Strebinger was the most active Rapidler football at 0: 3

Rapid went down 3-0 against leaders Red Bull Salzburg. Andre Ramalho had almost twice as many ball actions as the best Viennese.

Disillusionment in Hütteldorf! After the 8: 1 against Wolfsberg at the start of the championship round, many Viennese had hoped for the championship title. On Sunday, Rapid had no chance in the home game against Leader Salzburg. Literally. The home side did not record a single shot on Cican Stankovic’s goal.

The bulls rush away with the 3-0 lead at the top of the table with a seven point lead. Rapid puzzles after the toothless home game. Coach Didi Kühbauer noted on “Sky” that Salzburg hadn’t even played great. Significant: Nevertheless, goalie Richard Strebinger had the most of all Rapidlers with 67 ball actions. Red Bull defense chief and goalscorer Andre Ramalho recorded 112 – almost twice as many. The Hütteldorfer rarely had the ball (37 percent), only two thirds of their passes to were successful.

The team of the round

The two goal scorers, Ramalho and Joker Karim Adeyemi, who scored twice in the closing stages, made it into the team of the “Sky Player Index” round. This worldwide unique form of player rating is based purely on statistics. The players’ index value is made up of 77 parameters.

From now on, “Today” introduces you to the index team of the round after each game day. Which eleven kickers collected the most points on matchday 24? Here you can click your way through the slide show.

By the way, Rapid-Keeper Strebinger set a new personal record with his 67 ball actions. He has never had so many in a Bundesliga game.

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Tests – now there is even a threat of identification when shopping – economy

There is a strict no from the social partners when it comes to the introduction of entry tests in retail. They even fear ID checks.

After the topic of access tests for retail was put on hold for the time being, it is now being discussed again. It was actually planned that the entry tests would be introduced in retail a few weeks ago – the regulation should have come into force after the Easter holidays. The Federal Council blocked here.

Now the government is daring a new attempt for the weekly occupational group and access tests in the shops. Talks are therefore currently being held. The exact details are still being discussed. (More here >>)

Industry defends itself

In an open letter, the social partners in Austrian retail are now venting their anger over the planned retail access tests. Together with the GPA chairwoman Barbara Teiber, the WKÖ trade chairman Rainer Trefelik dedicates himself to Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober. You are strictly against the introduction of the tests, as they are not necessary and the implementation is associated with various problems.

The trade has already supported and supported all the measures taken to make its contribution to combating the pandemic, according to a corresponding broadcast on Monday. Wearing FFP2 masks and expanding the ten to 20 square meters per customer were the tightening factors in the recent past. These already present great challenges and an additional burden in practice. However, this already makes it possible to achieve a high level of security with regard to the risk of infection, as is clear in the industry.

Ambiguity around tests

In the open letter to the federal government, the social partners clarify the effects and problems of the planned entry tests in the shops.

Spontaneous shopping is a thing of the past: It should be noted that the entry tests in retail would be a hurdle for consumers who prevent impulse purchases. Conversely, this means that trade would suffer massive economic losses, which would also put numerous jobs at risk. This in turn raises the question of what kind of financial compensation would the companies concerned receive?

Switch to online trading: Another consequence of the access tests would be that consumers would continue to rely more on online shopping. These sales would be at the expense of stationary retail and would also have a negative impact on companies and jobs. “What plans are there to address the unequal competitive conditions?” Ask the social partners.

controlthe tests: In stationary retail there are customer frequencies that make entry control impossible in practice. If companies or their employees are responsible for the controls, there are still a lot of ambiguities. The industry is concerned with questions such as:

> who should carry out the controls? Will external staff be available for the trade, or should the task be taken over by your own staff? In this context, it is pointed out that the sales staff are neither suitable nor trained for identity checks, for example, and that this is therefore also rejected.

> Was exactly must be checked? It is also unclear which tests may be recognized and how long they are valid in each case. The question of obviously falsified test certificates is also a cause for concern. Industry representatives ask themselves what should be done in such a case.

Another point is the establishment of the identity of the customer. In contrast to the body-hugging service providers, such as the hairdresser, retailers do not know their customers personally. The health minister wants to know that the identity of the consumer has to be checked in the form of an identity card.

