Green and digital revolution, keys to economic recovery | Trends

Facing the crisis caused by COVID-19 will require the development of reconstruction plans of an unprecedented magnitude. With them not only will recovery be facilitated, but they could also become an opportunity to transform our economy, making it more modern and more solid, more internationalized and more competitive.

Extreme weather conditions and, currently, crises such as the pandemic we are experiencing, have demonstrated the benefits of digitization. Just one example: in the case of Iberdrola, the investments made in recent years have allowed it to keep operations and projects underway during the state of alarm, while guaranteeing the safety of its employees and collaborators. They also explain how the digitalization process of the electrical networks in Spain allowed to restore service to 300,000 customers in one hour, during the DANA that devastated Murcia and the Valencian Community just a year ago.

Digital transformation, however, is not possible without a cultural change that promotes new ways of working and new tools. This was evident in the last Digital Summit recently organized by the company, which had the participation of representatives of leading institutions and companies in digitization such as MIT, Google, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, TikTok (ByteDance), Twitter and EVO.

Investment and work

Nor is it possible if there is no purpose and, in this sense, it is necessary to orient innovation to the customer and the citizen to respond to their needs and be more efficient. In short, maximize the use of technology in those business areas that add value, either by improving processes and the productivity of its assets or by achieving more efficiency in activities.

To get out of the crisis, there is only one recipe: investment and work. And in this context it is also time to raise the ambition to combine the green and digital revolutions as key pieces of the economic recovery. Accelerate the energy transition, but also the electrification of transport, the residential segment and industry to make change possible and leave a more sustainable world for new generations. And in this field, digitization plays an essential role.

Iberdrola is a reference in how technology, resources and capabilities can be oriented to lead the digital transformation of the energy sector and turn it into a competitive advantage. The company has managed its electricity generation assets digitally for years and has transformed its networks into smart ones with digital tools and artificial intelligence.

Likewise, it applies the latest technologies in all its activities:

  • Blockchain for operations trading of energy, certificates of origin of ‘green’ energy, certification of documents and intra-group financing agreements, among other applications;
  • Robots Y drones to support risky actions or in hard-to-reach locations for the inspection of blades in wind farms, hydroelectric plants and high-voltage power lines or for fraud detection;
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality in training activities and actions on the ground, on power lines and infrastructures;
  • Internet of things, applied to initiatives such as Iberdrola’s Smart Home, which provide clients with information for greater management and decision-making capacity regarding their energy consumption;
  • Digital cufflinks, With which the virtual recreation of products and services is carried out that allow the company to anticipate and prematurely solve future incidents.
  • Big data and analytics, with which it develops, for example, advanced wind prediction systems or detects electrical fraud;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) y machine learning with which it applies algorithms to different processes, such as the identification of anomalies in photovoltaic plants, the prediction of natural disasters or the personalization of personalized offers to different customer profiles; etc.

Innovation is Iberdrola’s main tool to guarantee its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. For this reason, the company has allocated 2,000 million euros in the last decade, after having increased resources in this area by 115% annually in the last ten years. These activities have made it the utility most innovative in Spain and the third in the world for investments in R & D & i, according to the European Commission.

Global Center for Power Grid Innovation

Iberdrola is at the forefront of the use of digital technologies and is preparing to face a new era in which disruptive tools will be key in all businesses. As an example of this bet, the company has just announced the launch of its Global Smartgrid Innovation Hub, a center located in Bilbao that will act as a driving platform for innovation, combining its technological capacity with that of suppliers, collaborators and startups of all the world.

It is hub It will start in the spring of 2021 and has already identified more than 120 innovation projects for future implementation worth € 110 million. The lines of work, of an international scope, will allow the development and deployment of innovative solutions for Iberdrola’s electricity grid activity around the world.


Microsoft calls the solution to the Windows 10 problem

Played around on the computer and nothing works anymore? This is where Windows 10 System Restore can help. In some cases, however, the useful tool did not work. Now Microsoft is calling a solution.

