Cuban singer Manolín, El Médico de la Salsa, announces his retirement: ‘Sueño fulfilled’

The Cuban singer Manolín, the Salsa Doctorannounced this Monday his retirement from music and public life.

“What can I tell you: it was a great pleasure, but today I put an end to it. My dreams are fulfilled. Today I officially inform you that I retire from music and public life“said Manuel” Manolín “González Hernández on Facebook.

“It was an immense pleasure to make music, a wonderful experience. It has been wonderful to travel this world singing and giving joy. Although before it was a privilege to be famous, today it is the opposite. now the privilege is to lead a private life, out of fame“, he claimed.

The singer’s YouTube channel will remain open with all his videos so that “there is evidence” of his “modest work” and his “small contribution to music,” he said.

The singer thanked his followers, his musicians, his work and production team.

“My satisfaction is total, at the time my songs were hit almost all and more than 95% of my concerts were sold out everywhere, “he added.

Almost 30 years later, I retire from music and I do it with joy, satisfaction and happiness. Dream fulfilled, “he said.

Manolín, the Salsa Doctor, resides in Madrid, Spain, after spending years in the United States.

The singer generated controversy on social networks with his views on both politics and music, in particular due to his disagreements with reggaeton artists and Cuban artists who went to Miami.

Manolín, the Salsa DoctorHe said last year that singer Paulito FG had nothing to go looking for in Miami. He also responded to the athlete Javier Sotomayor that “Cuba is more than poor.”

“I’m retiring from Music” What can I tell you … it was a great pleasure, but today I put an end to it. My dreams are …

Posted by Manuel Manolin on Monday, June 7, 2021


“I succeeded above all censorship”

Cuban singer Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya, better known as The Goddess of Cuba, he triumphed with his online concert on the Vimeo platform this Sunday, the singer’s first official concert with her own band.

Although the singer or her company Amboss Media have not revealed the number of people who bought their ticket on the platform to enjoy the show, the platform itself sent a notification that “the concert is selling like hotcakes today.”

“I’m not saying it yoooo. It is my company that is to blame …. super sold concert. More than commercialized … Thank you to all my followers for supporting me and making my group come to your homes in such difficult times where they are not working product of this devastating pandemic. Thank you, I love you and I can’t stop screaming with excitement …. !!! “, the singer wrote next to an image of the Vimeo notification.

Since its premiere this Sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon (Miami time), publications, photos and videos of Cubans from all over the world began to circulate in the Cuban virtual community enjoying the concert and sending congratulatory messages to La Diosa .

Shortly after the concert premiered, La Diosa shared a video on her social networks, moved to tears, thanking the great support she has received and the wonderful feedback that he has received from his followers.

“My people, my social networks have filled me with beautiful messages, I really have a great emotion, thank you very much, I am happy,” said the singer without being able to contain her tears.

“It’s been many years without being able to have that warmth from my audience, without being able to enjoy what an artist enjoys. For a long time I could not have that happiness and I am very excited with all the messages that they have left me, with the photos and videos enjoying it, “he said.

“This for me is a very big achievementYou know my story, you know all the work I’ve been through and the only thing I’ve always wanted is to sing. For me it is a very big dream to be able to deliver that concert to them, “said La Diosa.

The Goddess stressed that, although the concert sold a lot, what is truly important for her is “that I arrived at their homes above all censorship and all the people who closed their doors to me in this country”.

The online concert of La Diosa received an overwhelming support also from many Cuban artists, as is the case of Susana Pérez, Carlos Otero, Boncó Quiñongo, Los Pichy Boys, Heydy González, El Chulo, Insurrecto, Roberto San Martin, Andy Vázquez, Aly Sánchez, Eduardo Antonio and Willy Chirino.

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The Goddess of Cuba falls during an interview

Cuban singer Dianelys Alfonso Cartaya – better known as “The goddess”– He did not hesitate to share with his followers a funny fall from his hammock that he suffered during an online interview he gave to a Peruvian media.

“Here everyone gets off the hammock as they please”The charismatic singer commented on her social networks next to the video, which was recorded thanks to the security camera in her home.

The images show La Diosa sitting in the hammock with the phone in one hand and an electronic cigarette in the other. At one point he makes a gesture to settle into the hammock and when he tries to sit down again he miscalculated and ends up falling to the ground in a very funny way.

“There I am sitting doing the interview for Peru. I am calm, I am concentrated and that is doing the interview for Peru, very happy with my people, concentrated … “, declared the singer while watching the video with her partner, until they both burst into laughter at the time of the fall.

“‘I’m sorry my Goddess, but I have to upload this to you, from the interview for Peru, but you ended up in ………”His partner had written “Rey El Mago”, who was the one who first shared the images on social networks. The video received funny comments from the singer’s followers.

In April, another very different reason led La Diosa to share images from the security camera of her home on her social networks. In that case, the singer reported on Instagram that two thieves had entered her house to steal and released the video in which a man was seen taking two armchairs that were in the portal.

The singer is focused on her next online concert, whose transmission is scheduled for June 5 through the VIMEO platform, in which she plans to present her new group, after separating from Jorge Junior and Los 4.

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Dax closes in the plus – investors use setbacks as an entry opportunity

Dax curve in the trading room in Frankfurt

The Frankfurt benchmark has already reached a new record several times this year.

(Photo: dpa)

Düsseldorf The Dax made a comeback on Thursday: while the index was 2.2 percent in the morning, it turned positive in the course of the afternoon and closed 0.3 percent higher at 15,200 points. The Frankfurt stock market barometer reached its low of the day at 14,816 points and rose by almost 400 points from then on.

The increase in volatility indices shows how nervous investors are in Germany and Europe. These indicate the range of fluctuation that investors expect. The VStoxx temporarily climbed to 28.27 points – the highest level since the end of February. The VDax rose to a three and a half month high of 28.31 points.

Due to today’s losses, the Dax fell below the previous low of 14,845 points. That was the lowest price since the Dax record of 15,502 points on April 19. If the Frankfurt stock market barometer had slipped permanently below this mark, further follow-up sales would have threatened from a technical point of view.

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