The new way to serve soup

For a day after a party, a declaration of love or a tax, it is so comforting! This is also the opinion of Julien Ponceblanc who, in his Diary of a soup lover, tells through the menu his passion for veloutés, consommés and other soups.

With Julien Ponceblanc, soup is quite a story! Or rather stories. This ESSEC graduate has decided to dedicate his professional life to him, notably by creating Greenshoot, a brand of fresh soups. Better, today he devotes a passionate book to him, Diary of a Soup Lover (1). In these pages, he declares his love for soups and other broths. Far from conceiving yet another practical bible on the subject, he chose to link each recipe to an experience or a season, like a diary or an almanac. “I wanted to evoke slices of life, to spend our time milling through soup recipes. But I also wanted to show that soup is a fabulous product, which allows for endless combinations, depending on daily situations. It’s a bit like ice cream, my other love, ”he explains, blowing hot and cold.

He therefore delivers insightful ideas, adapted to moments of grace and depression that are common to all. Hangover? For Julien Ponceblanc, that of Sunday February 6 is memorable… It is also the occasion of a text in the form of mea culpa – “I am so badly that I think I would prefer to die”, “I did not im -por-te-quoi ”-, which will lead to the creation of an antidote: the day after party soup, with cauliflower, coconut, cashew and turmeric. Marriage is so enticing that it is also recommended on migraine-free days. As for the “Love Breaking Soup”, a rhubarb, raspberry and Golden Syrup gazpacho, imagined on May 11, we feel that there is also a lot of experience in there.

“I want to create a bond, a communion with the reader, by sharing moments that touch us all, insists Julien Ponceblanc. The “Evening tax return soup”, a cold consomme made from pink radish, lamb’s lettuce and coriander, is therefore deliberately sour! ” Added to this desire for linking is a penchant for travel and a good dose of humor and subversion. Caroline Faccioli’s photos, both refined and unexpected, reflect this bias. But also, of course, some creations like the “Ronald” soup, born on Wednesday April 6, spring day on which floats the irrepressible desire for a good big hamburger. Rather than feel guilty, Julien Ponceblanc imagined his balanced and creamy version of the Big Mac, which combines tomatoes, sweet and sour pickles, onions, honey mustard… To be tasted without guilt and with a smile on your lips.

Offering a dish that makes sense is one thing. But no question of intellectualizing it. “Soup is basic, modest. Some would have us believe that it is a complex art. It is quite the reverse. In French cuisine, there are a lot of compulsory exercises. A lamb stew, for example, we can reinterpret it but not invent it. This is not the case with the soup that you can (re) create at will. It’s a blank canvas to play with tastes and textures. My book therefore offers a grammar of soup, so that everyone acquires a few rules, then adds their own poetry, ”continues Julien Ponceblanc.

It is up to everyone, therefore, to appropriate their journal, to add their extra soul. And this without moderation, because the soup, when it is homemade, rhymes with “eating well”. “My passion for this healthy dish is a matter of atavism! My great-grandmother only cooked vegetables grown in the garden. One of my grandfathers was a winegrower, the other a baker. I grew up respecting natural and seasonal products. And this education has not left me. ” It can be seen in these pages in which the author, flexitarian, has also chosen to ban sausages and other bits of fat that can put their eye in the broth. However, he allows himself some dairy products because, let’s face it, “even the richest soup will never be as high in calories as a portion of tiramisu”!

book cover

Photo Caroline Faccioli

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Why Gigi Hadid’s Mango Coat Is So Good

The young mother showed her talent for embracing the trends of the moment, with a large checked coat signed by the Spanish brand.

Gigi Hadid has remained very discreet since the birth of her child in September 2020, whose name she did not wish to reveal. However, the model in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik regularly takes walks with her baby, always accompanied by a fashion touch. The last dates back to January 10 in the streets of New York. That day, with her face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses and a black mask, the top chose to wear an oversized plaid coat, signed Mango.