If the Windows machine is having problems, resetting it can help. Windows 10 will be reinstalled, but personal data can be kept.

Anyone who tried this in the past could get an error message: “Problem resetting the PC. No changes were made”. Now Microsoft explains what the cause of the problem can be and how users can solve it.

How to solve the problem

According to Microsoft, the error occurs in Windows 10 systems with version 2004 that use a certain hardware configuration. If you have the same problem, Microsoft recommends the following steps.

Open the command prompt as an administrator. To do this, enter the term “cmd” in the Windows search bar, right-click on the “Command Prompt” and then on “Run as administrator”.

Now enter the following command (without quotes): ” dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Restart the computer and try the system restore again.

How to use System Restore

There are several ways to use System Restore. If you want to reset the PC, you will find the function in the “Settings“. Click here on”Update and security“and then on”RestorationHere you can “Reset this PC” or “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10”.

In addition, Windows 10 also offers the options to revert to a specific restore point. This is useful if you don’t want to reinstall the entire computer right away. The option can be found in the “Control panel“. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Control Panel. To do this, open the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon at the bottom left, enter “Control panel“and select the appropriate app.
  2. Choose “system and safety
  3. Click here on “Security and maintenance
  4. Now select “Restoration
  5. Under “Open System Restore“you can then choose a desired restore point.

When you start the system restore, your computer will be reset to the desired state. However, files such as pictures, music or documents are usually not changed.


Computer game “Among us” – talking and lying in space – digital

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to lie and cheat and murder astronauts if she wants to win – the US election is imminent. That is why the Democrat politician entered the world of the computer game “Among Us” on Tuesday. She played a few games and filmed herself, in between she used the attention to ask the audience to vote. An election campaign event on the Internet, in the center of an immense hype. “Among Us” is the boom game of the hour.

The American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played in “Among Us” and used her appearance for the election campaign.

(Photo: AFP)

On the Steam platform, more than 100,000 players are logged into “Among Us” at the same time, the hashtag #amongus has around 17.7 billion views on Tiktok. An immense success for a game based on a simple principle: talking.

The players slip into the roles of an astronaut team. At the beginning of the game, two of them are assigned the role of “impostors”, i.e. by aliens who only pretend to be human. Because all the characters are wearing colorful spacesuits, you cannot see who belongs to which group. Only the “impostors” know each other. They try to assassinate the other crew members when nobody is looking. As soon as a corpse appears, the crew holds a council of war: who was last seen with the victim? Who should be pushed out of the room lock? Then there is a vote – like in the analog role-playing game “The Werewolves of Mirkwood”. Nevertheless, “Among Us” stands for an important online gaming trend.

Are the games getting more social? In any case, they are great for influencers

It falls into a category which, based on the “social” digital platforms, could be called “social games” – although all online games are of course more or less “social”. Titles like “Fortnite” or “Minecraft” do not live from the total immersion in the game world that virtual reality enthusiasts dream of, but from the fact that you can always break away from it and start talking about it. “Among Us” now shifts the actual game into these conversations. It is so effective as a computer game because it is only partially a computer game.

The fact that some games are easier to talk about and worse about others is also becoming an increasingly important factor in the process in which gaming trends emerge. Influencers who film themselves playing games, casually commenting on what was happening and telling about their lives, discovered the hitherto completely unknown title that appeared in 2018 this summer and then made it suddenly popular. “Among Us” is an excellent “influencing” – or election advertising campaign. It turns the personality of the players into the actual playing field – in the astronauts’ council of war they are mutually analyzed round by round. Who is acting suspiciously? Who is “sus”, ie “suspect”, in the language of the fans?

In this context it should also be asked whether games are not only becoming more “social” – but, conversely, whether social platforms are also increasingly functioning like games. There is an obvious similarity between high scores and likes, but the reward mechanics are becoming increasingly differentiated. If you look at the platforms as computer games in disguise, they just lack one level of action. With “Among Us” it goes like this: A group is divided into two camps that work against each other. Suspicions arise as to whether someone belongs to the enemy faction. In the end, someone will be executed.


