25 years after the TWA Flight 800 tragedy

On July 17, 1996, one of the worst tragedies in recent history occurred: Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight 800.

This plane, a Boeing 747, left New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport for the Italian capital Rome, with a stopover in Paris, France, but a few minutes after taking off it exploded.

There were 230 people on board. They all died.

The incident entailed an exhaustive investigation to determine the reason for the accident, which lasted for four years, and revealed that the probable cause of the explosion was an electrical short circuit that detonated vapors in the fuel tank of the central wing, although they never definitively determined where the initial spark came from.

This was reported to CNN by Frank Hilldrup, a member of the US National Transportation Safety Council (NTSB) team that carried out the accident investigation.

It also indicated that the wreckage of the aircraft fell into the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Long Island, New York.

Likewise, in an interview with CNN, the managing director of NTSB, Sharon Bryson, assured that the impact of Flight 800 will continue even if the remains are destroyed.

“This may not be an investigation that you never close the book on. He taught us too much and changed too many things for the book to close, at least in the short term, “Bryson said.


During the process, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interviewed at least 755 witnesses.

According to CNN, of the eyewitness reports that were made public, the accounts varied, but many agree in describing the tragedy as “fireworks” heading toward the plane before it exploded.

However, prior to the conclusion of the investigation, the US authorities considered various theories, including terrorism, even considering Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi as suspects.


Bulin 47 responds to a demand of RD $ 50 million from the “Underworld”

Bulin 47 walks this Saturday in “a juidero” after a colleague sued him for 50 million pesos, accusing him of plagiarizing the song “Bajo mundo”, which has been playing for two months and that he defends its originality.

“I want to ask the public, lawyers, prosecutors, magistrates, where is the plagiarism of the song for which they are suing me? If #bajomundo is a word in the public domain and who popularized it was my little brother #Capricorn with his program #Capricorniotv “, published Bulin on his social networks.

The lawsuit filed by Lio “El más Duro” was filed with the National District Prosecutor’s Office, arguing that it violated Law 65-00 on copyright.

According to the document of the lawsuit that the urban presented this Friday through his lawyer Quilvio Pimentel, in addition to the financial compensation, he asks the court for an arrest warrant against Bulin 47.

+ Your questions

When defending himself this Saturday, the interpreter of “El juidero” was emphatic: “I need you to tell me where the similarity is, where on YouTube there are thousands of songs with the same title and the same conjugated word, why #Bulin?

Hancel Teodoro Vargas Reynoso, Bulín’s real name, warned that “With this guys I will have to set a legal example” and reiterated that “I cannot accept that they stain my career with things like this, which make no sense and most of all they echo without scrutinizing the information, I can only do good without looking at who, but you wanted this, let’s play”.

Lio “El más Duro”, who said he has been in music for more than 12 years, also announced that he will bring urban exponents Haraca Kiko, Mozart La Para and Ceky Vicini to justice.

The song “Bajo Mundo”, published two months ago on the Bulin47 YouTube account, has more than 23 million views on that digital platform.


Alexandra MVP’s sister enters the stage and “mops the kitchen” with Mozart

Alexandra Hatcu’s sister couldn’t bear her silence. Romina Hatcu came out in defense of the ex-wife of Mozart la Para, reproaches the behavior of the urban exponent and warns him that he has a way to destroy him.

“All the damage you did to her and she still covered you and you have the courage after so much damage you did to her and so many humiliations of going to give interviews about her when she even you did not get home or sleep,” he wrote in Spanish the Romanian girl.

The young woman said that she was tired of seeing Mozart the To play the victim in the story of Alexandra’s separation and that she had remained silent “because my sister would not let me speak, but I no longer care.”

Then he added: “My sister is not alone and I must defend her because I am already tired of seeing how she is quiet and does not say exactly how things are.”

Among the things that Romina published, she denies the urban one, who assured that Alexandra knew about her relationship with Dalisa Alegría.

The Romanian warned that she has enough “stuff” from Mozart that can destroy it.