> Where should controls take place? It is also not clear where the controls are to be carried out in the shopping centers. At every entrance to the shopping center or at the entrance to every single store?

Access tests scientifically incomprehensible

Even before the first planned introduction of the entry tests for retail, both the industry and customers expressed great displeasure about this. Rainer Will, managing director of the trade association, even described those tests as “nonsense”, for the introduction of which there was no scientific basis whatsoever. (More on this here >>) The open letter to those responsible again draws attention to the fact that several studies show that retail is not a corona hotspot.

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“Today” builds the LEGO NASA Discovery Space Shuttle – Play Tests

The LEGO NASA Discovery Space Shuttle has recently become available. “Today” has set about building the 2,354-part giant. Extra-terrestrial fun!

It has been ten years since the space shuttle Discovery made its last landing, and with 39 flights it is the most widely used spaceplane. Time to revive its era. LEGO does this with the impressively large LEGO NASA Discovery Space Shuttle model, which is aimed at experienced LEGO builders aged 18 and over. LEGO packed 2,354 pieces into the black box, in addition to the Discovery, the Hubble telescope is also included.

The dimensions are 22 x 35 x 55 centimeters, so the model needs some space to be able to set up. In addition to 17 different building block packages, the box also contains a larger bag with the shells of the shuttle and two sticker sheets with the mirror surfaces to be glued on, as well as the NASA logos and the descriptions of the telescope and the shuttle. Both models also have small signs on which the data of the objects are noted.

Not skimp on the details

The price of the set is set at 180 euros, which is a lot of money, but does justice to the exclusive model. The building instructions are thick with 320 pages. Historical pictures and information about the objects can also be found there. Likewise, the actual construction phase repeatedly shows small information about special features of the telescope and the shuttle. What quickly becomes apparent: Despite the size of the shuttle, no savings were made on the details. Everything has been thought of, from take-off and landing roles to the engines and the opening interior, including the possibility of installing the telescope.

The Discovery’s tank and boosters have been left out, understandable given the size required. There are also no minifigures, but they would only have given the impressive model an unsuitable “toy touch” anyway. According to the instructions, the size ratio of the Discovery is about 1:70. Noticeable: LEGO does not maintain a uniform scale in its space series, because earlier models showed a ratio of around 1: 100. A small point of criticism: Since the instructions are in the color black, there are, but rarely, slight difficulties in recognizing black components.

Very stable and beautiful construction

The assembly itself is designed for hobby builders for days and weeks. You will probably be busy around ten to twelve hours at a time. The individual building block packages can be used for building sessions with a construction time of 20 to 30 minutes each. Getting started is quick: First, the basic structure of the Hubble telescope is assembled. Special feature: Once you have finished the telescope, which is rather easy to build, you can stretch the solar panels onto the support structure with a sure instinct. Panels and flaps can be swiveled or folded out.

Very nicely done: For the telescope as well as for the shuttle there are not only the description stands mentioned at the beginning (which you have to assemble yourself and put on with stickers), but also feet on which the objects can be safely placed to put them on the shelf later. It’s chic and looks great! After the telescope, the shuttle is tackled, with most of the construction time and the spacecraft’s footprint rotating. This is because it is mounted several times on top of each other, which makes it very stable and easy to touch despite its size, without parts of it becoming loose.

Somewhat tricky stickers on the parts

The details that are added to the model towards the end of the construction period are admirable. From small instrument panels to the cockpit seats for the crew, lighting fixtures for the interior and a gripper arm for the telescope in the cargo bay, everything has been thought of. Both the tail units and the landing gear have been given an operable mechanism and are not just pure eye-catchers. It only gets a bit fiddly when gluing the mirror surfaces for the inside of the cargo hold flaps.

Because of the large number of stickers and the arched shape of the flaps, it can quickly happen that the stickers stick to the components either at an angle or at different heights. Removing the stickers again is almost impossible without damaging them. The tester himself had fun applying the stickers, but some interested people would have preferred to see mirror surfaces and logos printed on the components. Great for this: Once it has been built, there are several different ways to present the work of art.

