Striker joys and a bad joke (

Party mood at Borussia Dortmund, hangover mood at RB Leipzig: The mood among the Bundesliga clubs after a groundbreaking evening in the Champions League was very different. While BVB is only one point short of getting into the round of 16 after the renewed Erling-Haaland show in 3-0 (2-0) against FC Brugge, the Leipzig team were at Paris after the unfortunate 0-1 (0-1) St. Germain frustrated by a controversial Neymar penalty. And despite the victory, there was also trouble for PSG coach Thomas Tuchel.

Sad level

“The penalty was a joke,” said Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann after the final whistle: “The video assistant was probably watching another game. Something like that at the Champions League level, that’s really sad. «Nagelsmann’s frustration was understandable, Leipzig’s chances of reaching the round of 16 have fallen sharply due to the lost direct comparison with the Parisians who are now equal on points. With two wins at Basaksehir Istanbul and against Manchester United, the Bundesliga third could still progress, but Nagelsmann knows: “We now have the worse cards.” That was due to the controversial penalty. In the questionable duel in Marcel Sabitzer’s penalty area against Angel di Maria, the television images could not prove any contact. Neymar accepted the gift and converted the eleventh-minute penalty into an early winner for the hosts.

“That was a clear swallow, there was zero contact,” Nagelsmann ranted. And what did the video assistant actually do? “That’s what we have this authority for. If we don’t use them, then we can get rid of them. Then we’ll just leave the referees alone again, “said the RB coach. After that, despite all the dominance, the Leipzigers lacked punch. Paris curled up and built a victory, which turned the group off for the time being and was supposed to bring Tuchel out of the line of fire. But on Tuesday evening he was again confronted with critical questions about the weak level of play and the relationship of trust – and then his collar burst. “You can ask the question in the locker room, if you have the balls,” the 47-year-old ruled a media representative: “Because the players are dead! They gave everything! «Tuchel was tired of pointing out that many injured people like the German internationals Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer were missing and that returnees like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are still far from their top form.

Fun and joy

This does not apply to Erling Haaland. The record man, wrapped in a warming BVB blanket, laughed and joked exuberantly with his teammates after the final whistle. The Norwegian’s built-in goal guarantee also put those in charge in Dortmund in a good mood. “The fun and the joy can be felt in spite of the dreary conditions,” said licensed player boss Sebastian Kehl after the 20-year-old’s double against the Belgian champions. In severe Corona times, there is absolutely no sign of an autumn depression at BVB – on the contrary. In the Champions League, the runner-up would already achieve a draw in the home game against Lazio Rome for the round of 16, in the Bundesliga the second in the table is in close contact with the leaders FC Bayern Munich.

The light-footed Dortmunders do not see the maddening schedule in the coming weeks as a burden, but as an incentive. “We get good results and play good games. Then the ease is there too, “said Kehl, and followed up with a small declaration of war:” We want to start a real run by Christmas. We can achieve a lot. “

Especially with a gem like Haaland. In twelve games in the premier class, the striker has scored a remarkable 16 goals. Not even Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo achieved this historic record. Haaland has already scored 17 goals in his 13 competitive appearances this season. “He’s worth gold for us because he can sweep the team away. Every minute he shows that he wants to be successful «, praised sports director Michael Zorc. SID/nd


Youssoufa Moukoko: Growing a child prodigy (

A sparkling flame from the large communication kit of emojis – this is how Youssoufa Moukoko expresses his joy at the upcoming football weekend this week. It is supposed to initiate a new phase of life. And maybe the era of a great athlete. In addition, he posts a short “Can’t wait” on his much-noticed Instagram account. It is finally coming to an end, the time of waiting. With his 16th birthday on Friday, Moukoko will be allowed to play for the Borussia Dortmund professional team, and if he played at Hertha BSC on Saturday he would be the youngest footballer ever to play in the Bundesliga. But this record is just a side aspect of a very exciting attempt. Half of the football nation is curious to see how this guy, almost a child, will find his way around in men’s football. Because Moukoko is already a legend, the most exciting player there has ever been in German junior football.

Wherever he appears so far, he looks as if he has mysterious superpowers. In the 2017/2018 season, Moukoko was promoted to the BVB U17 team at the age of twelve – he scored 40 goals in 28 games. A year follows with 46 goals in 25 games. At the age of 14 he was promoted to the U19, where he scored 34 goals during his 20 Bundesliga appearances. He has been training with the pros since the summer, scoring ten goals in four U19 games. “Moukoko has a talent that you don’t come across often,” says national coach Joachim Löw.

