Girona B, without public; and the Peralada, with limitations

The two Girona Third Division teams that play this weekend at home, Girona B and Peralada, will do it differently in terms of the public. Girona will host Vilassar behind closed doors, while Peralada will allow a maximum of 260 people (only members, grassroots football and collaborators).


Piqué harshly criticizes Bartomeu

Central Gerard Piqué, one of Barça’s captains, said yesterday in an interview with The vanguard that it is “outrageous” that the club has spent money, “money they are now asking us for”, to “criticize us”, no longer only to outsiders with a historical relationship with the club, but to active players . “That hurts a lot. I say this here because I told him personally before the president. And what do you want me to tell you It’s painful Yes. I can do something else Well no. My relationship with the president may be cordial, but there are things left. Piqué confirmed that he plans to vote in the motion of censure against Bartomeu.


Palafrugell – Lloret d’hoquei and Grama – Figueres suspended for two positives

The coronavirus continues to give no respite to the sport of Girona and yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that neither the derby of the OK League between Palafrugell and Lloret, scheduled for this evening (20.00), nor the match of the Third Division between the Grama Foundation and Figueres, tomorrow at noon, will not be able to play. One positive in Palafrugell in the case of hockey and another in the first team of Figueres in terms of football were the causes that led to the activation of the anticovid-19 protocols of the skating and football federations. Both games were suspended and the two positive players, isolated, as were their close contacts.

The positives in Palafrugell and Figueres are not new to the sport of Girona and, for example, Olot has not yet been able to debut in Second B after two positives have forced to postpone two days of the equipment. In hockey, Girona has confined its entire women’s OK League team, after a positive case was detected in the squad, while the men’s team will be able to go to Taradell today after the duel was postponed last Sunday. against Igualada in the Palau pavilion. The suspicion of a possible positive in a junior coaching the first team led to this suspension as a precaution. Once this possible positive was ruled out, the team returned to normal.


Helsingør at home – Diari de Girona

About thirty people connected to a Zoom, not for a business meeting, or a virtual class, or to chat and share family anecdotes like in times of confinement. A Zoom to see theater, to recover the relationship between actor and director Jordi Oriol and oh, Hamlet, eternal and universal character, started ten years ago in Temporada Alta and now its virtual branch, the section A Distància, rescues with The fall of the H., in a different format that generates enough intimacy with the viewer to move through the screen.

Curious (and interesting) thought, that of this Zoom Space that makes you shake and bring a piece of Helsingør home.


CaixaForum begins today the Petits Cinfils cycle, to experience family cinema

CaixaForum Girona is launching a series of film experiences to live with the family today. Under the title Little moviegoers,presents a series of screenings that will continue on November 28, December 19 and January 16. All the films have as a common thread the fact of belonging to the Magical Light Pictures studio.

In the first session, today at 5.30 pm, there will be art historian and specialist in film pedagogy and feminist studies, Blanca Alméndaraiz, who will address the creative processes of projection. For sixty minutes, you will be able to see five short films starring brave and imaginative girls.

At all sessions there will also be an educator who will present the film to give the keys so that the little ones can understand it.

Tickets can be purchased on the CaixaForum website or in the cultural space itself, during opening hours.


Theater to feel like an intruder

A show conceived in a house, Can Pagans, to experience the intimacy of a couple from the bedroom, living room and kitchen, arrives tomorrow at the Teatre Ateneu de Celrà forcibly reformulated by the pandemic but with the will of preserve maximum proximity to the viewer. Elda & Daniel, the third joint production of the actors Meritxell Yanes and David Planas, premieres at the Temporada Alta festival with a different format from how the director and playwright Llàtzer Garcia had imagined it, but maintaining its essence.

The initial project, which they were rehearsing when the pandemic broke out, repeated the formula of Ventura, the successful production premiered in 2015 at the festival and which has been seen for five years: same tandem of performers and same stage, a house in Celrà for a small group of spectators to share a night with the protagonist couple, almost sent voyeur of a conversation with unsuspected confessions.

The health situation has forced a change in the space, but this feeling of “feeling intrusive” in the couple’s life is maintained, as far as possible (and with all the security measures), explains Garcia. That is why they have chosen to perform it with the public also on the stage of the theater, surrounding the performance. For now, they will have to comply with the version provided for cakes and later, if possible, return to the original.

The montage delves into the lives of Elda and Daniel, who have been together for ten years and have no children. The relationship begins to break up, and the viewer will witness the night when everything explodes.

“I didn’t want to write about a couple who break up, but about two people who have felt very alone and who have looked for very different solutions and who come across to combat this situation,” explains Garcia, who points out that the show “did not go both of an end and of a new beginning ”.