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According to the Tagwalk site, which lists all the catwalks, the tile is in the top 10 trends for fall-winter 2020-2021. Like Kate Middleton who opted for a coat of the same style on October 6 at the University of Derby in England, Gigi Hadid succumbs to the pattern with a wool blend piece, XXL lines and a lapel collar. And finally at an affordable price: 69.99 euros. The opportunity to dress warmly without straining your budget.

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Archie’s first official words revealed in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new podcast

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry posted the first episode of their podcast on Tuesday, December 29, produced by their production company Archewell Audio and broadcast on Spotify. The opportunity also to welcome the words of a battalion of famous guests.

Since the Sussexes signed a multi-year contract with the audio streaming platform Spotify, many have been waiting for the launch of their first podcast series. It is now done. The couple posted their very first 33-minute episode on Tuesday, December 29, devoted to the end of the year celebrations. After paying tribute to workers and people facing “uncertainty and unthinkable loss” due to the pandemic, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have naturally chosen to offer their listeners a retrospective of the year 2020 in company of several celebrities.


Six gourmet gift ideas for latecomers

Delivery menus

During this pandemic year which has cost restaurants dearly, the world of bectantias has shown unprecedented inventiveness and generosity. Recipes and tutorials posted by the chefs during the first confinement, to keep in touch with those whose stomachs and imaginations they feed, to the development of take-out or home-delivered formulas, to find a little of our bistros and our wine merchants, through the creation of new ways to sell the dishes of producers to gourmets, 2020 has brought small revolutions to our tables. Including on New Years Eve. Until now, if we received but did not want to stuff ourselves with long preparations, we had roughly the choice between the caterer or the frozen one.

This year, many chefs are offering home-delivered meals that simply need to be reheated and served. The double starred Stéphanie Le Quellec, who has just opened MAM, a hybrid shop (delicatessen-pastry-cellar …) in Paris, has for example developed a special menu (veal in a puff pastry crust, lobster fricassee …) and , on the 31st, a brunch formula (195 euros for two, champagne included).

At Origins (VIIIe arrondissement), Julien Boscus offers a four-course party formula, at a very fair price of 68 euros per head, excluding drinks.

And if you still want to get your hands dirty, head to the Butcher Grégoire (VIe), and its “Christmas turkey” kits, including a Landes turkey, a prepared pork-chestnut stuffing, poultry jus and a creamy sauce (from 145 euros for 12 guests). Meals that can also be served to a loved one isolated by the pandemic, such as a greedy but careful grandparent.

MAM: 22, rue de Fourcroy, 75 017. Delivery in Paris and near suburbs or click & collect on Card available from December 19 to 31 except on December 25, brunch on December 31.

Origins: 6, rue de Ponthieu, 75 008. Orders:

The butcher Grégoire: 29, rue de l’Abbé-Grégoire, 75 006. Rens. : 01 42 22 58 41. Turkeys available until Christmas, on site or for delivery.

Christmas rosé

Rosé 1000 vinesPhoto DR

How about drinking a good rosé for Christmas? It would be a change from the dreadful booze that we spend the summer with a ton of ice cubes. No, sunny days do not have a monopoly on rosé which can sparkle winter dishes, especially when it is born at the Domaine des Milles Vignes in La Palme in Aude where Valérie Guérin officiates. His wines touch the stratospheric cellars of the three stars, conquered America through the voice of the famous critic Kermit Lynch. On the paper of guides and specialized magazines, this gives a hangover panegyric to Kim Jong-un’s hagiographers. His “Work is close to that of artistic craftsmanship”, thus writes the heritage French wine review in its 2019 guide dedicated to the best bowling pins in France. The estate covers 11 hectares, or 13 plots for 25,000 bottles, a straw in this South which has long had the reputation of making the vines piss. Rather than expanding, Valérie Guérin relentlessly explores her vines like a blank page. The ubiquitous Chardonnays and Syrahs, which make smooth and technological cuvées, are tricards on the Thousand Vines where, on the other hand, Apache grape varieties flourish under the dark ridges of the Pyrenees: we find Malvoisie, Grenache, carignan, macabeu, clairette, colombard. Far from formatted beverages, this discreet and endearing winegrower dedicates her finest plots of red to her rosé with a vinification as meticulous as that of a white, keeping only the heart of the press. For the 2019 vintage, less than 1,600 bottles circulated throughout the world.