Users report problems after updates – what to do?

Microsoft actually wants to fix errors in Windows 10 with regular updates. But users repeatedly report problems after such updates. Now there are complaints again.

Photo series with 25 pictures

According to the recent cumulative updates for Windows 10, users are reporting problems with their system. This is reported by the specialist “Windows Latest”. The errors appear after the updates with version numbers KB4579311 and KB4577671.

“Windows Latest” and various users report problems with the Info Center, among other things. That either refuses to start or shows no notifications. Even restarting several times does not solve the problem.

The action center usually presents Windows notifications. For example, it informs users when they receive emails. It can be opened with the key combination “Windows key” + “A” or with a click on the speech bubble symbol at the bottom right.

Printer problems or black screen

Other users report problems with Windows Explorer (“Windows key” + “E”): It did not react when opened. In other cases, it crashes while the system tray flickers.

Some users generally report screen flickering after the update. In some cases there were black screens even after 15 to 20 minutes when the computer was running in tablet mode. Other users have problems with their printer after the update. In these cases, however, it seems sufficient to reconnect the device after the computer has been restarted.

Uninstall updates

In all other cases, it only seems to help to uninstall the relevant updates. You can remove individual Windows updates as follows:

  1. Press the Windows key and enter “update history”. Now click on “View update history”.
  2. click on “Uninstall updates”.
  3. This action opens the window “Uninstall updates”. Here you may also see updates from other programs (for example Adobe Acrobat Reader). Now select the update you want to uninstall and click the button above “Uninstall”.


These are the best free alternatives

The current Microsoft Office package costs seven euros per month. Because the Windows manufacturer almost only offers the software by subscription. But there are free alternatives. We introduce you to the best free software for the office.

Photo series with 15 pictures

Whether texts, tables or presentations: Microsoft dominates the market with its Office suite and the programs Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In a report for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2019, the consulting company PWC estimated the market share of office software to be over 84 percent. The proportion is even greater in companies and authorities. There is hardly any space for alternatives. Hard to believe. Because they exist – and they are good and often do not cost anything.

Microsoft is increasingly switching its sales model from individual purchase to subscription. This entails permanent costs, as Patrick Hannemann from the “Chip” specialist magazine calculates: “It’s like every subscription: 7 euros per month for the complete office package sounds like little, but after five years that is over 400 euros – for applications that I may only need occasionally. “

Microsoft itself emphasizes – unsurprisingly – the advantages of the subscription model that are associated with the new Office packages “Microsoft 365 Personal” or “Microsoft 365 Family”. Furthermore, the programs are on board that have shaped this classic for decades: Word processing, Excel spreadsheet and Powerpoint presentation software.

Connection to the network

Thanks to the connection to web applications, the new offer goes beyond that, explains Bruno Daellenbach, who is responsible for these products at Microsoft Germany. “In Microsoft 365 we are further developing the known applications with cloud and AI technology and adding solutions such as teams for video conferences or the task management planner.”

Connection to the network is also standard when researching directly from a text or when working across platforms on different devices.

Prices in the Group’s web shop start at 69 euros per year or 7 euros per month. According to Patrick Hannemann, however, you can save the money: “As a private user or student, I don’t need that. The free alternatives are completely sufficient for occasional office work.”

More and more is happening directly on the net, Microsoft has also recognized that: If you can live with using office programs in your browser and no longer have a base on your computer, you can use “Office Online”: free and web-based.

In this market segment of cloud office services, there are also many other providers with free basic offers such as Google Docs, Dropbox Paper or the data protection-focused Cryptpad.

Who do you trust?

Hannemann is certain that occasional users should be satisfied with “Google Docs”, especially since it is well connected to the “Google Drive” online storage facility, which also makes working together easier. In return, you entrust your documents to Google.

The classic Office purchase program with DVD is also available: the Office package for one-time purchase costs a proud 299 euros from Microsoft.

