Moving to Florida: Why Trump’s Neighbors Want To Evict Him From Palm Beach

Vhe residents of the island of Palm Beach and the neighboring city of West Palm Beach receive the prominent residents with a cold shoulder at best. Neighbors have been mobilizing against Trump for weeks, contesting his right to live on the property that he himself had once converted into a “private club”. The county is questioning Trump’s lease of the nearby golf club. With the storming of the Capitol by his supporters, fueled by Trump, the anger about the future island resident Trump has increased. Of all people, Alex Berrios, 41, Vice President of the Democrats in West Palm Beach, can see something positive about the arrival of the elected president.


National Guard in the Capitol: In the Eye of the Storm

Culture National Guard in the Capitol

In the eye of the storm

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US-Nationalgardisten im Kapitol US-Nationalgardisten im Kapitol

US-Nationalgardisten im Kapitol

Quelle: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Until Joe Biden’s inauguration, thousands of National Guards will watch over the Capitol in Washington – and sleep there. Some have chosen an extraordinary resting place. About the aesthetics of this symbolic place – and its guests.

EA spiral immediately attracts our eyes. It can be the epitome of what we unconsciously recognize as beautiful. Especially when it winds according to the rules of the golden ratio, as nature inscribes it in the mother-of-pearl bowls of the Nautilus and mathematics describes it with the Fibonacci sequence.

Here at the end of the handrail of a banister, the spiral does not fit into this harmonious relationship. And the steps hardly lead up so gracefully that the stair researcher Friedrich Mielke would have identified the “queen of architecture” in this staircase. But still: The picture by Reuters photographer Joshua Roberts lends spiral eddies, curvatures and steps the compositional framework that stimulates our optic nerve right away.

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With a second look we are captured by the uncanny reality of the picture. Soldiers of the National Guard of the United States of America have settled in the interior of a curved staircase (which architects don’t call their eye for nothing).

They are lying down, resting and sleeping all over the Capitol at the moment, here at the feet of a bust of the founding father and first President of the United States, George Washington. Their camouflage uniform is perfectly adapted to the greenish-beige-colored limestone slabs on which they lie.

From a frontal perspective.  National guards around Washington bust

From a frontal perspective. National guards around Washington bust

Source: AFP

You and 15,000 other comrades have been called in to protect the American Congress building in Donald Trump’s final days. The elected president, against whom the second impeachment proceedings have just been initiated, is trusted to do nothing less than to instigate another storm to introduce his successor Joe Biden, as on January 6th, when a rebellious mob answered his call and invaded the house.

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In the eye of a storm that is also spiraling at least in meteorological dimensions, it is known to be quiet. The National Guardsmen, whom we see as if from a bird’s eye view, may not have chosen the most comfortable but a particularly symbolic place to prepare for January 20th, the inauguration day.

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Packshot WamS S1 for N24 17_01_21



Podcast: Is Social Media Bad?

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191213_Podcasts_Deffner and Zschäpitz 191213_Podcasts_Deffner and Zschäpitz

Source: WORLD

Twitter blocks Donald Trump’s account and causes major discussions on the Internet and at Deffner & Zschäpitz. What role do social media platforms play and how strong is their current influence on politics, media and society?

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Other topics:

The DAX cracks 14,000 points and the Bitcoin continues to hunt for records. The turbulent beginning of the year on the stock exchanges ensures a lively discussion right at the beginning of the episode.

British stocks such as commodities and energy stocks are partially undervalued due to the corona pandemic and Brexit – a good time to get in?

Investor wants to take concert promoter DEAG off the stock exchange, not to the delight of small shareholders and “Bulle” Deffner.

Checking individual stocks: What’s next with 3D Systems and solar stocks such as SMA Solar and the high-tech mechanical engineering company from Reutlingen, Manz AG.