The rosé from the Thousand Vines, € 35 per bottle. Order on

The Grand Recho

Photo from the book le grand Recho.An Eritrean recipe from Grand Recho. DR

With great souls, a great book by the format as by the intentions: The Grand Recho is the story of a formidable human adventure, that of an ephemeral solidarity restaurant installed in Arras (Pas-de-Calais) in October 2018, including the aim was to create the meeting between the local population and migrants (Release of October 19, 2018). For ten days, this place brings together communities that would never have had the opportunity to meet. Michelin-starred or non-starred chefs, exiles, associations, artists, students, volunteers … More than 3,000 people made the heart beat a real festival of solidarity cuisine, with more than 300 people a day nourished by the same desire to meet through the kitchen. Albanians, Georgians, Eritreans, Somalis, Syrians, Sudanese, Libyans, Indonesians, Iraqis, came to mix their know-how and their recipes, to tell their country through the kitchen, with women and men from Arras and elsewhere . “This is not a cookbook, but kitchens, writes very aptly Valérie Sevenet Gentil, co-author of Grand Recho. A book that wants to tell stories before recipes, born from the desire to tell the whole world that changing the world can start around a pot. […] Brotherly recipes do not start from cookbooks. They are born in places where women and men meet who invent a way of communicating together by going beyond language, mistrust, received ideas, a priori ”. The title of one of the 85 recipes says it all: “Arras Greek Salad”.

The Grand Recho, story of fraternal cuisine, by Valérie Sevenet Gentil, Vanessa Krycève, Alice Barbosa (L’Epure, 2020, € 30).

The Paris of pastries

Pastry from the pastry book. Photo Pierre Monetta

It is a beautiful book that this Paris of pastries, written by the culinary journalist François Blanc on the basis of recipes gleaned from 50 pastry chefs in the capital, from the kitchens of the Four Seasons or from the Café de la Paix to the Mamiche bakeries. Cookies with homemade hazelnut praline, pistachio and orange blossom flan, chocolate babka, Annecy-style travel cakes, apple and agastache pie… A nice gift for a sweet tooth, eager to take pastry to the next level .

The Paris of pastries, by François Blanc (Ducasses, 2020, € 39).

Fine lame

THAU paring knife from Guy Savoy boutiquePhoto Laurence Mouton

We too are superstitious, but that won’t stop us from offering a knife for Christmas in exchange for a coin to ward off bad luck. Whether you’re broke like the wheat or want to heat up the American Express, there are blades for every budget, from a handful of dollars on a market bazaar stall to $ 95 for the knife. “Thau” number 1 on the e-boutique of multi-starred chef Guy Savoy.

In a life in the kitchen, the renewal of the paring knife is a moment of the utmost importance. Because this little knife with a short and rather sharp blade is a tool that is as much intimate as it is utility.

Already its name, a bit old-fashioned, is a call to the kitchen, a gourmet dream as it refers to the sweet smell of a kitchen where apples are cooked for compote. It is as much an accessory to peeling as it is to chatter. A paring knife is not suitable, cannot be exchanged. At best, it is exhibited for the beauty of the gesture, remembering that it is ours with pride.


Jacques Tissot’s Crémant du Jura

Crémant by Jacques TissotPhoto DR

It is understood: when you do not have a huge budget, it is better to opt for a good crémant rather than a bad champagne. In general, the crémant does not necessarily have an excellent reputation, but with its golden color and its freshness, the Jura Crémant from the Jacques Tissot estate, whose reputation is well established, will find its place on the New Year’s tables. . Because once is not customary, there is no reason that only the richest drink well.

Information: online, from around € 12 per bottle, if purchased in boxes of six. About 16-18 € in cellar.

