what if we got it all wrong?

FIGAROVOX / INTERVIEW – The result of ten years of an investigation into the origins of agriculture, the state, cities or inequalities, David Wengrow and the late David Graeber publish a fascinating work on the history of humanity . This book, bestseller across the Atlantic, encourages us to review our copy on the emergence of […]

Referendum on the Covid-19 law is legitimate and good

The last voting arena before November 28 was due yesterday evening. For 70 minutes, the argument about the vote on the Covid-19 law ran hot. Opponents of the Covid-19 law fear mass surveillance, Federal Councilor Berset is trying to calm down in the arena. – Keystone, SRF Ad the essentials in brief The third voting […]

“How can the West remain silent on the fate of Armenia?”

FIGAROVOX / MAINTENANCE – On Tuesday, November 16, fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan left several dead, announcing a potential upsurge in tensions. Returning to the origin of the conflict, the historian Gaël Nofri deplores the abandonment of Armenia by the international community. Gaël Nofri is a historian and deputy mayor of Nice. FIGAROVOX. – In […]

“Armenia, obstacle to Erdogan’s appetites”

MAINTENANCE – A year ago, Armenia, attacked by Azerbaijan armed by Turkey, lost Nagorno-Karabakh at the end of a terrible war. In a short combat text *, the journalist underlines how much it is in France’s interest to support Yerevan. LE FIGARO. – In the fall of 2020, Armenia lost its historic Nagorno-Karabakh sanctuary following […]

Bärbel Bas offers a conversation with Joshua Kimmich

October 31, 2021 at 12:17 pm “I’m even grateful to him” : Bundestag President Bas offers Kimmich a talk about vaccinations Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (SPD). Photo: Marco Urban Berlin The President of the Bundestag offers the Bayern star, who recently expressed skepticism about corona vaccinations, a conversation. Bas said he was delighted with the […]


IS GAGO THE TECHNICIAN YOU NEED RACING? Debate on ESPN F90!ESPN Fans Why Racing surprises with GagoOle Fernando Gago agreed to his incorporation as the new Racing coach: this was behind the scenes of the electioninfobae The reason why Racing looked for GagoTyC Sports The bomb on Gago that surprises Argentine footballLM Neuquen See full […]

Cannabis legalization: will smoking weed soon be legal in Germany? – IMAGE

Cannabis legalization: will smoking weed soon be legal in Germany?IMAGE Is the way clear for smoking weed? That’s what the parties say + arguments for and againstFOCUS Online German traffic light coalition could legalize cannabisderStandard.at SPD puts pressure – Germany: way clear for cannabis legalization?Kronen newspaper Cannabis legalization: does Austria have to follow Germany?SALZBURG24 See […]

Capital Debate in A Dos Voces: how Vidal, Santoro, Milei and Bregman prepare

In just three days, candidates National deputies for the City of Buenos Aires will compete in legislative elections will debate in the one of you, the cycle led by Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano. How do you make it Maria Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro santoro (Front of All), Javier Milei (Freedom advances) and […]

Is Eric Zemmour a French Trump?

ANALYSIS – Beyond the cultural chasms that separate them, the French polemicist and the American billionaire are surfing the same revolt. Not to mention their indomitable temperaments. There is no more French than Eric Zemmour and no more American than Donald Trump. The first is an intellectual who has read all the books. It is […]

debate over nutrients, sugar and the kinder egg with no surprise

The law of front food labeling, which was not discussed on Tuesday because the opposition did not give a quorum in Deputies, proposes that black stamps appear on packages, cans and bottles with warnings such as “High in fat”, “High in sodium”, “High in sugars”, to direct consumption Go healthy when in front of the […]