“At the time of writing there was nothing marked, everything has come out very organically and has ended up being a long conversation that goes through many moments,” says the Girona author, who is currently working on a show for at the TNC focused on the Font de la Pólvora neighborhood.

In this sense, it indicates that Elda & Daniel it also “goes from truths and lies, and from the game between representation and reality.”

After a preview at the end of September in Celrà, the show premieres for Temporada Alta tomorrow at six on the same stage, where it can also be seen from 5 to 7 November. In the coming months, it will arrive at La Planeta in Girona and Banyoles.


The coronavius ​​fills the sport of Girona with doubts

In soocer, Olot will not have been able to make their debut yet after the second day of Second B; in basketball, Quart and Bisbal see how the EBA League has been postponed the first three dates of the championship and the start of the league is not at all clear; in handball, Bordils must play on Sunday in a city, Burgos, which is confined perimeter; and in hockey, Girona has its entire OK League women’s team confined… And these are just four of the latest examples of the doubts one is generating coronavirus which keeps all Catalan base and territorial sport afloat.

Quart and Bisbal, unemployed

The EBA League should have started last week, but, as had happened a few days ago with the opening day of the Women’s League-2, the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) decided to postpone it to give eight more days to the teams to prepare for the start of a very complicated championship due to the complexity of combining a league of remarkable sporting demand where, on the other hand, the players are absolutely amateurs. So last weekend neither Sol Gironès Bisbal – Mataró nor Joventut B – Quart Germans Cruz nor the other matches of an EBA League were played, which is, in order of importance, the fourth competition in men’s basketball. state with numerous territorial groups. The competition was supposed to start this weekend, with the calendar day dispute, but now it has been the teams that have said “Better wait” in the face of the health situation and doubts about viabilityespecially from an economic point of view of the FEB protocol that requires all teams to pass tests PCR three days before of each party.

In two telematic meetings, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, between the Catalan teams of the competition and the president of the Catalan Federation, Ferran Aril, a consensus was reached to ask the FEB to postpone the two coming weeks. A lawsuit that was met by the FEB and therefore neither Bisbal will play tomorrow in Zaragoza, against Alfinden, nor will Quart receive Badalonès. For now, the EBA League 2020/21 would begin on November 7 with the dispute of the fourth day (Quart-Mataró and Granollers-Bisbal). A start that, however, will also depend both on the evolution of the pandemic and, surely, also on some kind of agreement so that clubs can take on the cost of de facto coronavirus testing on all players each week. The protocol of the FEB determined that the tests of the first three days were in his charge, however, that from there each club would have to be paid with their resources.

Olot-Barça B, postponed

The Garrotxa team received the official confirmation by the RFEF of the suspension of Sunday’s match against Barça B.. L’equip he hasn’t trained since late last week, when two positives were detected for covid-19. Last Saturday the Federation granted the postponement of the first league match, in the Cornellà field. The Garrotxa squad has been voluntarily confined pending new tests. A positive third was detected on Tuesday and it was decided to continue with confinement. Today, Friday, in response to the club’s decision to perform an antigen test on the staff every three days, new analyzes to determine what situation he is in the team. In any case, without training for a week, the room for maneuver was limited and the Federation confirmed in the evening the suspension, also, of the duel with Barça B. If all went well, the premiere of Olot could arrive on the third day, on November 1, in the Nàstic field. Once everyone is back there will be time to look for dates on the calendar to reschedule the two canceled games.

El Bordils, in Burgos

The day after tomorrow, Sunday at noon, Bordils plays in Burgos in a match of the fifth day of the Division of Honor Silver of handball that will be disputed in a city that, from Wednesday to midnight, is confined perimeter. “At the moment we are playing, we have no other information,” they explained yesterday from Bordils in a situation that, logically, generates uncertainty due to the constant changes and differences in the restrictions applied by each regional government. On paper, the confinement of Burgos should not be an obstacle to playing the game – state-level competitions would be one of the exceptions to entering and leaving the city – but it is still an atypical situation. What it does it is ruled out that the match must be played with a mask as happened to Sarrià when he visited Burgos, because the health authorities of Castilla y León have rectified this measure.

Face and cross at CH Girona

The coronavirus has also been affected in hockey. He Girona Flat Garage for women he already postponed the match against Alcorcón last weekend when a positive was detected. The whole team has stayed confined and, for this reason, Girona-Las Rozas will not be able to play this weekend either. However the OK Lliga men’s team will be able to go to Taradell tomorrow. Last Sunday, the match against Igualada was postponed to Palau because a junior who is in the dynamics of the first team, but who also trains with the women’s team, could have been in contact with the positive case. Finally the analysis was negative and the team was able to prepare with relative normalcy for the next league match, although the suspicious player is still confined as a precaution.


