Corona warning system: the Czech Republic relies on a dog scale – Panorama

While the Corona traffic lights are still constantly on red in many countries, the Czech Republic has got the hang of it. Yes, the new Czech pandemic scale also relies on colors, but not on three, but on five, because the red alert has long been exceeded anyway. A dog’s head also shows how great the risk of infection is. The abbreviated name of the new system is PES, Czech for dog. On the pages of the Ministry of Health, the whole country has been colored dark purple since Monday – and a guard dog bares its teeth threateningly. At first glance it is clear: the greatest danger.

Is the country going to the dogs? Oh no. The dog warning system is more of a pet therapy for a battered nation. Because the idea of ​​Health Minister Jan Blatný, who has only recently been in office, combines the worst, namely Corona, with the very best. No people in Europe are as dog-mad as the Czech. And the love of dogs, as current studies show, has increased even further since the pandemic. Whether it should help against loneliness or provide a valid reason for a walk: the dog is the Czech’s dearest friend. 40 percent keep one, and of the other 60 percent, 59 percent are thinking about a purchase.

Closed schools, curfew, mask requirement

So this 2020 is definitely a dog year. Pediatrician Blatný, who was just now the head of the faculty at the University Hospital in Brno, is suddenly sitting at the bedside of a whole nation. And the fever doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to go down. His two predecessors left him with hardly any measures: the schools have been closed for weeks, exit and contact restrictions apply. Face masks must also be worn outdoors if the distance of two meters cannot be maintained. And the number of cases is still at a high level compared to Germany, in spite of the relaxation, and hospitals are reporting overload. The city of Ostrava crematorium was forced to build a new morgue.

Danger lights with dog

This is what the Czech corona warning system looks like with all its levels. The country hopes to work its way step by step towards the floppy ear.

How can one inspire hope in times like this? Maybe by changing the narrative. By preparing people to take small steps. Not from red to yellow. But from purple to red to orange to yellow. A fangible can only be slowly tamed into a floppy-ear dog. The daily number mass also replaces the new scale. Instead of the many key figures with which people are permanently overwhelmed in this pandemic – numbers of infected people, deaths, incidence values ​​and R values ​​- there is now only one single value between zero and one hundred that summarizes the previous individual parameters. Only recently there was a debate in the Czech Republic about the fact that the mass of data, which a layperson can hardly classify, only depresses people even more.

If you look closely, the Czech Republic is already at the lower purple border. Then comes red. The corresponding dog shows fewer teeth than the Fletsch monster. And that means: instead of two, six people can meet again, and the curfew begins two hours later. Small steps. Some hope. The dog becomes tamer and tamer – and at some point, when everything is going to be okay, he’ll pant you in a friendly manner on the green meadow.


Viral video | Camera records the incredible action of a dog so that its owner puts down his cell phone and hugs him | VIRAL

A dog from Virginia, United States (USA), has become the new sensation viral in YouTube. The reason? He was caught doing an incredible action for his owner to put down his cell phone and hug him. Do not stay without seeing the unique video that stars.

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The dog in this story noticed that his master was sitting on the couch in the house, checking his phone. This, apparently, was not very pleasant for the animal, as he quickly crawled into his arms in order to get his attention.

But that was not all. The dog made himself comfortable for the young man to hug him. Due to the position that the dog adopted, the boy had to put his cell phone aside to please him, as we see in the video shared on YouTube by the canal ViralHog, exactly on June 24 of this year.

Thousands of users of the social network were delighted with the behavior of the dog. “He is the most adorable dog I have ever seen.”, “It’s too cute”, “I never thought that an animal was capable of doing that”, are some of the comments that we can find in the publication.


“Exchange of glances”: the strange friendship of two cats through the glassCat sees a baby for the first time and his unusual reaction causes a furor on the InternetCamera captures the unusual ‘conversation’ between a cat and a baby at nightAll that is known from the viral video of a moose running on water


Man’s Best Friend! Dog takes care of his owner’s cell phone and prevents his girlfriend from manipulating it

Man’s Best Friend! Dog takes care of his owner’s cell phone and prevents his girlfriend from manipulating it


Plague dogs

Drawing by Marina Núñez.