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Carl Schmitt explains to Donald Trump: The Führer and the people

In 1924 the brochure of a then rather unknown constitutional lawyer named Carl Schmitt appeared. This brochure was entitled “The intellectual and historical situation of today’s parliamentarism” and it was quite something. Because Schmitt attacked the Weimar Republic head-on in his essay: He differentiated between “parliamentarism” here and “popular rule” there. The difference between democracy and dictatorship is only of secondary importance.

The dictator couldn’t do an injustice at all because he was, so to speak, the avatar of the entire “people”, explained Schmitt in 1933. One can write something like that when the “rule of the people” has finally defeated “parliamentarism”. In the United States, the story turned out differently:


Trump’s greatest betrayal

The philosopher Slavoj Žižek writes that with the events in Washington, the United States unmasked itself as a rogue state. Extraditing Julian Assange would be like sending Hong Kong dissidents back to China. And Žižek knows why Trump is betraying his base. .

Airbus-Boeing customs dispute: Trump’s poisoned farewell gift to the EU

AOn January 16, US President Donald Trump is due to leave the White House and hand over official duties to his successor, Joe Biden.

However, the incumbent government insisted on giving Europe a poisoned farewell gift: On January 12, a good week before the change of office, new punitive tariffs against EU companies will come into force.

The new levies, announced shortly before the turn of the year, are aimed primarily at German and French producers of wine and spirits. The penalty tax of 25 percent should apply to wines from Germany and France with more than 14 percent alcohol. Cognac is also included, for example.

The tariffs are only the latest chapter in the long-standing dispute over subsidies for the rival aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

The WTO has agreed with both the US and the EU

The US has complained to the World Trade Organization about illegal subsidies for the European manufacturer Airbus and the EU about illegal government support for the US company Boeing.

The WTO has agreed that both sides are right, ruling that the European and American subsidies violate WTO rules and allow both sides to impose punitive tariffs on each other.

The US government had already imposed its tariffs at the end of 2019, but is now stepping up with the new taxes. It had not yet exhausted the quota allowed by the WTO.

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Significance for Germany

The EU criticizes the new levies, but is preparing for the fact that the additional levies, which are a heavy burden for some companies, will only be short-lived.

Brussels and Washington will resolve the dispute over subsidies for aircraft manufacturers by the end of the year – that is the expectation in Europe’s capital.

In the past few weeks, after the Europeans had also imposed tariffs on US exports worth four billion euros at the beginning of November, talks between Brussels and Washington picked up speed.

Trump urgently needs a success at the end

On the US side, there was apparently the will to conclude the talks before the change of government, according to EU circles.

The US trade representative Robert Lighthizer apparently wanted to make an agreement his legacy. Trump, too, could have sold the deal as a success in his trade policy.

Such a success is urgently needed, because Trump’s strategy of trade wars and punitive tariffs has crashed: The outgoing president clearly missed the election promise to reduce the US trade deficit with other states. In November, the deficit was $ 68.1 billion, the largest since August 2006.

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Brussels has high hopes for the upcoming US President Joe Biden and an end to Trump’s difficult to predict political style. “The EU has always called for a negotiated solution in the Airbus-Boeing dispute,” said Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President of the EU Commission responsible for trade, to WELT. “We only raised our tariffs when the US had given us no other choice.”

The powerful politician makes an offer to Joe Biden and his team: “We are hopeful that the new US administration will be more cooperative and we stand ready to resolve this dispute. We are very keen to put the trade disputes between the EU and the US behind us and to concentrate again on tackling global challenges such as the climate crisis and the WTO reform together. ”A solution to the trade dispute unless part of a new transatlantic one Agenda.

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New National Security Advisor

“I am very optimistic that there will be an agreement with the new US government this year,” says Bernd Lange (SPD), chairman of the trade committee in the European Parliament.

For an agreement on strictly regulated state support for aircraft manufacturers, however, the EU must also act unanimously. Apparently, however, the French government, which does not want to completely forego subsidy policies, is blocking. “The French idea of ​​funding national industrial champions collides with the idea that both sides should refrain from subsidizing their industries,” says Lange.

