World’s Deepest Diving Pool Opens in Dubai | Photogallery

“Dive in another world” – this is how the world’s deepest diving pool inaugurated in Dubai is presented. Professional or amateur divers can descend up to 60 meters, going through the floors of a kind of submerged building — where even table football can be played.


Dubai: fire breaks out on a container ship – BILD

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Explosion shakes the port of Dubai – container fire on ship

A container ship in the port of Dubai has gone up in flames. Videos show a huge ball of fire. Nobody was injured.

With a loud bang, a container on board a ship in the port of Dubai went up in flames. The fire was triggered on Wednesday (local time) by an explosion in a container as the ship was preparing to dock at the port. A video published by the agency showed how firefighters fought the fire on the ship loaded with large containers.

The port authority gave the all-clear shortly after the explosion. All necessary measures have been taken “to ensure that normal shipping traffic in the port continues without interruption,” said the authority on Thursday morning. As the emirate’s press office announced, the fire was brought under control. Accordingly, there were no injuries.

According to the police, three of the 130 containers on board contained flammable materials. A total of 14 crew members were therefore on the ship. Several residents said the bang made their window panes shake.


Deyaar Development launches a skyscraper in Dubai worth one billion dirhams

Deyaar Development has announced the launch of the Dhs1 billion Regalia skyscraper project in Business Bay.

The Regalia project will be the tallest tower ever built by Diyar. The apartments in the 70-storey residential tower will feature smart home technologies.

The Regalia Tower is expected to be completed in December 2024.

Investors can register and complete the purchase procedures by making an initial down payment of only 10%, and then pay the rest of the installments according to a seven-year payment plan.

Saeed Al Qatami, CEO of Deyaar Development, said: “We expect the project to be well received by investors.”

For his part, Nasser Amer, Vice President of Sales at Deyaar Development, said, “The project is expected to be completed in December 2024.”


Ahlam meets Mohamed Sami and Mai Omar in Dubai and explodes a surprise (video) | news

Emirati singer Ahlam met director Mohamed Sami and his wife, actress Mai Omar, in Dubai.

Sami and Mai Omar have been in Dubai for a few days, when they obtained golden residency in the United Arab Emirates.

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Ahlam published a video of her with Muhammad Sami through her account on Snapchat and asked him if there was a new job, then asked her audience to wait for a surprise soon.

She also published her photo with Mai Omar, and was also present in the same media evening as Jane Omran.

On the other hand, Mohamed Sami collaborated with the artist Mohamed Ramadan in his latest song “Thabet”, which he released on his YouTube channel.

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It is noteworthy that Mohamed Sami participated in Ramadan 2021 in the series “The Seeds of the Strangers”, starring Ahmed El Sakka, Amir Karara, Mohamed Diab, Edward, Menna Fadali, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, Ahlam Al-Gretali, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Reem Sami and Malak Ahmed Zaher.

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City gets right in lawsuit against “Oktoberfest” in Dubai

View of a marquee at the Oktoberfest in Munich (archive image): The city of Munich wants to prevent the planned fair in Dubai from being called Oktoberfest in court. (Source: McPHOTO / imago images)

“Oktoberfest goes Dubai”: This is what the organizers from the Arab Emirates wanted to call the folk festival in the desert. Now the Munich Regional Court has banned advertising with allusions to the Munich Oktoberfest.

The organizers of a planned “Oktoberfest” in Dubai are no longer allowed to advertise their event with allusions to the Munich original. With formulations like “Oktoberfest goes Dubai” they would have given the wrong impression that the traditional festival was moving to the Arab emirate this year, the Munich District Court I decided on Friday. This type of advertising makes use of the world-famous Oktoberfest in the Bavarian capital.

The judges approved the application of the city of Munich for an injunction against the organizers, the showman Charles Blume and the former Munich restaurateur Dirk Ippen. The plaintiff had argued that the advertising was a misleading act that violated the law against unfair competition. The lawyers on the other side denied that the advertising explicitly refers to the festival in Munich. The Oktoberfest in Munich is canceled for the second time this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The ruling only prohibits such advertising in Germany. An appeal can be lodged against the decision.