Sandro Botticelli painted a century later, in 1483, a set of four panels, of which three are preserved in the Prado Museum, which represents one of the hundred stories of the Decamerón, told in the Eighth Novel of the Fifth Day. It tells the story of Nastagio degli Onesti, a gentle and rich young man from Ravenna, in love with a noble lady, who does not correspond to him because of the haughtiness of her beauty and her blood. While strolling melancholy through the forest, he attends the horrifying appearance of a beautiful naked maiden chased by two dogs and a knight, as seen in the first table. Nastagio watches the knight rip out the woman’s heart and throw it to the mastiff dogs, as shown in the second. Willing to help her, the explanation he receives from the tormented knight is that, while they were still alive, the woman had scorned their love and this had led him to commit suicide with his own rapier. She died shortly after and was condemned for her indifference to the pains of hell, in which both suffered eternal punishment: periodically reliving the scene that Nastagio had witnessed. Plunged between pity and fear, he begins to think that vision can be very helpful.

Artists such as Marina Núñez from Palencia have focused on the woman victim of history, who does not even have a name, making a feminist counter-reading embodied in a series of splendid drawings from 1992 and in a later video, with a sinister dreamlike nature, but despite From his efforts we must recognize that the protagonist of the novel and of the paintings is still Nastagio degli Onesti, who in the third panel shows that he has invited his beloved and her family to a banquet to coincide with a new appearance, which , just as the young man had foreseen, causes horror among the diners. When the knight repeats the story, the women shudder and Nastagio’s lover decides to marry him to avoid a similar fate. The fourth and last painting, which belongs to a private collection, shows the wedding banquet, in a supposed happy ending in which it is said that, out of fear, all the girls in Ravenna, since then, “have been more docile in pleasing to men than before ”.

Fear is mainly used by the clever and the strong, and the greedy, and even some poor men who, for money, were able to accompany the sick, so that they would not die alone, or carry the corpses to church, as made the “faquines” of Florence. They also take advantage of those who fear God, such as poor Botticelli, who in 1497 fell under the influence of the enlightened Girolamo Savonarola and on Shrove Tuesday burned several of his paintings at the Bonfire of the Vanities. Fear always feeds the plague dogs, which eat our hearts, even in a pandemic like the current one, more deadly than deadly, but which still changes our perception of reality, in which nothing seems to be where it should be, and it makes us see everything with alarmed eyes, as happened to the Asturian artist and illustrator Pedro Fano, in whose last paintings, recently exhibited at the Aracha Osoro Gallery in Oviedo, many people saw the threatening presence of the coronavirus, even though they had been previously painted, some even years ago.


with Champ and Major, the dogs are back at the White House

Donald Trump had created the break, having never had a dog in the White House, unlike all of his predecessors for decades. Elected as President of the United States this Saturday, his Democratic successor Joe Biden will settle down with two German Shepherds: Champ, in the Biden family since 2008 and Major, adopted in 2018 from a shelter. The latter will be the first rescue dog at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Americans being very attached to “man’s best friends”, it is not excluded that this canine duo brought some voices to the former vice president of Barack Obama. During the campaign, Joe Biden, known to be a warm and empathetic man, did not hesitate to play on this sensitive chord. He had notably published on Instagram photos of dogs wearing his colors and added in the caption: “I am perhaps a little biased but I think that Champ and Major would make great First Dogs!”.

Conversely, Donald Trump’s lack of interest in dogs has regularly been singled out by his detractors, who had created T-shirts crossed out with the words “he doesn’t even have a dog“, absolute proof according to them of his lack of heart.

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Viral TikTok: Dog prevents his owner from making him take medicine unexpectedly video

A video shared recently on TikTok has generated laughter in thousands of users, since these images showed the peculiar ‘discussion’ between a dog and its owner, who wanted him to take the medicine that the vet had prescribed to improve his health soon.

The owner of the puppy that stars in this viral had noticed that the dog detested the taste of the medicine and every time he had to ingest it, he did everything he could to not take it. The images of this unique moment were shared on TikTok and became a success in countries such as Mexico, Spain and the United States.

As can be seen in the video, which managed to exceed 800,000 views on TikTok, the animal noticed that its owner handed it a spoon with this sour liquid and did not hesitate to bark at it so that it would not ‘force’ it to ingest it.

In another part of the TikTok video, it can be seen that this ‘conceited’ pet moved its paws to try to move the spoon away from its snout and flatly refused to take it, despite the fact that its mistress had ordered it repeatedly.

The curious scene did not go unnoticed and has generated all kinds of comments on TikTok, a social network in which thousands celebrated the unusual behavior of this ‘spoiled’ dog. If you want to see the video with this scene, feel free to check the clip left in the middle of this note.


