Daniel Kehlmann: “We would be further if we left the hygiene theater”

WORLD: Many German politicians consider compulsory masks outdoors to be a sensible reaction to the rise in the number of infections.

Daniel Kehlmann: You can ask the virologists: They tell you that this is nonsense. A disease, which is primarily transmitted by aerosol infection, cannot be combated by wearing a mask outside.

WORLD: Aren’t you afraid that this purely symbolic politics will prevail?


“I am grateful to God and to the police,” says boy who survived after a stake was embedded in his face in La Unión | News from El Salvador

Neighbors and relatives attribute it to a miracle from God. The little boy who spent 14 days in the Bloom hospital in San Salvador is recovering at his home in La Unión.

José Daniel Cartagena Valle, 11 years old, returned to his home in the Cutuco subdivision on Saturday, September 26, in La Union, after spending more than a week hospitalized at the Benjamín Bloom National Children’s Hospital, in San Salvador.

Last Monday, September 14, while playing he fell on a branch and a stake was embedded in the left part of his face. The minor was helped by a group of policemen who managed to cut part of the stick with a saw.

Daniel thanked God, the policemen and the doctors who saved his life after driving a stake through his face. Photo: Insy Mendoza

The minor, who was taken with the stake through, remained 14 days admitted to the hospital, where a team of specialists managed to remove it. He is currently in recovery at home surrounded by his family.

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He survived a tragic accident, his family says, a piece of stick that he crossed that was removed and did not cause him serious damage. They attribute it to a miracle and reward from God for so many prayers where they begged that Danielito will be fine after the surgery.

“Even the doctors told me that my son was strong; It is a miracle of God that helped him to survive ”.

Gisela Geraldine Valle from Cartagena, Daniel’s mother.

Daniel is a dynamic child who attends Church and participates in all activitiesFurthermore, he is a friend of the police officers stationed near his home. He calmly shares his bitter experience, takes the opportunity to thank God, the agents and the doctors who intervened.

“I tried to jump from one branch of the pole to another and that’s when I slipped and felt that something got in my face, I remember when the police came to help me, I am very grateful to them, they are my friends”added Daniel.

Daniel loves to read the Bible and entertain himself in the activities of the Church where he attends.

The mother Gisela Geraldine Valle de Cartagena remembers that Monday afternoon when her son screamed for help behind the house where he fell. “I lost control of my nerves when I saw my son in these conditions, I thought he would die, but my family told me to trust God that everything would be fine”.

“It is a miracle that his ear, throat or jaw were not damaged, only a part of the facial nerve was affected, his little mouth will be a little deviated; he can talk and eat, they did a tracheostomy, little by little he will recover “added the mother.

Daniel’s mother shows the place where her son suffered the incident. Photo: Insy Mendoza

Gisela, who is dedicated to informal sales in the market from La Unión and a mother of four children, she says that the COVID-19 emergency greatly affected her small economy, now she has to try to save to travel to San Salvador to keep the appointments that her child was left with.

Those who wish to collaborate with the mother of the minor can contact the telephone number 6134-8005.

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Daniel Martinez wins in the 13th stage

The chain of Puys, with the Puy Mary as the climax, smiled on Colombians and Slovenes on Friday September 11: the Slovenian yellow jersey Primoz Roglic and his compatriot Tadej Pogacar dominated their rivals at the end of the 13e act of this Grand Boucle, won by Colombian Daniel Martinez (Education First).

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In the general classification, the Slovenes occupy the first two places – with a 44 second advantage for Roglic over Pogacar – and are ahead of no less than four Colombians, Egan Bernal, Rigoberto Uran, Nairo Quintana and Miguel Angel Lopez. In difficulty in the final ascent (with passages at 15%), Egan Bernal, the defending champion, gave up more than thirty seconds to the Slovenian duo on the steep slopes rising towards the Auvergne volcano. He is now in third place, 59 seconds from the yellow jersey.

For the stage victory, Daniel Martinez (24) beat in the final two German riders of the Bora team, in order Lennard Kämna and Maximilian Schachmann. In one of the emblematic sites of Auvergne, the French for their part had a day without.

More French people in the Top 10

Up front all day, Julian Alaphilippe could not fight to the end for the victory. And in the group of favorites, Romain Bardet (4e overall at the start of the stage), handicapped by a fall, and Guillaume Martin let go in the penultimate climb.

