sadness of being in a group.»Declared singer Fernando Ribeiro at the release of the track. We do want to believe it. S. C.

The promise of Fire! Chatterton

“A new world, we all dreamed of it”. Especially in these covid times. Fire! Chatterton returns three years later L’Oiseleur (2018) and two after his live album Feu! Chatterton Live 2018 (2019). After leaving us with a bitter and nostalgic taste in the mouth with the title departure, poem poem by Paul Éluard set to music, Arthur Teboul’s band invites us into a colorful, simple and lyrical bubble, where hope is (finally) allowed. The promise of tomorrow’s world yes, but especially of a new album in March 2021, called Clay palace. L. F.

Roger Waters reaffirms his anti-militarism

The Gunner’s Dream came out in 1993, yes. But the performance Roger Waters delivers here is worth seeing. The old one Pink Floyd, very politically engaged, especially against the now ex-President Donald Trump, plunges back into the ravages of war denounced by the album The Final Cut, the last in which he participates as a member of the group. In this new version, the singer emerges with a blank voice, where melancholy and dignity mingle. Not easy when you know that this opus represents, for him, the culmination of his disagreement with his ex-acolyte, David Gilmour. L. F.


The (sad) life of Brian (Jones) on Arte

A documentary returns at 10:25 pm on the tragic fate of the prince of Swinging London and founder of the Rolling Stones.

“Without Brian, there would have been no Rolling Stones”, states Bill Wyman, who played bass in the English band for nearly three decades. It couldn’t be said better, but it feels good to hear.

Before the Jagger and Richards ‘Glimmer Twins’ took on all the light (and all copyright), the blond-haired boy was the star of this suburban London white blues orchestra. Rebel, cultivated, seductive, this gifted multi-instrumentalist – he was the first to play slide guitar in England – had it all, except the talent for writing songs. He had the intuition that the blues was going to prevail, with great shots of his heroes, Elmore James in mind. Little prince of Swinging London, he burned himself in the fire of a glory he had wanted more than anything.

Keith Richards, the enemy brother

This unpublished film by Patrick Boudet, rich in testimonies – we feast on the memories of the flamboyant son of Balthus, Prince Stash Klossowski of Rola – gives his place to this dandy from the bourgeoisie transformed into a bad boy. Quickly ousted by Andrew Loog Oldham, manager he had recruited, Brian Jones sinks from 1966 and the conception ofAftermath, first album of original songs of the formation.

His passion for Anita Pallenberg saves him for a time from the clutches of alcohol and drugs, but when she leaves him for enemy brother Keith Richards, Brian drowns, both metaphorically and actually: he will be found dead in the swimming pool at his property a few weeks after his dismissal from the Stones. Mick and Keith will not attend the funeral but will play in Hyde Park to introduce his successor, guitar virtuoso Mick Taylor, who paradoxically will allow the Stones to reconnect with their blues roots.


Hayao Miyazaki’s entourage gives news of the master’s next film

How do you live?, Hayao Miyazaki’s next film for studio Ghibli is alive and well, but we’ll have to be patient.

It will be eight years since his last film The wind picks up is out. Announced at the time as his last film before a well-deserved and long-demanded retirement, Hayao Miyazaki was not originally to give a successor to his eleventh work. But it is as if he could not really help himself: after a short film, the master has once again taken to the task of what will probably be his final stone in an already imposing edifice. Problem: this time we will have to be much more patient than usual.

photoThe wind picks up

About four years separate each of the director’s productions, and knowing that he started working on How do you live? four years ago, his arrival should be imminent, right? Unfortunately no. According to son Goro Miyazaki, his father decided to work at a very leisurely pace this time around. Currently in promotion for his film Aya and the witch – scheduled for February 17 subject to reopening of theaters – he has indeed said this to Allocine :

“The first thing I can tell you is that we don’t know when the film will be finished. That remains the great mystery. My father turned 80 a few days ago and he works without hurrying, at his own pace . He avoids putting unnecessary pressure on himself. What I can tell you, from how little I have seen footage from the film, is that I am very struck by how much, even at that age, he retains a flamboyant imagination and richness. His creative energy remains as impressive as ever.”

SanPrincess mononoke

The site Buta-Connection also spotted on the site an interview with producer Toshio Suzuki, historical partner of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, who said the following: “The total length of the film will be about 125 minutes including credits. Initially the production rate was one minute per month and I thought it could take 10 years. But that rate has picked up. , it will take another three years to produce the other half “.

So don’t dream too much, you will have to wait until at least 2023 before seeing How do you live?. As a reminder, the film is inspired by the eponymous short story written in 1937 by the Japanese author Genzaburo Yoshino which tells the story of a boy forced to live with his uncle after the death of his father. A work that Hayao Miyazaki has already declared to want to dedicate to his grandson, in his own way.



