Discretionary pension increases and budget extensions: the controversies of the 116 decrees that the Senate endorsed in a single session

Without the presence of the opposition, the ruling party endorsed this Thursday, at the Bicameral Legislative Procedure Commission, 116 Decrees of Necessity and Urgency dictated by the Executive Power since December 2019. The DNUs that the Government was about to “shield” include measures ranging from budget extensions Billionaires, Discretionary Retirement Raises, and Coronavirus Restrictions. With […]

Who are the deputies who voted against the frontal labeling?

The Chamber of Deputies signed into law the frontal food labeling bill, designed to warn consumers about excess fats, sodium and sugars in products in order to help fight obesity, hypertension and heart risks. The final result was 200 votes in favor, 22 against and 16 abstentions. The rejections came mainly from the opposition spaces, […]

Border confrontation – Newspaper Kommersant No. 197 (7159) of 10/28/2021

Lebanese politicians are trying to find a compromise on the explosion in the port of Beirut last August. MPs, ministers and former head of government Hassan Diab ignore subpoenas. Judicial and political disagreements have even led to a shooting incident in residential areas of Beirut. But politicians are in a hurry to assure that there […]

First Justice Party expelled deputies who defended Alex Saab – Venezuela – International

In 2019 it was learned that several opposition deputies carried out proceedings in Colombia and European countries to defend Alex Saab and his partners – despite the fact that the National Assembly’s comptroller’s commission had been signaling the Barranquillero of doing shady deals with the regime of Nicolas Maduro– When the information was known, it […]

Senate receives minute of fiscal miscellany and Revenue Law 2022

The Senate today received the Economic Package for fiscal year 2022 from the Chamber of Deputies. The minutes of the Income Law, Federal Law of Rights and Tax Miscellany They were referred to the United Commissions of Finance and Public Credit and Second Legislative Studies for their analysis and opinion. The Federal Revenue Law provides […]

Emmanuel Macron chooses to display himself as a defender of nuclear power

ANALYSIS – The Head of State wants to announce before Christmas the construction of six new EPR reactors and relaunch the debate on the energy mix. Focus on nuclear. The concessions to the ecologists at the start of his mandate have lived, Emmanuel Macron is fully committed to the development of the atomic sector. After […]

Massa proposes agreement with the opposition: the 10 key points

The president of the Chamber of Deputies announced that the Government will summon the opposition, businessmen and workers to dialogue The president of the National Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, announced that the Government will call for dialogue with the opposition, businessmen and workers after the November elections. The objective is “the design of 10 […]