England’s masks fall and a new covid-19 nightmare may begin | Coronavirus

This Monday, the use of masks and other measures of social distancing because of covid-19 are no longer mandatory in England, despite the country being experiencing a new wave of infections caused by the Delta variant, which causes there to be about 50,000 cases and 500 daily admissions. Health Minister Sajid Javid admits that during the summer there could be more than 100,000 or even 200,000 cases a day – which will be much higher than at the peak of the covid-19 January crisis. And as if to illustrate the risks, the minister himself announced that he was with covid-19 on Saturday, wreaking havoc on the government.


Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,292 new COVID-19 infections – incidence in Germany at 10 – WELT news channel

  1. Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,292 new COVID-19 infections – incidence in Germany at 10WORLD news channel
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Corona new infections: Israel exceeds the 1000 mark again

Dhe number of new corona infections reported in Israel within one day has exceeded the 1000 mark for the first time in four months. The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that 1118 new cases had been reported within 24 hours. This is the highest number since mid-March. However, during the peak of the pandemic in January, the number of daily cases in Israel had risen to over 10,000.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at a meeting on Friday that the Delta variant was causing a worldwide increase in corona cases, “also in vaccinated countries such as Great Britain, the USA and Israel”. Currently, the assessment is gaining ground “that the effectiveness of the existing vaccines against the Delta variant is weaker than we had hoped”. It turns out that the problem cannot be solved by vaccination alone. The Delta variant was first discovered in India and is considered particularly contagious.

In light of the new surge in infections, Israel plans to reintroduce restrictions on gatherings of more than 100 people in closed rooms from Wednesday. Once again, only vaccinated, convalescent or people with negative test results are allowed to take part in such events. In addition, it is again mandatory to wear a mask in closed rooms.

Around 62 percent of the 9.3 million country residents have already received a first corona vaccination, and more than 56 percent also received the second dose. The number of seriously ill people rose from 19 to 58 within a month. According to the Ministry of Health, more than half of them received at least one dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. In January the number of seriously ill people was around 1200.


Delta variant arrives in Oaxaca; total 13 Covid “lineages”

Oaxaca de Juárez.- The so-called Delta variant of the virus responsible for Covid-19, which was observed for the first time in India and which is much more transmissible than the original strain, is already circulating in Oaxaca, specifically in the Coastal region, confirmed the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO).

According to the Health Department, according to the latest update of the Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference Institute (InDRE), as well as the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DGE) of the Ministry of Health, in addition to the Delta, the presence of two other variants more in the state territory.

With this confirmation, they add to the date a total of 13 variants of Covid-19, present in the six Health Jurisdictions of the entity.

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The three new “lineages” of the coronavirus circulating in Oaxaca are B.1.617.2 (Delta) in Santa María Tonameca, Costa region and in San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, in the Papaloapan Basin; in this last community there is also P.4; Furthermore, the presence of the C.37 (Lambda) was recorded in Santa María Jalapa del Marqués, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The 13 variants that have been detected so far in Oaxaca are: B.1.1.519, B.1, B.1.2, B.1.1.432, B.1.301, B.1.1.222, B.1.427 and B. 1.429 (Epsilon), P.1, B.1.1.7 (Alpha), P.4, B.1.617.2 and C.37, all of which are subject to epidemic surveillance.

The SSO explained that Oaxaca is a highly touristy state, so “there is a constant flow of people who move from one community to another to carry out their activities.”

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This coupled with the fact that many Oaxacan families have relatives who live abroad, especially in the United States and in the interior of the Mexican Republic, who also constantly visit their communities of origin, hence these virus lineages are more accentuated in certain demarcations.

In this regard, the agency points out that they are B.1.617.2 (Delta), B.1.1.7 (Alpha) and P.1 (Gamma), according to the World Health Organization (WHO), those of greatest epidemiological interest due to their high transmissibility, virulence and also have the ability to generate larger outbreaks in less time; However, it states that regardless of the variants that circulate, they all have the same form of contagion in common.

“They are spread from one person to another, through small liquid particles expelled by someone infected through the mouth or nose when coughing, sneezing, talking, singing or breathing, a person can become infected by inhaling aerosols or droplets that contain the virus or that come into direct contact with the eyes, nose or mouth ”, he points out.

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Given this, the OHS reminds citizens of the importance of continuing to apply prevention measures, such as the correct use of the mask, maintaining a healthy distance of 1.5 meters, when coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with the elbow flexed and avoid going to crowded places, mainly, because “only in this way will it be possible to reduce infections, hospitalizations and unfortunate deaths”.



“The vaccine? Not doing it was the biggest mistake of my life. ” The doctor’s story ended up in hospital for the virus

“Don’t do the vaccine it was the biggest mistake of my life ”. As in many other hospitals, the number of patients being treated for Covid-19 in the Bradford Royal Infirmary, in Bradford, is on the rise. About half of them had chosen not to be vaccinated, explains Dr. John Wright. «I was offered the vaccine, but I was arrogant», he says Faisal Bashir, a 54-year-old doctor who always felt fit. «Ptrain, bike, walk and run. Since I was strong and healthy, I didn’t think I needed it. This also meant that if it turned out to be unsafe, I wouldn’t take any risks. But the truth was, I couldn’t avoid the virus. He got me. I don’t know how or where».

Disnobling the vaccine, the doctor’s mistake

Faisal, who was discharged Wednesday after a week in the hospital on oxygen, now warns others not to make his mistake. «What I experienced in the hospital humiliates me», dice.

