Hummer EV, the unstoppable ‘crab’ even in the desert – Trials and News

Between diagonal driving and ‘pull-out’ mode, the Hummer EV also tackles the desert with ease. At the head of the team that has worked to equip the electric Hummer with all those devices that make it unstoppable even on the roughest terrain, is Mike Colville, senior manager of GM and leader of the team that created the Crabwalk mode, who allows the Hummer to move diagonally, as does the pull-out mode, which literally lifts the Hummer from the deep ground, and the Ultravision, which adds waterproof cameras under the vehicle to avoid large boulders and the like.

Many of the features come from Colville’s experiences in off-road racing. In his career the GM manager has hand-built 12 cars that compete in endurance races and which can be powered by large V8 engines, up to 800hp, and fly across the desert at speeds of over 100mph. “It was scary, fun and exhilarating – Colville said of his passion for racing – and there was nothing I liked more than driving in the dust. I brought that competitive spirit to me.” It was also his off-road experience that brought him into the Hummer project.

Just back from China in 2019, where he developed performance features for cars, he enjoyed talking about off-road racing with Josh Tavel. Tavel was the lead engineer on the Hummer project, so he invited Colville to the team. “In my racing car – said Colville – I was constantly breaking half-shafts and so I designed something to protect the Hummer’s half-shafts”. Ride height control was another feature Colville wanted because ground clearance, especially when rough, is an important factor for off-road racing. Hence, the Hummer’s ‘pull out’ mode, which lifts the car up to 6 inches to allow it to overcome obstacles.



It became known who installed the mysterious monolith in the Utah desert

In the US, art group The Most Famous Artist announced on social networks that it was she who installed the mysterious monolith in the desert in the US state of Utah.

“If by“ you ”mean us, then yes,” the art group replied in the comments under one of the publications when asked if they were the authors of the silver object.

In addition, The Most Famous Artist posted two photos on Instagram of the man working on the monolith.

“Do you want to say that these were not aliens?” – the art group signed the photo.

Also on the site The Most Famous Artist announced the sale of the art object for 45 thousand dollars. According to the art group, the monolith will be delivered to its buyer in four to six weeks.

Recall that the first silver monolith was discovered on November 18 by employees of the Air Bureau of the Utah Department of Public Safety. They were flying over the area in a helicopter when they noticed an unusual object. The site’s location was not disclosed as authorities said they did not want enthusiastic seekers to wander into the remote area.

Later it became known that a mysterious silvery monolith found among the rocks in the desert in southeastern Utah had disappeared. As reported in the media, only a metal triangle and a hole in the base of the structure remained from the artifact.


An object similar to the one found in Utah appeared in Romania – News

The artifact was found two days after it was reported the find in Utah and they present the same morphology: a metal structure, about four meters high and triangular with horizontal projection.

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The only difference is that the object found in Romania does not have a smooth surface, but is covered with a pattern.

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The authorities have already begun the search for the person who installed the structure, arguing that it would have violated private property. In addition, it is a protected area, since it is located a few meters from the old Petrodava fortress.

“To do something in that place he needed an authorization from us, which must be approved by the Ministry [de Cultura]”, Rocsana Josanu, the head of the Culture and Heritage Directorate of the Neamt region, told the newspaper truth.

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After the buzz generated in the networks from this discovery, some people suggest that it is a ‘marketing’ strategy of the minimalist sculptor John McCracken.

Others have slipped in more creative options: an “alien super weapon,” an “ancient prototype of Xbox next generation “or a” NASA device. “


Mysterious monolith in the desert disappeared again

Riddles in Utah
Mysterious metal column in the desert disappeared again

The mystery is getting bigger and bigger: the mysterious metal pillar, which caused wild speculation after its discovery in the desert in the US state of Utah, has apparently disappeared again.

The Utah Land Administration said Saturday it had received “credible reports” that the monolith was removed by strangers on Friday night.

The authority emphasized that they had not removed the column because it was “private property”. According to its own information, the Land Administration Office is not responsible for investigations. It referred to the local police department.

The three and a half meter high metal column was discovered by chance from the air last week in the middle of red rocks in southern Utah during a sheep count. The discovery led to diverse and not always very serious speculations about the originator and meaning of the object on the Internet – from the work of extraterrestrials to fans of science fiction films to a reset button for the Corona year 2020.

Some observers suspected that the column could be the work of the US artist John McCracken, who died in 2011 and who had lived in nearby New Mexico for some time. His son Patrick McCracken told the “New York Times” that his father told him in 2002 that he would like to leave his works of art in remote places for “later discoveries”.

