Can the digital vaccination certificate be copied as often as required?

Linus Neumann from the Chaos Computer Club reckons that there will always be cheats as long as not everyone has received a vaccination offer. Neumann told ZDF: “If ID is crucial to gain access to public life, then the pressure to do so is high.”

He doesn’t believe that those who check the QR code will also ask for ID for comparison. “If you stand at the entrance for 8.50 euros an hour, you won’t have to worry about it.” In addition, it is not in the interest of a landlady to scare away customers. “So it won’t work the way you want it to.”

According to Axel Klein, head of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Saxony, an innkeeper in Saxony with an incidence of 35 and above is responsible for checking whether a guest has been vaccinated, tested or recovered. “The information just has to be plausible for him. The innkeeper is not a regulatory authority. They are responsible here.” Klein assumes that a control has a preventive effect and that the rules are more likely to be adhered to. “But it is also clear that every now and then there will be people who do not adhere to it. We have taken over the control function in order to be able to open – better than staying closed.”

Linus Neumann from the Chaos Computer Club would like to draw attention to another problem in this context. In his opinion, people will hardly be able to move uncontrolled through the public in the future. “We are just getting used to the fact that we have to identify ourselves everywhere, leave our data with rapid tests, show our vaccination status. Personalized ticketing is being expanded to include major events such as concerts or sporting events.” Neumann considers this to be “a very noteworthy social restriction”.


HMD Global introduces two new Nokia phones with LTE support

The Nokia 105 LTE and Nokia 110 LTE were announced today by HMD Global. The two feature phones will be launched on the market with LTE support.

the essentials in brief

  • HMD Global has introduced two new feature phones with LTE support.
  • Both phones will be launched with a built-in radio and some games
  • The Swiss prices are not yet known.

HMD Global has introduced two new mobile phones, the Nokia 105 LTE and the Nokia 110 LTE. The biggest plus point of both models is the support for LTE and VoLTE calls.

Both phones run on the Series 30+ operating system and come with some pre-installed games and a radio. The inside of the two devices contains a Unisoc T107 processor and 48 Mbyte memory.

In addition, the color display is 1.8 inches (4.57 cm) in size. Both the Nokia 105 LTE and the Nokia 110 LTE have a removable battery.

The price in Switzerland is not yet known. In Germany, however, the prices are just 35 and 40 euros.

More on the subject:

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Windows 11: First details leaked

Will Microsoft be releasing a Windows 11 in the near future? At least that is what information recently leaked suggests. What is known.

On June 24th, Microsoft wants to show in a presentation how things are going with Windows. What exactly will be announced is still unknown. However, specialist media suspect a new design of Windows 10 – or even the announcement of Windows 11.

Various media now actually report that information about a Windows 11 was known in advance. This is shown by various pictures and videos in which the name “Windows 11” can also be seen. We show what users can expect.

Photo series with 21 pictures

Simplified start menu and rounded corners

The first pictures are available from specialist magazines such as “The Verge” and “Windows Latest” or have been published on the Chinese website Baidu. Some pictures of the new Windows 11 can be found in this slideshow.

According to the photos, all windows will be rounded in the future. This applies to both Microsoft apps and third-party apps, as reported by the specialist media “Windows Latest”.

According to “The Verge”, the start menu should also be significantly simplified and the design of the are similar to the set Windows 10X. Animated tiles are removed. The start menu does not fold up either, but opens in a separate window that hovers over the taskbar.

Taskbar is centered

Another change: The icons in the taskbar are centered instead of left-justified as before. However, users can set the apps to the left in the taskbar again. The design of the start button will also change.

So-called widgets will probably return in Windows 11, as “The Verge” reports. Widgets are interactive elements on the screen, for example for weather or news. In the current pre-release version of Windows 11, there are still problems with the display of the widgets.

Windows 11 should also contain new “snap controls”, as “The Verge” writes. They can be reached via the “Maximize” button at the top of the window and are intended to allow users to quickly arrange windows, for example on the left or right in the picture.


Ministers of Health from across the country agreed to extend COVID-19 vaccination to pregnant people without comorbidities

Ministers of Health throughout the country agreed today on the recommendation to include pregnant people without risk conditions and with individual medical indication within the priority groups to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The decision was made during the second face-to-face meeting of the year of the Federal Health Council (COFESA), led by the national Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum.

The recommendation is also endorsed by the National Immunization Commission. “The vaccination of pregnant people with risk conditions was already in force since February. Now they are incorporated with the individual indication of their treating physician, beyond having a risky condition ”, explained the minister.

