Miley Cyrus draws a strong interim balance with “Plastic Hearts”

Was? Pop rock? In 2020? Why? And then also “pop rock for the radio”, not, as is at best contemporary, for the Eastern European drug cellar, the South Korean electric scooter garage or at least as an accompaniment to the iPhone video game while jogging.

Dietmar Dath

Anyone who takes the word “direction” seriously in the term “music direction” has long known that pop rock means “in the back”. Names like “Billy Idol” and “Joan Jett” sound like “uncle” and “aunt” today. But Miley Cyrus, not even thirty years old, invites these two to her new record “Plastic Hearts” with the sharpest mischief, as if nothing were more appropriate than that. Well, Dua Lipa is there too, for the little ones, but her guest appearance in the piece “Prisoner” sounds rather boring, albeit in a decadent, so to speak perfumed French way, let’s say: “boring”; not entirely without charm. The hostess, meanwhile, dips every number, every visit into her enigmatic dark voice, palatable like warm olive oil, and sings of “mah frustration” to eighties bass gummi that sounds as if Blondie are back, but this time with one instead of Debbie Harry white-feathered owl on the microphone.

Eighties? When the cinema director Nicolas Winding Refn makes something like that as a film and calls it “Drive” (2011), then all hipsters fall nuts, but with Miley Cyrus they don’t get it and only hear “eclecticism” instead of the black smoke in their stomach who turns memories (of the individual as well as of mass culture) into exactly the kind of energy that is necessary to confront the present, but not obdurately grumbling “Everything was better in the past” (it helps, of course, if one reaches for a past that one has never experienced (see above: Miley Cyrus is twenty-eight years old).

“Charming” as an adjective fits a lot on the record: What is the funny clap of the paws in the title song, are they really church mice? Ms. Cyrus can play three hundred thousand instruments and, as the beginning of the ballad “Angels Like You” shows, hum so finely that nobody has hummed since David Bowie briefly forgot the lyrics on the soundtrack of “Cat People” (1982) .

Finally, in the middle of the record, Kermit the frog chases Billy Idol to the ramp, the number is called “Night Crawling”, and Grandpa sings, winningly sexy, “Sometimes my thoughts are violent”, the last word means both “violent” and “passionate”, and Grandpa has looked surprisingly splendid, perhaps using the drying process. In the background a bazooka shoots with cream and almond muffins, yes: pop rock. The advance single “Midnight Sky” is passably funky (in the sense of: Giorgio Moroder likes to sneeze), and two tracks later comes the biggest one: “Bad Karma” with Joan Jett, “you’re thinking that I’m sleeping when I ‘m creeping in the night “. The word “duet” is far too common for this galactic twosome, but “DuJett” would be silly, so maybe: Mistress evening? Lady dragon sighs with long pink fingernails? In any case, the song of the year, in three minutes, no longer does art have to be, no matter what the many sick people believe, who today no longer comfort themselves in the studio below the contractually guaranteed Wagner opera length. In the midst of so much flavor and finesse, the age-old question remains: What does the artist mean by this? “Plastic Hearts” is initially the living bridge between the Runaways on the one hand (Joan Jett’s best phase) and the complete works of Miley Cyrus’ godmother Dolly Parton on the other. Instead of opting for one genre each (country pop for Parton, pop rock for Jett) like these role models, the younger one has been depicting “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz” (2015), at least since her collaboration with the Flaming Lips, which was crowned with lotus flowers the idea “the plumper the menu, the more picky the taste”. In other words: Greedy archive access paradoxically vouches for the individuality of the author’s expression stolen from it, a common ear nourishes a special voice, in short, Miley does what Madonna did between around 1990 and 2010, but with the life-threatening difference for the work that that actually doesn’t work anymore; the times are over.

Plastic hearts last longer

Miley Cyrus already knows. Ha, says her dirty laugh all the time, since she happily outgrown her “Hannah Montana” beginnings and an intermittent porn chick masquerade, listen up, old people, my generation has inherited nothing from you but old rubbish, bad karma, but one that does love like a moth-eaten cuddly toy. Madonna’s record industry still had huge budgets for productions, and Madonna’s fans had enough money to collect maxi-CDs. Ms. Cyrus’ age group, however, cannot be splendid. What to do?

