This dog called me untalented in 10,000 different languages(Credit: …

This dog called me untalented in 10,000 different languages(Credit: @kelly_bove) #memezar #foryou #fyp #doggo #dog #cute #dance


This dog just called me untalented in 10,000 different languages 🐶😂 (credit: @kelly_bove) #memezar #foryou #fyp #doggo #dog #cute #dance


The video of the stray dog ​​who meets a house for the first time

The dog, used to living on a bank, did not want to enter his new home. Of course, I had never lived in a place with a roof, closed, without suffering.

Through a video posted on TikTok, Samantha room, a young woman from Houston, United States, recounted in what conditions she found Boomer and his street ‘brothers’. She learned of the existence of four dogs thanks to someone filming them. The woman went out determined to look for them, but only managed to find two.

The next day he returned and was able to rescue the rest, one of them was ‘Boomer’, who for obvious reasons was not very easy to get caught. The dog, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, It was fed by residents of the area. Yet others, very cruel, they beat him and shot him with compressed air guns.

Video is all the rage on TikTok.

Samantha Zimmer decided to shelter them in her garage and backyard for the first few weeks so Boomer can adjust to the new life under one roof. She found the puppy in deplorable conditions: he had a fracture in his femur and he also had a pellet lodged in his ribs.

After two weeks, The moment came for the little dog to take its first steps into its new home. That is why the rescuer prepared everything and recorded the moment in an unmissable viral video. “Friend, come. You are already a house dog, ”Samantha is heard saying while Boomer stood at the door, very fearful and without wanting to enter.

Shortly after, in another recording, it was learned that the pet managed to enter the house and enjoy his new home.

“I only knew the street. Dogs are family. They should be able to be in a house ”, is the description that Zimmer left in the viral video posted on his TikTok account @streetlifetothesweetlife.

“He was too scared to come to us, but with love and patience he won the hearts of millions of people,” the woman told the Daily Mail.

Regarding the number of dogs that live on the street, the statistics are not conclusive and differ from each other, since the calculation method varies according to the population density. There are up to 300 million stray dogs in the world. On the other hand, it is estimated that of 10 animals that are born, 9 will not find a home.

Sources: Daily Mail / El Comercio newspaper


Owner takes dog in emotional farewell before partner dies of cancer

Ten-year-old Monty and his owner, Carlos Fresco, have always loved hiking in hills and mountains. When the animal was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Carlos knew he would have to say goodbye to his companion.

I knew Monty was dying because the cancer had come back, expressed Carlos, quoted by the Metro newspaper.

The dog had been diagnosed 18 months ago and responded well to chemotherapy. However, the leukemia returned and weakened him very quickly. At that time, the owner knew he needed to give Monty one last hike to his favorite mountain in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

To climb to the peak of Pen y Fano Mountain, Carlos had to push the dog with a wheelbarrow. During the tour, many visitors were moved and wanted to help the dog climb the mountain.

The people, who were strangers, were very kind and asked if they could help push Monty on his last trip. Many even shed a tear for our four-legged friend’, confessed the owner.

Monty ended up dying on June 21st, but the owner was left with a sense of accomplishment.

Monty died, at the age of ten, at the foot of my bed. The little one endured Father’s Day and is now at peace. I would like to thank all the wonderful people we met in Brecon for their kindness and friendliness. He was truly a special guy. good night little friend”, thanked Carlos Fresco.


Ticks on dogs: how to protect your four-legged friend – guide

Did the dog catch a tick while walking through the woods and fields? Then you should act quickly, because ticks are dangerous vectors of disease.

Of course, this also applies if you discover a tick.

  • During the tick-borne meningitis FSME especially affecting humans, many animal species also develop the infectious disease Lyme disease. Today every third tick in Germany is the carrier of the Borreliosis bacterium.
  • Infected ticks can affect the dog too Babesiose (Dog malaria).

What to do: If ticks are discovered in the fur, they must be removed as soon as possible. Because the longer a tick sucks blood, the greater the likelihood that pathogens will be transmitted.

Anyone who has dogs or cats should therefore look for the Go for a walk or stray, thoroughly examine the fur of the pets.

In addition, treatment with tick protection spray or spot-on preparations from the pharmacy can also prevent. The bloodsuckers use the natural smell of humans and animals for orientation. Such sprays give off a subtle smell that is supposed to keep ticks away from the animal.

It is best to apply extensively to the head, legs and stomach. Duration of action: about six hours. Spot-on agents work against ticks for four weeks.

If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian about the best anti-tick method in your area.

How do I remove a tick?

