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Are you sporty or sedentary? Your Horoscope tells you

ARIES – You are a person who loves movement and, above all, loves to practice physical activity following the instructions of a trainer or teacher, in the company of other students who wish to learn. You like martial arts and, whatever sport you engage in, you tend to want to excel. You have a great competitive spirit, which pushes you to improve and train frequently and constantly to achieve the results you want. You know how to convey your enthusiasm to your teammates too.

TORO – Someone could imply that you are anti-sport and actually would not be completely wrong. You have a fairly sedentary lifestyle. You love comfort and prefer to have a pressotherapy session rather than walking for an hour, sweating or ruining your beautiful shoes. You decide to do some physical activity only when you have gained a few pounds and do not want to eat too rigid a diet. Yet when you are passionate about a sport, you are one of the most consistent Signs in practice.

GEMINI – You are definitely not a sedentary person. It could be said that you are sporty because, in fact, you like to dabble in many types of sports, even totally different from each other. You enjoy swimming, skiing, playing tennis, yoga or cardio in the gym (especially if you want to meet new people). What you lack is constancy and that is why, despite your great potential, you do not always have the necessary discipline to be able to practice your favorite sports even at a competitive level.

CANCER – You like walks in the open air, especially if in the company of your furry friends, but when someone offers you to go for a run in the park you often make up a thousand excuses to avoid accepting. If you really decide to play sports, you prefer to take advantage of the lessons that are done online and that you can follow from the comfort of your home. When you are in a bad mood, sport helps you to remove all negativity: remember this when you want to find some motivation.

LEONE – It is not easy to define whether you are a sporty or sedentary person because you only apply yourself in physical activities and sports in which you know you can achieve exceptional results. You only like team games if you are the captain and could never accept a reserve role on the bench. When you go to the gym, you don’t always adopt a look that is appropriate to the sporting environment and you always wear something that can attract the attention of everyone present, including the personal trainer.

VIRGIN – There are many advantages of a sports life compared to a sedentary life: first of all, you can maintain a good physical shape even in adulthood, keeping the skin toned and the muscles trained. Furthermore, you are of the opinion that it is always useful to practice a sport that teaches to respect the rules because the same mental attitude can then be translated into all other areas of life. Select with care and attention the cleanest gyms and swimming pools in your city.

WEIGHT SCALE – From an early age you associated the idea of ​​playing sports with that of being around many people. And you love being in company. For you, sport can only be considered as such when it includes a team that trains together frequently and is committed to achieving a common result. The important thing is to participate, but you also want to win. You like the idea of ​​wearing colorful and trendy sports outfits as a uniform. You often encourage your friends to play the same sport as you.

SCORPIO – You can’t say that sport is your favorite pastime, unless you’re referring to what you watch on TV. When you have a favorite team, you hardly miss an important match. You prefer not to engage in too demanding sports activities. You have your tools at home and you work out every now and then to keep your muscles toned or to get rid of some bacon.

SAGITTARIO – The most sporting sign of the Zodiac definitely goes to you. You suffer deeply when you are kept still and locked in the house for too long. You need to move and discharge your energies in some way. You manage to be performing in all sports, from swimming to horse riding. Often sport also becomes your job and, in that case, you are able to transmit your passion to your students as well. You don’t like to train indoors, but if necessary you adapt.

CAPRICORN – Taken from multiple work commitments, you can hardly find the time to devote to sport with frequent assiduity. The situation becomes different when there is a company gym or some affiliated sports center that you can attend during the lunch break. In this case, you are very happy to use it. You are certainly not a person who neglects his body and, when you cannot eat a healthy enough diet, only physical activity can help you stay in shape.

AQUARIUM – You don’t like being at home, you are definitely not a couch potato and you spend your days always on the go. This does not mean that you practice a sport consistently because, very often, you stay away from any activity that requires constant commitment and set times. You prefer to take an open membership to the gym, but it can happen months where you frequent every day and never others. You never give up on a few yoga and meditation sessions, even at home as soon as you wake up.

FISHES – You like to stay comfortably at home and indulge in your many artistic hobbies, but you also like to do some outdoor sports with your best friend. To practice a sport assiduously, however, you must be passionate about it. You prefer sports related to your element, water. Green light for swimming sessions, synchronized swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and any other discipline that includes a swimming pool, the sea or, at most, the lake. You always get so attached to your coaches.