«People are filling hospitals at risk and that’s wrong. I feel really bad. I feel really bad and hope talking will help others avoid it». He is one of the fourth wave of Covid patients in the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Last month, the number of patients admitted to hospital with Covid dropped to single figures, for the first time since last summer. This week is heading towards 50, as the Delta variant conquers everyone before her. «Some have had two vaccines and therefore had milder disease – they are alive, when without the vaccine they would probably have died»my colleague Dr. Abid Aziz told me after six grueling shifts on the ward. «Others have just received their first dose and are therefore not fully protected».

Vaccine, two doses “reduce deaths from Covid by 95%”: the latest study by the researchers

Delta variant in the United States, cases tripled: from 28 thousand to 74 thousand in just 24 hours

Abderrahmane Fadil, a 60-year-old science teacher with two young children, also has many regrets. He was wary of vaccines because of the speed at which they were launched. He had ended up in intensive care for nine days. «It’s so good to be alive – he says. My wife got the vaccine. Not me. I was reluctant. I was taking time, I thought that in my life having already lived with viruses, bacteria, my immune system was good enough».

The Green pass will be in stages, at the beginning excluding restaurants. Possible close in August

Instead «I had the symptoms of Covid at the beginning of the pandemic. I thought my immune system would recognize the virus and I would have defenses but it was the biggest mistake of my life. It almost cost me my life. I have made many foolish decisions in my life, but this was the most dangerous and serious».

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Delta variant in Greece, canceled beach parties and concerts: boom in infections

Holidays, concerts and events at risk for theestate of 2021. Why the Delta variant he began to pick up infections early. And the Greece it is not excluded. The cases began to increase from June 28, when they were 361. Since that day they have increased, and the epidemiological curve has gradually risen. The worst day? On July 13, when 3109 positives were touched in one day. It hadn’t happened since May 11, when there were 3172. So the Greek government took countermeasures. Also because with the Green pass, the European certification that allows you to travel safely, many have flocked to Greek land to enjoy some sun and leisure at Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and the other beautiful islands.

Greece, 15 boys from Pescara blocked in Corfu in a Covid Hotel: 6 are positive

Delta variant, concerts canceled in Greece

Several beach parties and concerts have been canceled in Greece. Among these there is also that of a well-known name: like the DJ Sven Vath. The event that was supposed to host it in Mykonos on July 23 has been canceled. “Since the government has introduced new rules for events in order to avoid the transmission of Covid – we read in the Stories on Instagram of Santanna X Rose Beach, the place where the evening should have been held -, the July 23 concert with Sven Vath and Gerd Janson has been canceled“. And then he concludes: “New dates will come soon.” But since the infections are on the rise throughout Europe, it is difficult to predict whether other events will be hosted in August in which thousands of people are expected.

The regions in Greece with the most infections

There are four levels of risk of contagion from Covid in Greece. No region, at the moment, is at level 4 (the red one), but there are some areas at risk. They are those to the north, in particular Larissa and Giannina. Inland areas, but which are also close to islands such as that of Corfu. Which, however, is currently at level 2: that is yellow. However, there is also an island where cases are on the rise: it is Mykonos, among the most popular Greek islands. The mass of tourists has led to an exponential growth in cases. Instead, for all the other provinces, the epidemiological situation can be consulted on the website of the Greek government.

The new rules in force in Greece

In the last month, Covid cases have increased tenfold in Greece. Few suspects. With the tourist season started, the infections soon rose with the Delta variant. And so Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis pushed the government to take tougher measures. From 16 July onwards, only vaccinated people are allowed to enter Greece in closed places such as theaters, gyms and entertainment venues. But access will not be allowed even in restaurants, cafes and bars if you are not vaccinated. Additionally, tourists arriving in the country must be immunized or have a negative swab 72 hours prior to arrival.


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Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,456 new Covid 19 infections – incidence in Germany at 8.6 – WELT news channel

  1. Current CORONA NUMBERS: 1,456 new Covid 19 infections – incidence in Germany at 8.6WORLD news channel
  2. Nationwide incidence value again in double digitst-online
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Delta Variant: Israel Has Highest Level of Mortality in Six Months | The Ministry of Health reported 750 cases for the third consecutive day

Israel reported more than 750 new cases of coronavirus for the third consecutive day. In the middle of a regrowth caused by the Delta variant, and after the detection of the subvariant Delta Plus-, the country reached the highest levels of mortality in six months and an increase in severe cases.

The Israeli Health Ministry reported that in the last 24 hours there were 765 new infections, after the 756 reported on Wednesday and the 761 reported on Tuesday. According to the state body, Israel now has 5,300 active cases, the highest number since April 5..

The number of seriously ill patients was 54 and two new deaths were registered, bringing the death toll in Israel to 6,443 since the start of the pandemic.

Fourteen people died from coronavirus in the last week in Israel, after the country went two weeks without registering deaths.

Government reimposed sanitary measures, such as the mandatory use of the chinstrap in closed spaces, but they did not restrict the movement of the population or commercial activity.

Even so, Prime Minister Naftalí Bennett warned this Wednesday that Confinement may be necessary if current sanitary measures are not respected. “We can defeat the Delta variant without confinement if we are diligent and determined,” he told a news conference.

Bennett again asked the population to use the chinstrap – a measure that was imposed again last month in the face of the rise in infections -, to be vaccinated and to maintain social distancing.

“The easiest thing, as they (the authorities of the previous government) did repeatedly over the last year and a half, is to shut everything down. We may end up in that, but we are going to try something else. And it depends on all of us,” Bennett said .

Despite the regrowth, The Israeli cabinet decided on Tuesday to ease restrictions, shortening the quarantine period from 10 to 14 days to just 7, and rejected a proposal from the Ministry of Health to reimpose limits on social gatherings.

More than half of the 9 million Israelis are already fully vaccinated, and the vast majority of new cases are in non-immunized people.


CORONA in EUROPE: Holidays come first – In these countries the incidence is rising rapidly again – WELT news broadcaster

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