In addition, the COFESA meeting raised the need to strengthen the control of home isolation, monitoring and PCR at 7 days to lift the isolation of travelers who return to the country in order to delay the entry and circulation of new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Beyond the controls before boarding and the tests that are carried out in the airports and ports of Argentina to detect positive cases of COVID-19, the national minister said that “it is necessary to complete the follow-up in the jurisdictions of the isolation of 10 days from the negative PCR test at the origin of the people who enter the country ”. He also added that it is important to carry out the control of the seventh day with a PCR test or antigen test.

The national authorities requested to use the Migration Registry to strengthen the detection of travelers and decided to carry out training for the handling of this information.

Regarding international carriers, Vizzotti pointed out that 30 percent already have a dose and that the vaccination of this group will be accelerated due to the risk that it implies both from the individual point of view and at the health level, attentive to the possibility of new variants of the virus enter. Likewise, it was also defined to advance with the vaccination of the crew of the maritime area and of international flights ”.

On the other hand, the minister affirmed that “4 out of 10 over 18 years old already have a dose of vaccine against COVID-19”, adding that “the challenge we have now is to accelerate the start of schemes and the application of the second to complete them ”.

In this sense, he stated that the country has already received 20,677,145 doses of different vaccines and that between today and tomorrow 99% of them will have been distributed. “We want to focus on the importance of continuing to initiate schemes, but also to complete them,” said the national minister to ensure the efficacy of the vaccines, especially in the face of new variants.

Regarding the progress of the national vaccination plan, the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Juan Manuel Castelli, detailed that 85% of people aged 60 years or older have already received the first dose of vaccine against COVID-19, while 25.6 % has already completed the schema.

In addition, 58.6% of those between 50 and 59 have a dose as well as 36% of those who are in the age group 40 to 49 years.

In turn, within the framework of the COFESA meeting, Vizzotti along with his peers from the different jurisdictions of the country went to the Kirchner Cultural Center to visit the vaccination that the national government set up in the place to immunize personnel from the Armed and Security Forces in this instance, after which the population to be incorporated will be evaluated.

The vaccination post has eight posts and an operational capacity to immunize up to 1,000 people per day. Some 60 people work in the operation, including vaccinators, administrative, logistics, security and health promoters and musicians who perform their instruments throughout the circuit of admission, pre-triage, registration, vaccination, waiting and departure from the immunized people.




Digital House acquires Acámica and strengthens its leadership in technological training in the region

Brand Studio para Digital House

Technology is always in constant evolution and Digital House, the educational organization (edtech) focused on the development of technological talent, consolidates its leadership in the region by announcing the Acámica acquisition, an online education company that provides professional training in digital skills since 2013 in several countries in Latin America.

Union make force

Digital House, which has a team of 350 people, will immediately incorporate to the human talent of Acámica, while maintaining the learning experience of all your students.

With this merger, the offer will be strengthened and accelerated of new content linked to the digital disciplines that the market needs.

Without going any further, in 2020 Digital House trained more than 28,000 students of all Latin America and for 2021 more than 50,000 are projected. For its part, since 2013, the year of its foundation, Acámica has trained through its three schools -Programming and Software, Data and Digital Product- to more than 150,000 students of the entire region.

With this purchase, the goal will be accelerate growth and that more people can remotely train in digital skills to take advantage of the myriad job opportunities.

Since launching its operations in 2016, Digital House has been growing at a speed greater than 110% annually, and he plans to keep up the pace. This is mainly due to the growing demand that companies have to add profiles and technological talents to its work teams as it constantly updates its study programs to train students according to the needs of organizations.

Martin Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant, investment company in Digital House, expressed his satisfaction with this alliance and stated: “We are very happy to see these two great leaders come together to continue revolutionizing online education. We know that education has a enormous transformative potential of society and with this union a range of greater possibilities opens up for the talent of the region ”.

Marcos Galperin, CEO and founder of Free market, said for his part: “Education in technology is an enormous enhancer of quality youth employment in Latin America. This alliance will enable more people to be trained to access the necessary skills demanded by the current job market and of the future. All industries are being increasingly impacted by technology. There is much more demand for programmers and developers what offer of people who are applying”.

While Nelson duboscq, CEO and co-founder of Digital House, explained: “Acámica shares the vision and approach of working so that Latin America increases the level of knowledge exportation by training talents with the specific skills demanded by the world market, so this merger is excellent news both for the economies of the region in general and for the Latin Americans who want to developand in the professional ”.