This article is taken from our supplement “Pierre Gagnaire: carte sur tables”.



Lisa Jackson: “By 2030, Apple is committed to having a completely neutral carbon footprint”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, explained at the Climate Ambition Summit 2020, organized by the United Nations on Saturday, December 12, the importance of developing a “carbon neutral economy”. A conviction shared by Lisa Jackson, vice-president of environment, strategies and social initiatives of the company. Interview.

Madame Figaro. – What are the new measures implemented by Apple to reduce its carbon footprint?
Lisa Jackson. – In Apple, we’ve used our funds – and our best ideas – to consider the environment in everything we do: the energy that powers our business, the components of our devices, the companies we work with. , and the health and safety of those who make and use our products. Our company has been reducing its carbon footprint for years, but we know there is still a long way to go. So we set ourselves a revolutionary goal to further reduce the impact we all have on the planet.

By 2030, we are committed to having a completely neutral carbon footprint. We are already neutral in terms of carbon emissions from our companies, particularly with regard to business travel. Our equipment operates on 100 percent renewable electricity, and we invest in high-quality projects that work for the protection and restoration of forests, wetlands and pastures. We are on the right track in terms of the supply chain. But we want to go further to cover our entire carbon footprint. From shipping our products around the world to the energy used to power our customers’ devices.

Until now, the focus has generally been on recycling, upcycling, waste reduction, etc. But, over the past 18 months, the focus has been on something that people have only recently learned about: the digital pollution wrought by overuse of our phones, computers and more. digital equipment. What has Apple put in place to reduce this pollution and further limit our use of these devices?
Apple aims to close the loop in its supply chain and would one day like to stop extracting materials from the ground. Much of our products contain more recycled material than ever before, but we won’t be happy until that number hits 100 percent for all of our devices. Achieving this critical goal will help us further reduce our carbon footprint, and we are using our unparalleled innovative capabilities to make it happen.

And, perhaps even more important, we bring our knowledge together and use our influence to inspire others to do the same. We are working to support smart measures adopted around the world to better protect the planet, and make the transition to a future with a lower carbon footprint effective. We’ve also helped dozens of Apple suppliers make an energy transition. They now have a competitive advantage that will set them apart in the years to come. As for those who still hide their faces, they should know that time is running out. Our commitment to the planet means that we must work with partners who understand the importance of our mission.

In video, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, discusses the importance of developing a “carbon neutral economy”

Apple is reducing waste, but because it now manufactures a lot more devices, it also produces more waste. What measures have you adopted to remedy this problem? Making electrical devices also requires the use of rare earth elements, which must also be mined – copper, for example. Mining is a very polluting activity. How do you take this into account to reduce Apple’s ecological footprint?
The fact that Tim (Cook, CEO of Apple, Editor’s note) asks us to be the world leaders in terms of circular economy means that we must not extract from the ground the materials we need. So, let’s find the materials we need. And we found a first-rate source: our own products. We must therefore design them to be as durable as possible.

The first rule is to reduce the amount of current waste. The best way to do this in our world is to make products with extreme longevity. I have a friend who recently returned an iPhone that he had had for six years. It still had value because it still works. It works with the most recent software. It can now be used by someone else. My friend was able to acquire a newer model of iPhone that met his current needs.

This is the basis of what we offer: longevity. Apple now aims to someday make products made from 100 percent renewable and recycled materials. This means that we have to intelligently organize the way to recover these materials. Our latest product line contains more recycled elements than ever before. We also invest in research and development so that our industry can benefit from our cool robots.

In particular, we have robots that dismantle the products. One of them is called Daisy. The other Dave. They are advanced robots in terms of material recovery in our products. We offer our customers options such as trade-in or repair of their phone. More and more repair options elsewhere, so that our product can last. And if you decide you want a new version of the product in question, you can return it. Then you will know that your old product will have a new lease of life, with a new owner.