“Do not threaten shamelessly because I have enough of yours to destroy you and to teach the whole town the kind of little man that you are and the kind of father that you are.”

In his angry publication, he talks about the fact that in the last year and seven months the artist has not sent the full pension for his daughter with Alexandra and that not even the age of the girl is known because when he turned eight he congratulated her on the nine.

His barrage continued: “All the betrayals you did to my sister and I don’t know how you are not afraid to keep talking and sink. Of all the things you did, there is evidence ”.

He also maintained that his sister “did not touch any of the issues that he should have touched, I decided to publish all those things and I do not regret it.”

Mozart la Para and Alexandra MVP maintain a “media match” after three years of separation.

Both have used radio programs and their social networks to expose the reasons for the breakup and publicly reproach each other for intimate behavior.


Focus – Haiti: Balaguer, Abinader and the essential fence

All the remedies have been tried to apply in Haiti, none have worked and the moment of exhaustion seems to have arrived -with the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse- in which this failed state is declared in terminal condition which, being the purest nation in America and having certainly built a country, it has failed to be a viable republic.

The slave revolt -successful- that from one day to the next, on the “night of knives”, by murdering 25 thousand whites and half of the mulattoes, made the richest colony in France very poor, gradually destroyed the rest of the wealth, the agrarian reform that minifunding the territory, the indiscriminate logging that – over 200 years – turned it into a desert, the construction through the law of an exclusively black town closing itself to foreign investment and the impossibility of building a political class, minimal, to date, prevented the construction of a viable state.

As of 1978, America left behind dictatorships and authoritarian democracies and, except in Cuba, democracy prevailed, even from Haiti Jean Claude Duvalier left in 1986, 35 years ago. Toussaint’s homeland, however, worsened.

It has been comfortable to blame France and the economic conditions imposed by Napoleon to accept its independence, but it is not the reason for this historical situation. More recently, in the last three decades, neither is the lack of international aid, because Haiti It is the destination for the largest amount of international cooperation in the last seven decades on the continent.

Manuel Marín, Commissioner of the European Union told me, enthusiastically, in December 1994, that the United States had 500 million dollars and the EU had a similar amount in euros to rebuild Haiti when the deposed President Jean Bertrain Aristide returned to power, a fact that the world achieved in October 1994. Everything continued to get worse.

On that occasion – particularly pleasant because on that trip I obtained the first banana quota for the country and 17 million ECU for programs with Haiti – the senior European official did not observe in me the sparkle he saw in Carlos Morales’s eyes, and he asked why he didn’t believe in that plan.

• Because in his interesting exhibition he has not said how many helicopters they are going to rent.

• For what, minister? He responded surprised.

• Well, because the only way to distribute US $ 1,000 million in a country without institutions – religious, without business associations, professionals, workers, universities, banks – is by throwing it from the air.

I visited Haiti – beset by misery since 1804 and at that time by the OAS and the UN – many times after the removal of the President in 1991; I spoke with Raoul Cedras, head of the Army, and with all the politicians who were involved in that crisis: There was only one political problem, Aristide.

The few jobs in the free zones were lost, basic food and medicine were out of stock and, when they were turned off, they did not have medicine for the hospitals: People died in the streets, where they slept in Port-au-Prince, the result of an inhumane action by the international community -That judged without knowledge-. But there was no chaos.

At that moment of despair, for humanitarian reasons and for the political survival of our country, Dr. Joaquín Balaguer authorized the transport of fuel for hospitals, but never allowed the camps that were “suggested” by various nations and organizations.

The United States and Europe, through the United Nations – ignoring the historical reality – dissolved the Army, the only institution existing in that country – reestablished Aristide in power and, later, when he won a second term, due to his turn to the left. , The United States deposed him and sent him into exile in Africa: The rest is history, the UN maintained the Minusth -in Port-au-Prince- for years spending billions of dollars in its failure and, of course, it does not want to return. During this period, the gangs that today control Haiti emerged or were strengthened, which essentially lives off catastrophe tourism, NGOs and their work with misery, tax crime, kidnapping and disorder.