The US authorities had not disclosed the exact location of the column in order to keep onlookers away. However, a user of the online platform Reddit was able to determine the location based on the rock formations in the background. He shared a Google Earth location with a small structure on it. According to the internet user, the column was first photographed by Google in 2016.

Instagram user David Surber reported that he made a pilgrimage to the metal pillar using the coordinates published on Reddith. “Apparently the monolith has disappeared,” he later wrote on the online network. “I suspect nature has returned to its original state”.

(field / AFP)


Thursday thriller: “Blind”, Chili con carne

Are you afflicted with this mild disability called prosopagnosia? You don’t recognize anyone. Worse, when you finally recognize someone at a party and jump on their neck, it turns out that it is your wine merchant. As for Gabe, the hero of Blindly (Face Blind in original version), the matter is more serious. He is unable to recognize a face for the simple reason that he cannot memorize any of them. For him, the others are only smells, voices. He will die without knowing the features of the loved one, and that obsesses him.

One night, in the Atacama Desert, Chile, where he is an astronomer, Gabe sees a guy running and suddenly collapsing, a bullet in the head. Who is he ? No way to find out, because when he returns after going to seek reinforcement, the guy is missing. What does he look like, he couldn’t tell. And Gabe makes his case worse when, further in the desert, he comes across a backpack with a dead man in it. A kid who has been amputated so that he fits in the bag.

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Gabe had better give it up, if only because his boss at the observatory takes a dim view that the police are called in twice. But he persists. His investigation will lead him to ghost towns where the memory of Pinochet’s jails lurks, and to a prison where a former torturer confides his turpitudes, his secrets and his terror.

To accompany Gabe, a trio of shock: a brother and a sister, Luke and Mira, who are twins but he has Down’s syndrome. They have just entered the life of a writer, a black man named Cable, who has had success with an SF novel but no longer writes. The twins came to find him to solve a riddle. Why does Luke, who has difficulty reading letters, who is dyslexic, can easily read Cable’s book? It’s even the only book he can read.

Gabe, Luke, Mira and Cable see horrible things and live dangerously. The talent of the author ofBlindly, Lance Hawvermale, consists in making us swallow the most macabre fantasies as well as the most improbable affinities. It will be okay for Cable to claim to be immune to bullets.

Claire Devarrieux

Blindly by Lance Hawvermale. Translated from the American by Denis Beneich. Chambon noir, 364 pp., € 23 (ebook: € 16.99).


Surprise! satellites counted more trees west of the Sahara and the Sahel than previously thought

Data collected by satellites enabled researchers to inventory trees west of the Sahara and the Sahel with a level of detail never equaled over such a large area. And against all odds, they listed more than they had imagined. Soon, thanks to artificial intelligence, the location and size of every tree on Earth can be mapped.

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This new extract from Peru, Planète Extrême, takes us to the discovery of a very particular tree: the huarango. Accustomed to the lack of water and the hot desert climate, it is now threatened. Discover, in this documentary produced by French Connection Films, one of the most amazing trees in Peru.

Southern Sahara and the Sahel are home to more thantrees previously thought, playing a “crucial role” for the biodiversity and the lives of populations, according to a study published Wednesday in the revue Nature.

The international team of researchers has developed a pattern recognition program by artificial intelligence for count trees with a plant surface of more than three square meters, from more than 11,000 images satellite High Definition.

Over an area of ​​1.3 million km2 (i.e. two and a half times the area of ​​metropolitan France) in the south of the Sahara, the Sahelian strip (semi-arid zone south of desert) and sub-humid areas in Africa from the west, they were able to count more than 1.8 billion trees. Or an average of 13.4 trees per hectare, with a median plant cover of 12 m2.

An astonishing density of trees

This vegetation, certainly sparse, ” plays a crucial role for biodiversity and forecosystem as storage of carbone, food resources and shelter for human and animal populations, note the researchers. Although the total vegetation cover is low, the relatively high density of isolated trees challenges the prevailing idea of desertification dry areas, and even the desert offers a surprising density of trees ».

The density increases as it descends towards the wetter zones in the South, from 0.7 trees per hectare in the “hyper-arid” zones, to 9.9 in the arid zone, 30.1 in the semi-arid zone 47 trees per hectare in a sub-humid zone.

AI to identify every tree on Earth

In addition to this census, the study offers a new method for studying the presence of trees outside dense forest areas, and in particular their possible role in matter of climate change and therefore potentially poverty, through their contribution to the agricultural systems, the authors say.

