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Dieter Hecking chose the time for his change a little smarter this time. It is the middle of the year, summer vacations are just beginning in Bavaria, a metal avalanche that was never thought possible is rolling from the north to the south of the republic on the highways. Which also has to do with the fact that the lack of hygienically reliable flight connections is the only remaining means of transportation with which everyone with their family and their viruses can keep to themselves. Dieter Hecking has been on Lake Garda in the past few days. So he didn’t roll from HSV from the north to 1. FC Nürnberg, he saw the tin avalanche on the other track. And unlike his fleeing farewell to the club in winter 2012/13, when he returned he made a wide detour: around Christmas and other holidays. This time no one should come up with the idea of ​​calling Hecking a Christmas present. Or as an egg from the Easter bunny.

The story lingered for a while at the club: How he used an exit clause in his contract shortly before Christmas 2012 to roll north to VfL Wolfsburg. And so he left the poor club with the inexperienced top coach Michael Wiesinger and Armin Reutershahn in the training camp in Marbella. “In any case, I didn’t have a bow when I arrived here,” Hecking justified days later in Wolfsburg, when he started as VfL coach in the face of the Christmas tree.

Forget everything. Seven and a half years later, Hecking can go back to the club at Valznerweiher. It is now one league lower than at Hecking’s farewell. But Hecking is now a league higher: He is no longer a trainer like back then, but, as the SZ learned, should be converted into a sports director. Whether Hecking a sports director will be put under relief – and it will be like that image reports about Martin Przondziono is unclear. The 51-year-old was the managing director of SC Paderborn before the club separated from him due to “different views on sporting development”.

There may also have been different opinions about the season finish of Hecking’s former employer, the Hamburg sports club. On the last matchday, the HSV coached by Hecking would only have had to play a draw against Sandhausen to achieve the promotion to the Bundesliga. Instead, he lost 1: 5. One can say: Hecking missed the ascent with a pinch. But not quite as sharply as 1. FC Nürnberg escaped relegation to the 3rd league: only after a goal in injury time of the relegation second leg. So there is a fruitful exchange of experiences about sporting borderline experiences between the new sports director and the team.

For them, Hecking has to present a new trainer as soon as possible. In the end, this was the express wish of the supervisory board. He has to find a successor for Jens Keller, who had to do the same after the disaster season as sports director Robert Palikuca. In the playoffs, the team was no longer coached by Keller, but by Michael Wiesinger, whom Hecking once threw into the warm pool water in Marbella when he moved to Wolfsburg.

It is said about Wiesinger that he wants to manage the youth performance center as before the relegation.

Hecking was allowed to sign a three-year contract

The deal with Hecking emerged on Friday after Benjamin Schmedes had canceled as the second candidate. The sports director of VfL Osnabrück confirmed that he “is currently not available under the current circumstances”. Whether he meant the prospect of a job as a sports director under Hecking with the circumstances remained open. The fact that Schmedes, who also had supporters on the club’s supervisory board, has now canceled on his own initiative ensures that everyone involved can save face: Schmedes – and the Schmedes supporters.

The supervisory board met on Thursday evening, and Hecking presented his sporting concept for the first time. Apparently this was so exciting that Hecking was offered a three-year contract on Friday.


Dieter Hecking will probably be the new sports director at 1. FC Nürnberg

According to media reports, Dieter Hecking has a new job after leaving Hamburg SV: The 55-year-old is to be the sports director at his former club, 1. FC Nürnberg.

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Dieter Hecking becomes the new sports director of 1. FC Nürnberg. At least that is what the “Bild” and “Kicker” report in unison. Accordingly, the former trainer of the “Glubb” (in office from December 2009 to December 2012) has declared his willingness to take over the vacant post after intensive discussions. The troubled Franks had only separated from their previous sports director Robert Palikuca yesterday, after they had been in one dramatic relegation game could hold the class.

Hecking has been without a job since the beginning of July. After missing the Bundesliga promotion with Hamburger SV, the former Gladbach coach and the Rothosen parted ways after just one season. At his former place of work in Nuremberg, Hecking is now to lead the change that is necessary after the fortunate second-division league.