The hope that everything will get better soon seems justified. “Biden should settle the artificial trade war with Europe,” said Antony Blinken, the future US Secretary of State, recently at a panel discussion at the American Chamber of Commerce.

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ARCHIVE - 06.09.2013, Hamburg: The fuselage of an Airbus of the A320 family is in the final assembly hall at the Airbus factory in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.  (to dpa "Great moment in aviation: A321 made Norden an aircraft manufacturing Mecca" from 05.03.2018) Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa +++ (c) dpa - Bildfunk +++ |  Usage worldwide

Most powerful aircraft manufacturer

The new president sees Brussels as an ally, not as an opponent like Trump – in fact, the Republican once called Europe an “enemy” in the middle of his term in office. Blinken himself, who spent part of his childhood in Paris and speaks perfect French, is also considered a transatlantic.

“The EU is the largest market in the world,” said Blinken, “that’s why Biden will try to mend economic relations.” But the Democrat will also be tough in one area: agriculture. “There is an imbalance,” said Blinken. “Certain rules make it difficult for America to export agricultural products to Europe.” That must change.

Other personnel decisions in Biden also suggest that the tone is becoming more conciliatory. Katherine Tai will take the place of the previous trade representative Robert Lighthizer. Worlds seem to lie between the two.

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Lighthizer is considered a macho with a big ego, he is said to have hung a life-size picture of himself at home. And like Trump, he sees America as the victim of a global economic raid. Other states, says Lighthizer, plundered the United States.

Tai, previously a trade expert on the powerful budget committee of the US House of Representatives, is more cautious.

Democrats and Republicans alike see her as a skilled negotiator. A woman who manages to find compromises behind the scenes. When the two parties argued over the USMCA trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2019, Tai is said to have reached an agreement quietly and efficiently.

Ross once helped Trump introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum

The successor to US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is also considered moderate. It was announced Thursday that Biden has selected Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo for the post.

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Ross once helped Trump introduce tariffs on steel and aluminum. He developed the notorious argument that the import of the metals threatened the national security of the United States – which met with worldwide criticism.

Something like that is not to be expected from Raimondo. The economist claims to be an advocate of free trade and in the past did not attract attention for her radical ideas. Their most controversial project to date: a slight cut in pensions for the citizens of Rhode Island.


America in 2060 – a scenario

Dhe secessionists of the early 21st century declared Joe Biden illegitimate. They inhabited a parallel intellectual universe in which Donald Trump – “as big as a house,” as they claimed – had been re-elected.

The rifts deepened after a radicalized Republican party was defeated in the 2022 midterm elections. And when Kamala Harris narrowly but unequivocally won the election against Donald Trump Junior two years later, and it had to be clear to everyone that a black woman of Indian descent and a gay Vice President (Pete Buttigieg) were to get the reins, there was for the “rebellious seventeen” – they had meanwhile elevated this insult to an honorary title – the measure overflowing: they declared themselves independent together with Texas.


Georgia, Arizona, Colorado: Where Trump supporters still raged

foreign countries Protests in the USA

With guillotine, weapons and horses – where other Trump supporters raged

| Reading time: 2 minutes

This is how a British TV team experienced the storming of the Capitol

Supporters of US President Trump storm into the Capitol. Stones are thrown at police officers, windows and doors are kicked. A British TV team was there up close.

The world’s eyes were on Washington DC when Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol. But there was trouble in other parts of the United States too. The President’s faithful came with guns, horses – and a guillotine.

NSupporters of US President Donald Trump marched on Wednesday not only in Washington, DC: The congress buildings in Georgia and New Mexico were evacuated as a result. There were protests in at least three other states.

In Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, around 100 supporters, some with rifles, gathered in front of the Capitol. As a result, the chief election overseer, Brad Raffensperger, and his staff had vacated their offices in the parliament building, said Gabriel Sterling, senior electoral officer in Georgia. The decision of the Republican Raffensperger was made internally.

“We saw things happen at the Georgia Capitol and we thought we shouldn’t be here, we shouldn’t be a spark,” Sterling told the AP news agency. President-elect Joe Biden prevailed in the Georgia election in November by around 12,000 votes against Trump.

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The outgoing president’s anger was directed primarily against Raffensperger. In the runoff elections for the Senate seats in Georgia, the Democratic candidates now also prevailed against the Republican incumbents, which means that the Democrats now control the entire US Congress.

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Armed forces comb the rooms of Congress in search of intruders - a picture the nation would have liked to avoid

Storming the US Congress

Trump supporters with guns were also seen in Georgia. In New Mexico, police took employees out of a building that, among other things, houses the governor’s office. According to the information, this was a safety precaution because hundreds of demonstrators had previously arrived there in a column of vehicles and on horseback.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Trump supporters also surrounded the Capitol for several hours. In Phoenix, Arizona, the picture was similar, where demonstrators also brought a guillotine with them, which they placed in front of the building, on which they also destroyed a pane.

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In the city of Denver, Colorado, the mayor ordered several buildings to be closed after hundreds gathered there to protest the election results. There were protests in South Carolina too.


Elon Musk blames Mark Zuckerberg for storming the Capitol

FElon Musk has a guilty party for the violent assault by Trump supporters on the American parliament: Facebook and its boss Mark Zuckerberg. “This is called the domino effect,” wrote the Tesla boss in a tweet on Thursday.

To do this, he put a so-called meme, a picture with a label: It shows different sized white dominoes. The largest is a tweet by an American journalist about the storming of the Capitol, right at the front on the smallest stone reads: “A web page to rate women on campus.”

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In Silicon Valley in particular, this is not a hidden hint on Facebook, but a wink with the fence post. Because the starting point for founding the largest social network in the world was exactly that: a web page with which one could evaluate the attractiveness of female students on the campus of the elite Harvard University, where Zuckerberg was studying at the time. Initially he called his site FaceMash, but within a short time Facebook developed from this.

For Musk, the matter is clear: anyone who programs a page in the dormitory that demeans women inevitably sets a process in motion that, after a few years, ends in a violent attempted coup. It’s a frontal attack by a Silicon Valley heavyweight against a fellow billionaire – a public argument between the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, and number four, Mark Zuckerberg, whom he passed just a few months ago.

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Elon Musk in conversation with Mathias Döpfner

Ironically, Musk chose Twitter, of all things, a social network to blame Zuckerberg for the polarization of the American public and the attack on US democracy. Trump has always incited his followers, especially via Twitter. 88.7 million people follow Trump on the platform, Musk brings it to 41.4 million.

Facebook reacted on Thursday afternoon German time: Zuckerberg announced on his own platform that Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram will be blocked until further notice. After the outbreak of the riots at the Capitol, the group had already temporarily blocked the accounts. “The shocking events of the past 24 hours clearly show that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining term in office to undermine the peaceful and rule of law transfer of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden,” wrote Zuckerberg. Trump has been allowed to use the platform in recent years, but the general conditions have now changed due to the storm on the Capitol. “We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue using our service during this transition period are simply too great,” wrote Zuckerberg.

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The military strategist Edward Luttwak

Quite a late reaction after years of criticism. And yet the allegations Tesla boss Musk is making are abundantly self-righteous. Musk was among those who tried a hug strategy early in Trump’s tenure. He took part in two of Trump’s advisory bodies after the US President’s surprising election victory.

And he stayed on board for months despite many controversial decisions and regulations of Trump. It was only when the President announced that he was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement that he ended his advisory job in May 2017. Ironically, when Trump questioned one of the sales arguments for electric cars with climate change and its fight.

