Corona expert: “Compulsory vaccination will stop the epidemic”

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“October Revolution” wins in Europe “October Revolution” wins in Europe “October revolution” wins in Europe – RIA Novosti, 10/27/2021 “October Revolution” wins in Europe “Glory to October!” – you don’t often see such a slogan on the pages of European liberal publications. But the mouthpiece of this ideology is The Economist magazine … RIA Novosti, 10/27/2021 2021-10-27T08:00 2021-10-27T08:00 2021-10-27T08:05 […]

New wave of covid-19 spreads in Europe and there are already brakes on deconfinement

A new wave of covid-19 is spreading across Europe, hitting mainly the countries with lower vaccination rates, but also young people, and forcing governments to re-impose restrictions. The situation is felt with more impact in central and eastern Europe, where vaccination levels follow the Russian scenario and remain low. In that area, Ukraine, Latvia, Romania, […]

President Milos Zeman in intensive care after meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Babis

He was placed in intensive care on Sunday after meeting his ally, Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who hopes to stay in his post despite his loss in the legislative elections. Czech President Milos Zeman, hospitalized, was placed in intensive care on Sunday, his doctor announced, the day after the parliamentary elections in his country. “At […]

That’s how brazen the tax tricks of the rich work

The Pandora Papers show: Politicians, celebrities and the super-rich are stashing money in tax havens. But how does business with offshore companies actually work? And is tax evasion forbidden at all? Five bedrooms, 3.8 hectares of land and a fairytale view: The Château Bigaud on the Côte d’Azur is a gem of a country castle, […]

500,000 euros per day. The EU has put Poland on the counter on the denunciation of the Czech Republic | In the world | Politics

Something incredible has been happening in international relations lately. Old ties and allied commitments are worth almost nothing. The United States and Great Britain are literally throwing billions of dollars into France in the style of the Russian “dashing 90s”. A verdict worth hundreds of euros Simultaneously with this plot, an equally entertaining story develops […]

Union Berlin starts with defeat – Basel gets a point

Updated on September 16, 2021, 11:03 pm 1. FC Union Berlin lost their first group game in the new Conference League. It’s enough for FC Basel to draw. You can find more football topics here 1. FC Union Berlin lost their first group game in the new Conference League. The Bundesliga team lost 1: 3 […]

CZECH REPUBLIC: No Germans killed in train accident – WELT news channel

CZECH REPUBLIC: No Germans killed in train wreckWORLD news channel Passenger trains collide in the Czech Republic: dead and injuredSALZBURG24 Train crash in the Czech Republic: three dead and many injuredoe24 Stop signal run over – dead and injured in train accident in the Czech RepublicKronen newspaper Three dead and several injured after a train […]