In free trade, this is also much cheaper, but Hannemann warns of cheap offers for less than five euros on online marketplaces: “If I am only supposed to pay 1 or 2 euros for software that otherwise costs 70 or 100 euros per year, I have to do it as a user make suspicious. ” So his recommendation is: stay away.

There is no reason to take this risk – thanks to free office alternatives. Owners of an Apple Mac computer can use the preinstalled Pages writing program or the Numbers spreadsheet free of charge. But in terms of usability and compatibility, opinions differ here. This is where free office programs with a free license come into play.

Open and free

The two best-known representatives are called “Open Office” and “Libre Office”. Both are based on the same software core and are very similar. Both are available for virtually all operating systems. All documents can be saved in the formats of Microsoft programs and can therefore also be run under Office without any problems. “It rarely happens that layouts and formatting in Microsoft programs are not completely adopted or that a picture slips,” says Patrick Hannemann.

According to the experts, the range of functions of “Libre Office” is greater, the look reminds him more of Microsoft’s Office, especially in the new version 7. There is also an active community that answers user questions or irones out errors.

On the other hand, the previously popular “Open Office” has lost its effectiveness: rarer updates, a somewhat dusty look, but all programs for office equipment. Even if “Libre Office” is ahead, both are worth a try, as they are free and risk-free, advises Hannemann.

Insider tip from Germany

From Germany, data protection compliant and an insider tip is “Freeoffice” from Softmaker. Everything that the Office user knows is on board, under names such as “Textmaker” or “Planmaker”. “The free version is slimmed down compared to the purchase version, but I can recommend it for occasional office work,” says Patrick Hannemann.

The programmers promise the greatest possible compatibility with Microsoft programs. And “Freeoffice” is available for Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Overall, the market for free office software is more diverse and of high quality than it has been for a long time, says Hannemann: “Companies still can’t get past Microsoft’s Office, but if I don’t design highly complex tables or write scientific texts, I can safely use a free version. “


What Bella Cherkesova is known for – Picture of the day – Kommersant

On October 23, Bella Cherkesova, who previously worked in the Presidential Administration, was appointed Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia. Details of her biography are in the Kommersant reference.

Bella Mukharbievna Cherkesova was born on September 4, 1985 in the town of Vereya, Naro-Fominsk District, Moscow Region. She graduated from the gymnasium №1516 with a medal. Studied at the Faculty of International Journalism of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (2008). Her father Mukharbi Cherkesov is the founder, co-owner and general director of the construction company Firma Chesiko LLC, as well as the co-owner of Ashemez LLC.

In 2008-2012, Ms. Cherkesova worked in various positions in the press service of the Russian government. Since July 2012, she held the positions of Advisor to the Department for External Information Activities, Deputy Head of the Department of Partnership Programs, Head of the Department of Partnership Programs, Head of the Department of Mass Media Development of the Presidential Directorate for Public Relations and Communications. Since 2019, she has been promoted to a management assistant. In the presidential administration, she worked out measures aimed at supporting and developing Russian media, initiated and participated in the development of sectoral bills, led the process of financing state media, protected the interests of Russian media abroad and expanded Russia’s information presence. She also coordinated the transition of television broadcasting in Russia to digital format.

On October 23, 2020, she was appointed Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia. In this post, she will be responsible for the development of the media industry and the Internet.

She was awarded the Order of Honor. Active State Councilor, 3rd class (2015). Member of the government commission for the development of television and radio broadcasting.

She is married and has a son.


How the new iPhones could change the film industry – digitally

“The next great filmmaker should soon be making films with one of these devices,” says Chivo of the next generation of iPhones, and if he says that, then you should listen. Chivo is Mexican for cool or great, the English translation is: Goat, or goat – or “Greatest of All Time”. Chivo is the nickname of the legendary Mexican cameraman Emmanuel Lubezki, who is the only one to have won three Oscars in a row (2013-2015 for Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant), and he now says: “When I started making films , I had to rent an expensive camera and buy rolls of film. I had to pay for development and the equipment for editing. “

Lubezki produced a short film for the iPhone manufacturer Apple, which was shown at the presentation of the devices last week. Of course, he emphasizes the advantages of the iPhone 12 Pro, such as the camera, which enables filmmakers to record up to 60 frames per second in 4K HDR Dolby Vision. The message is nothing less than a promise that in the future it will no longer only be possible to produce films who can afford the extremely expensive equipment (and the training to use it) – but everyone who has such a cell phone.