Trainer-off: Hecking stops at HSV – Sport

After the missed promotion, Dieter Hecking stops at Hamburger SV. Apparently the club wanted to continue with him, but the coach didn’t.

That’s how it is at HSV. A crisis is emerging and the promotion to the Bundesliga that was missed in the second year can be described as such – so there have been changes in the executive staff. The experimental set-up that a complete management team that missed a goal can try again the following year is not included in the club’s DNA. Usually one is gone afterwards. The coach, the sports director, sometimes both of them.

In the current case, coach Dieter Hecking is affected. The heavily experienced Bundesliga coach had gone back to the second division for Hamburger SV in summer 2019. Hecking had been tempted to ascend with the HSV, returning the club to an almost old size.

That failed, on the last day of the match with a disgraceful 1: 5 against Sandhausen. On Saturday only announced Sky and Kicker the impending end, then the club officially declared: Hecking is out. With sports director Jonas Boldt, he could not agree to continue working together. The club sees itself “forced to take a different path”, it said on Saturday according to the club’s announcement. Previously she had image reports that it was Hecking who refused the HSV’s offer for another year because he considered it unsuitable for promotion.

Who is coming, maybe Dimitrios Grammozis?

So, within a few days, the mood has turned. For months, Boldt and Hecking had previously sprayed an agreement that HSV had not had for a long time. Both acted out of serenity and valued themselves – if Hecking had risen as expected with the HSV, this duo would actually have had the chance to work in the club for several years, as long as that is possible in Hamburg (most recently 17 coaches in ten years) . Both called themselves “first contacts” when it came to planning for the coming season.

It turned out differently. After the humiliating malaise against Sandhausen, Hecking only stayed with his family in Bad Nenndorf before meeting Boldt on Wednesday for a first season and error analysis. According to media reports, Hecking is said to have left this meeting sobered; everything had leaked again before the HSV could report anything itself.

“We played a good first half of the season”, Hecking can now be quoted, “satisfied the fans, mastered several very difficult situations around the team and also led HSV on a calmer path. But we did not achieve the desired goal. I will take over the responsibility.” Officially, there is now talk of a joint decision not to extend the contract. What is right?

Whoever is becoming a new HSV coach will probably have to get involved in the clear promotion goal, but in an even more tense financial situation than in the previous season. Patron Klaus-Michael Kühne is apparently no longer interested in the naming rights of the Volkspark Stadium; There are also reports that the main sponsor Emirates is about to jump off. According to media reports, former HSV professional Dimitrios Grammozis, most recently in Darmstadt, is a candidate for the coaching position. It is, piquantly, also traded at the city rival FC St. Pauli.


HSV: Next total renovation – How Hamburg wants to survive in the 2nd division

After the embarrassment against the provincial club Sandhausen, the HSV remains in the second division for another year. This will have massive consequences in terms of personnel – and it won’t stay that way.

Although the embarrassment was written on his face, Dieter Hecking spoke calmly and confidently as always. However, his words reflected his facial expression: “We started it as a big thing and failed as a big thing.” A trainer has rarely summarized a season more appropriately.

After the 1: 5 against the Heidelberg suburban club SV Sandhausen, the once so glorious HSV remains third consecutive year in the 2nd Bundesliga – and that although competitor Heidenheim lost 0-3 in Bielefeld and could have been displaced with a draw of relegation rank three. The former European Cup winner from the Hanseatic city has once again made fun of the football nation. The question now is what the consequences will be.

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Dieter Hecking scored an average of 1.58 points per game with HSV. He was better in his coaching career only in Wolfsburg and Aachen. (Source: Christian Charisius / dpa)

The trainer

Primarily, of course, it’s about coaching Hecking. The experienced, unexcited trainer should calm down the chronically nervous HSV environment and promote a young team (average age: 25.7 years) to the Bundesliga. Therefore, a contract was concluded, which is only extended in the event of promotion. Ergo expires Heckings contract on Tuesday. The HSV would then be without a trainer.

However, Hecking recently made it clear that he can well imagine continuing his engagement in the Hanseatic city. Statements such as “I’m not a fickle person” or “Now you have to see whether we can put this big picture together again so that everyone has the feeling that it can work out next year” suggests that the 55-year-old missed the climb do not let yourself sit down and continue to look after the team. Rafael van der Vaart is an advocate of this solution. The former HSV star asked in the “Bild” to hold on to Hecking after the numerous coaching changes in recent years.