An extraterrestrially beautiful LEGO model

The shuttle (with or without the tires extended) and telescope (with or without the flap open) can either be placed on the shelf, or they can be placed next to each other on the pedestal. If you want it to be really spectacular, you can open the loading bay of the shuttle, place an additional building block construction there and use the gripper arm to simulate the unloading process of the connected Hubble telescope. Great, because you can also change the form of presentation if you change the model or if you want to bring fresh pep into the “showroom”.

Ultimately, there isn’t much to complain about about the model. On the one hand, there would be the black assembly instructions, from which the components should stand out a little more clearly. On the other hand, there are the many stickers that might not be for everyone. Apart from that, the LEGO NASA Discovery Space Shuttle is an extraterrestrially beautiful model that shines with loving details, long and tremendous building fun and great presentation options. The fact that the set is so large and detailed and also contains the Hubble telescope justifies the high price. After all, the shuttle brings you a piece of great space history into your living room.

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Fountas for 3 million from Rapid to Italy? – Soccer

In the top game against Salzburg, Rapid striker Taxi Fountas didn’t make a trick. FC Bologna shows interest in the Greek willing to change.

New transfer rumors about the willing Rapid striker Taxiarchis Fountas: As the “Gazzetta dello Sport” reports, FC Bologna contacted Rapid Vienna to sign the Greek.

Also Arnautovic on the Bologna wish list

According to the report, the Hütteldorfer are demanding a fee of three million euros for the 25-year-old, whose contract expires in summer 2022. The offensive player came to SCR in summer 2019 and has since scored 32 goals in 52 competitive games. In the current season, Fountas has seven goals.

The “Rossoblu”, currently eleventh in Serie A, are still interested in ÖFB striker Marko Arnautovic. A transfer of Fountas should not be related to a possible signing of “Arnie”.

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Model suffers brain damage, family receives 30 million stars

In 2013 the model Chantel Giacalone suffered a severe allergic shock. She was not treated properly and suffered brain damage.

A jury has awarded the family of a woman with brain damage after an allergic reaction $ 29.5 million, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The then 27-year-old Chantel Giacalone suffered an allergic shock in Las Vegas in 2013 after biting into a small pretzel with peanut butter. According to her attorney, model and actress Giacalone’s brain went without oxygen for minutes after going to an emergency room.

According to the film database IMDB, Giacalone spat out the bite of pretzel as soon as she noticed the contents, but it was already too late: Despite the use of an emergency syringe, her throat swelled up and closed, whereupon she could not breathe. Her heart stopped twice before she could be admitted to a nearby hospital.

Since she was not adequately insured, her family started a fundraising campaign for medical costs. In her hometown of Detroit, the life support machines were later gradually turned off, but Giacalone still depends on the daily care of her parents Deborah (59) and Jack Giacalone (70). She is fed through a tube at home and can only communicate with her eyes. According to doctors, she only has about 20 years to live.

Called for more than $ 60 million

Her allergic reaction was not adequately treated, the lawyer argued in his civil suit. The two paramedics at the medical facility did not have adrenaline on hand for intravenous administration, even though the district health administration mandated such treatment for severe allergic reactions. Instead, the paramedics administered adrenaline intramuscularly. According to the attorney, the drug called IV Epinephrine would have cost just $ 2.42.

The lawsuit called for more than $ 60 million in treatment costs and emotional distress. Medicwest Ambulance, operator of the emergency room that day, denied any wrongdoing, arguing that the consequence was inevitable because Giacalone could not tolerate peanuts. But the argument went wrong: The court sentenced Medicwest to pay $ 29.5 million.

Her father Jack attended the trial. After the verdict, he said, “At least we can take care of Chantel properly now.” Before he flew to Vegas, he told Chantel, “Don’t worry, the truth about what happened in the emergency room will come out. She started crying. She’s still there and still has feelings.”

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WWE Wrestlemania 37: That’s how crazy the second night was – wrestling

WWE Wrestlemania 37 is history. There was also a spectacle for the fans on the second night.

25,000 spectators saw a historic night of wrestling at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. The big main event was Roman Reigns against Edge against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal title.

