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HSV conceded a late goal against Holstein Kiel

2. Bundesliga

Holstein Kiel snatched the victory that was believed to be certain from Hamburger SV at the last second. In stoppage time the “storks” made up for the deficit. The ex-Bundesliga club still remains in first place.

Hamburger SV only missed the sixth win in the seventh game of the season by seconds. At Holstein Kiel, the Rothosen conceded the 1-1 equalizer in stoppage time.

Thanks to a header from Moritz Heyer, the guests took the lead shortly before the break. That lasted until the first minute of stoppage time. Then Kiel’s Joker Mees snatched the Hamburgers from the victory they believed to be certain. The former Bundesliga club from the Hanseatic city remains undefeated in first place.

A good week after the 2-2 in the derby against FC St. Pauli, HSV showed that the setback has apparently left its mark – especially on the offensive there was a problem. The lead for HSV: Moritz Heyer headed the guests in front at the game in Kiel. But in the end it wasn’t enough to win. (Source: Holsteinoffice / imago images)

The guests had more of the game, but Kiel skillfully narrowed the space and prevented the decisive passes in the top. In addition, the storks were always waiting to quickly combine forward via key player Jae-sung Lee. Fin Bartels (26th) then had the first good chance of the game for the home side.

Otherwise the game went on for a long time without any real highlights. No wonder that HSV needed a standard situation for the lead shortly before the break. After a corner from Sonny Kittel, Jeremy Dudziak crossed again and Heyer had no trouble nodding off to his first HSV goal – with the first real opportunity for the red pants.

Kiel remains Hamburg’s feared opponent

Despite the goal, Kiel then acted much more courageously and increased the pace with Lee, the Hamburgers were not always safe. Terodde and Co. could hardly provide relief. Kiel ran more and more desperate – and was rewarded in stoppage time by Joker Mees.

Hamburg’s Toni Leistner said after the game on Sky: “We could have played one or the other counterattack better and just have to put the lid on.”

Coach Daniel Thioune’s team is now four points ahead of runner-up VfL Osnabrück and five points ahead of fourth place, which Holstein now occupies.

The “storks” remain the feared opponent of the HSV. Even in the fifth meeting, there was no victory against their northern rivals.


At HSV you get goose bumps

DAniel Thioune started the weekend with a good dose of goose bumps. That was of course also due to the return of fans on his home debut as coach of Hamburger SV, but above all to Simon Terodde. His “finisher”, his “skimmer”, as Thioune said with relief after this 2-1 (1-0) against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

HSV had turbulent days behind them, the embarrassing cup knockout in Dresden (1: 4), Toni Leistner’s push against a Dynamo fan including a five-game ban – but his team “showed a good reaction despite the vortex “Said Thioune. And Terodde once again confirmed in front of 1000 fans that he “knows where the frame is”.

Terodde has always been the top scorer in his last three seasons in the second division (2016, 2017, 2019) and has now led HSV to victory against Fortuna with his two goals. The beefy 32-year-old with a goal instinct only scored with a penalty kick (45th + 2) and then finally made the decision in the second half after a good preparatory work by Jeremy Dudziak (60th).

“We had the clearer chances, we were the better team,” said Terodde: “I’m really happy about my first two goals, but if the equalizer had come, we wouldn’t have been able to buy anything from them.” After Matthias scored Zimmermann (90th + 3) only had to tremble for a short time.

Thioune could see that this victory – after all against a Bundesliga relegated team – was balm for the scratched HSV soul, after everything “that was going on in the last few days”. After the suspension against Leistner, Moritz Heyer played in central defense – and only 24 hours after his engagement. “We didn’t allow a lot at the back and scored the goals at the front – that’s how you win games,” said the newcomer from Thiounes former club VfL Osnabrück soberly.

The start of the third attempt to return to the Bundesliga has been successful for the Hanseatic League, and a little reparation after the chaotic start of the week is done – but nothing more. “We still have a lot of work to do,” said Thioune. After the first success of the season, they were able to enjoy the weekend at HSV for the first time.


The theater at HSV starts

WITHDaniel Thioune quickly got to know the unpleasant sides of the life of a HSV coach. The game in Dresden was enough. Actually, the preparatory summer in Hamburg gave little cause to doubt the possibility of a proper start to the season. Yes, this time too, HSV exchanged the board (in March) and the coach (only in July). But with the troika made up of coach Thioune, sports director Jonas Boldt and sports director Michael Mutzel, a men’s community seemed to be working that was trusted to be able to achieve promotion at the end of the third year in the second division – under corona conditions, with significantly less Money.