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Jalil Lespert, the new companion of Laeticia Hallyday who directed the mini-series on DSK

Rather far from the radar so far, the 44-year-old Parisian is the new official boyfriend of Laeticia Hallyday and the director of the documentary series Room 2806: The DSK Affair, released December 7 on Netflix. Portrait.

They appeared radiant, entwined in a limpid sea, off Saint-Barth. At the end of November, Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert flew with their family – reconstituted – for a stay on the Caribbean island, in the villa Jade. The getaway surprised more than one. Last I heard, the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday had broken up with the Parisian restaurateur Pascal Balland after a one-year romance. A relationship she had described as a “band-aid” in an interview with RTL Belgium, on October 31, implying that the shadow of the rocker who died on December 5, 2017 still hovered over the sentimental life of Laeticia Hallyday.

Yet it is the singer’s heritage that would have brought her closer to Jalil Lespert. Indeed, the 44-year-old director is preparing a biopic on Johnny Hallyday. For the purposes of the film, he began a correspondence with the rocker’s widow, between SMS and videoconference calls, in order to discuss ideas for a scenario. Separated from Sonia Rolland for two years, Jalil Lespert would have quickly succumbed to the charm of Laeticia. The latter, for her part, puts an end to her relationship with Pascal Balland on October 12. A week later, Jalil and Laeticia exchange multiple kisses, in full view of all, during the cocktail that follows the premiere of the documentary on Johnny, To our promises, at the Grand Rex.

A documentary series on the DSK affair

The couple quickly formalized their relationship on the director’s Instagram account, who shared with his some 35,000 Instagram subscribers the video of two matches burning on October 28. “Love at first sight,” commented his partner. They offered themselves a weekend in Rome, where Jalil Lespert is shooting his next film, during All Saints. If the director has not, for the moment, completed the feature film retracing the life of Johnny Hallyday, his documentary Room 2806, centered on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair, has been available since Monday, December 7 on Netflix. The filmmaker retraces, in the four episodes of this breathtaking mini-series, the meeting between DSK and Nafissatou Diallo at the Sofitel in New York, in 2011.

But also its fallout, re-examined in the light of the Me Too movement. The event will precipitate the fall of the politician, accused of sexual assault by the maid. With this series, Jalil Lespert sketches his big comeback behind the camera, two years after the release of the comedy Turkey. And reacts to the main interested party, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who announced on Twitter order another documentary film on the case, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2021. Laeticia Hallyday, for her part, declared herself “proud” of her companion in a comment published in the caption of her last post. The filmmaker indicates that his documentary series was the most watched Netflix program in France on Tuesday, December 8.

In video, “Room 2806 – The DSK Affair”, the trailer

A Caesar in 2001

Born May 11, 1976 in Paris, Jalil Lespert is the son of a French actor and a lawyer of Algerian origin. If he first walks in his mother’s footsteps, starting to study law, the young man is quickly overtaken by his passion for the seventh art. In 1995, the director Laurent Cantet is looking for a father and his son to play in his film Beach games. Jean Lespert opens the doors of the cinema to his son, who then leaves the university to shoot in the feature film Our happy lives, by Jacques Maillot, in 1998.

He won the interpretation prizes in Clermont-Ferrand, for his performances in two short films. In 2001, he was crowned with the César for best young male hope, thanks to his performance in Human ressources, by Laurent Cantet. Jalil Lespert takes turns in the shoes of a seductive gardener in Sade (2000), of a gigolo in Not on the mouth (2003) and a boxer in Virgil (2005). He is also the Little lieutenant (2005) by Xavier Beauvois. In 2007, he went behind the camera and made his first film, 24 measures.

“I found him passionate and fascinating”

Sonia Rolland and Jalil Lespert

Sonia Rolland poses with Jalil Lespert. (Cannes, May 21, 2017.)

Getty Images

In the meantime, he is marrying actress Bérangère Allaux, with whom he has two children, Aliosha and Gena – of whom he posts rare photos on social media (see below). But their union took off, and led to a divorce in 2009. It was at this time that the actor crossed paths with former Miss France Sonia Rolland, at the turn of a photo shoot for theVogue man devoted to Africa. At the time, Jalil Lespert played a journalist traumatized by the Rwandan genocide in Front lines, by Jean-Christophe Klotz.