+++ Attention! The following article contains massive spoilers! If you still want to watch Wrestlemania 37, you should stop reading from here. For everyone else, let’s get started with the action! +++

Night two started on time this time, the dark storm clouds cleared in time for the kickoff show. This time, Titus O’Neal and Hulk greeted Hogan in pirate costume.

The show opened with one of the main events – The Fiend finally wanted to get revenge on Randy Orton, but he didn’t do the math with Alexa Bliss. Bliss seemed to somehow conjure up Wyatt, distracting the Fiend with black blood – Orton used that for an RKO and for the victory.

The tag team titles remain with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the duo prevailed against Tamina and Natalya.
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn delivered the show stealer of the evening in the third fight. Incredible moves, great pace and a win for Owens. The hoped-for, crazy stunt with the pirate ship did not materialize, but there was also a stunner for star guest and influencer Logan Paul.

The US title match was tough, Sheamus took Matt Riddle’s belt off with a brutal brogue kick – new champion! The Intercontinental title has also changed, Apollo Crew prevailed against Big E in the Nigerian Drum Match thanks to the surprising help of Dabba-Kato.

Asuka and Rhea Ripley were about to win the Raw Women’s Title, the Japanese and Australian fought a tough fight – with the better end for Ripley. We also have a new title holder on Raw. Rumors of Becky Lynch’s return have not been confirmed.

The triple threat match between Roman Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan tore the fans in Tampa Bay from their seats – pure thrill! It went back and forth, the belt could have landed on any of the three opponents. In the end, Jey Uso intervened again, distracting Edge. Reigns gave the Rated R Superstar a dreaded Con-Chair-to – that’s it! Roman is still Universal Champion!

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Prohibited costume? ORF censors T-shirt on “Starmania” – Tv

Rock star Felix Larcher is one of the fans’ declared “Starmania” favorites. In the semifinals, however, it was mostly his clothing style that stole the show.

If candidate Felix Larcher (21) surprised his “Starmania” qualification with his best metal growl, he pushed the rock brakes in the second semifinals. After “Maschin” by Bilderbuch, there was his interpretation of Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” yesterday evening, which was a little too good for juror Fiva (42). The attentive TV audience noticed something that had nothing to do with the color of his voice even before his appearance.

Puzzles in intro video

Because obviously Felix causes excitement not only with his singing talent, but also with his style of clothing at ORF. In his intro video, in which he talked about his experiences with “Starmania” and his selection of songs, the rocker wore a black T-shirt, the motif of which is apparently too forbidden for prime time. Thanks to black censorship, there wasn’t any more of this to be seen in the clip, but the post-production leaves the audience with even more question marks.

Censorship triggers the Leiberl debate

Already during the live broadcast, there was heated discussion on Twitter about which bad motive was actually to be seen on Felix’s Leiberl. “What did ORF censor there?” Not only does one curious user ask himself, while another wants to get to the bottom of the secret himself. “I looked into the matter and wrote to Felix on Instagram,” she proudly tweeted. Co-moderator Philipp Hansa (30) referred to exclusive content on TikTok and Instagram during the broadcast, but here, too, you are still looking in vain for a solution to the Leiberl question.

We can only hope that the newly minted finalist Felix himself will shed some light in one of the next editions. But at the end of yesterday’s semifinal there was an additional zoom on his stage outfit, with which the Upper Austrian also wanted to spread an important message: The animals depicted on it are called “Friends Not Food”.

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“I stich whether” – knife-man storms towards the policeman – Styria

The 20-year-old had let his television blare in the middle of the night. When the police rang the doorbell, he freaked out completely.

At around 1 a.m., police officers were called to a residential building in Klopstockgasse in Graz’s Eggenberg district because of noise after neighbors had filed a complaint.

On site, the officers also had to find that the young man’s television was turned up to a booming volume. The noise could be heard through the open window of his apartment on the third floor as far as the street.


However, contact with the 20-year-old resident failed for the time being. The man had lowered all of his blinds and consistently ignored the bell ringing of the officers.

Only after ringing the bell several times did the Grazer finally respond with the words: “Kummt’s aufa and i stich whether!” Shortly afterwards, the 20-year-old stormed down the stairs to the front door, screaming and aggressive. He was holding a kitchen knife in his hand.