With its “HyperNuit”, Radio France wants to revive music and a disaster area

Benjamin Biolay, Juliette Armanet and Malik Djoudi … A hundred artists will follow one another from 9 pm on Saturday January 23 for six hours of live. A giant concert at studio 104 which responds to the call of the “etonremetleson” collective and will be broadcast simultaneously on France Inter, France Musique, France Bleu, Fip and Le Mouv ‘.

A giant concert like Radio France has never known. The project seems pharaonic. In a press release published Wednesday evening, the Round House announces a live scheduled for Saturday 23 January, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., broadcast on Fip, France Inter, France Musique, France Bleu and Le Mouv ‘. In solos, duets and even trios, a few hundred artists will follow one another live from studio 104.

On the program of this “HyperNuit”, artists who have already made their way such as Benjamin Biolay, Sébastien Tellier or the dazzling Eddy de Pretto. But above all young talents, today little put forward on the music scene. The initiative is part of the transition announced by Radio France, whose building has just been renamed “House of radio and music”.

“We need to be together”

At the origin of the project, the singers Malik Djoudi and Juliette Armanet, at the head of the collective #etonremetleson. As well as the musical director of Radio France, Didier Varrod, who will host the event. Contacted by Le Figaro, the latter looks back on the genesis of the project: “Juliette and Malik called for help. They told me: ” we need to be together ”. From there started the idea of ​​a helping hand to young artists ”, by creating an event capable of bringing them together, “Historic, because simultaneously broadcast on all airwaves”, of the round house (except France Info and France Culture).

The ambition is to “Get people off their screens” for the benefit of an unprecedented radio experience, while promoting the emergence of collaborations between guest artists. “I hope for a great moment of sharing, music and collective momentum”, enthuses the host.

Support for the music industry

Divided into two sessions, this concert will honor the French scene until 2am, before handing over to several DJs, including Kiddy Smile. It will also be punctuated by sound pellets, intended to highlight the invisible professions of the “trade”, a sector seriously affected by the health crisis. “This evening is also a highlight of the economy of the profession”, ajoute Varrod.

If most of the artists present perform for free, the question of cachet arose: “Who says suffering economy, says retribution. To get rid of the economic component would have been denied the current problem. For health and logistical issues, we have set up a unique group of musicians, led by Bastien Dorémus, whose members will be paid for their performance. ”

Funded, in part, by the National Music Center, the initiative is a kind of kick-off for the young institution, still little known to the general public after a year of existence. A welcome advertisement, especially since the “HyperNuit” thinks big, very big even, since it hopes to bring together “More than two Stades de France”.


the complete list of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020

One month before the Victoires de la Musique, discover the artists who have sold the most records in stores and in streaming.

Discover in groups of ten the artists who have sold the most records in stores and streaming in 2020. This ranking is established by the National Union of Phonographic Publishing (Snep) with the agency Gfk.

Prize list from 1 to 10: Vitaa and Slimane, far ahead

Very very popular artists, No. 1 in hypermarkets as on streaming platforms for sixteen months with 417,000 albums sold, Vitaa & Slimane are the big winners of this 2020 list. Their album Versus swarms of tubes including It comes and goes, Before you, Not beautiful … The very last hit is called It will be fine. Their Zénith tour is due to start on May 25 at the Phare in Chambéry and end at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille on June 25, 2022, i.e. 70 dates. If the Covid allows it.

They are followed by two rappers: Ninho second with 296,000 sales thanks to M.I.L.S 3 followed by Maes with 276,000 copies of Latest bastards featuring three popular featurings with Ninho, Jul and Booba

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Vitaa and Slimane, Angèle, Nicola Sirkis … Why they trust the best sales of albums

ANALYSIS – Some artists even appear twice in the ranking of the 200 best selling albums in 2020.

One month before the Victoires de la Musique, on February 12 at La Seine Musicale in Paris, Le Figaro exclusively publishes the ranking of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020 . At the top of the list, Vitaa and Slimane. Charlotte Gonin, 37, and Slimane Nebchi, 31, won thanks toVersus , a duet album released in August 2019. From It comes and goes atIt will be fine

The complete list of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020 The under-18 idol rapper Ninho takes second place. “It is also one of the best sellers of concert tickets, welcomes its producer Pierre-Alexandre Vertadier. In full confinement, I sold a second Bercy in a snap. ”

Third place goes to another rapper, Maes, 25. In this flourishing sector, the union is This article is for subscribers only.