More than 160 starving dogs found in tiny house in Japan

Japanese public health officials found 164 hungry dogs in a tiny house in the city of Izumo. It was the complaints from neighbors that made it possible to find the animals, which were almost skeletal and lived in a space of just 30 square meters.

“The floor was covered with dogs and any space on the floor that you could see had feces,” said Kunihisa Sagami, leader of the animal rights group Dobutsukikin, speaking to Reuters news agency.


A group of hackers leaks the source code of Watch Dogs Legion

Egregor, the cyber-kidnapping group that stole confidential information from Crytek and Ubisoft in mid-October, the source code for Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft Toronto’s open world adventure that tells the story of a hacking organization that recruits the citizens of London to rid the city of military, government and corporate oppression.

The middle DSOGaming reports that the source code size is 560 GB and that has been leaked in several pirate portals. The aforementioned header points out that the dissemination of this stolen data may lead the community to find out a way to do mods for the game, study ways to optimize it or detect if you use any type of antipyratera system.

The modus operandi of these organizations is based on steal confidential data from private companies, encrypt them, and later request a monetary ransom to decrypt the data and prevent its spread over the network, they point from ZDNet. From Egregor they informed mid october that they had gotten data from Ubisoft and Cryek, not to mention how. They ensured that they published more confidential information gradually.

The German study leak Crytek allowed to know that at some point they worked in a battle royale for 100 players called Crysis Next, at shooter multiplayer for virtual reality Crysis VR, in a sequel to Rice: Son of Rome, in remasters of Crysis 2 Y Crysis 3, in a mobile version of Hunt: Showdown and in a successor to Robinson: The Journey.

Ubisoft has been aware of the security breach since 2019

Twitter account @MalwareHunterTeamSpecialized in detecting security flaws, they alerted Ubisoft since the end of last year that they had a security breach. The ruling affected employees of different rankFrom marketers to directors and producers.

Watch Dogs Legion the past is released October 29 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Coming to Xbox Series X / S on November 10 with a version optimized for next-gen machines. On November 12 it will do the same on PS5. The version of the current consoles can be updated free of charge to the edition next-gen of the same brand of consoles.


Watch Dogs Legion: the covers of the big Ubisoft games “hacked” on the Microsoft Store to promote the new episode

We are only a few days away from the release of Watch Dogs Legion, the game that will take pirates to London for new adventures where almost all characters can be controlled. Ubisoft decided to have a little fun promoting his title in the home stretch, going so far as to squat the product sheets of his other productions on the Microsoft Store.

Watch Dogs Legion jaquette piratée hacked cover art Rainbow Six Siege

The covers of titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Steep or Rainbow Six Siege have been “Hacked” to make men in pig-headed costumes appear instead of characters. The pig figure will indeed be widely used by pirates in Watch Dogs Legion, a reminder of the name “pigs” often used to criticize the established order. The result is rather amusing, especially since it is rare that such things go so far as to land on download platforms. You can find an anthology of diverted illustrations on the next page.

Note that the initiative has not yet invaded Steam where the PlayStation Store, the latter may be a little too busy managing his web transformation to deal with the fantasies ofUbisoft. The release date of Watch Dogs Legion, it’s for October 29, 2020, and you can pre-order it for € 69.99 on

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Dog sitter on vacation: how do you tend a werewolf?

opinion dog sitter

How do you look after a werewolf on vacation?

Living for free in an opulent villa seemed so lucrative to our author that he signed up as a dog sitter while on vacation. At this point he wasn’t sure what he was getting into.

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Which is why we melt away at this glance

Who can resist a loyal dog gaze? With their facial expressions, the four-legged friends imitate sad people. Through domestication, they learned that they benefit from it.

Dhe car rolls down the street, the dog barks after it, then the family is gone. We are alone, him and me. “This is my vacation,” I tell him. “So you behave, okay?”

I only promised to check in to live in this opulent villa for free. I accept the dog. I have to feed him, sure. Otherwise he has his place to sleep, his rubber bones, a lawn to scratch and beds to dig.

First explore the rooms. He is leading the way. Manically he slips around on the sisal carpet in the study. Rituals from his time as a wolf. In the living room he jumps on the sofa. “Can you do that?” He tosses the silk pillows. That’s probably the deal: if I drink the house wines, he can celebrate.

Should the family put the dog on a diet after the vacation?

