Ignored atrial fibrillation can lead to a stroke

Often people with atrial fibrillation have a stroke. Many of them don’t even know about their arrhythmia. Often times, a person has a stroke because of an unnoticed arrhythmia. – Pixabay Ad the essentials in brief People with an arrhythmia often have a stroke. Only about 50 percent of the 1.8 million patients have noticeable […]

Column: Bad medicine and terrible authorities | Forward Valley

For many years now, Baja California and Mexicali authorities have promoted the so-called medical tourism sector in order to attract tourists from the United States and Canada, as well as from other parts of the world to practice various procedures with the thousands of doctors, clinics and hospitals installed in the state. From tourism agencies […]

Savings on prepaid medicine: how healtech works

The “health and technology” platforms gain a place among users, who seek to take care of their health at the same time as their pocket As if it were a pandemic for which there are still no vaccines, inflation is advancing and exceeds 50% year-on-year according to INDEC data. And prepaid medicine is an item […]

Vitamin D was not a silver bullet from covid

Vitamin D does not relieve the symptoms of COVID-19 or reduce the risk of infection. Photo: Shutterstock Research by scientists from McGill University in Canada has proven vitamin D. does not alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19 or reduce the risk of infection. But is it worth stopping drinking a vitamin prescribed by a doctor as […]

The doctor named three rules to avoid obesity

The doctor named three rules to avoid obesity Photo: Valery ZVONAREV Irina Bakhman, an endocrinologist at the Pirogov Center, CDC “Arbatsky”, told kp.ru about three simple rules that will help to avoid obesity. According to her, first of all, you need to analyze your type of food and lifestyle. Moreover, the sooner the restructuring of […]

Corona caused a telemedicine boom – Coronavirus Vienna

from . – 19.08.2021 05:00 (Akt. 19.08.2021 09:35) Corona brought a telemedicine boom. © Chris DELMAS / AFP (Symbol image) One consequence of the corona pandemic is the telemedicine boom. Doctor’s appointments via telephone or video conference – not infrequently in combination with the issuing of e-prescriptions and medications – often developed into an important […]

a flu shot reduces the risk of severe complications of covid

St. Petersburg. Free vaccination against influenza in a mobile vaccination station. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO (archive) WHY DO WE NEED A VACCINATION FROM “INFLUENCE”? The traditional annual influenza vaccination campaign starts in Russia in September. Some people ask the question: are these vaccinations so relevant now, if the coronavirus seems to have seriously pressed its “colleague”? […]