Heydy González shows off her body with a tight red outfit

Sensual and seductive the actress looks Heydy gonzalez posing in a tight red outfit that perfectly matches her attractive figure.

The sexiest nurse on Cuban television He has shared on his social networks an image where he is seen dressed completely in red to, after commenting on what that color means for other people and cultures, confess that in his case dressing in that tone stimulates and energizes her.

And judging by the result and the fullness that his face shows, it does achieve that effect.

Although Hydroelia He took advantage of his post to ask his followers what that color represented for them, many ended up noticing more in the sexy figure of the also model and partner of the ex-charanguero Eddy Borges than in the question itself.

“Precious of my life”; “Beautifull”; “Pretty”; “Red looks spectacular on you”; “The princess of Cuba”; “The most beautiful among the roses” are some of the many comments that have followed the new post of the also presenter, who has almost 350 thousand on Instagram followers.

The Cuban model likes everything she wears. Just look at another recent photo wrapped in a flattering blue strappy swimsuit that showed her Latin woman curves to see why she shines wherever she goes.

On a personal level, you are not only living a sweet moment with your partner Eddy Borges, with whom he has starred in two video clips corresponding to the singer’s solo career, but enjoys the blessing of being a mother and seeing her little girl grow

In Borges’s last clip, titled “If it wasn’t yesterday“She also wore a bright red dress with a deep neckline at the back, which fitted her like a glove.

Sharing with the two of them is precisely one of the things Heydy González likes to do the most. “The best gift you can give your family is to have time for them” he said a few days ago.

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