Once Aristide’s term ended, Rene Preval, whom I met in December 1995, wins the election and invited the country shortly before taking office. It was the only acceptably normal period since then. Aristide did not finish his next term (2001-2004) and those who succeeded him, including Preval’s second term – affected by the 2010 earthquake – ruled on the basis of acute political instability, without stable heads of government or with an outdated parliament. Until the date in which a gang, apparently without political ties, but for a political purpose, commits the assassination – condemned by the whole world – assassinating a president whom few have mourned in his country and who, during his entire term, they were asking for resignation.

Upon his death, his adversaries entrusted him that his mandate had ended; the Prime Minister who survives him had been dismissed and the one appointed by the assassinated President was not ratified by Parliament, a body affected by expiration that had already been dissolved. In the order of succession, as there is no vice president, he is replaced by the President of the Court of Cassation, who recently passed away: Only in Haiti you see that.

If it is already serious that Haiti does not have a political class, but rather people who act temporarily, it is the excessive fragmentation of the political system than to designate the Government body, the Cabinet chaired by a Prime Minister – which on average lasts less than a year – It requires twelve and sometimes more parties, giving rise to weak and short-term actions without the possibility of continuity: History has shown that the French semi-presidential regime has no opportunity to function in Haiti and, for that, the assassinated president called a referendum for the September 26 this year.

The presidential system used throughout America has more possibilities, although the case is so serious that it would not work either, except that a United Nations decision agrees on a protectorate of at least 20 years to prepare two generations of citizens in Haiti to serve as a base. initial to democracy with a more practical Constitution. Meanwhile, President Abinader’s disposition to close the border to avoid a wave of migration is correct and, for practical reasons, authorize the passage of fuel and food… however, a fence that allows us to mark and protect our territory remains essential.



The American newspaper The Washington Post published in an investigative report that the meeting in which it was sought to show the plan that Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who aspired to the presidency of Haiti, had for that Caribbean nation did not take place in a hotel in the Dominican Republic , as the Haitian Police pointed out on Wednesday.

According to documents obtained by the American newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ (TWP) and whose data were reproduced by the Colombian media El Tiempo in an article, the meeting was held in a conference room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In a photo that has gone viral on social media, you can see two of the suspects arrested and former Senator Joel John Joseph, the subject of an arrest warrant, participating side by side in a meeting.

According to the director of the Haitian National Police, Léon Charles, the people in the image were gathered in a hotel in Santo Domingo. “Around the table are the masterminds, a technical recruitment group and a fundraising group,” he told reporters.

Also in the photograph were the head of the Venezuelan security firm CTU (based in Miami), Antonio Emmanuel Intriago Valera, and the head of the Worldwide Capital Lending Group company, Walter Veintemilla.

Charles told the press that they were in the process of investigating both companies that would have raised funds to finance the execution of the criminal act.

Colombian ex-military
The documents that TWP had access to would also show, according to El Tiempo, that the former Colombian military personnel involved in the assassination of Jovenel Moïse were hired for Sanon’s personal security.

His idea of ​​government to “save Haiti” was shared at a meeting in the United States on May 12. At this meeting were, according to the international newspapers mentioned, the owner of the security firm CTU and the head of the consultancy Worldwide Capital Lending Group, designated as the company that financed the operation.

They are Antonio Intriago and Walter Veintemilla, respectively, who had agreed to recruit and assemble a security force for Sanon, whom they had to protect with the aim of taking him to the presidency of Haiti, according to El Tiempo.

TWP further indicates that Veintemilla would financially support Sanon’s wish, according to his attorney Robert N. Nicholson. Likewise, the legal representative pointed out that at no time was the use of force agreed to come to power, nor was the plot to assassinate Moise mentioned.

After the meeting in Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Sanon, Intriago and Veintemilla would have formalized, on May 17, a document for the “personal security” of Sanon, which included a team to “plan operations.”