Le Figaro

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Barry Gibb, the last of Bee Gees, confides on the disappearance of his brothers

Between an album of covers and a documentary, the survivor of the Gibb siblings returns with emotion on the death of Maurice and Robin three years apart.

The Bee Gees are still in the air. The supercharged disco anthems and syrupy ballads produced in the late 1970s by the Gibb siblings – Barry, Robin and Maurice – have long been spinning and returning on the decks and airwaves with the unsettling charm of old-fashioned classics. As evidenced by a new documentary released in December and a collaborative album dedicated to the dashing trio, the world is clearly not yet close to breaking out of the group’s heady choruses. However, it is not very easy for Barry Gibb to carry alone, at 74 years old, the heavy legacy of a group which has sold more than 120 million records.

Since the disappearance of his brothers Maurice and Robin, who died in 2003 and 2012 respectively, Barry Gibb has become the guardian of the Bee Gees temple. For the memory, he always gives on stage the most memorable hits of the British group. And to rekindle the flame, the last of the three “Gees»Has just released an album containing, in the country sauce, a selection of songs. Entitled Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook, Vol 1., the galette also turns out to be a collaborative album on which several distinguished guests, such as Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton and Brandi Carlile, perform in a series of intimate duets far from the galore falsettos that have made the glory of Barry Gibb.

The trio is also the subject of a high-end documentary, The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken, commissioned by HBO. Released in December, the film directed by Frank Marshall, traces the astonishing career of the formation which remained for nearly twenty years a discreet perky rock group before making the turn that we know in the mid-1970s, carried by the phenomenal success of Saturday night fever and its soundtrack.

The Bee Gees in London, November 1981. From left to right: Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb. Mirrorpix/Leemage

Stay alive

Despite rave reviews and plenty of positive feedback from fans and curious people alike, there is however at least one person who shouldn’t be watching the documentary anytime soon: Barry Gibb himself. “I’ll probably never watch it, I think“, He slipped during an interview granted to the program Sunday Morning, on the American channel CBS. The silver hair, the straw hat screwed on the head, the singer explained that he was touched to see the success of the documentary but that he did not see himself going to the end of the film. “I watched extracts … Seeing the disappearance of my family, I can’t do it, he testifies. Who could? I think it’s quite normal not to want to see your brothers die again. I do not wanna talk about it. I have already overcome this ordeal.»

After the death of Maurice Gibb and several years of silence, the two brothers had performed for a handful of concerts from 2009 until Robin Gibb’s death in 2012. “It was incredibly difficult remembers the last survivor of the group. We have never stopped being together. The first year after the death of my last brother Robin was the most trying time for me.»

Barry Gibb does not allow himself to be abandoned to bitterness. The confinement and epidemics of loneliness brought about by the global pandemic seem more than ever to call for it to the fans who keep asking for more. What to go on tour again as soon as the situation allows? The latest Bee Gees caresses the idea. “If people still want me, then my gosh I willHe says. «Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive», announced the song.


Pascal Obispo, positive for Covid-19, was “afraid of dying”

Asked, Saturday on the set of 50 minutes inside on TF1, the singer confided that he had been severely affected by the disease.

He came to share his sorrow about Christophe, his friend and colleague, who died on April 16. The exercise turned into a confessional. Asked by Nikos Aliagas, the 56-year-old singer revealed that he had contracted a severe form of the virus. Seriously ill “For nearly three very difficult weeks”, Pascal Obispo concedes having “Lucky to be here again.”

I was afraid to go there because I had a kind of vagal discomfort. I woke up two or three seconds later, sweaty

Pascal Obispo

“It’s hard to lose friends. The Covid is not something light ”, he wanted to clarify. Surprised by these revelations, Nikos is surprised: “And you didn’t say it?” “I wanted to say it differently”, explains the interpreter of Vintages, obviously tested by this memory: “I was afraid to go there because I had a kind of vagal discomfort. I woke up two or three seconds later, sweating. ”

Obispo All Access

A statement that comes as Pascal Obispo launched, Friday, January 8, his own music application. Available on the App Store and Google Play for € 5.99, Obispo All Access will bring together the artist’s past, present and future discography, as well as his clips and interviews. In an interview with our colleagues from BFMTV, he explains his initiative by his desire to “show that it is possible to produce music and keep the human aspect.»


the studio comes out of silence to calm the fans again

When there is more, there is still more. Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be talked about and it’s still not good.

Cyberpunk 2077 became the ugly duckling of the video game within a few weeks. After more than eight years of development, fantastic teasing, jaw-dropping gameplay trailers and videos, Keanu Reeves’ appearances to promote the game, Night City was expected as the Messiah. Especially since the end of 2020 was not very rich on the video game side either.