He runs into the kitchen and yaps at the shelf. Ah, the cans. He hardly likes to wait for me to fill his bowl. Hechel, drool, slouch. He devoured the dubious content in seconds. He looks up. Even more? Okay, but only because it’s the first day! Should the family put him on a diet after their vacation.

He rushes to the door and howls. Sigh. Then let’s get the leash. He starts dancing. How do you put a collar on a madman? He howls, he howls, he throws himself against the door. Were the scratches there before? Stay calm, I’m on vacation.

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As soon as the door is open, he shoots away. Tucked around the line, I fly horizontally through the garden onto the street. He changes sides in front of a lamp post. Now the line is stretched around the post. He tugs on one side and I on the other. Strollers pull out their smartphones. Yeah, yeah, I’m the fool

Past manicured gardens. What does he want in the flower borders? Is he looking for bones? And what is he suddenly chewing on? “What did you eat there?” He gallops on. And finally stops. Thank you. And squats down. I see. Do I need to have one of these black plastic bags ready now? Are there any hanging here? Not directly…

“Oh, then the worms are not gone!”

Rain. That couldn’t be ruled out with the dark clouds. I have an outdoor jacket, he just has his fur. Is it my duty to rub it dry around the house? Or is it enough if he shakes himself?

In the entrance, I barely get to wipe a paw. He has already sprung. He wipes the other three clean on the sofa. In the evening he hops on the bed. Can I tear it down together with the blanket in one go? Or does he bite then?

Is he even allowed on the sofa?  Anyone who looks after strangers' dogs on vacation is faced with many puzzles

Is he even allowed on the sofa? Those who take care of strange dogs on vacation are faced with many puzzles

Quelle: Getty Images

The phone rings. He chases into the study, yapping, and wallows on the sisal carpet, gasping. There are masters and mistresses on the way. They want to know how the dog is doing.

“Oh, we both enjoy it! We went for a lot of walks, and at the moment he is sliding around on the sisal carpet! With the butt? “Oh, then the worms are not gone!” Worms? “You have to rub carrots into his feed!” Aha. “But everything else is okay?” Yes, yes, it’s a great vacation.

For him. He enjoys it when I give him a scrub with a wiry brush. He tears my scripts to pieces and barks at the computer’s mouse, only to bite it into pieces.

Its barking wakes me up at night. A break-in attempt? At dawn he stands as a trembling shadow in front of my bed. Does he turn into a werewolf at this hour?

One of us, I’m sure, will survive this vacation. I wish it for him with all my heart.

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Cats are idiosyncratic animals - some just come by to eat

Is this a dog or a wolf?

Researchers have succeeded in isolating an almost complete sequence of the genome from the mummy of a puppy from the eternal ice of Siberia. However, you cannot say for sure whether this is a wolf or a dog.

Source: WORLD / Laura Fritsch

This text is from WELT AM SONNTAG. We will be happy to deliver them to your home on a regular basis.

Welt am Sonntag from September 27, 2020

Source: Welt am Sonntag


With Covid-19 sniffer dogs, trained to spot positive people

REPORTAGE – Professor Dominique Grandjean’s team trains dogs to detect the smell of Covid-19. A project which, according to the veterinarian, could participate in the strategy of mass screening.

At Alfort veterinary school, dogs are trained to detect Covid-19.
At Alfort veterinary school, dogs are trained to detect Covid-19. Le Figaro / Laura Andrieu

A tenth of a second. This is about the time it takes a dog to detect a smell. Except that, this time, it is neither explosives, nor drugs, but rather Covid-19. At the National Veterinary School of Alfort, in Val-de-Marne, five sniffer dogs from the Yvelines firefighters are in training. A bit of a special training, since they learn to detect positive cases of Covid-19.

One after the other, the canines follow one another, accompanied by a member of the cynotechnical unit of the Yvelines firefighters, in a room equipped with five metal cones. Inside, sweat samples from patients infected with Covid-19 or from negative people have been deposited while others remain empty. Quickly, the dog thrusts its muzzle into the cones and continues on its way until it detects a positive case. In this case, the animal reacts either by sitting up, or by barking or by lying down.

The dogs are accompanied by a member of the cynotechnical unit of the Yvelines firefighters. Le Figaro / Laura Andrieu
The dogs make 15 to 20 passages per day. Le Figaro / Laura Andrieu

Dogs in addition to PCR tests?

So, could canines

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