By last, Thomas Escobar, CEO and co-founder of Acamic, he analyzed: “We live in times that constantly demand new ways of learning. We created Acámica so that more people in Latin America can learn technology and become protagonists of the world’s digital transformation. Joining forces with the Digital House team allows us to accelerate and enhance that shared vision ”.

An extended offer

Digital House is an edtech that transforms people’s lives developing digital skills that impact society.

With this objective, it offers training totally remote under an innovative methodology with special focus on practice. Its world-class academic offering includes a variety of intensive courses to train in the most in-demand digital skills.

What is Certified Tech Developer?

Certified Tech Developer is one of the most recent and most sought after careers for young people seeking to enter the world of work.

Digital House offers a number of Executive Programs as well as cursos in-company designed to train and attract the talent that corporations need for their digital transformation.

Its most recent release, Certified Tech Developer, is a race of two years on programming that aims to create a new academic concept based on agile methodologies and intensive practice.

This initiative arises from the need to generate specific training tools to ensure the youth employability in the programming and web development industry.

As a result of the great interest it aroused in young people, edtech announced that they are already registrations open to start the courses in June and August 2021. Those interested in this program can find more information in the Digital House website.


This is how the vaccination certificate comes into the app

The vaccination status against Covid-19 can now also be verified via smartphone. It’s pretty easy – when the apps are ready.

Photo series with 12 pictures

The digital vaccination certificate is there. Fully vaccinated people can get it in participating pharmacies and, from today, with a second vaccination in the vaccination center. But how does the information get into the app and what do you need?

Select app

Both the Corona warning app (CWA for iOS and Android) and the CovPass app (iOS / Android) can scan and save the certificate. As of Monday (June 14), the CWA is not yet able to do this on every device; it must first be updated to version 2.3.3. Which app you choose is ultimately a matter of taste. CovPass gets by without the contact tracking feature that some people have declined to do.

Photo series with 12 pictures

Scan the certificate

For each vaccination there is a certificate that is initially printed out on paper with a QR code. Each one has to be scanned into the app individually. This is done with the help of the smartphone camera. Once both QR codes have been scanned in and saved, a third QR code is generated.

With it you can now prove your vaccination status. In the CovPass app, for example, it opens immediately when the program is called up. The digital certificate becomes active two weeks after the second vaccination and, according to the entry in the Corona warning app, is initially valid for one year.

Submit certificate

Be sure to keep the paper printouts. They can also be used to save the vaccination status on other telephones. For example on your partner’s or on a new phone.


«Digital sick children. The consequences of Covid are serious “

Icon of modern times or exception? The teacher Annamaria Staiano she shields herself, she is a woman of records: the first elected president of the Italian Society of Pediatrics after 123 years. “For sure, it took too long in the prestigious association that has eleven thousand members,” he says.

How did you do it?

«By giving continuity to the work: first as a member, then as vice president. I hope to be the first woman in a long series, because so many professionals stand out for their skills and, like their male colleagues, they deserve to hold these positions ».

In his case, it’s not even the first.

«I am head of pediatrics at the Polyclinic and director of the translational medical sciences department at Federico II, my university is giving space to women still penalized in these areas at national level. And, from 2010 to 2013, I was president of the Italian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology: nevertheless, there were no other women at the top. For this, I have dedicated my election to all my colleagues. We must insist ».

How has pediatrics changed?

“From the inside, I can say this: today it is an increasingly feminine profession, 74 per cent of pediatric specialists are women. The “surgeons” are also on the rise ».

Is your model Rita Levi Montalcini?

“I mentioned her in my speech, because she is one of the women who changed the world without having to show anything but her intelligence. I realize that I will do the minimum compared to the Nobel Prize, but with enthusiasm ».

Why did you choose to be a doctor?

“Since middle school, I’ve had this desire. I owe my career to my parents, entrepreneur father, housewife mother: they have always supported me and encouraged me to do more ».

But his daughters are both doctors.

“One is a pediatrician, and she also voted for me, the other a cardiologist. That they chose the same profession made me feel less guilty, because I was an attentive but not assiduous mother ».

Over the past 30 years, it has also seen the diseases that affect children change.

«Today the diseases are mostly chronic and non-communicable, often intestinal, associated with rare, genetic and metabolic diseases. And there is an increase in diabetes ».

What does it depend on?

“First of all, from factors such as pollution and lifestyles, from nutrition to a sedentary lifestyle. But technology has also enabled early diagnosis, more effective treatments. Just think of premature babies ».