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On the line, the disbursement of Martin, who occupied the 3e up from Châtel-Guyon, amounted to 2 min 46 on Roglic. Bardet lost barely less (2 min 30) at Pas de Peyrol, the name of the Puy Mary road pass. The two French runners are at the same time relegated to the 11e and 12e places in the general classification, three minutes from Roglic.

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Saturday September 12, the 14e stage will link Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon on a route of 194 kilometers which includes a second category pass before the halfway point. Two small ribs dot the final before the finish judged on the banks of the Rhône.



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Daniel Martínez wins the Dauphiné that crushes the Tour hopefuls

No one, not even him, expected him to be a cyclist. But there was the bicycle with which his family delivered the orders from the candy store. Daniel Felipe Martínez thus learned to pedal, like the old runners of the Spanish postwar period. With 15 years he began to compete. Quick. At 18 he ran the Volta a Catalunya. With 20 the Giro finished. And with 24 he has just won this edition of the Dauphiné that has tortured all the favorites for the already close Tour. He left, tired, Bernal. Roglic fell. Landa’s back pains stopped after going out in a whirlwind in the final stage. Quintana drowned, like Porte. And Pinot, the one who resisted the most, gave up the victory on this last day of madness, with seven passes and Kuus triumph at the finish line of the Megeve airfield. In that exciting carousel, a Colombian emerged who was not expected by the forecasts, Daniel Martínez, champion of his country against the clock and also a climber. “In the last two kilometers I have pedaled with my soul”, he said when taking this round that has crushed all the bodies. Two weeks before the start of the Tour, no one can believe the favorite anymore.

More than from stage to stage, the Dauphiné has gone from shock to shock. After months of inactivity due to the pandemic, the applicants to the Tour were in five mountain days. Without respite. They choked. First Bernal, the last winner of the Grande Boucle, got off the race. It was said that for back pain. It seems that it was more due to fatigue and not suffering a defeat against Roglic. The Slovenian lasted one more day. He fell on Saturday and, although he saved the lead, he did not start in the last stage, where surprises continued with three of the favorites: Landa, brave, who attacked as soon as the day began, his back betrayed; Quintana was not seen (he retired due to pain in one knee), and Pinot cracked at the Domancy coat when he had the race in hand. There, Pogacar, ‘Supermán’ López, Daniel Martínez and Kuus jumped.

The final stage had nothing to do with the first. Neither Bernal, nor Roglic, nor Landa, nor Quintana were there. In the Ineos de Bernal and Froome the trump card was young Sivakov. And in Roglic’s Jumbo, the leaders were Kuus and the recovered Dumoulin, the Tour candidate who comes out stronger from Dauphiné. While the Gallic race got into the circuit where Bernard Hinault crushed the Sallaches World Cup in 1980, everything was blown up. Then the beast Pogacar appeared on Domancy’s coat. Only López, Martínez and Kuus followed. They caught the two escapees, Alaphilippe and Sivakov, and played this unpredictable race against each other.

France, with Pinot

Martínez was the virtual leader for about twenty seconds over Pinot, who did not resign himself to the bottom of the road. Another that pulled soul. The ‘Marseillaise’, the French anthem, sounded. Martin, Bardet, Alaphilippe and Barguil lent a hand to their compatriot Pinot. But not like that. Ahead, Kuus, ever higher, awarded the Jumbo with another stage victory at the Megeve aerial summit. A few seconds away, Martínez, in the company of Pogacar, sealed the victory in the general classification of the Dauphiné. His first great leap in body and soul. From now on everyone will look at you, wait for you. He has won the race that has brought down all the Tour contenders. Pinot, 29 seconds, and Guillaume Martin, 41, escorted him to the podium.

Dumoulin, who started as Roglic’s gregarious, finished seventh after more than 400 days without competing due to that bad crash in the 2019 Giro. His name is already rumbling on the way to Paris. Like Bernal, Roglic, Pinot, Quintana … And Landa. The physical problems of this final stage do not cover the level shown during the first four days and the attitude at the beginning of the last. He was with Pinot on the opening offense. He went out to win the Dauphiné, which is already owned by Daniel Martínez. In less than two weeks, everyone is seen on the Tour.


Berlin: The empty spaces in the Jewish Museum

Dhe new permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin is “a signal of departure after a difficult time”, said Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters at the press conference in the atrium of the Libeskind building.

Let’s put it this way: That is true about the difficult time, the less about the departure.