  1. Grasp the tick close to the skin with tweezers or tick pliers
  2. Then carefully pull away from the puncture site. Do not unscrew it because the head may then tear off.
  3. Then disinfect with iodine or alcohol. If you are not sure whether the tick has been completely removed, it is better to see a doctor.

Important: Under no circumstances rub the ticks with glue or oil, because the dying tick increases the risk of infection.

How can I protect my pet from ticks?

  • Put tick collars on your dog on long walks.
  • In dense forests, the animals should not run too far into the thicket. Distance no more than 20 meters from the normal path!
  • Dog shampoos with special active ingredients keep ticks away.
  • Always remove ticks mechanically (with special pliers)! In the event of a sudden fever, contact the vet immediately.

By the way: Ticks don’t mind falling temperatures: the bloodsuckers are also active in the garden or forest in autumn. Dog owners should therefore continue to search their animals particularly carefully after walks, advises the Federal Association for Animal Health.

That is why owners should ensure good tick protection even in autumn.


Eight thousand dogs and more than 200 cats now have a new home thanks to a Buddhist monk | China

Zhi Xiang is 51 years old and has rescued animals since 1994. There are thousands of dogs, cats and other animals that live on the streets of China, after being abandoned and left to chance by their owners. The Buddhist monk tries to counter this fate, rescuing them and giving them food, pampering and a new home.


Dog actress from Fallout 4 “Dogmeat” has died

As Burgess describes, working with River was not always easy, but it was worth it. The aim of the developers was to create an animal companion to which fans can also build an emotional bond. According to the stories, this succeeded, among other things, thanks to the performance of the four-legged woman. Virtually all of the look, feel and looks of “Dogmeat” were taken directly from River.


20-year-old attacked by his own dog in Nassereith and seriously injured

(Symbol photo)


Nassereith – A 20-year-old local in Nassereith was attacked by his own dog in his garden on Saturday afternoon: The three-year-old pit bull mixed breed suddenly attacked the young Tyrolean when he wanted to enter the fenced-in garden. The dog owner suffered several severe bite wounds on his arms and legs, the police say.

With the help of other people, the dog was finally pulled back and secured with a muzzle and a leash. The 20-year-old had to be treated at the Zams hospital after initial treatment.

The dog has been in the Austrian’s possession for around a month, was placed by an animal welfare organization and probably comes from Romania. Once the surveys have been completed, the reports are submitted to the competent authorities. (


In the video .. “The Singing Dog” dazzles the American talent jury

Viewers were surprised by the dog, a Chihuahua, whose owner “Pam” is participating in a duet performance of a famous song by American artist Eric Carmen, which was later sung by Celine Dion “All by myself”.

Before performing the song, Simon Cowell, a jury member for the NBC program, said: “I’ve always said if you can find a dog that can sing, you’ll get a fortune.”

After a few more questions from the judges, Pam told her dog Casper that she would sing the first stanza, and he would sing the chorus with her.

And when “Pam” reached the chorus clip, “Casper” started singing, which made the four judges go into a hysterical state of laughter and fascination, which ended at the end of the song with the judges standing up to greet the new star.

Actress and jury member Sofia Vergara told the dog’s owner that the performance was “one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a long time”.

The duo received 4 “yes” votes, so viewers will be seeing more from Pam and Casper in the coming weeks.


Socavón in Puebla: They find another dog in the area and “disappears”

The dog that was found yesterday at the bottom of the sinkhole from the Puebla municipality of Juan C. Bonilla has not been able to be located by rescuers.

After a drone flight and a visual inspection by police and firefighters, The dog located by environmental groups in the Santa María Zacatepec sinkhole no longer appears, and those who had requested his rescue from the authorities.

The authorities consider that there is a possibility that the dog has left unassisted down a slope that is in the area; however they keep searching for the animal.

“After carrying out a flight with a drone and a visual inspection by our staff, the puppy that was reported in networks that had been inside the sinkhole in Juan C. Bonilla was not located,” they declared.


“There is the possibility that he went out without help down a slope that is in the area,” reported the state agency.

The URSVA Animal Rescue and Life Support Unit shared the video yesterday and alerted to the presence of a third dog. Two dogs had previously been rescued from the area

The Secretary of State Interior, Ana Lucía Hill reported that Everything seems to indicate that the animal did not fall accidentally, but went down some steps that are formed in a natural way.

“It did not fall, a kind of step was formed that seems that the dog entered alone,” said the state official.

Meanwhile, Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta indicated that Everything seems to indicate that he only went in to drink water and came out again, but he stated that they will keep watch to see if he appears.

“Today that we gave instructions to start removing it, it was found that the puppy was no longer hidden in one of the caverns of the sinkhole and we will be waiting to be able to extract it, but most likely, as it entered of its own accord, it will leave tomorrow” assured.



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