The story of this footballer brings back memories of the very young Lionel Messi, whom FC Barcelona brought to Spain from South America at the age of 14. But not even about the Argentine world star are so many stories told, written and rumored so early. The first headlines appeared about the “child prodigy” with the Cameroonian father when he was just 13 years old. “What the media write – I read it, but I don’t put any pressure on myself,” claims the gifted man in a film on the club’s own TV station. He is only allowed to speak in the BVB’s in-house media. It remains unclear which thoughts, fantasies, fears and emotions this public exposure of a youth really triggers.

Lars Ricken may know a little more. “We have sealed it off first,” explains the director of the Dortmund youth training center in an interview in the ARD’s “Sportschau Club”. “What he has already taken with him in public, what he has had to read about himself, some of the seasoned professionals don’t have to read.” At the age of 14, he signed a contract with the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, for which he supposedly up to ten Million euros. The deal produced big headlines on the boulevard. At least since then, the pressure and expectations have been enormous. There are stories about a friend, but the discussions about his age are even more unpleasant.

Moukoko was born in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé, where he grew up with his grandparents before he was brought to Germany by his father, who lived in Hamburg, when he was nine. When he began to score one goal after the other in the youth of FC St. Pauli, the rumor circulated that this talent was in fact much older and that his papers were forged. It was identified and researched. From a legal point of view, the case has been resolved since 2016: The Hamburg-Harburg registry office officially certified November 20, 2004 as the birthday. On the pitch, the physical superiority that Moukoko benefited from in his first years at the Dortmund youth training center has disappeared. During the games in the U19 team, as a 15-year-old he seems rather slim among all the guys who are at least two years older. His face still has childish features. And yet no defense gets Youssoufa Moukoko under control.

Lucien Favre is enthusiastic: “It’s nice to see him,” says the Dortmund coach. “He’s left-footed, he’s right-footed, he has great potential.” The German U19 international is not that conspicuous on the pitch at first, lurks somewhere on the offside line, sometimes almost disappearing. Moukoko isn’t a Ronaldo who wants the ball all the time; but as soon as the game moves into the dangerous areas, it emerges as if it can find spaces that are invisible to others.

He drives his opponents to despair – which resulted in a scandal last October in Gelsenkirchen: During a U19 game at FC Schalke, in which the striker scored all three goals for BVB’s 3-2 victory, he was racist by spectators offended. He then wrote on Instagram: “You can hate and insult me, but you will never get me down, because what I love, I will always do and that is play football and score goals.” A week later, he sinks to that after a penalty goal left knee and stretches right fist up. With this gesture, athletes worldwide express their support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. With Youssoufa Moukoko, a young man enters the Bundesliga stage who is not only interesting as an athlete, but also as a person.


Robert Lewandowski and Jürgen Klopp with a conversation

WWorld class striker Robert Lewandowski (32) needed a clarifying discussion with the then coach Jürgen Klopp after a difficult early months at Borussia Dortmund. After a lost Champions League away game in Marseille, he went to see the coach, recalled the Bayern Munich attacker in an interview with “Goal” and “Spox”. “We spoke for almost two hours, I told him what was on my mind – and he explained to me what he expected from me.”

Lewandowski moved from Lech Posen to BVB in 2010 and stayed there for four years until he left for Munich. At first he had no regular place under Klopp, he only played 15 of 33 games in the Bundesliga from the start. The turning point came in September 2011 after BVB went 3-0 in the Champions League at Olympique Marseille. “At the time, I didn’t really know what to do with the coach.”

“I needed that”

After the interview with Klopp, “everything worked better”. “I needed this conversation,” Lewandowski recalled. In the subsequent game against FC Augsburg, the attacker scored three goals. “I was very young and lived abroad for the first time in my life. I have not yet spoken the language perfectly and accordingly I have not understood everything he said to me. But that didn’t matter, the situation had to be clarified. ”The goalscorer has been playing for FC Bayern since 2014, with whom he won the triple in August.