To whistle in the dark with an extremely topical metaphor: For Miley Cyrus, the pop luxury foods of the past are vaccines against what happened to this past – pop music as a whole, not just pop rock, is “behind” as a lifestyle. It was about the attempt to feed the cultural work of all kinds of minorities (ethnic, sexual, etc.) into the social mobility of daughters and sons of the so-called middle class in rich countries and perhaps pave the way for one or the other ingenious fringe existence to the center of world attention . This game is over, but so far there is no new one that would work as well as an amalgamation of euphoria, socialization, comfort and dreams. One thing is certain: plastic hearts last longer. Maybe a nightingale is sleeping sweetly inside and dreaming of love to the weirdest possible music, until winter finally runs away again.


Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square: Why the Netflix holiday movie is what 2020 needs

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square: Why the Netflix holiday movie is what 2020 needs |

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Corona donation from Dolly Parton: The mother of the Covid vaccine – culture

One of the greatest stories about Dolly Parton is when Elvis Presley didn’t sing a song of her after all. It was 1974, one of the typical anecdotes in which the phone rings one day and everyone thinks it was a joke. Dolly Parton was a star herself at the time, at least in the American country music district, but it was still amazing. Elvis wanted to record one of their pieces, said manager Colonel Tom Parker into the shell. Parton, then 28, a singer and songwriter from Tennessee, was freaking out with happiness.


DWS-Fonds makes record payouts despite Corona

… the American country singer Dolly Parton, known for the song “I will always love you”, which was later covered by Whitney Houston, donated a million dollars to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville (Tennessee) in April with their help Moderna researchers have now developed a promising vaccine against Covid-19?

They have Mußler

Klaus Max Smolka

… one of the most popular equity funds, the EUR 17 billion DWS Top Dividende, is making a record payout this year despite numerous dividend failures? DWS transfers a total of around 520 million euros to the fund’s shareholders, 3.65 euros per fund share, which corresponds to an interest rate of around 3 percent this year.

… Moneyfarm, the Allianz investment robot, is withdrawing from Germany, forwards its customers to the robot of the fund company Fidelity and only remains active on the Italian and British markets?

… Daniel Kerbach changes from Merck Finck to Bayerninvest and becomes chief investment strategist (CIO) in the Bayern LB fund company?

… Dietmar von Blücher, Comdirect’s CFO until the end of March 2020, goes to Baader Bank and inherits Dieter Brichmann’s CFO after approval by the financial supervisory authority?

… MainFirst will operate as Stifel Europe Bank in the future? The Frankfurt investment bank is giving up its name in favor of the American owner Stifel Financial, who took it over last year …

… Permira has hired Bruno Strigini, former head of the Novartis cancer division, as Senior Adviser? The medical industry is a focus of the financial investor.


Kylie Minogue: “I know what to do when photos are taken”

WORLD: Is there anything you should have talked about earlier in retrospect?

Kylie Minogue: Actually, I think I have expressed a lot without really saying it out loud. Through my songs and the videos. In my case, there are more things that I wish I hadn’t done. There are only a few things, but there were a few things that I didn’t really feel comfortable with, but did them anyway.

WORLD: Are you telling me such a thing?


People of the Day: New Passport for Suffrage – Panorama

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Kim Cattrall, 64, multinational actress, got a new passport. The native British, who grew up in Canada, is now a US citizen – for political reasons: “So that I can take part in this election,” she said on the morning show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. She took the naturalization test in mid-August. “It wasn’t easy, you have to learn.”

Actor Helmut Zierl
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Helmut Zierl, 65, actor, has a drug history. As a teenager he took LSD, speed and mescaline, among other things, he told the magazine Colorful. “Death was my constant companion. I also wanted to throw my life away without even having really started to live.”


Lang Lang, 38, Chinese pianist with a pianist’s wife, has a precise idea of ​​the musical upbringing of his offspring, who do not yet exist. If one of his future children also wants to learn to play the piano, there is only one option: practice a lot. “Otherwise it has no chance of moving forward,” he said Gala. Lang Lang and his wife, Gina Alice Redlinger, 26, from Wiesbaden, would like to have several children.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts
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Darius Leonard, 25, American football player, gave away his wedding ring. Following his club’s recent home win, Indianapolis Colts, the linebacker tossed his gloves into the stands to please a teenage fan. According to US media reports, the fan’s uncle thanked him politely on Twitter, but also wrote: “His wedding ring was still in the glove.” Does anyone have any idea how to get the piece of jewelry to them? Leonard responded promptly and wrote back: “I need him!”