Because the museum does have a new director, Hetty Berg, who is finally qualified in museum studies, but …


Maria & beekeeper Daniel had no Chance

Your long-distance relationship had no Chance

The young love of Daniel (22) and Maria (18) could not survive the circumstances unfortunately. Because of the planned visit to Germany of the beekeeper because of the current Corona may not be the Situation, and the distance between new Zealand and Germany is so large, they have decided to end their relationship. “We are still in contact, but are no longer together,” explains the 22-Year-old. In the Video Mary for separation is expressed.

Review: Daniel and Maria are officially a Couple

Daniel and Mary have a crush on “farmer wants a wife International” in full. At the end of the Hofwoche gave Daniel Maria even a chain with a new Zealand Greenstone. His lady-in-waiting took the romantic Moment to the occasion for clear conditions to ensure that: they asked the 22-Year-old whether he would like to be officially with her. Yeah, Daniel wanted to! As the two of them had actually planned their future together, we show in the Video.

“Farmer wants a wife International” on TVNOW


“Europe is allergic to technology”

Should we be afraid of our own data? Andreas Weigend was chief scientist at Amazon, Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist and Nobel Laureate in Economics. A conversation about the responsible person. .

Daniel Koch, calm crisis management

Unknown to the Swiss public a few weeks ago, Daniel Koch is now “Monsieur Corona”, one of the most popular faces in the country.

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This doctor, namesake of the famous discoverer of the tuberculosis bacteria, should have retired on 1er April. But as director of the “communicable diseases” division of the federal health ministry, he has to ensure extensions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The composure of a surgeon

Daniel Koch is in the media every day, and in a cool, calm voice as a surgeon, announces the news, good or bad, of the development of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. “You have to stay calm, there is no point in getting agitated”, he assures. This week, for example, he taught his fellow citizens that the grandparents could once again take their grandchildren in their arms… but still not take care of them, too risky.

A darling of the German-speaking Swiss media, his phlegm irritates the more Latin Swiss, and even to the French neighbors, revealing in spite of himself the cultural fault lines of a country which has 4 official languages. Italian-speaking Ticino judged “Ashamed” his refusal to resort to confinement, and the senator from Haute-Savoie, bordering on French-speaking Switzerland, considered that his strategy endangered the French border departments. The newspaper Berner Zeitung compare it to a “Guru of ascetic meditation”, each of whose interventions succeeds in “Lower the collective pulse of the Swiss population”.

15 years of experience

The Luzerner Zeitung welcomes, for his part, that Daniel Koch does not compare the virus to a war, unlike the French President. “The surprise and the stress factor may be comparable, he says. Fortunately, we are far from a war situation. “

It is true that Daniel Koch has 15 years of experience as a doctor with the Red Cross in Sierra Leone, during the civil war, in Uganda with child soldiers, in Rwanda during the genocide. At the Ministry of Health, which he joined 18 years ago, he continued in this humanitarian vein, fighting against the SARS crises and avian flu, then in charge of the “pandemic preparation” section. In a premonitory interview in 2007, he recommended a reserve of 50 masks per family…


Daniel Gollán covered Jonatan Viale’s mouth when he asked about Cuban doctors

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollán, left the journalist macrista speechless Jonatan Viale referring to the arrival of 200 Cuban doctors in Argentina to combat the coronavirus.

The ultra-opposition journalist wanted to put the official on the spot when he asked him about the arrival of the Cuban doctors and cited statements by Gollán himself about the low number of doctors in the Province in the face of a possible spike in the covid-19. Far from being badly stopped, the doctor left the presenter speechless.

“This is simple, we have plan A, B, C, D and all the scenarios that derive from modeling. Yesterday we met with the schools and reviewed one by one who are the doctors who, being foreigners, need to do the validation or approval is missing. We are reviewing all the lists of doctors in the country, residents, volunteers who have come, “said Gollán.

In this sense, the minister cited a study “very reliable” that in a scenario “that is far from being the worst” warns that there are still “between 400 and 500 doctors”. “We told all the actors to get us those doctors, if you get me the 500 the problem ends,” he shot.

Likewise, Gollán indicated that some professionals, when required to attend to the pandemic, impose various conditions and refuse to go to places where the situation is more vulnerable. “I begin to make accounts and everything I had falls off me. It is simple, if all those who complain get me the 500 Argentine doctors, the problem ends,” he said.

After the official’s response, the driver was unable to prepare a new query and it was one of his panelists who took the post.