« This kind of data is very important to establish a base. And in two or ten years, we could repeat the study to see if efforts to revitalize [la végétation] are effective “, Explained in a press release one of the researchers, Jesse Meyer, of the American space agency. Nasa.

The AI ​​technique used further suggests “ that it will soon be possible, within certain limits, to map the location and size of all trees, [une connaissance] fundamental to our understanding ofecology worldwide Said Niall P. Hanan and Julius Anchang of the American University of New Mexico, in an analysis of the study commissioned and published by Nature.

This video allows you to see the scientific work. © NASA

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In Saudi Arabia, the desert bears the mark of a 120,000-year-old man

With its ocher dunes topped with pylons and sandstone cliffs, the Nefoud Desert is more of a hostile sci-fi setting than a pleasant meadow. Yet tens of millennia ago, a landscape of lakes and greenery stretched to the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula. It was here that an international team discovered traces ofhomo sapiens dated 120,000 years ago, reports a study published September 18 in Science Advances.

376 footprints, including seven from humans

Archaeologists unearthed seven footprints, which must have belonged to two or three humans. A total of 376 fossilized footprints have been found on the ancient shores of a long-lost lake, whose basin was detected using satellite imagery. On site, the erosion of the surface sediments brought to light these footprints, the vast majority of which belong to animals such as elephants and camels.

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To establish a date for these fossilized prints, the researchers used a technique called “stimulated optical luminescence”. Used for minerals, this system measures the light intensity returned by a rock sample subjected to light.

The role of the Arabian Peninsula

Given the size of the footprints, and the fact that Neanderthals were absent from the Middle East at the time, researchers argue that they belong to homo sapiens, even if the number of fingerprints is too low to fully confirm it. This discovery promises to be major because the Arabian Peninsula must have played the role of a corridor for the human species when it left Africa, but the traces ofhomo sapiens are rare there.

So far, only a finger bone, 85,000 years old and discovered in 2016 in Saudi Arabia, supported this hypothesis. Paleoanthropologists are still divided on how thehomo sapiens was able to spread to all continents, and especially at what time. With this discovery, “ we hope to better understand the passage of hominins from Africa to Eurasia Write the authors of the study.

Rest area

Going back through history, scientists believe that animals came to drink at the lake, which also served as a stopover for prehistoric men. “ The orientation of the footprints shows that they were not just crossing the region, but the lack of tools at the site indicates that they had not settled there permanently either. ”, Summarizes the study.

The lake was therefore used more as a resting area, providing both fresh water and food resources. The footprints of large herbivores, such as elephants and buffaloes, suggest that the site, now desert, contained sufficient resources for a Pleistocene caravanserai.


Why companies are deserting the stock market

Clearly, nothing is going as planned in economics in these uncertain times. Even the stock market no longer seems to be a logical source of financing for companies. Patrick Drahi, the founder of Altice Europe – which notably owns SFR, BFM and RMC – will thus withdraw his company from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

He explains that in a sector like telecoms, requiring a lot of investment – deployment of fiber, creation of a 5G network – price volatility is a brake on long-term strategy. Above all, the businessman feels he can find money elsewhere, at low interest rates.

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Before Altice, groups like Radiall, led by former President of Medef Pierre Gattaz, or Fimalac, owned by Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, have waived a listing. In ten years, the Paris Bourse has 15% fewer companies. Their number fell below 700. The phenomenon is rather tending to accelerate, because at the same time, there are fewer and fewer IPOs and more and more mergers, which mechanically reduces the number of listed companies.

A lot of investment for little results

To justify their choice to leave the market, the managers always put forward the same factors: a high cost and rather cumbersome procedures. You have to assign a dedicated team, organize meetings with analysts, publish results every quarter, hold a general meeting of shareholders every year.

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There is also growing pressure from investors for more transparency, not to mention now activist funds seeking to influence strategy. At the same time, the expected results are not up to par. The courses are yo-yo, following market logic that often has little to do with the intrinsic value of the company.

Formerly, business owners had the feeling of entering the big leagues by being listed on the stock exchange. They are coming out today because they think they will find better elsewhere. To achieve a capital increase, there are investment funds that are full of money to invest and lack good projects. Bond financing also makes it possible to raise funds for those who do not want to go into debt with banks.


The desert rectangles | The mail

One of the platforms, with the walls that connect it to the other of the 'mustatil'. / Huw Groucutt
One of the platforms, with the walls that connect it to the other of the ‘mustatil’. / Huw Groucutt

Shepherd communities in Saudi Arabia built monumental stone structures 7,000 years ago for unknown purposes

Luis Alfonso Gamez