After the discussion, a successful duo in Dortmund: coach Jürgen Klopp and Robert Lewandowski, here in 2013

Image: dpa

The English soccer champions FC Liverpool meanwhile have to do without the injured defender Joe Gomez in the long term. The 23-year-old had to undergo an operation on his left knee on Thursday morning, the club said. The reason was a tendon injury that Gomez suffered on Wednesday while training with the English national team. It is likely that the player will be out for a large part of the 2020/21 season, it said. But there is still no specific schedule for the return of the national player.

The failure of Gomez is another setback for Liverpool. Coach Klopp already has to do without defense chief Virgil van Dijk, who is out for an indefinite period after knee surgery. Midfielder Fabinho, who had represented van Dijk on the Liverpool defense, is currently sidelined due to an injury.

On top of that, it is unclear when Trent Alexander-Arnold will be back at the Reds. The right-back had to leave the pitch in the 1-1 draw in Manchester on Sunday and did not travel to the national team. Klopp had recently shown upset about the high load and the tight schedule in the Premier League.


Bundesliga: Dortmund is getting closer (

Dortmund’s Marco Reus (l) and Bayern’s Leon Goretzka fight for the ball.

Photo: Martin Meissner / Pool AP / dpa

Only one of the protagonists was deeply saddened after this wonderful soccer game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern came to an end. By the time Munich celebrated their precious 3-2 victory, Joshua Kimmich had long since disappeared into the dressing room – his knee hurt, as was the view of the near future. When the international lay on the pitch in the 35th minute as a result of a collision with Erling Haaland, all kinds of thoughts could be interpreted into his apparent despair: the fear of an operation, months ago without football, even of missing the European championship next summer. On Sunday, the assumption was confirmed that Kimmich has to undergo surgery with a suspected meniscus tear in his right knee.

The whole Munich team was shocked for a few minutes, “you noticed that we had to find each other again after the injury,” said Manuel Neuer after the game. At this point the goalkeeper’s mood was pretty good again. Neuer had been part of a splendid Bundesliga spectacle. And as almost always when the two rivals met last, he was one of the winners. “The game was sensationally good and we were just a little more efficient,” said Munich coach Hansi Flick, summarizing the course of the evening precisely.

Lucien Favre had seen it similarly. But the BVB coach also quarreled, he seemed to be unable to believe what had happened on the pitch. “We had so many chances to score,” he said with a mixture of amazed admiration for his team’s offensive power and grief over the lack of final efficiency. At this point, this top game also differed significantly from the duels from the recent past: FC Bayern is currently defensively vulnerable. Again and again attacks rolled towards the goal of Munich – and Marco Reus scored in the 45th minute to lead, in many other moments only nuances for further goals were missing.

“You can see that a few players are good with their right foot and not that good with their left,” said Favre, probably thinking of the wonderful goal opportunity of right-footed Marco Reus, who volleyed five meters over the left in injury time Latte thrashed. And the possibility of left-footed Erling Haaland, who shortly after the break played a cross pass with his right to Giovanni Reyna, who was waiting in front of the empty goal, but too imprecise.

On the Munich side was Robert Lewandowski, who is almost equally good with both feet. The top striker had headed 2-1 and scored two more goals, which were canceled by the video referee due to offside positions. The game was a show and both sides were characterized by courage and the will to score goals. The Bavarians would have simply had a little more luck, was Mats Hummels’ core thesis. “All three opposing goals were deflected,” said the defender after David Alaba’s shot hit Thomas Meunier’s upper body to make it 1-1 (45th). Lewandowski’s 1: 2 fell after touching the ball with Hummels’ shoulder (48th), and the conclusion of Leroy Sané (80th) only became untenable through contact with Manuel Akajni’s legs.

It is time to be more aware that “luck and bad luck are often the deciding factors in big games,” said Hummels. In this case, however, the result was a pretty perfect representation of what had happened on the lawn. Munich made a similar number of mistakes on the defensive, but offensively, they were “just a bit faster in the right situations and maybe a bit cooked off,” said Bayern midfielder Leon Goretzka.

The Dortmunders have the knowledge to get closer to Bavaria. Haaland, who was shortened to 2: 3 (83rd), is better integrated, the defense is more stable, the maturation process of many talents is progressing. It is also comforting that the setback came quite early in the season and so there are still many opportunities to catch up. The greed with which Bayern won the Champions League in the summer is still great. But possibly the moment when Kimmich injured himself, it was an indication that they too did not have infinite resources of energy and willpower. He was a little late in the fatal situation, that’s the only reason he had tried to bring Haaland down with a tactical foul.