Country-Legende Dolly Parton
(Photo: Henning Kaiser / dpa)

Dolly Parton, 74, American singer and actress, is proud of her marriage. She has been married to businessman Carl Dean for 54 years. The People Magazine she has now revealed the secret of their long-lasting love affair to her: “I’ve always felt comfortable in my skin, and that’s sexy. I’m also a very passionate person, and passion has sex appeal. People are drawn to passionate people because they are magical. “

US-Rockstar Lenny Kravitz
(Photo: Diego Pineda / dpa)

Lenny Kravitz, 56, American rock singer, puts a lot of emphasis on his daily skin care routine. Since he has been living in his house in the Bahamas again because of the corona pandemic, it has been a little different than usual. In an interview with the fashion magazine Vanity Fair he said: “First I clean my face thoroughly with water. Then I rub it here with the sand from the ocean, it is so fine and powdery!”


Whitney Houston, voie trouble – Culture / Next

Whitney Houston, emaciated, cooked by a set journalist who asks her to choose the biggest devil among all the drugs she takes. “It must be me”, smiles the woman, extricating herself with dignity from this overexposed medical examination. Whitney Houston was the subject of two films one year apart. The investigation authorized by his family, Whitney by Kevin Macdonald, released in 2018. And the unofficial movie Can I Be Me, in 2017, broadcast from July 17 on Arte, where personal life takes precedence over music, in an attempt to complex repair its battered image.

The intimacy and the voice are always cannibalized in an artist, and Whitney Houston embodies like no one else the pressures imposed on young star artists who, by damaging their health, also deliberately break their instrument, like a cry for help. The film opens with a live performance and this famous «Aiiiiiiie, will always love you» , favorite title, until France, of weddings, funerals and first slows, written by Dolly Parton and immortalized by the interpretation of Whitney Houston in the film Bodyguard (1992). On stage, she relishes a silence, seeks her breath, in order to be able to prolong this infinite “I”, confiscated from the age of 18, an age at which her career begins and escapes her. She always asked those around her: “Can you let me be me?”, hence the name of the documentary Can I Be Me – more punctuation since there is no more answer to hope for. Whitney Houston was found dead at 48, after an overdose, in a hotel tub in Beverly Hills, the day before the Grammy Awards, in 2012. Three years later, her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died in the same circumstances, at 22 years old.

“Number 1”. The day after the disappearance of his “protégé”, producer Clive Davis, of the Arista label, had maintained his annual party, he who had nevertheless found in her his ideal pop star, capable of transfusing all the energy of African-American gospel. in a pop marketed for white America. “Anything that sounded too dark was sent back to the studio […], no question of having a feminine James Brown ”, testifies his team. Bet won since Nippy (nickname given by his family) obtained more successive “number 1” titles than the Beatles. “There wast not yet Beyoncé or any other African-American artist at the head of the charts, so she changed the course of history and paid a heavy price for it ”, sums up gospel singer Pattie Howard.

Born in 1963 in the Newark ghetto, New Jersey, cousin of Dionne Warwick and daughter of a gospel singer, Whitney Houston has been presented to the public as a princess. This is contradicted, including at the peak of the singer’s success, archival footage without bling or brilliance, filmed by Rudi Dolezal during the German and Austrian dates of his 1999 tour. However, she was considered a “sold” By the black audience, then traumatized to have been booed at the Soul Train Music Awards. In a heap of videos that are sometimes light, sometimes far too intimate, British director Nick Broomfield attempts to unravel the fuzzy love that surrounded the star, without ever shining the light, he who had previously been passionate about tragic tandems of the pop culture, in the movies Kurt and Courtney or Biggie and Tupac. Here, he keeps two duets in the viewfinder.