Love at first sight is immediate. “As soon as he told me about Rwanda, I was stunned,” confided the model in Paris Match, in November 2018. I found him passionate and fascinating. We found a lot in common. He is someone who has ambitions but who does not forget where he comes from. It matched! ” Their daughter Kahina was born on November 6, 2010. And Jalil Lespert takes off on the big and small screen, hero of the series Pigalle, at night, then director of the biopic on Yves Saint Laurent, in 2014.
“Between his shoots and my projects, we moved away,” Sonia Rolland will relate after their separation in 2018.

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Gitanjali Rao, the 15-year-old inventor named “child of the year” by “Time”

The young American scientist won all the votes during the first edition of the “children of the year”, organized and disclosed by the magazine Time this Thursday, December 3. Portrait of a teenage prodigy who uses new technologies to fight against a whole host of plagues.

Is Gitanjali Rao the new Greta Thunberg? The 16-year-old environmental activist had indeed become, in December 2019, the youngest “personality of the year” ever elected by the Time. A year later, the American magazine launched its first edition of “Child of the Year”. And unveiled, on Thursday, December 3, the name of its winner. Selected from 5,000 American candidates, aged 8 to 16, Gitanjali Rao is also a convinced environmentalist. “There are issues that our generation did not create but must now solve, such as climate change and cyberstalking,” she said in a virtual interview conducted for the Time by Angelina Jolie.

From the top of her 15 years, the inventor defies all clichés. “I don’t look like the image we have of the scientist,” she said. All I see on TV is that the scientist is an older man, often white. It seems strange to me, because it’s like people are assigned roles based on their age, gender, and skin color. ” In addition to obtaining the “Child of the Year” award, which she will receive on Friday, December 11 during a special program, Gitanjali Rao is also included in the ranking of the 30 most impactful personalities under 30 in the world, established by the magazine Forbes in 2019.

“Solve the world’s problems”

The area of ​​intervention of this young scientist? The new technologies that she puts at the service of causes close to her heart. Gitanjali Rao thus created a water quality test at the age of 11, intended in particular for developing countries, in order to establish a possible contamination of the liquid by parasites. Originally from Denver, Colorado, she is also interested in addiction issues. The girl is working on a product to detect a patient’s addiction to opioids.

It has also developed Kindly, an application, with a Chrome extension, intended to prevent cyberstalking through artificial intelligence. “You type in a word, or a phrase, and the tool is able to determine if it’s online harassment,” she continued. You can then choose to change the message you were going to send. ” Innovations which, she hopes, will help “solve the world’s problems”.

In video, 10 women who have marked the history of science

A passion since always

Gitanjali Rao discovered a passion for science very early on. “When I was in elementary school, I started to wonder how to use science and technology to create change in society,” she told Angelina Jolie. The little girl was only 10 years old when she began researching carbon nanotube sensors at the Denver Water Quality Research Lab. His interest in science inspired him with a motto: “Observe, brainstorm, research, build and communicate”.

Pastry hobby

Between two discoveries, the teenager often devotes herself to her hobby, baking. But make no mistake, she explains, cooking is “also science”. Building on the experience already gained, Gitanjali Rao now leads workshops on innovation, for “rural schools, young scientists, museums, and larger organizations such as the Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Group and the Royal London Academy of Engineering ”. This fervent reader of MIT Tech Review has supervised 30,000 students since its inception. She intends to inspire future generations of scientists to follow in her footsteps.