“I’ve made the best friendships of my life thanks to skating”

Why are you leaving now?
I had been saying this for a couple of years. Four years ago a new board came in and I told them it was time for new air to come in. I was asked that since the show groups represent a very big move, that we make the move slowly, and that I stay as president. I accepted it and in the end it has been four more years, but everything has an end because things get bogged down if no fresh air enters. One must know how to say enough. Now young people come up, eager. I have considered, by personal circumstances, that I now feel a little more at ease. Clubs are almost like companies, and lately I was incompatible with my job in a dental prosthesis lab. I’ve already done what was right for me.

Did he leave without making a fuss, when did he make the decision?
I’ve been saying it folded, but when there wasn’t one thing, it was another. The responsibility of presiding over the club took time away from my family, from being with my mother, who is older, and with my husband. In March I said it would definitely fold in September. During confinement I was able to spend more time with family and now it’s one of the things I want.

Did the uncertainty caused by the pandemic make her doubt?
No, the decision he had made was the one he wanted. With covid-19 there is a lot of work, and now I feel like doing other things. You always have that thing to say that you will miss it but after 21 years linked to skating it was time.

What is missing?
The relationship with the technical team, with the people on the board, and with the girls in the club, especially the big ones, who were very involved. I miss the human part. The best friendships of my life have been made thanks to skating. I have gone from receiving 10,000 whatsapps every day to having nothing. For the first few days it seemed like I was left alone. But I’m happy because then you see I can go up to Palau whenever I want. In fact I continue to be joined by Nuri (Soler) for the music of the show groups. All my life I have done this and will continue to collaborate with her in finding the soundtracks for her compositions.

Are Nuri Soler and Júlia Vallverdú, his daughter, and so far second coach, the best legacy he leaves?
Yes, totally. Júlia has also left the club this year, nothing has been sought to match me, because she is finishing her doctoral thesis and they have stayed with Nuri. And what can I tell you about Nuri? Without her the club would not be the same. CPA Girona is his job and his passion. We couldn’t find an equal person. She was my daughter’s coach when she started skating when she was six. Nuri was very young, did the selectivity and went to study Teaching. Then she went to do INEFC in Barcelona, ​​but was still linked to the club. Júlia was Nuri’s first student and they went up together. What unites them goes beyond skating.

Why did they venture to create a skating club in Girona in 2010?
We were a section of Girona CH. Then we were starting to get into show groups and we needed to do a lot of things, but it was unfeasible because there were no separate budgets for hockey and skating. If we wanted to get seriously into show groups we had to go around our corner and that’s what motivated us and made us decide at that point. We were quite scared to take the club and run it on our own, but we knew the needs. We created the CPA Girona the board of that section and Nuri, as coordinator. Initially we were 60-70 girls and we got to about 140. We can’t take any more.

How have you skated during these 20 years of management?
(Laughs) I’ve skated a lot of things. It is very difficult not to skate. I can’t say in what, I wouldn’t know how to say it. Surely at times the club members have not agreed with some of the decisions we have made, but we have always done everything in good faith and with the will to look after the girls and skating. I hope I didn’t make a mistake looking more to one side than the other, because I’ve always said that show groups shouldn’t eat individual skating.

Does covid-19 put the future of the club at risk?
I do not think so. I folded in September and in August I still saw how day to day was going, and things are going well. The coaches are clear and, in addition, a person from the board, who works at Trueta, is in charge of all the protocols related to the virus. Yes, it is true that the uncertainty we have right now makes it a difficult time, especially in show groups, because it is demotivating not to know when you will be able to compete again. Until recently nothing was known. Now it looks like next year will be able to compete, although we have nothing clear either. At the club we have had doubts about whether to repeat this year’s record or make a new one for 2021. And seeing the complicated time, it is believed that it is not the time to expand spending. For this reason, due to the economic difficulties, and having come to dispute only the provincial and the Catalan this year with She, it was decided that in 2021 we will continue with this same dance.

What changed that bronze in the 2015 Spanish Championship in Zaragoza?
It was a brutal quality leap. We always tried to get over it and we had been there for many years. Being third in Spain is the most beautiful memory I have, and that we have been world champions. We struggled to get on the podium and we got it. The hardest part was being able to make the leap, once you’ve done that, they already recognize you more.

And in 2019 they won it all.
It was a dream come true. A spectacular year, also crowning us in Barcelona. Ours is a hard sport because it is not recognized anywhere, there have been cases of suspended exams because a girl has gone to a World Cup and it has been useless to prove it. After seeing the sacrifice of the girls, who are there on Saturdays, Sundays, not coming out … that’s what made me very happy. And also, of course, for Nuri.

Has skating made you sleepy nights? What have you given up?
Many nights of sleep, it got me out. Skating has taken me hours out of the family. But I am happy, both in life before and now.