The Colombian media continues to say that the search for that group included personnel with experience in special operations, the military in countries such as Iraq, Bolivia and Colombia.

TWP reiterates that the Veintemilla and Intriago companies would be in charge of recruiting a “private security force to protect Sanon until he became president of Haiti,” according to details in an unsigned draft consulting agreement obtained by the US newspaper. .


Miguel José narrates his captivity in the Palace of Justice

Locked up in a cell 27 feet long and 7 feet wide, without ventilation or windows, with temperatures that rose to 40 degrees, where they took turns sleeping and thus received “a slight draft of air” that filtered through the bars of the door, that’s how Miguel José Moya described his nights in jail, along with seven people involved in the alleged corruption case revealed after the so-called “Operation Medusa.”

“It is a very dramatic confinement experience,” Moya said. “You are there with 7 people with different personalities, different character and ways of reacting to that environment differently,” he added, in an interview for the morning radio program El Sol de la Mañana, broadcast by Zol 106.5.

Showing optimism, José Moya thanked the experience and recounted having achieved that, one by one, those who accompanied him in the cell accepted the reality they were living, including the former attorney Rodríguez, the only one with whom he had had contact before.

“Understanding that you are a prisoner, and being a prisoner means that we must submit to the limitations of this situation with dignity, acceptance and take what this experience offers,” he declared.

For just over two weeks, former attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez, along with Rafael Antonio Mercedes Marte, a former accounting officer, and Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, who served as financial director, were detained in the Ciudad Nueva pretrial jail.

Also there were Javier Alejandro Forteza Ibarra, Director of Technology; Jonnathan Josel Rodríguez Imbert, Administrative Director; Jenny Marte Peña, project manager, and Altagracia Guillén Calzado, administrative and financial deputy director.


Missing plane passengers found alive in Siberia

All the passengers of the plane declared missing today in the Russian region of Tomsk (Siberia) were found alive next to the aircraft, which had to make an emergency landing.

“All crew members and passengers are alive”a representative of the Siberian Light Aviation (SILA) airline, to which the damaged aircraft belongs, told Interfax.

Earlier, Russian media reported the disappearance of an Antonov An-28 plane with 17 people on board. Later, the Russian Emergency Ministry pointed out that there were 19 people on the aircraft.

The light twin-engine turboprop had left the city of Kedrovi for Tomsk, the administrative center of the homonymous region, and the crew did not report any problems on board.

The press service of the Russian Emergency Ministry reported that the site of the emergency landing had been found and that there were people alive next to the aircraft.

A source told Interfax that “According to preliminary data, one of the engines failed within half an hour of flight. The pilots warned the passengers that they would make a forced landing and managed to put the plane on its belly.”

The emergency exits were not damaged during landing and the passengers managed to leave the aircraft without problems.

The rescue operation, involving two Mi-8 helicopters and one from the Russian Emergency Ministry, is led by the Governor of the Tomsk region, Sergei Zhvachkin.

According to the same agency, the plane, from 1989, was first operated by Aeroflot and later, before being in a hangar between 2003 and 2007, by Kyrgyz airlines, to be incorporated in 2014 to the SILA fleet. EFE


PLD will not appeal to the judgment of the Superior Administrative Court

The Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) made the decision this Thursday not to appeal to the ruling of the Superior Administrative Court (TSA), which annuls the resolution of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), on the majority parties and the distribution of public funds.

Resolution number 01-2021 of the JCE determined that only the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the PLD had acquired enough votes for the distribution of 80% of public funds.

However, the TSA ruling recognized the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) and the Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD) parties as the majority forces. Following this decision, last week the Political Committee announced that it would file an appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice.

In the morning hours of this Thursday the meeting was held where the media did not have access and after the departure of the party members, the secretary general of the Dominican Liberation Party, Charlie Mariotti, only limited himself to saying that “the Secretariat for Legal Affairs will issue a statement.”

