Now daily demo of vaccination opponents in front of the Linzer Landhaus – Upper Austria

On the Sunday before the lockdown, 6,000 people demonstrated against corona measures. According to the police, demos are now registered daily. That could be exciting in Linz in the coming days. Now there should be daily anti-vaccination demonstrations in the state capital. According to the police, rallies are registered for every day, the time is […]

8,000 opponents of the measures demonstrate in Zurich

The first opponents of the measures gather in Zurich. Nicolas Rimoldi is also on site in Zurich. The police are monitoring the approved rally. There are also numerous posters and banners that are directed against the Covid law. More and more skeptics are joining them. The opponents of the measures want to go back to […]

Hundreds of opponents of the measures gathered in Oerlikon ZH

Hundreds of opponents of the measures related to the coronavirus demonstrated in Oerlikon ZH on Saturday. Among other things, it was about reporting. The Freiheitstrychler also take part in the demo at Leutschenbach. – Ad the essentials in brief A demonstration of the Corona opponents took place this Saturday. The approved rally took place […]

Riots at anti-lockdown demos in the Netherlands – world

A lockdown will apply again in the Netherlands from Saturday. The reason for this is the high number of infections, which are similar to last autumn. On Friday evening there were violent protests due to the new corona regulations, in which there were five arrests. During a demonstration in The Hague, participants threw stones and […]

Skeptics gathered for a demo in Bern-Wankdorf

This Friday afternoon there was another corona demonstration in Bern. This was approved by the city, but did not take place on the Bundesplatz. Demonstration in Bern-Wankdorf – Ad the essentials in brief Another demonstration against the Corona measures took place in Bern. The figurehead was a nephew of John F. Kennedy, who was […]

Thousands of opponents of measures demonstrate in Freiburg

Corona skeptics are again drawing attention to themselves with tasteless historical comparisons. Corona-Demo in Freiburg am 6. November 2021. After some back and forth, Nicolas Rimoldi also decided to take part. Square rally in Freiburg against the Corona measures. The Freiheitstrychler are still waiting to be deployed. Alain Berset at the center of the protesters’ […]

Around 70 participants in demonstration against Berset

Alain Berset gave a speech at the University of Zurich on Wednesday. Around 70 demonstrators therefore marched through downtown Zurich. Alain Berset speaks at a media conference in Zurich. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief A certificate is currently required at Swiss universities. The “Education for All” committee finds this discriminatory. On the occasion […]

Beckenbauer praises FC Bayern: “I’ve never seen them so well”

Updated on October 20, 2021, 4:29 pm The “Kaiser” praises FC Bayern. Franz Beckenbauer speaks of a “demonstration of the perfect football”. Another ex-Munich resident, on the other hand, also criticizes the Bundesliga competition. You can find more current news about the Bundesliga here Franz Beckenbauer has highly praised FC Bayern under coach Julian Nagelsmann. […]

City of Bern approves corona demo on Saturday

The city of Bern has approved a request from the “Action Alliance for Urkantons” and “Free Left Switzerland” committees for a demonstration against the Covid certificate on Saturday. Opponents of the Corona measures during their move at Bern train station. – sda – KEYSTONE / MARCEL BIERI Ad the essentials in brief The city of […]

Italy – right-wing extremists arrested after corona demo in Rome

The social democratic parliamentarian Emanuele Fiano reported that the entire top of the Forza Nuova had been arrested. The Democratic Party, Italy’s third largest single party in parliament, will request the dissolution of Forza Nuova. The twelve activists are accused of participating in an attack on the headquarters of the largest Italian trade union federation, […]