FC Bayern Munich is still keeping the door open to David Alaba

Bayern Munich’s CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge leaves a back door open in the David Alaba case after the failed contract negotiations. “If David wants to stay at FC Bayern, which at least I don’t rule out entirely, you have to think about finding a way that is easy on the face for both sides. The door is still ajar, ”Rummenigge told Sky TV before the top game in Dortmund, in which Alaba scored 1-1 in Munich’s 3-2 win.

You have to deal with the topic calmly, added the former national player and also refrained from critical words in the direction of the Austrian: “David Alaba has been with FC Bayern for over twelve years. He’s been an important player over the years. He has won an incredible number of titles with us and has been a triple winner twice in all that time. It’s important to put the quality of the player and the person in the right light. “

Rummenigge is still optimistic about the financial difficulties of some clubs in the wake of the corona pandemic. “I don’t want any club to get into trouble. I think as long as we don’t have a total lockdown in football and are allowed to continue playing, that will also be prevented. ”He appeals to continue playing football. “That is the most important thing in football as a cultural asset,” emphasized Rummenigge.

The triple winner withdrew an offer to his longtime defender last weekend, and the fronts seemed hardened. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic recently presented a farewell to Alaba in the summer as inevitable. “They say: never say never. But I don’t know how we can find each other anymore, ”said Salihamidzic last week. Alaba could make a free transfer this summer.

Coach Hansi Flick also reiterated his wish for Alaba to stay at Bayern. “He was trained here, has been here for a long time and is an absolute top performer. So it would be a good thing if he would continue to play for Bayern Munich, ”said the coach of the table leader in the“ Current Sports Studio ”(ZDF). The coach hopes for a positive signal from the 28-year-old defender: “He’s now alone in the driver’s seat. He has to decide how he sees his future. “

The great importance the Austrian Alaba can have for his team was demonstrated in Dortmund when he made it 1-1 with a deflected free kick shortly before half-time. “David Alaba’s goal just before half-time was important. We were able to take a deep breath, ”said goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.


“We are also young people who have desires and dreams”

Portugal is a popular destination for German emigrants – but also for ambitious football professionals? The national players Julian Weigl and Luca Waldschmidt now work in Lisbon. Conversation about an unusual step. .

FC Bayern with a big chest in the top game (

Coach Hansi Flick of Bayern Munich during the game in Salzburg. Photo:

Photo: dpa / APA / Barbara Gindl

The German Clásico started for Hansi Flick right after the late goal spectacle on his anniversary as head coach of FC Bayern. “The anticipation is there,” announced the 55-year-old. And after the next act of will of his indefatigable long-term winner around the driver Joshua Kimmich, whom he named a “mentality monster” in the 6: 2 (2: 1) against Red Bull Salzburg, the further developments in the contract theater around David Alaba only interested him marginally. After several inquiries, Flick just waved it off, annoyed. »It is important to me that we have calm in the team and in the environment. We have a tough game in Dortmund on Saturday, ”he said.

For the triple coach, the need of the hour is to make the best possible use of the time advantage over Borussia Dortmund, which only had to compete in the Champions League at Club Bruges on Wednesday evening. The Munich professionals therefore completed the run out in the rain in the Salzburg Arena. After the short bus ride back to Munich, Flick released his frequent players into a free Wednesday. They should watch BVB at work on the couch at home. “Now let’s just relax. And then we will prepare for Dortmund from Thursday, «announced Flick. After the furious four-goal final spurt in the German-Austrian championship duel, the front runner goes with the broadest chest in the top game of the Bundesliga with tied second in the table.

Terrible festival

“We really wanted a win here so that we could have confidence for the weekend,” said Jérôme Boateng, who started the final offensive with a header to make it 3-2 and then, like Flick, praised the mentality of his own team. “That is what sets us apart. We never give up, we always want to win, ”said Boateng. That was also true against a briskly playing Salzburg team, which put the defending champion in almost 80 minutes and almost ended Munich’s winning streak in the premier class, which had now lasted 14 games. But then Boateng, Leroy Sané, Robert Lewandowski and Lucas Hernández met almost every minute. “Salzburg’s festival ended terribly”, headlined the “Salzburger Nachrichten”, stunned.