Whether it really comes to that will largely depend on manager Jonas Boldt. According to information from the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the latter should meet with the Supervisory Board around President Marcell Jansen in a timely manner. There is advice about the trainer question. The newspaper also reports that the inspectors initially want to stick to Boldt as the main sports manager. However, he and CFO Frank Wettstein could be accompanied by some colleagues on the board. This was avoided last spring, after Bernd Hoffmann, the boss at the time, was kicked out.

Joel Pohjanpalo (left) came to HSV during the winter break and convinced with nine goals in 14 games.  He is one of five players on loan who will leave the club at the end of the season.  (Source: imago images / Tim Groothuis / Witters / Pool)Joel Pohjanpalo (left) came to HSV during the winter break and convinced with nine goals in 14 games. He is one of five players on loan who will leave the club at the end of the season. (Source: Tim Groothuis / Witters / Pool / imago images)

The players

In contrast to the coaching position, there is already a major change in the playing staff. With Adrian Fein (FC Bayern), Martin Harnik (Werder), Jordan Beyer (Gladbach), Louis Schaub (Cologne) and Joel Pohjanpalo (Leverkusen), only five players will leave the “red trousers” according to the contract at the turn of the season. In addition, the departures from Jairo Samperio, Christoph Moritz and Kyriakos Papadopoulos are considered safe, according to the “Hamburger Abendblatt”.

Central defender Rick van Drongelen has long been considered a sales candidate in the event of another second division year. The Dutch Under-21 international has a market value of 7.2 million euros according to “” and is therefore the most valuable professional in the HSV squad. Against Sandhausen, however, van Drongelen suffered a cruciate ligament tear and will now probably be out for half a year. A sale is no longer an option – a replacement is needed instead.

In addition, the whereabouts of Timo Letschert, whose contract expires, and Ewerton, who got no leg on the floor in the expired one, are considered uncertain. The same applies to Jeremy Dudziak, Julian Pollersbeck, Josha Vagnoman, Bakery Jatta and Tim Leibold. Especially top preparer Leibold (16 assists) will be hard to keep. VfB Stuttgart is said to have already stretched out its feelers for the full-back, according to “Kicker”.

After billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne secured the naming rights in 2015, the Hamburg Arena is officially called Volksparkstadion again.  (Source: imago images / Eibner)After billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne secured the naming rights in 2015, the Hamburg Arena is officially called Volksparkstadion again. (Source: Eibner / imago images)


Whether potential sales candidates will leave the club depends primarily on the financial development. The team budget of around 30 million euros is likely to be cut due to the corona crisis and the associated lack of audience revenue. In this context, “Bild” speaks of a reduction to 23 million euros.

At least the majority of the sponsors should keep the Hamburgers according to “Abendblatt”. However, it becomes difficult with the two largest partners. Firstly, there is the main sponsor Emirates. The airline, shaken by the corona crisis, has been advertising on the HSV chest for 14 years. On Monday evening, “Bild” then announced that Emirates would activate a clause because of the missed return to the Bundesliga and prematurely exit the contract that ran until 2022. The “Abendblatt” had also reported on the clause.

There are also long-term financiers Klaus-Michael Kühne. The logistics company had bought the naming rights to the Volksparkstadion in 2015 with great applause from the fans – and officially called it that again. This agreement expires on Tuesday.

According to “Bild”, Kuehne signaled early on to those responsible that they would not be able to extend the league in another year. According to the newspaper and the newspaper “Die Welt” it is about four million euros per year. Money with which the HSV – according to Dieter Hecking – could once again start from scratch to triumph this time.


Hamburg and Hecking miss Bundesliga relegation

AWhen the groundbreaking decisions for the upcoming second division season were made a good year ago, Hamburg SV received applause in turn. Dieter Hecking, 55, came as a well-known coach, Jonas Boldt had made a name for himself as sports director at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The team seemed well mixed from professionals with missions in the Bundesliga and those who knew the second division.