5G and even more power: an overview of the new iPhone models

In addition to an additional telephoto lens, the Pro models of the new iPhone 12 also use more powerful processors.

(Photo: Apple Inc./dpa)

The dual camera with wide-angle and 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lenses and twelve-megapixel sensors is only part of why many in the entertainment industry believe that the industry is disrupted. Anyone who asked around in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in Hollywood learned of two massive problems. First: The production of films and series, where currently only a certain number of people are allowed to work very restricted. Even before the pandemic, setting up the set during filming was like launching a rocket, which could be seen in all the things a director had to worry about before shouting the famous words “And … action”. Now it’s almost impossible.

The computing power of the A14 chip will help with night shots, the laser-based autofocus scanner (lidar) will capture the contours of objects and machine learning will reduce jerks when filming. “Now you can just go out and make a film,” says Lubezki. He himself made his Apple short film in the desert: “In a place like this, things have to happen quickly because something changes all the time: The shadows are getting longer, the mountains are changing their color. You don’t want to think about technology when you do that Wants to capture life. “

So Apple promises what pretty much every tech company wants to achieve: The technology in the device should be so good that customers no longer have to deal with the technology. The winners should be the creatives who then no longer have to spend years learning how to make a film at the film school, but rather playfully as a teenager with a mobile phone in hand – like a football player who doesn’t play football in the FC youth academy Bavaria learns, but on the football field. With fast data transmission, everyone should be able to see immediately on their devices what the cameraman is recording – and make live comments. “You can turn and turn until one of these happy accidents happens right in front of you,” says Lubezki.

That leads to the second point that made filmmaking a lot more difficult during the pandemic: post-production. If people cannot work on a project together in one room, then they have to send each other the interim results – which is an incredible amount of data in films and series. Transport not only took a long time, but was also expensive. “The workflow is likely to change dramatically if 5G revolutionizes transport,” says Michael Cioni of Frame, which enables Hollywood producers to work in the data cloud: “Over time, 5G will become the shuttles that are currently going back and forth, become superfluous, you will also be able to work efficiently and spatially separated from each other. “

5G is one of those promises that has been made so optimistically for years that it now sounds like hype that will never come true. In contrast to many other corporations, Apple took a long time to introduce the cellular standard, which is now taken as an indication that the time has finally come. That pleases all those who depend on the fast and, above all, inexpensive transport of huge amounts of data – in other words, pretty much everyone who works in the entertainment industry.

Due to its attractiveness for the mass market, the iPhone is an indicator of where an industry is going to develop, and who has ever seen a few skateboarders – they can also be seen in the films of the Apple advertising department – how they saw each other with theirs Filming tricks and how quickly an interesting film can be seen on social media afterwards, who knows: The entertainment industry is changing tremendously right now because technology enables creative people to concentrate less on technology and only to shout: “And.” … action! “


The digital platform of the traffic police will appear in 2021

An open digital traffic police platform with data on persistent traffic offenders will be created in early 2021, the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported in response to a TASS request. The service was announced in April 2019.

“On the site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, together with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, a data showcase of the traffic police (an open digital platform) is being created. Completion of work on its creation is scheduled for early 2021, ”the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

As Kommersant previously wrote, a single digital service will become the development of the existing traffic police information systems. Recall that now the department has the Federal Information System of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, but there is no free access to it. Access to data will be provided only with the consent of the driver himself. It is assumed that authorization to the new service will occur through the ESIA (portal of public services). The new system will allow employers or car-sharing companies to receive all data about drivers – traffic violations, road accidents, deprivation of rights, etc.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs found it difficult to answer the question of who falls under the definition of “persistent traffic offender”, how many times a driver must violate traffic rules to get into the base, for what period.