Flick is now starting his second year as Bayern coach with a grandiose one-year record of 44 wins in 48 competitive games and 160: 41 goals. Incidentally, BVB was Flick’s first opponent in the Bundesliga in November 2019: Bayern triumphed 4-0 in Munich. “We were very successful,” Flick modestly assessed his first year, which was crowned with five titles.

Of course, David Alaba was also in focus in his Austrian homeland. The 28-year-old was extremely challenged as a defense chief, he did not want to speak afterwards. That was done by Bavaria’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, who presented a breakup at the end of the season as a logical scenario after the negotiation freeze announced by the club. “I don’t know how we’re going to get together anymore. We made an offer that was rejected. Now, of course, we have to deal with the fact that David is leaving us, ”he said.

irrational Business

But professional football is often an irrational business. This shows the twist in Boateng’s personality, which was hardly thought possible. The 2014 world champion just wanted to leave several times. Uli Hoeneß recommended the “foreign body” only a year ago “as a friend to leave the association”. But under Flick, Boateng is important again, in Salzburg “he paved the way for clear success,” said his sponsor. Crazy but true: With the 32-year-old defender, an extension of the contract that expires in 2021, as with Alaba, suddenly seems conceivable. “We are open to talks,” said Boateng’s advisor Damir Smoljan on Wednesday. Flick explains Boateng’s transformation: “It has something to do with training and his professional attitude. He’s been working on himself in the last few months and has caught up a lot. ”Eight months also remain before a kind of Boateng turnaround in the Alaba case. Salihamidzic said a sentence in Salzburg that worries the Bayern bosses and could possibly trigger a U-turn: “If such a player leaves the club for free, it is a super meltdown.” Dpa / nd


Victory, defeat and a promise (

Lucien Favre is usually a very level-headed man in all the wild waters of life. This desolate and mysteriously defenseless appearance on Tuesday evening also made the Borussia Dortmund coach run out of skin. “We weren’t there at all,” Favre complained after BVB’s 3-1 (0-2) at the start of the Champions League at Lazio Rome, before the police escort went to the airport at midnight: “You have to defend, run absent. That was bad. Many weren’t good. “

The mood in Leipzig was completely different, namely much better. RB trainer Julian Nagelsmann lovingly stroked little Angelino’s bald head with both hands and grinned a little mischievously. After the 2-0 (2-0) win against Istanbul Basaksehir, he thanked the double goal scorer in a special way. The Spaniard had Leipzig not only secured the important victory at the start in the hammer group H, in which Manchester United won the parallel match 2-1 (1-0) at Paris Saint-Germain, he also showed unexpected striker qualities.

They were also relieved in Munich. After a positive test for the corona virus in offensive player Serge Gnabry was made public on Tuesday, Uefa allowed the kick-off for Bayern’s duel with Atlético Madrid in the evening on Wednesday after enough new negative test results from the team. According to the Uefa corona protocol, at least 13 players including a goalkeeper must be available for this. “The game is going as planned,” said a spokesman for the European Football Association in the afternoon.

On the other hand, BVB is sobered after the first international endurance test – and that in the week before the Revier derby against Schalke 04 next Saturday. “If we do this, it won’t work. It’s going to be a completely different fight, ”said licensed player boss Sebastian Kehl. Players out of shape, no impact in the duels, hesitant, much too tame demeanor: The highly talented were boiled off by Lazio and the former Dortmund transfer flop Ciro Immobile, who took sweet revenge after five years. “You shouldn’t present yourself like that,” said Kehl, “that was really desolate.” As after the 2-0 defeat at FC Augsburg, the Dortmund officials had no real explanation for such a drop in performance for the second time in the young season. It is this kind of title-preventing defeat that has plagued BVB for years – against physically strong teams that play with determination. “We missed everything,” said Marco Reus, frustrated before the flight home. The mentality debate that flares up every year is already peeking around the corner.

There can be no question of that in Leipzig. Especially the 1.71 meter small whirlwind Angelino played big and delighted fans and coaches alike. “He embodies a player I love because he is able to play several positions,” said Nagelsmann. The loan player from Manchester City was recently noticed in the Bundesliga with two headed goals. He has a special mentality, said Nagelsmann: “This is a player who always wants to win, like such a playful child.” Angelino benefited from the fact that he played further ahead. “We worked a lot on that,” said the left foot. At 1-0 he put the ball in front of himself with the heel and completed the turn. “It’s going to be world class,” enthused Nagelsmann.