“I really hope that the work done by all of these children will show that innovation is a necessity, not a choice,” she said. I would like to contribute to it on my scale. ” The girl’s ambitions are now crystal clear: “My goals have really changed,” she said. They are no longer just to create tools to solve the world’s problems, but to inspire others to do the same. (…) So I really want to send this message: if I can do it, you can too. “

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Buddha bowl: Pineapple, mango, orange, soy cream, vanilla, oatmeal, cashew nuts

We put whatever we want in a bo (w) l: proteins (vegetable, animal), starchy foods, cheese, salad, fruit … raw, cooked … salted, sweet, respect the portions and indulge yourself! Jean-Michel Cohen told Thomas Clouet the realization of 80 recipes easy to prepare on a daily basis, all dubbed, proportioned and therefore recommended by the specialist in nutrition, in his latest book “Buddha bowl, vegetables, seeds, proteins” at Editions Flammarion.

Learn more about Jean-Michel Cohen

Jean-Michel Cohen worked hand in hand with Thomas Clouet to include these recipes, within the framework of “healthy food”, one of the results of the recent evolution of our ways of eating, reflecting a desire to consume not only for food and pleasure, but also to obtain a “more”.

To reach as many people as possible, I have chosen to offer a few 100% vegetable recipes, but most include animal proteins (egg, cheese, meat, fish) selected from the most common, by reducing their quantities. These recipes can easily be adapted for vegetarians, vegans and vegans: the “extra tip” at the end of the recipe will help them. Good tasting.


At the White House, Donald and Melania Trump prepare their life after in Florida

If the American president still persists in denying his defeat to Joe Biden, everything suggests that he is preparing his move to Florida. The billionaire and his wife are renovating their luxurious property in Mar-a-Lago and are looking for a school for their son Barron.

When Donald Trump leaves the White House on January 20, he will likely visit his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida. According to magazine information People, the staff of this 10,000 square meter luxury resort, part of which has been privatized for the Trump clan, are currently working hard to prepare for the arrival of the 45th President of the United States and his wife.

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Renovation of the “Winter White House”

Since its acquisition in the 1980s, Donald Trump has particularly appreciated this apartment hotel comprising 125 rooms, several tennis courts, swimming pools and a golf course. All surrounded by twenty hectares of perfectly maintained gardens. He nicknamed it his “Winter White House”, in tribute to its original owner Marjorie Merriweather Post. In 1973, the latter bequeathed her domain to the American nation and unsuccessfully proposed that it become the winter residence of the country’s presidents.

By entering the White House, the American billionaire had granted his wish. In 2019, the presidential couple even officially made themselves domiciled in Mar-a-Lago. Nevertheless, the handover of power approaching, Donald and Melania Trump wish to “renovate” their apartment “to make it bigger, more modern and more comfortable for its use”, reports a source to our colleagues of People. According to the media, this refresh would also include that of two separate bedrooms, once again emphasizing that Donald and Melania Trump would be a separate bedroom.

In video, the Trumps, their ruthless universe

A new school for Barron

Concerned about the smallest detail for this move, the First Lady does not forget her son Barron either and is already planning the future of the 14-year-old boy in Florida. “Melania would be looking for a good school in Florida for Barron”, confirms a witness to People. “They looked for the right place all over Palm Beach County and neighboring Broward County,” added the same informant. There are several options, and they will soon be decided. ”

Will this residence be their only pied-à-terre in 2021? The billionaire’s entourage doubts it. As the magazine says People, even if the Trump clan settles in Palm Beach, they will continue to travel to their other properties, such as their club in Bedminster, New Jersey and the Trump Tower in New York.

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“Make Christmas great again”: Melania Trump gives everything for her last Christmas at the White House

Mocked for three years for its hazardous Christmas themes, will Melania Trump silence the critics with these decorations placed under the sign of tradition?

2020 marks the end of Donald Trump’s presidential term and for Melania Trump the end of the Christmas decoration puzzle. In four years in office, the first lady has distinguished herself by the elegance of her outfits but also by her surprising holiday decorations. After the distressing Christmas of 2017, then the blood red trees of 2018 followed by the blinding decor of 2019, Melania Trump has made this year the choice of a return to tradition. Monday November 30, FLOTUS (First Lady of The United States) unveiled on Twitter the images of its latest decorative theme: beautiful America.