Why has no one ever dared to hold a World Cup in Girona, with the tradition that exists?
That is no longer up to us, it is surely more of a political issue. The most that has been done here was the European Championship in Blanes.

How come the two best teams in the world are separated by only 45 miles?
With the CPA Olot there is a lot of cordiality. I have a great friendship with Ricard Planiol and in fact he was one of the first people to know that he was folding, I called him to tell him. Rivalry is there on the court, which is where it makes sense to be there. More and more clubs are coming up, the Celrà, the Maçanet … and this increases the competitiveness and quality of our skating.


US approves first treatment for COVID-19

It is the first and only treatment approved by the US regulatory agency FDA for COVID-19 in the United States

The United States approved the remdesivir by Gilead Sciences as the first treatment against COVID-19. It did so through the FDA drug regulatory agency.

“Veklury (brand name of remdesivir) is the first and only treatment approved by the FDA for COVID-19 in the United States “, indicated the biotechnology website, which ensures that it reduces recovery time by 5 days in hospitalized patients.

Remdesivir had already been licensed as emergency treatment against COVID-19 disease.

And, in the third phase of their clinical trials double-blind, it was considered one of the most promising treatments for combating the effects of pandemic disease.

“The speed and rigor with which we have reached this milestone reflects the shared commitment of Gilead, government agencies, and clinical trial researchers to advance new treatment options for patients in the fight against HIV. COVID-19“, has publicly recognized Daniel O’Day, CEO of the company through Twitter.

US Approves Gilead Sciences’ Remdesivir As First COVID-19 Treatment

How current is remdesivir

Remdesivir, as an antiviral, works by stopping the replication of SARS-CoV-2 —Scientific name of the new coronavirus. It has also been tested against multiple emerging viral pathogens such as Ebola, SARS 2002, and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

As reflected in the company’s statement, remdesivir is indicated to treat both adult patients as pediatric – from 12 years and with, at least, 40 kilograms.

It reduces the recovery of hospitalized patients by 5 days and has only, as the most frequent adverse reaction, sickness —One of the symptoms of COVID-19.

“The availability of a rigorously proven treatment that can significantly accelerate recovery and offers other benefits such as lower rates of progression to ventilation provides hospitalized patients and their families a relevant hope and offers health care providers a fundamental tool to serve patients in need “, recognized the expert Barry Zingman, professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, New York , USA.

However, despite its recognition, the World Health Organization believes that remdesivir – and other drugs being tested against SARS-CoV-2 – is not effective in reducing mortality from the new coronavirus.

remdesivir is indicated to treat both adult and pediatric patients

Remdesivir is indicated to treat both adult and pediatric patients.

“These regimens of remdesivir, hidroxicloroquina, lopinavir and interferon seemed to have little effect on hospital mortality, “says the WHO Solidarity report consulted by the Financial Times.

In fact, plant doctors COVID-19 at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, have acknowledged that they had stopped using it in hospitalized patients because it “barely worked” —on the contrary in mild cases.

Likewise, a study published by Journal of the American Medical Association showed that remdesivir did not significantly improve the results of patients who took it for 10 days.

But, according to Gilead, the emerging data appears inconsistent with stronger evidence from multiple studies randomized controlled trials validating the clinical benefit of remdesivir. Plus, now, its approval as a treatment.


Olot is still awaiting the decision of the Federation to see if they can play on Sunday

The premiere ofOlot this season in Second B continues to hang by a thread because of the pandemic of the COVID-19. The Garrotxa team could no longer play the first game of the season, scheduled for last Sunday at noon, in the Cornellà field due to three positive cases in the squad and is now pending whether he will be able to receive Barça B. this Sunday at the Municipal (17.00) in a match of the second day of the League. The club follow the protocol thread by thread established by the Spanish Football Federation, which indicates that the three affected players must be isolated, and even goes further because the staff has been completely confined voluntarily. The men of Raul Garrido they haven’t been training since Friday while they are waiting to find out what will happen with the match against Barça B.

From the Garrotxa entity, the antigen tests every seventy-two hours in this way, to reduce the risk of infection and to control that there are no more cases than have already been known. Last Saturday evening, the judge of the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation made public the suspension of the match against Cornellà following the detection of three positive cases in the squad. This week, and once two infected players were isolated – the third was in the end a false positive – the intention was to resume training but the appearance on Tuesday of a confirmed positive third changed plans. The squad has been confined voluntarily and is waiting to know the decision of the Federation on what will happen with the match against Barça B on Sunday.

In this sense, in the event that the Federation opts to postpone the match against the Barça subsidiary, Olot would have to wait another week to enter the competition. As long as, of course, there are no more positive cases in the antigen tests that will be done tomorrow in the staff. Garrido’s next match would be the following weekend against Gimnàstic at the Nou Estadi de Tarragona.