Families feel alone.

«One in ten today is fragile. It is our task to support them: the pandemic has highlighted the criticalities in the health system ».

What is the priority to be addressed?

“There was a lack of connection between hospitals and the territory. With overcrowded wards and university centers for Covid and pediatricians who did not contribute to the assistance, because they were not even put in a position to do so. We have to network ».

Vaccination is underway from the age of 12, but how much does the emergency affect children?

«The after-effects due to contacts with the virus are modest, with the exception of the rare cases of pediatric multi-systemic inflammation syndrome. On the contrary, the psychological consequences are worrying due to the increase in cases of aggression and self-harm ».

It weighs the addiction to the smartphone.

“Anxiety and irritability, when mobile phones and iPads are not used, are a wake-up call. The risk is three times greater for girls and more shy children with difficulty in establishing relationships with peers ».

What can parents do?

“Talking with children and setting an example is essential. Mothers and fathers should be the first to limit the use of smartphones, during meals and, absolutely, when with children, and always choose appropriate content and use appropriate languages ​​on social networks “.

With Covid and the digital revolution, have children’s fears changed too?

“Judging from the cases reported in the neuropsychiatric structures, irrational fears such as those of ghosts, darkness and animals are more frequent: if obsessive, they must be resolved with the support of a specialist”.

What are you afraid of?

“Of the inequalities between children, which also weigh heavily on their growth.”

Is there more disparity between children or gender?

«For heaven’s sake, among the children. We must do even more to protect them, so that they have the same rights and are not based on family, nation or city of origin ».


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Ethical exercise of the public function

The INAES and the Anti-Corruption Office Today they developed a training activity on the Guide for the Ethical Exercise of the Public Function for managers and authorities of the organization. This training, carried out under the virtual modality, had the participation of forty-eight civil servants.
The guide is an initiative to disseminate the main duties, principles, incompatibilities and obligations that public officials must know and respect in the performance of their duties.

In the words of Felix Crous, Head of the Anti-Corruption Office (OA) “The Anti-Corruption Office does not have a reason to be isolated, we contribute to transparent public management and is part of the search for justice and the common good. INAES motivates us doubly because its mission is to consolidate processes of equity and justice. We are encouraged for the very idea of ​​a desirable society “.

For its part, Alexandre Roig, president of INAES pointed out that in the organization “We seek to permanently improve the management, integrity and transparency systems and processes at all levels”. With this training, he added, “We are working on the legal and technical principles of good public management and we must be intransigent in distancing them. At INAES we activate transparency mechanisms, identifying faults and problems by publishing data and management results. Thus, we strengthen the institutional framework. of the INAES to be able to put the sector at the center of society “Roig concluded.

Also participating in the meeting were the Director of Transparency Policy Planning of the Anticorruption Office (OA), Luis Villanueva (OA) and the Director General of Administration of INAES, Diego Urman, who detailed that “The objective of this first day with the OA is to record the inflexible position of this INAES management in the matter of corruption. The way is to start creating the appropriate control environment and providing all the tools to the agents so that they can know the current regulations and provide constant channels of consultation “.


Millions of customers receive a free Tempo upgrade

Millions of Vodafone customers will soon be able to look forward to a faster internet connection: the provider is granting its existing customers a Tempo upgrade – automatically and at no extra charge. The changeover can take a while, however.

Many Internet users in the Vodafone cable network will soon be able to surf faster. As the company announced on Wednesday, the contracts of around four million existing customers will be upgraded – at no additional cost.

Those affected do not have to worry about anything. The data throughput is to be increased automatically for them over the next two years. The changeover has already been completed for around half a million connections. The others still have to be patient. Customers will be notified once the upgrade has been completed.

The download speed is increased from 150 or 200 Mbit / s to 250 Mbit / s, for example. Anyone who has booked a contract with a regular 400 Mbit / s will receive 500 Mbit / s in the future. Older tariffs with low one- or two-digit download speeds will be converted to a transfer rate of up to 50 Mbit / s.

However, not all users in the Vodafone cable network are considered. Anyone who has a contract with the discounter brand Eazy gets nothing. Even some older tariffs in connection with a TV package will not benefit from the change.

With the measure Vodafone wants to prevent a possible loss of customers in the cable network, writes “Spiegel Online”. The background to this is a change in the law that has led many landlords to rethink their flat-rate contracts with cable network providers. You can no longer pass the costs on to the tenants. Vodafone will also face greater competitive pressure as a result of the change in the law, as tenants will have a greater choice between different providers.