They consider that “the leadership of the opposition” in Cuba “is within”, not in Miami or Spain – Cuban political expresses warn that the repression of the November 15 protest will be “much more intense”

Former Cuban politicians Ángel Francisco de Fana and Luis Zúñiga have warned this Monday that the repression of the anti-government demonstration scheduled for November 15 will be “much more intense” than that experienced in the July 11 protest. “There will be repression (…) it will be much more intense,” said De Fana, who has focused […]

Focus – The legal arguments for the separation of Haiti

In our public career we have met, to discuss the subject of Haiti, with various undersecretaries of state of the United States government and with the human rights activist Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy. We also presented a brief presentation before the Human Rights Committee of the International Covenant on Civil and Political […]

Tough races await Democrats in 2022

Republicans are increasingly optimistic about taking office in key states in next year’s election races, fueled by low approval ratings for President Joe Biden, Democratic infighting in Congress, and better-than-expected results in elections. elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats were already prepared for tough contests, but the unexpected defeat in Virginia and a close […]

Attack yesterday against the prime minister of Iraq aggravates tensions

The Iraqi government deployed troops in Baghdad on Sunday after a failed assassination attempt with armed drones against the prime minister’s residence, an attack that markedly exacerbated tensions triggered by the rejection of pro-Iranian militias to the result of last month’s parliamentary elections. Seven of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s security guards were injured in the […]

Man implicated in police deaths and multiple robberies arrested

The National Police announced this Sunday the capture of a man involved in four homicides, including two of members of the law enforcement body. This is Raymer Alexis de Castro (Raider), 22, who at the time of his arrest was hiding in some bushes in the municipality of Cabral, Barahona province. De Castro is pointed […]

Christmas fruits will arrive on time, but at a high cost to the consumer

The president of the Association of Shipowners of the Dominican Republic warned that the crisis that exists in the supply chain will continue, at least, for another year. Teddy Heinsen attributed the situation to the paralysis the world experienced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Heinsen said that as a result of this situation, […]

What to do in countries where Dominicans can travel without a visa?

In mid-October, the authorities announced that Brazil was added to the list of countries to which Dominicans can travel without a visa, news that is well received by regular travelers to the country. In total, there are 38 countries around the world that citizens of the Dominican Republic can visit with a common passport, offering […]

To find life on other worlds, NASA will look at the light of a star

A NASA probe rocket will observe a nearby star to learn how starlight affects the atmospheres of exoplanets, key information in the search for life in the cosmos. Using an updated instrument first launched in 2019, the mission has a new target: Procyon A, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor. SISTINE-2 (Suborbital Imaging […]

After being disappeared, they find mother and daughter; one is dead

Two missing Oregon women were found Friday in an Idaho forest, the mother killed by the elements and the disabled daughter alive with her damaged vehicle. A hunter discovered the mother’s body in the Solitaire Saddle area of ​​the Panhandle National Forest and reported it to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office at 11:45 a.m. Friday, […]

Melky Cabrera gave the golden hit to defeat Licey in Quisqueya

With an RBI single by Melky Cabrera in the eighth, which broke a scoreless tie, the Águilas Cibaeñas shut out the Tigres del Licey 1-0 at the Quisqueya Stadium, consolidating themselves in the first position of the Dominican Republic Winter Baseball Championship. With that triumph, the national and Caribbean Series champions swept the two-game miniseries […]