Hunt, Jatta, Leibold and Harnik, plus Kittel, Fein, Kinsombi and Dudziak: Only VfB Stuttgart had a nobler squad. Lewis Holtby and Pierre-Michel Lasogga had also left, names and faces that stood for failed and unsuccessful high-price policies. Bernd Hoffmann, the shrewd chairman of the board, who understood the coach heavyweight, sat even more: Hecking respected. Whatever helps if Hoffmann actually adheres to leaving the sporting area publicly uncommented.

The fact that there were a lot of new management personnel again because coach Hannes Wolf and sports director Ralf Becker had been fired after fourth place in the 2018/19 season, went down, so hopeful were the Hamburgers that they finally found the right person in a responsible position. When HSV was first after eleven games and 24 points, some of which were well played out, the whole thing seemed as coherent as rarely in the past ten years. The expectations here are not that big anymore. Quiet pole Hecking would fix it, definitely this season! Hamburg loved this coach in late summer 2019. And the trainer felt comfortable. 30 of 69 possible points from the following 23 games have been added. The stable ascent construction became a block tower like the one built by three-year-olds.

13 trainers since 2010

Now there is no stone on the other. Or? In fact, the traditional club is in a tight spot again. Expressly, no more guilty parties are to be sought and found, no individuals who are then chased by the court. That’s what Boldt stands for. He wants to get away from hiring and firing the coaches within a year – the HSV has worn 13 coaches since 2010. The usual reflex should be absent this time, and therefore Hecking has the chance to continue his work despite the embarrassment on Sunday. Whatever he wants. “I’m not a fickle person,” he said when he confidently found words for the 1: 5 against SV Sandhausen and his role in this so disappointing 2019/20 series: “We started as a whole and are now as a whole failed.”

Boldt had said that Hecking was his first point of contact. He stays with it. But does Boldt decide at all? Or Marcell Jansen? The president of HSV eV and chief controller of HSV Fußball AG has so far only said nothing – which does not have to be a good thing for Hecking and Boldt.

The question is: does consistency help, does turning away from the one-year trainer principle help when there is no conviction that the right person is on the bench? Continuity just for the sake of consistency cannot be a solution. Boldt, team planner Michael Mutzel and chief scout Claus Costa certainly made mistakes. The thin and weak central defense urgently needed reinforcements during the winter break. Unlike in the storm, where loan player Joel Pohjanpalo was the only ray of hope in the second half, Jordan Beyer did not help in the defense.

Overall, however, the Hecking leadership fulfilled many wishes. The coach was unable to stabilize the defense despite many changes – the five goals conceded on the last matchday and four last-minute goals showed where HSV wasted their promotion. One point from the last three games, ten points from the nine games since the restart: As a year ago, HSV slumped in the most important phase of the season. The team practically challenged goals against the Kielers and the Heidenheimers. It receded meter by meter. The burden of climbing had to be heavy.

As the Stuttgart sports director Sven Mislintat said at “Sport-Bild”: “If you work for VfB in the second division, and exactly the same applies to HSV, you can’t win, you can only lose. It feels like the relegation battle from the Bundesliga continues. ”Well formulated! This is exactly why the HSV chose pressure-resistant types. Hecking and his assistant Dirk Bremser in front. In the end, however, only Aaron Hunt and Pohjanpalo were up to the stress on the lawn. Where everyone pulled their heads in, they demanded the ball. That ended tragically against SV Sandhausen: Hunt faithfully delivered to Pohjanpalo, which the opponent saw through quickly. Concepts against deep teams? Tactical variations? Changes that sit, changes that are fruitful? Since the 2: 3 against VfB Stuttgart on May 28, Hecking has offered his team nothing more useful. The HSV played poorly and threw away the ascent in a way that all scoffers will have loved. Hard-boiled Hamburg fans clapped for Sandhausen on Sunday because they feared embarrassment against Werder in the event of relegation.

Despite the massive indebtedness, the Hamburg way should consist twice of advancing with comparatively expensive teams. Reduced earnings due to the corona pandemic and the signing departure of financier Klaus-Michael Kühne are forcing a new strategy. Favorites will be others. The HSV becomes the normal second division representative. Maybe that helps – or the next HSV trainer.