The police immediately responded to the threat and drew their service weapons. At the same time they loudly asked the Styrian to put down the knife.

Suddenly, completely meek, the 20-year-old immediately let go of the blade. As a result, the police arrested the man and took him to a police station.


During his interrogation, the 20-year-old stated that he did not want to threaten the police or anyone else with a knife. He only believed that it would be a “prank”, which is why he freaked out for a short time.

The moderately drunk man is shown at large by order of the public prosecutor’s office.

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Amazon is now starting its own Austria shop – Multimedia

While the trade in Eastern Austria had to close again, Amazon is now pushing ahead with its own Austria shop. What that means.

With its Austria shop, Amazon wants to offer domestic customers “a new local shopping experience”. In addition, customers can find in the website section Amazon Small Business “only products from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Austria and Germany and can browse the range by region or by product category,” says the company. Amazon denies that it could put retailers under pressure.

SMEs are “the backbone of the Austrian economy”. Since many of them would “come under increasing pressure in times of persistent lockdowns”, Amazon wanted to “offer customers an opportunity” to “specifically discover products from Austrian SMEs and to support their regional favorites in challenging times”. In the meantime, well over half of the products sold on Amazon come from such independent third-party providers, it is said.

Amazon advertises with sample examples

Amazon names “increased visibility for regional products” and an opportunity for companies to become better known as major advantages of the Austria Shop. Companies that are already successfully selling their products via Amazon are the traditional Graz roasting company J. Hornig or the Salzburg textile company Riemtex. “It generates most of its sales through Amazon,” says Amazon of the latter company.

Between June 2019 and May 2020, Austrian SMEs sold 13 million products via Amazon – “that is 2 million products more than in the previous year, which corresponds to an increase of 18%,” said Amazon. It also shows that “Austrian companies use Amazon as their gateway to the world”: In 2020, domestic SMEs would have generated over 85 percent of their turnover through sales abroad with the help of Amazon.

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This speaker knows exactly how you sleep – multimedia

Google has introduced the second generation of the Nest Hub smart speaker. This can record and analyze the sleep of the owner.

The Nest Hub is a smart display that can be used to control the connected home. The speaker can also play videos and music or serve as a recipe collection in the kitchen or as a photo frame for your own pictures in the living room.

Every fifth Nest Hub is in the bedroom, explains Google when presenting the second generation of the smart display. A number that should now increase even further. Because the new Nest Hub is optimized for use in the bedroom.

Wake up with newsylist

Google promises that it will be easier to fall asleep and wake up when the device is next to the bed. So the display gets darker in the evening to make it more pleasant. Useful functions, such as the alarm clock, can also be set directly via the display in the evening. You can also switch off linked light sources or devices and play your own lullabies.

When it’s time to wake up, Nest Hub’s Sunrise alarm gradually brightens the display and increases the alarm volume. If you need a few more minutes of sleep, you can simply wave your hand in front of the display to put the alarm clock into sleep mode. This is made possible by the so-called soli technology.

Detect snoring

This is also active during the night – if you activate the corresponding feature beforehand. This solos technology uses radar to tell when you go to bed, how long you sleep and when you wake up again. In this way, sleep and breathing can be monitored. With microphones and the ambient light and temperature sensor, the Nest Hub can also detect sleep disorders such as coughing and snoring.

Movements are recorded within about an arm’s length. The Nest Hub also recognizes short naps if they last longer than 20 minutes. When a journalist asked at the Nest presentation whether activities other than sleep in bed were also recorded, a Google employee answered “no”. The device does not have a camera.

Nest hub ab mai

Google also ensures that the sleep data will not be used for advertising purposes. The Sleep Sensing feature is opt-in, so it must first be activated manually. Audio recordings of snoring and coughing are only processed on the device. The sleep feature will be free for Nest users by the end of 2021.

Other features of the new Nest Hub include more bass for audio playback and a sustainable design: 54 percent of the plastic used is recycled according to Google. The second generation Nest Hub will be available in Austria from May 4, 2021. Cost: 100 euros.

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