All the lights were therefore green, and the stars aligned, to make Cyberpunk 2077 a real cardboard box. Before disaster begins to unfold, CD Projekt’s $ 300 million blockbuster had even started very well. Cyberpunk 2077 had recorded more than eight million pre-orders, a record against the heavyweight of the studio, The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. Night City even boasted of having passed more than 13 million tracks in just 10 days.

photoCD Projekt which must now be accountable to the whole world

So how did CD Projekt go from the light of excitement to the darkness of anger? The first mixed reviews as well as the first negative feedback from players had already started to eat away at the popularity of the game. The opus then did not survive technical reality, with bugs galore and PS4 and Xbox One versions considered absolute and shameful failures. The withdrawal of the game from Sony’s PlayStation store as well as the Japanese studio to file a complaint, then confirmed the ugly turn of events.

Gradually, Cyberpunk 2077 got bogged down, crushed by anger and criticism, turning the big outing of the year into a disaster. Faced with this, the studio tried to stay the course, with a public apology in good faith, hoping to calm the gamers. But the story continues with a new bad buzz, so much so that CD Projekt has decided to come out of his den to silence the rumors.

photoYou who ask non-stop where is your PS5

A few weeks ago an “alleged” CD Projekt employee posted on the online forum of Reddit disturbing information about the supposed development of Cyberpunk 2077. According to cet « insider », the Polish studio would have intentionally cut several hours of play in order to offer it as a free DLC thereafter. He also gave a date for the first DLC: March 2021.

Cutting entire sections of a set to ensure the exit and save the furniture is unfortunately not exceptional (thought to Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for example), but this idea would make the case worse Cyberpunk. Especially since the lifespan of the game, the richness of its missions and its universe, have been criticized by some.

Also according to this mysterious stranger, Keanu Reeves was not the studio’s first choice to play Johnny Silverhand. Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) was their first idea, and the character was then more crazy and offbeat.

This “insider” also speaks of the morale of the teams at half mast, the delay of important patches, or the abandoned idea of ​​having drugged children in the streets of Night City.

Photo Cillian MurphyWell

CD Projekt did not remain silent and was quick to deny these rumors. In a Twitter post, the studio claims that everything is false, and that it was far too problematic to shut up:

“Normally we don’t comment on rumors but this time we wanted to make an exception, since this story is just not true.”

Why react this time, and take the risk of making the matter credible, by adding fuel to the fire? On Twitter, the question is divided, and the broken trust between gamers and the studio does not help. After all, it’s no secret that the development of Cyberpunk 2077 was done in pain, especially during the last months of production (the famous crunch, which caused debate on The Last of Us – Part II this year).

The Polish studio, which recently changed its internal policy (particularly on bonuses and therefore competition in teams), is currently the subject of legal proceedings for having misled investors about the quality of Cyberpunk 2077. So a lot of players will prefer to be on their toes about this matter, and frankly, we’re not really going to blame them.

It remains to be seen whether the release on PS5 will save the day, and if 2021 will help CD Projekt to regain control of their monster.


no positive results detected after a test concert with 463 people in Barcelona

This experiment, carried out in December in compliance with strict health measures, confirms the possibility of cultural events during a pandemic.

This life-size test could well dismantle the theses put forward by certain governments, justifying the interminable closure of cultural places. On December 12, nearly 500 people came to the Apolo concert hall in Barcelona, ​​with a usual capacity of 900 spectators. Under the impetus of the Primavera Sound festival, the study called PRIMA-CoV was carried out in accordance with a strict protocol and proved to be very conclusive. Indeed, no case of contamination was subsequently detected.

In fact, nearly 1,047 people took part in this trial supervised by the German University Hospital Trias i Pujol in Badalone and the Foundation for the fight against AIDS and infectious diseases. According to information from the Spanish daily The world , 463 attended the concert while 496 did not.

No physical distancing

For the former, the concept was simple. All had to have previously tested negative for the coronavirus. Once there, ventilation was optimized, the temperature of the room monitored, and all participants were required to wear an FFP2 mask on their nose. On the other hand, if security guards were mandated to monitor crowd movements such as queues, no social distancing was imposed.

Eight days later, the 1047 guinea pigs were again tested by PCR. And good news: the 463 people present during the test concert all came back negative. Moreover, in the other group, two cases were positive.

«These data give us the statistical strength to conclude that there is no longer a risk of contagion among people who have participated in a massive event if the measures we implement are followed.Boris Revollo, who led the trial, submitted at a press conference. An experience that makes the world of culture react in France, still under the obligation to keep establishments closed.

“SEE ALSO – Cultural, sporting or leisure venues will remain closed” until the end of the month “, announces Jean Castex