Emirates Airlines suffers its first annual loss in 3 decades of $6 billion

State-owned Emirates Airlines said today, Tuesday, that the Dubai government committed to supporting it during the Corona virus crisis, after its holding company slipped to incurring its first annual loss in more than three decades.

In its annual report, the aviation group said that the Dubai government has pumped $3.1 billion into Emirates Airlines since the start of the pandemic. The company disclosed that it injected $2 billion in capital last year.

Emirates Airlines incurred a loss of 20.28 billion dirhams (5.52 billion dollars) in a year, while the group recorded annual losses of 22.1 billion dirhams (6 billion dollars), the first in 33 years.

The airline, which is one of the largest companies in the world, recorded a decline in revenues of 66.4% to 30.9 billion dirhams, as passenger traffic fell 88.3% to only 6.5 million, due to the impact of the pandemic.

“No one knows when the world will overcome the pandemic, but we know that the recovery will be erratic,” Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Emirates Airlines, said in a statement.

In a previous meeting with “Al Arabiya” in May on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum expressed his optimism about the performance of the travel sector in the Emirates, in particular, with the increase in the number of travelers who received the vaccine in addition to the lifting of travel restrictions in many of countries.

He also pointed out that the aviation sector’s activity is currently only 35% of what it was before the Corona pandemic.

On the other hand, Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, explained in an online recorded interview with aviation consultant John Strickland for the Arabian Travel Market exhibition, that the performance of “Emirates Airlines” is better than it initially expected, and “We are much better than We thought we’d be at it by this time,” according to Reuters.

“I’m not saying it’s good,” he added. “It’s just better than we thought we would be when we set out our visions in the spring of last year.”

Clark stressed that he had no doubts about the return of international travel in large numbers.

Emirates, one of the world’s largest long-haul airlines, has a fleet of about 140 Boeing 777-300s in addition to 115 Airbus A380s.


Eduardo dos Santos expected in Luanda – Angola

José Eduardo dos Santos is expected to travel to Luanda during this month of June, thus putting an end to a long absence from the country. The former President of the Republic left Angola in April 2019 and has since settled in Barcelona. The exception to this kind of exile was a trip to Dubai to be with her daughter, Isabel dos Santos, after the death of her husband, Sindika Dokolo.

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That is really how great the Geissens’ fortune is

The Geissens have been showing their decadent lives on TV for ten years. Robert Geiss made wealth early on by selling his company.

the essentials in brief

  • In their show, the Geissens flaunt their decadent lives.
  • Robert Geiss earned his first million by selling his first company.
  • For the production of the RTL 2 show, he gets around 2.5 million per season.

With expensive cars, in an expensive villa or on an expensive yacht, in Dubai, Monaco or St. Tropez. Everything seems to be expensive in the life of the Geissens. But how much money does the TV family actually have?

Robert (57) and Carmen Geiss (56) have been on TV with their daughters Davina (17) and Shania (16) since 2011. Her show “Die Geissens – a terribly glamorous family” about the life of the family is shown on RTL 2.

In it, they brag about their decadent life. If a wheel on the new Lamborghini Urus breaks, a new tire is brought from Monaco without further ado – by helicopter. No problem for Robert Geiss.

Because according to “TV Movie” he has a fortune of around 22 million euros. But it should have been clearly more.

Robert Geiss got a lot of money at a young age. As the “Berliner Kurier” reports, he founded the company “Uncle Sam” with his brother Michael at the age of 20. This sold sportswear for bodybuilders.

After nine years, the brothers sold the company – for 140 million German marks, around 70 million euros. Robert didn’t want to rest on that: he got into the luxury real estate business. He bought expensive mansions, renovated them and sold them again.

Geissens produce episodes themselves

Since 2011, he has been sharing his luxury life with fans on RTL 2 – and for this he is getting notoriety and money. His company “Geiss TV” has been producing the episodes himself for eight years. That brings the Geissens around 2.5 million euros per season.

In 2013, together with his wife Carmen, he published the autobiography «From nothing comes nothing». This made it onto the “Spiegel” bestseller list. They also founded the Robert Geissini clothing brand.

How do you find “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”?

In addition to the show, Carmen Geiss also has some sources of income. She has released nine singles and one album. She also sells her own fitness and nutrition programs.

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