The final parquet of Fontajau is almost installed

After a couple of temporary installations, one in February and the other in August, Fontajau is about to release the final parquet that will replace the one that was damaged a year ago due to the storm Gloria. The workers are taking advantage of these days to complete the preparations so that the work, which has cost 135,000 euros, can be premiered tomorrow taking advantage of the match between Uni and La Laguna (19.30).


They install the final parquet in Fontajau

The sudden rise of the Ter on Thursday 23 January 2020 at noon as a result of the effects of the storm Gloria flooded the central track and other facilities of the Fontajau pavilion with almost two meters of water. That night, the Euroleague match against Arka Gydnia had to be moved to Palau as a matter of urgency, while Uni managers began to calculate the cost of the damage. A year later, this Friday, the pavilion will open the final floor acquired by the City Council with an investment of 135,520 euros. It will be in the duel between Spar Girona and La Laguna (19.30), after two temporary surfaces, one installed last February and which was ceded by the Generalitat from Tarragona, and the other placed in the ‘August, for rent, by possibility the start of the season of Spar and Basketball Girona.

The third floor will be the final one. Yesterday began to install in Fontajau the playing surface that the City Council awarded at the end of November to the company Soluciones decorativas Ibaizabal SL, for 135,520 euros. This floor will be final, in property, and must be prepared for this Friday’s match of the Women’s League and the next day between Bàsquet Girona and Huesca (17.00). The flood damaged the previous floor of Fontajau just when it had not been half a year since the City Council had restored it with an investment of close to 45,000 euros. A total of six bids were submitted to the public tender opened by the City Council.

Throughout this year, between the flood and the opening of the new playing surface, in Fontajau there have been two temporary parquets. Three weeks after the accident, the pavilion was again ready to receive sports activity thanks to the management of the City Council with the Generalitat, which gave them a disused track they had in Tarragona. On February 15, a Girona-Albacete Basketball was played, and the next day a Uni-Perfumerías Avenida. With the pandemic the sport stopped and the ceded parquet returned. In August, before the start of this season, the City Council rented another one.


Olot is still waiting for the final date of the Cup match

Despite the fact that Olot and Poblense had agreed to play the match of the first round of the Copa del Rey, postponed last week due to positive cases due to covid in the Balearic Islands, on the 30th of this month, the The Spanish Football Federation has not yet given its approval. In fact, the organizing body of the competition announced yesterday the appointment of the Valencian referee Ortega Herrera for a match that is set for the 27th at two in the afternoon. However, it seems very unlikely that it will be disputed on that date. It is not even clear that it may be the 30th, because the island group continues with positive cases for the virus. All of this opens up a new scenario that could end the game on January 3rd. “In principle we don’t think it’s played on the 27th because they still have positives and it would be a problem. We are waiting for a response to the joint request that we made the two clubs to play on the 30th. The other possibility is on the 3rd “, explained yesterday the technical secretary of the Olotins, Sergi Raset.

In the event that the Garrotxins manage to beat Poblense and advance round, a luxury visit to the Municipal, Osasuna, would await them. The match against the Navarrese would be played on the day of Kings, at seven in the evening at the Municipal.

For their part, Girona also met yesterday when they will play their second round match against Lugo. The match will be on January 7 in Montilivi at 9 pm, pending whether it will be broadcast on television. The fact that Francisco Rodríguez’s team played on Monday of the same week against Sabadell made it unfeasible for the match to be earlier (Tuesday or Wednesday).


Fontajau released in January a final floor purchased for 135,520 euros

The Fontajau pavilion will open the final floor in January, which will replace the one that was disabled due to the flood caused by the storm Gloria. Almost a year after that accident, which denied the central track and other units with more than a meter and a half of water, the City Council has awarded the company Soluciones decorativas Ibaizabal SL, for 135,520 euros, the final floor that will be installed in the pavilion, in property. The flood damaged the previous floor of Fontajau just when it had not been half a year since the City Council had restored it with an investment of close to 45,000 euros.

The award has been public since yesterday, although now it opens a period of fifteen days before it is final and the contract is signed. A total of six bids were submitted to the competition. Once the purchase has been initialed, the winning company will have a month and a half to proceed with the installation, which could be done in less than a week. Therefore, Spar Girona and Bàsquet Girona, the main users of the central court of Fontajau, will be able to have them at the beginning of 2021.

A year after the flood, the serious problem that was generated in Fontajau will be solved, which made the clubs fear that they would not be able to have the pavilion last season (the health crisis had not yet erupted). Initially, the City Council obtained, via the Generalitat, a parquet floor that was disused in Tarragona and three weeks after the accident, official matches were played again. Then the expansion of the coronavirus abruptly cut the leagues, and during the confinement it had been raised that the pavilion might house a field hospital, a scenario finally ruled out. The floor returned to Tarragona in the spring, and last summer another was rented to face the start of the season of Uni and Bàsquet Girona, which is still installed.


The 2020 Machine Tool Biennial, definitively canceled

The BEC definitively cancels this year's Machine Tool Biennial

The star event of this venue, which is held every two years, will return again at the end of May 2022

Manu alvarez