“Homosexuality”. On the one hand, Whitney’s codependent relationship with her husband, the bad boy soulful Bobby Brown. On the other, the sentimental one she would have had with her childhood friend and counselor Robyn Crawford. A story hushed up by her family, according to the archive of Cissy Houston, the mother, telling Oprah Winfrey that she would have bothered her if her daughter was lesbian, or that of Whitney’s writer friend, Allison Samuels, on the Houston family: “For them, homosexuality was a bigger problem than drugs. We never broach the issue of female homosexuality in the black community, even today. ” And so here is one of the main subjects of the film. The toxicity of those around her follows her through her veins, her brothers being the first to introduce young Whitney to dope. The many testimonies of musicians, friends, are veiled with sadness and unspoken. The director will not have put his finger on a revelation made in the official documentary, released a year later, when one of the Houston brothers confided that Whitney was the victim of child sexual touching by his cousin. The tragedy surrounding her would almost forget that she was loved by her fans, as much as by her own bodyguard, David Roberts, who had tried to alert a lawyer to Whitney’s drug abuse.

Charline lecarpentier

Whitney : Can I Be Me of Nick Broomfield and Rudi Dolezal (2017) broadcast on Arte on July 17 at 10:45 p.m. and available in replay until August 15 on


Dolly Parton left suicidal over failed ‘affair’ – before dog ‘sent by god’ saved her

Throughout her illustrious career, Dolly Parton has been accused of having affairs with everyone from Burt Reynolds through to Sylvester Stallone and even her best friend Judy Ogle.

But while she has always denied being physically unfaithful to her husband of 54 years, Carl Dean, the country star admitted she was left suicidal after an emotional affair ended in heartbreak in the early eighties.

Dolly, 74, was so tormented by anguish that she found herself reaching for a gun, revealing: “It was bad. It was devastating to be in that state of mind. For about six months there I woke up every morning feeling dead.

In the 2017 book Dolly on Dolly: Interviews and Encounters with Dolly Parton, the star said her grief came to a head when she was sitting upstairs in her bedroom one afternoon.

Dolly Parton pictured with husband Carl and their beloved pet dog
Dolly Parton pictured with husband Carl and their beloved pet dog

She continued: “I noticed in the nightstand drawer my gun that I keep for burglars. I looked at it a long time…”

Thankfully, she was interrupted by her pet dog – something she considers to have been divine intervention.

“Just as I picked it up, just to hold it and look at it for a moment, our little dog, Popeye, came running up the stairs,” she recalled.

“The tap-tap-tap of his paws jolted me back to reality I suddenly froze. I put the gun down. Then I prayed. I kinda believe Popeye was a spiritual messenger from God.

“I don’t think I’d have done it, killed myself, but I can’t say for sure. Now that I’ve gone through that terrible moment, I can certainly understand the possibilities even for someone solid like me if the pain gets bad enough.”

Dolly has denied being physically unfaithful to her husband
Dolly has denied ever being physically unfaithful to her husband

Dolly has always refused to reveal the identity of the man who broke her heart but confessed “it just about killed me.”

“I cried an ocean,” she continued, “But I ain’t gonna talk about it anymore. I’ve got to keep some mystery.”

Fans have long suspected the man in question was Dolly’s band leader, Gregg Perry, who quit the music industry after her 1982 movie The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – although there is no evidence to suggest the theory is true.

For Dolly’s part, around that time she was hit by a slew of heartaches, suffering from abdominal bleeding and undergoing surgery that ended her chances of becoming a mother.

She also turned to binge eating and gained 50lbs; cancelled concerts and eventually retreated from public life for two years.

Dolly's best friend Judy helped the star get back on her feet
Dolly’s best friend Judy helped the star get back on her feet

But lying low with Carl at their eighty-acre Nashville estate and taking laughter-filled road trips with Judy, she slowly began to recover.

“After that my life changed in a positive way,” she said.

“That frightening moment with the gun was very, very humbling. I kind of think it was God’s way to bring me to my knees long enough to pray.”

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Her marriage to Carl emerged unscathed with the couple renewing their vows in 2016 to celebrate five decades of marriage.

And while Dolly admits she’s been tempted by other men, joking, “I’m married, not dead,” for her, Carl is her one true love.

“There’s no way Carl and I are ever going to break up,” she insisted. “We have a happy marriage, a great marriage.”