The doctor named the five most common types of cancer in Russia

Their development depends on addictions, poor nutrition, heredity. Oncologist at the Lapino-2 Oncology Center Evgeny Glukhov named the five most common oncological diseases in Russia. These are cancers of the lung, intestines, stomach, breast and cervix. According to him, lung cancer is widespread due to the fact that there are still many smokers in our […]

highlight the importance of treating venous diseases

The aesthetic aspect is only a consequence. Behind the famous spider veins or varicose veins there may actually be a venous disorder, which has the potential to severely affect quality of life, even becoming disabling. In this framework, experts warn about the importance of detecting them in time to be able to treat them, and […]

5 possible symptoms and consequences

The K in vitamin K stands for Coagulation – Another word for blood clotting through the formation of a blood clot. This mechanism ensures that wounds both outside and inside our body are closed quickly and we do not bleed to death. Since vitamin K activates the coagulation factors required for this, a deficiency can […]

Causes of type 1 to 4 diabetes

Since there is not just one type of diabetes, but several, all of which arise differently, we offer you an overview of types 1 to 4 diabetes and explain the causes behind it. The causes of diabetes mellitus About 90 percent of all diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes, five percent from type 1 diabetes […]

New studies suggest a rare early symptom of Covid-19

Fever, cough, but also gastrointestinal problems are considered the first indications of a corona infection. A US study has now identified another, rare sign of Covid-19. In the course of the pandemic, scientists and doctors are gaining more and more new knowledge about the disease Covid-19. Some infected people also show atypical symptoms in the […]

World Alzheimer’s Day 2021 | Research news: these are the risk factors

Dementia is a widespread disease: around 1.6 million Germans suffer from it. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form in Germany and worldwide. Which risk factors play a role in her. Of the world-AlzheimerDay on September 21st is said to be the world’s most common form of dementia raise awareness. Alzheimer’s patients gradually experience irreversible […]

Pneumococcal Annual Report: Hundreds of invasive cases of disease in 2020 as well

Most of the serotypes found would have been covered by the available vaccines Vienna (OTS) – More than 300 invasive pneumococcal diseases were reported in 2020. That comes from the annual report of the national reference center for pneumococci[1] emerged. Due to the COVID protective measures, these are significantly fewer than in previous years, but […]

Palliative care: blessed are those who treat pain

A student once asked the anthropologist Margaret Mead which considered the first sign of civilization in a culture. The student expected the anthropologist to talk about hooks, clay bowls, or sharpening stones, but no. Mead said the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture it is the test of a person with a broken […]

What diseases affect the prostate and a diet that could help prevent them

In general, women have incorporated gynecological examinations into their health routine. Men, on the other hand, are less adherent to the annual urological check-ups that are recommended to be carried out from the age of 50, although in some cases it is necessary to start earlier. It is that, from that age, 4 out of […]