First exit in the Mercedes EQB 300 electric car: solidly positioned

It is a method that has been tried and tested many times in the automotive industry: Take a technical kit and cover it with various packaging. The manufacturer benefits from less complexity and, as a result, of course from lower costs for development and production. The customer chooses the format that suits his needs. Based […]

Daimler sells the entire stake in Renault

The Daimler disposed of the entire shareholding held in the capital of Renault: through an “accelerated bookbuilding” operation, reserved for institutional investors, approximately 9.2 million shares were sold, equal to 3.1% of the French company, for a proceeds of 305 million euros. Fixed stock ties. The sale follows the similar operations carried out in recent […]

Stock market up to date: Dax & dates in the daily stock market report – Handelsblatt

Stock market up-to-date today: Dax & dates in the daily stock market reportHandelsblatt DAX market outlook: DAX expected lower – holds just over 16,000 pointsStock exchange online Pre-market: Wall Street puffs up – thunderstorms of numbers do not drive Dax – Adidas already struck before the marketonvista Stock exchanges – Dax stays close to its […]

Vaccination without an appointment on Thursday and Saturday

share keyboard_arrow_left By Peter Maier October 13, 2021 On October 14th and 16th on the Grüner Platz, on Friday vaccinations also in the rapid test center Breuningerland Sindelfingen. On Thursday, October 14th and Saturday, October 16th, citizens can be vaccinated on Grüner Platz without making an appointment in advance. On Friday, the vaccination offer will […]

Battery production: Italy’s first gigafactory

Scarmagno The old factory halls have started to rust, windows have been smashed, scaffolding supports the dilapidated concrete ceiling. Everything looks a bit like “The Walking Dead” here. Instead of zombies, a wiry man in a suit walks through the weathered backdrop, blue slippers on his feet, a thick buckle on his belt: Lars Carlstrom […]

Mercedes trucks: Diesel will be history from 2039

Mercedes electric and hydrogen trucks Mercedes trucks: Diesel will be history from 2039 Daimler Trucks has presented the future for Mercedes trucks. It’s electric and relies on batteries and hydrogen. The diesel is being taken out of service. As in the passenger car sector, the commercial vehicle industry is also pushing for electric drives – […]

KLIMA-KLAGE: How Greenpeace and Environmental Aid attack German car companies | WELT theme – WELT news channel

KLIMA-KLAGE: How Greenpeace and Environmental Aid attack German car companies | WORLD themeWORLD news channel German environmental groups are suing car companiesDELIVERY MAN German environmental associations are suing car companies for climate protectionWiener Zeitung Climate protection: Environmental groups want to sue oil and car companiesTIME ONLINE Environmental organizations are suing German car manufacturerst-online See “More […]

Dax closes in the red after weak job data from the USA

Dax curve in the trading room in Frankfurt The Frankfurt benchmark has already reached a new record several times this year. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf The DAX awoke from its lethargic sideways movement on Friday after weak job data from the USA. It even fell briefly below the 15,700 point mark. At the close of trading, […]