The three and the team can still prove that it works. But the 1: 4 on Monday evening at Dynamo has raised considerable doubts as to whether this team actually has the necessary resilience to survive in the second division.

Deviated from the goal

Central defender Toni Leistner, 30 years old, should stand for more robustness. But the former Dresden professional had his most noticeable scene after the final whistle. Then he ran away from the interview into the stands and angrily pushed a viewer who is said to have insulted him and his pregnant wife. Words of apology were spoken that evening. Dynamo found the viewer who disagreed that he should have denigrated the family of the professional – but only Leistner, which did not make things much better.

The German Football Association asked Leistner’s statement on the incident; a suspension for several cup games could follow. The whole thing was irritating not only because of the absence of masks from the two arguers – in times of sophisticated hygiene concepts, it was surprising how quickly Leistner got to the stands. On Tuesday evening, Leistner wrote on Instagram that he had spoken to the fan on the phone: “Like me, he saw his mistake. I accept his apology, the matter is over between us. “

Hard Hamburg reality: HSV is eliminated from the DFB Cup. “I thought we were one step further,” says coach Daniel Thioune.

Image: Reuters

Thioune only wants to see more robustness from his team on the grass. Experienced players have been brought in for all parts of the team: Leistner in the back, Klaus Gjasula in the middle, Simon Terodde in front. Boldt and Mutzel have accepted the fact that HSV deviates from its actual goal with these obligations, which is called “development”, because they believe that no one can advance only with younger potential players. You can accept this argument, especially since the financial situation of HSV really doesn’t allow any big leaps. The motto is preferably free of charge.

It was now almost tragic, for others certainly amusing, how neither Leistner nor Gjasula nor Terodde improved anything for the time being. Gjasula recalled the former transfer Valon Behrami (2014/15), who confused the addition of many duels with football when the cup was knocked out in the first round. After injury, Terodde only traveled as a joker. And Leistner ensured with his freak out that all of football Germany spoke about HSV. In any case, the good mood was not on board when HSV traveled back from Dresden to prepare for the first second division game of the season against Düsseldorf this Friday evening (6.30 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the second division and on Sky).

Statement by Toni Leistner on Instagram

Statement by Toni Leistner on Instagram

Image: Screenshot www.instagram.com/tleistner37

“I thought we were one step further,” said Daniel Thioune. The 46-year-old soccer teacher has shown in seven Osnabrück years how to make a lot out of a little. He did not hide the fact that VfL should be his springboard for a larger club. That has now been successful. And it is not gratitude, but realism when Thioune describes the “current situation” at HSV as “good” – with still 25 million euros in the squad costs, the Hamburgers are naturally one of the promotion candidates, even if the leadership around Jonas Boldt does not trumpet it . Of course there is a lack of money because Klaus-Michael Kühne has given up the patronage of the stadium, because the television money is flowing less abundantly, because there is no audience income as elsewhere and the stadium also has to be renovated.

But with the new captain Tim Leibold, with Aaron Hunt, Sonny Kittel, Gideon Jung, Simon Terodde and Bakery Jatta there are enough well-known professionals who should also know how the second division works. Or? Development is required from Thioune, he should make the young professionals better with his coaching staff, make regular players out of talents like Vagnoman, Ambrosius and Onana. It’s tough bread. A big task also because Thioune does not have the name of Dieter Hecking, who also failed because of what the former board member Heribert Bruchhagen named in the “Kicker” as the main reason for all the failure at HSV: “All the people involved are ultimately always on the quality of the team failed. “

Thioune knows the problem areas in the squad. Under Hecking, there was no game idea against low-ranking teams (almost all of them were in the second division) if individual class was not enough. The HSV should be more stable, less easy to overrun, but also more difficult to calculate – more variable. But does that succeed when in the end a lot depends on Hunt’s form? In addition, the Hamburgers lack a strong goalkeeper, and the central defense wobbled alarmingly in Dresden. The currently injured Jatta embodies the all-important speed on the outside lanes.

This Hamburger SV is not a promotion favorite like in the years before. Not even a self-appointed one. The fans, the environment, the city – you don’t expect much from HSV. Maybe that’s a very good starting position to move up.