Sharks attack surfers who mistook seals

Groundbreaking research has confirmed theories that when great white sharks bite humans, it may be a case of mistaken identity. To reach that conclusion, Macquarie University has tested a simulated model of ‘shark vision’ on the swimming patterns of humans, seals and sea lions. “Surfers are the group most at risk for fatal shark bites, […]

Empresa Viva accuses Claro at Indotel of practicing a monopoly

The telecommunications services company Viva yesterday asked the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) to declare the telecommunications company Claro as a “dominant position company”, due to the tendency to monopoly in the relevant markets of the country. The executive director of Viva, Marcos Herrera, filed a petition at Indotel’s headquarters, and denounced Claro for the “commission […]

More than 1,500 ships pass through the Haina river port every year

In the last ten years, the company HIT (Haina International Terminals), which manages and develops the Haina River Port, has invested more than US $ 160 million physical infrastructure, protection, security, environment and state-of-the-art technology to maximize the work of exporters and Dominican importers. Upon arriving at the 20th anniversary of the company, its executives […]

Crack in the AILA runway causes diversion of several flights

Tonight, a pothole in the runway of Las Américas airport, caused by the rains, caused the temporary closure of the terminal’s air operations, which caused delays and diversions of several flights that arrived from the United States. According to the details, as a result of the constant downpours in recent days on the perimeter of […]

The Atacama Desert, the forgotten “paleontological treasure” of Latin America

Remains of megalodons, prehistoric whales and extinct birds are some of the fossil finds in the Atacama desert, north of Chile, a valuable witness to the history and animal evolution that experts from all over the world claim as a “paleontological treasure” until now scorned. . In Bahía Inglesa, a small cove where the water […]

Tobacco tax in the USA would be devastating for the country

Santo Domingo, RD. Hendrik Kelner, tobacco expert and founder of Procigar (Association of Cigar Producers) in the country, said he hoped that the proposal for a tobacco tax, made by US congressmen, does not materialize, while the Minister of Industry and Commerce and Mipymes, Ito Bisonó, has valued the efforts made from today, upon his […]

Anxiety remains very latent among Dominicans

Anxiety and sleep disorder are mental health conditions that are still very latent among the Dominican population and are the most common causes that lead people to seek psychological help. Of both disorders, anxiety, occupies the first place in frequency and has different manifestations that can occur in any part of the body, explains Dr. […]

ASK THE CONSUL – Medical Requirements for Immigrant Visa Applicants

Immigrant visa applicants must complete their medical evaluation 10-14 days prior to their immigrant visa interview at the United States Embassy. Completing your medical exam 10-14 days prior to your interview will help minimize any additional waiting time that may occur due to not having your medical results. Also note that now immigrant visa applicants […]

Haitian hospitals accuse lack of fuel to care for their patients

The lack of fuel has become a new stumbling block to access health care in Haiti, a country where generators powered by petroleum derivatives are the main source of electricity in institutions, private establishments and homes. The organization Doctors of the World warned this Sunday of the precarious situation in which the hospitals in which […]