In the years that followed, Musk was often not far from Trump politically. Like the outgoing US president, he was one of those who publicly downplayed the danger of the corona virus for a long time. Here, too, he did this mainly because the restrictions temporarily brought Tesla production to a standstill.

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Armed forces comb the rooms of Congress in search of intruders - a picture the nation would have liked to avoid

Storming the US Congress

Now, shortly before the end of Trump’s term of office, when Tesla can no longer suffer any disadvantages from distancing and the full scope of four years of populism becomes visible, public blame suddenly follows in the direction of Facebook. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the criticism of the social network and its joint responsibility for the polarization of society is wrong, but that it comes from Musk of all people seems pretty self-righteous.

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It’s not the first time Musk has dealt against Zuckerberg. In the past few months, the Tesla boss made no secret of his rejection of Facebook. And on Thursday he followed up again on Twitter: To a report according to which WhatsApp users must agree that their data will also be shared with Facebook in the future, Musk responded with another tweet: “What you don’t say. Reminds me of a classic, “he wrote and posted another meme underneath.

It shows a boy and Zuckerberg. The boy says: “My father told me you were spying on us.” And Zuckerberg replied in the internet joke: “He is not your father.“Then Musk recommended his followers to use the competing service Signal instead of WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook. He and Zuckerberg will probably no longer be friends.

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Woman shot dead in the Capitol: “Nothing will stop us,” tweeted Ashli ​​B.

Panorama Washington uprising

Woman shot in the Capitol was a Trump supporter and veteran

| Reading time: 2 minutes

“Images that we will associate with Donald Trump’s presidency”

In the US, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. They wanted to prevent Joe Biden from being confirmed as future president. The expert for security policy, Markus Kaim, explains why Donald Trump has to be attributed to these images.

She was there when the Capitol was stormed and was gunned down in the uprising: Ashli ​​B., 35, was a US veteran. Her husband describes her as an “ardent” Trump supporter.

AWhen the fatal bullet hit it, it was wrapped in a flag popular with Trump supporters: A 35-year-old woman died in the uprising in and around the Washington Capitol.

US and UK media have researched her life and background. Accordingly, she is a former US soldier who comes from San Diego (California). This is reported, among other things, by the “Los Angeles Times”.

Ashli ​​B. served 14 years in the US Air Force and also completed several foreign assignments, her husband told local TV stations. Among other things, the “New York Post” quotes the man who wanted to remain anonymous as saying: “She was fatally injured in the chaos.”

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His wife was an “ardent” Trump supporter and, like so many of his fans, believed in his allegation of election fraud, the husband continued.

Apparently there was only one shot

The young woman ran a swimming pool shop with her husband; he himself had not gone to the capital. The local branch of the broadcaster Fox News quoted Ashli ​​B.’s grieving mother-in-law as saying, “I really don’t know why she did this.”

According to media reports, B. had tried together with other people to penetrate through the glass of a door into the Capitol building, as a result of which a single, fatal shot was fired. Press photos show the unsuccessful efforts of rescue workers to save their lives. According to US police, B. later died in a hospital.

The police officer who is said to have shot the woman has been suspended. The incident is to be investigated, as the police chief announced. In addition, the occupation of the Capitol should be thoroughly analyzed. This also includes safety planning.

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Armed forces comb the rooms of Congress in search of intruders - a picture the nation would have liked to avoid

Storming the US Congress

B. was also active on Twitter, There she describes herself as a “libertarian” and a patriot. In the days leading up to the March on Washington, she shared numerous posts from Donald Trump.

A tweet, in which she is said to have written the day before the protests: “Nothing will stop us … you can try and try and try, but the storm is here and it is descending on Washington DC in less than 24 hours. . from dark to light! “, but has now apparently been deleted.

Three other people also died, but under different circumstances. A woman and two men “appear to have suffered various medical emergencies that resulted in their death,” read the local police chief’s official statement.