“In this sense, the PLD, after a process of reflection on the importance of contributing to the strengthening of the party system, has decided not to resort to the TSA ruling, despite the fact that said ruling lacks the most elementary legal grounds for elevate access to public funds by political parties to a fundamental right; and to decide to apply the principle of favorability in an accommodative manner in a situation in which it is notoriously inappropriate, ”says a press release published by the PLD.

Likewise, the aforementioned organization attributes that it made the decision “not only in favor of one party, as ordered by the judicial decision, but in a transversal manner to all parties, groups and political movements of the system, so as not to affect those other political organizations” .

With this provision they highlight that the other organizations will receive a greater amount of economic resources for their operation and operation.

“In addition, the Dominican Liberation Party takes the opportunity to denounce that with the immediate execution of the sentence, despite the prohibition expressly established in the TSA decision, the Central Electoral Board has flagrantly violated the principle of legality, all Every time that Law 834 of 1978 and Law 3726 of Cassation, modified by Law 491-08, establishes that no sentence irrevocably acquires the authority and force of res judicata while the legal term for appeal; This decision is of great concern to the PLD because this fact represents an act of partiality by an arbitrator who is called upon to be impartial, ”said the purple side.


SFM health authority: DJ Adoni had permission to route the vaccination campaign

The provincial director of Public Health in Duarte, Luis Rosario Socías, assured that the popular music mixer DJ Adoni had a permit to make a route in order to promote vaccination against Covid-19, not to make a caravan.

Likewise, Rosario Socías affirmed in an interview with the Agenda56 news outlet that the permit in question was signed in Santo Domingo, not in Duarte, where the route began.

“The permit was not granted here in San Francisco de Macorís, they brought a permit from Santo Domingo to make a route, not a caravan, a simple route of an artist encouraging people to get vaccinated,” he said.

The tour was joined by a multitude of people aboard various vehicles, something that DJ Adoni said was not planned despite this explanation, the Duarte Prosecutor’s Office summoned him for next Monday, accused of breaching the established health and safety protocols to prevent Covid-19 infections, including decree 432-21.

Likewise, the senator for the Duarte province, Franklin Romero, described the caravan as a “terrorist act” during the session of the Upper House of the National Congress this Wednesday, where he also expressed that demonstrations like these are the product of “populism” and “ego”.

“What the Government is doing to return to normality, let’s not throw it overboard. Let’s listen to sensible people, let’s not listen to people because of populism, because of ego, they want to go from party to party and precisely (the caravan) is a demonstration of that: a terrorist act and that must be investigated and that there are sanctions, “said Romero .

In addition, Rosario Socías indicated that agents of the National Police intervened the route, ending it at the level of Avenida Libertad, in the municipality of San Francisco de Macorís.


Delays in Delta strain testing attributed to high demand

The Ministry of Public Health yesterday attributed the delays in the results that will determine if the Delta variant circulates in the country to the high demand for tests that international laboratories have that detect the new know.

“At the moment the collaborating centers that carry out sequencing in the American continent are very few, that is, the amount of samples they receive is enormous because other countries are also sending,” said Ronald Skewes, general director of Epidemiology.

At least 90 samples were sent to the United States on May 17 to be examined and confirmed the circulation of new strains of the virus, however, the results are still unknown.

Skewes indicated that as the laboratories process the samples, they will give the results, “while we wait for our turn” and the diagnosis.

“We have to send part of the samples to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, United States and other samples to the Fiocruz laboratory in Brazil,” he said.

He also stressed that the ministry is taking steps so that the Dr. Defilló National Laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out the type of investigation in the samples and thus detect the different variants of Covid that are possibly circulating in the Dominican territory.

“We already have part of the equipment and the process to carry out the type of process will be streamlined. It is being managed so that this laboratory is a regional collaborator for genomic sequencing ”, he expressed.

He noted that when it is ready, they will sequence weekly virus samples to keep an eye on the variants and there is also the possibility of offering the services to other countries.


The country has already reached 123,334 citizens inoculated with the third dose of the covid-19 vaccine that was authorized for application only two weeks ago

The Pfizer vaccine has been applied as a booster to the new variants of the disease that have emerged in the world.