For team-mate Yussuf Poulsen, Angelino is not yet considered a center forward, “but he is a winger,” said the Dane. Allegedly, a purchase obligation for the flexible footballer should take effect after twelve missions. “There is a possibility that he will stay with us longer,” suggested Leipzig’s sports director Markus Krösche. For the next appearance at Manchester United, Nagelsmann then asked for a further increase. This is essential for Dortmund against Schalke and then Zenit St. Petersburg. SID / nd


FC Schalke 04: Ultras threaten the professionals before the derby against BVB

Sport “Then it won’t be so peaceful”

Schalke Ultras threaten the professionals before the derby

| Reading time: 2 minutes

“We still have to playfully improve”

Schalke 04 get the first point of the season against Union Berlin. Goncalo Paciencia saved Schalke from 300 approved spectators, but coach Manuel Baum still sees a lot of room for improvement.

Schalke have been without a win for 20 games across all seasons. At least the team won a point against Union. Obviously, that’s not enough for some of the club’s ultras. You order the team to report in front of the stadium.

Et are times when they are satisfied with the little things at FC Schalke. Although the team has been without a win for 20 Bundesliga games, after the catastrophic start of the season with three defeats and 1:15 goals, coach Manuel Baum was not unhappy with the 1-1 draw against Union Berlin.

“In terms of passion, fighting spirit, mileage and sprints, we put on a good performance,” said Baum. A lot still hangs in their clothes: “But the reaction of my team after conceding a goal was good. But we also know that we still have to improve in terms of play. “

The point against the Berliners was hard fought, playfully it was once again an oath of disclosure that Schalke took on Sunday evening. It was probably even better for the team that the game was played as a ghost game (only 300 spectators were allowed) and that the players were not further unsettled by the displeasure of the fans after the deficit.

One point and 16 goals against after four games – Schalke got off to a very poor start to the season

Source: dpa / Guido Kirchner

Despite the ghost game, some Schalke ultras did not leave the team in peace. After the game they demonstrated their self-evident importance by calling the team to report. An hour after the final whistle, the entire team appeared in front of the stadium, where 80 ultras were waiting for them.

“But then it won’t be so peaceful”

A spokesman turned to the team with a view to the Revierderby next Saturday at BVB and made clear statements: “That was okay today. But you have to add a few percent more for the derby. ”The derby is the most important game of the year:“ You go out there and give it your all. You can lose that. But it depends on the way. If you don’t present yourself at least as you do today, we’ll see you again. But then it won’t be so peaceful. Did that arrive? 200 percent! Of each! For Schalke. Here we go!”

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A blunt threat to the team. If she loses in Dortmund and doesn’t fight till you drop, peace is over. Sascha Riether, Schalke’s head of the licensed player department, put the threat of support into perspective at “Bild”: “That was rather motivating. There was a debate. The fans made us hot for the derby. It is normal for it to get loud after so many games without a win. This is pressure that has to be released. That is understandable. Normally the fans can let it out in the stadium. “


Compleo sells shares for 49 euros

Dhe charging station provider Compleo makes his way cautiously to the trading floor. The company announced on Monday evening in Dortmund that the offer price for its own shares was set at 49 euros each. The allocation was thus made in the lower half of the price range of 44 to 59 euros. After all, just under 1.7 million papers were sold as planned. Since many of the shares come from the holdings of the existing shareholders, the company only receives a gross amount of 44 million euros. The total offer volume is 81 million euros.

Compleo initially sees market capitalization at 168 million euros. The free float should be just below the 50 percent limit. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21, is planned as the first day of trading in the Prime Standard quality segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Compleo intends to use most of this for growth, research and development and the expansion of product capacities. In the past year, the company increased sales according to an earlier announcement by almost 13 percent to 15.2 million euros. In the first half of the year sales almost doubled to 14.3 million euros.

Competitor also wants to go public

In September, the American competitor Chargepoint announced that it would venture onto the New York floor by merging with an investment vehicle. The Americans want to put the proceeds primarily into expanding their network in North America and Europe. The competition in the European market for charging stations is therefore likely to increase.

Only recently, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed tougher climate targets. The largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen, recently considered these goals to be feasible in principle. Without a strong expansion of the charging infrastructure in Europe, however, the car companies will have difficulties achieving their goals for the sale of e-cars.