“Cyberpunk 2077”: Developer reacts to scandal report

Updated January 18, 2021, 3:11 pm

  • An investigative journalist uncovered an alleged scandal at “Cyberpunk 2077” maker CD Projekt Red.
  • 20 former and current employees are said to have testified as witnesses.
  • CD Projekt Red-Chef reacts via Twitter.

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With his Investigativjournalismus denounces Jason Schreier of “Bloomberg News” like to tackle the darker side of the game industry. Now the former “Kotaku“- CD Projekt Reds employee “Cyberpunk 2077” with the report “Inside Cyberpunk 2077’s Disastrous Rollout targeted.

The Journalist claims in it: The developers knew very well that you Game not ready for release yet was. However, they did not postpone the release. Allegedly, employees should have warned the management, given the many open construction sites a launch in 2022 makes more sense. This was just as ignored by the decision-makers as the doubts about the ability to run on the last-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, so the Journalist’s chargethat on the E3 2018 The demo shown was and should have been “fake” no actual insight into the game granted, as it was later experienced by the end consumer. According to Schreier, this would explain features that were later deleted.

Jason Schreier of “Bloomberg News” reportedly spoke to 20 employees about the downsides of “Cyberpunk 2077”.

© CD Projekt Red

Another Point of criticism: The decision-makers at CD Projekt Red would have it Focus more on marketing the product rather than the quality of the game itself. With crunch time and overtime, they tried in advance to meet the time pressure, so the allegations – in vain. When Witnesses Jason allegedly quotes Schreier for his claim 20 current and former employees of CD Projekt Red. However, only one person was willing to be mentioned by name: the former employee Adrian Jakubiak claims that when he was crunching, he worked 13 hours a day, five days a week.

“Cyberpunk 2077”: Not catastrophic

CD Project Red Studio Manager Adam Badowksi relates in a tweet Position on some of the allegations from the “Bloomberg” article. Regarding the claim that employees warned that a 2020 release is not realistic, Badowski countered: “You only spoke to 20 people, some of them ex-employees, and only one who didn’t want to remain anonymous – I wouldn’t call that the ‘most’ of over 500 employees.”

As for the credibility of the E3 demo, Badowski explains that it is in the nature of things that the demo appeared a year before the final game could not represent the final product – neither graphically nor in terms of content. He himself finds the finished game “much better than the demo”.

Badowski, however, too Self-criticism: The problems of the last-gen versions are undeniable, one continues to work on Improvements in the form of still subsequent patches to be submitted – especially for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but also for PC.

Despite all the problems he was proud of “Cyberpunk 2077”, both “as a game and as an artistic vision”. In no way could the game and its development be described as “catastrophic”, he alludes to the title of Schreier’s article.

One was more humble than Adam Badowski’s reaction to the “Bloomberg” article Video by CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski YouTube. He and the other senior members of the studio would take the blame for it as the person responsiblethat “Cyberpunk 2077” did not completely meet its own quality standards at launch, he explained.

Unknowingly buggy “Cyberpunk 2077” published

However, one did not aware of a defective product released: “Our tests did not show a large part of the problems you experienced.” In order to contradicts he Jason Schreier’s thesis.

However, concrete improvements are more important to players than excuses or denials. Iwinski promises that – in the form of free updates, which should fix errors step by step. While further Bugfixes for PS4 and Xbox One should come soon, Next-gen gamers need patience: The Updates, which use the full capabilities of Xbox Series X and PS5, should first in the third quarter of 2021 follow, the multiplayer mode not even until 2022.

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Review of ‘Beyond Words’ (2017): The Immigrant

Tall and blond, with gentle features, and dressed in a smart-cut suit that might bear the label of a well-known German brand. Nothing betrays the origin of the protagonist of the fourth feature film by Urszula Antoniak, nor does it seem that he hides his origin under a perfect German accent, and yet his facade begins to crack during a preliminary interview with an African asylum seeker who puts him in front of the mirror of their identity conflicts.

The black and white of the image underlines the play of contrasts with his surroundings, and immerses the story in an abstract magma of reflections and deep dialogues that is triggered when Michael’s father appears on the scene, an immigrant who will push him into a forced reconciliation with the memory of his childhood in Poland. It is the driest segment of a narrative that borders on themes such as the immigrant syndrome and the (self) acceptance of a sexuality that is perceived as problematic in a work environment where power is expressed through distance. The better he moves away from the affected speeches and the metaphors with which he tries to express the protagonist’s anguish, Antoniak manages to close the open circle in the prologue with a last scene that satisfactorily resolves a thick and often erratic plot.

Beyond the words

Netherlands. 2017. 85 m. Drama.


Urszula Antoniak.


Jakub Gierszal, Andrzej Chyra.



Australian Government criticizes Google for blocking local news

One of the Google headquarters.

One of the Google headquarters.

The Australian Government criticized Google for experimentally block local journalistic content and ordered the technology giant to pay the media for the news it publishes.

The Executive of Canberra is studying the approval of a law so that digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook, pay for the news you get from the media before the leakage of advertising income towards the technological ones.

Australian Treasury Minister Josh Frydenberg said on Thursday that Google should “focus on paying for its original content and not blocking it,” commenting on the US company’s decision to conduct experimental tests to limit access to local news in search. and algorithms.

In December, the Australian government introduced a bill that seeks to force tech companies to negotiate a payment to the media in your country in consideration for the content they publish on internet platforms.

Google and Facebook, which lead a group of large platforms, condemned the bill, considering that the media also benefit from digital traffic.

In the event that both do not reach an agreement, the government will appoint a intermediary to decide the amount to pay, according to the project based on a 2019 report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on the impact of search engines and social networks on the advertising and media market.

The report highlighted that digital platforms in Australia accounted for 51 percent of advertising spending in 2017 after doubling their share in the previous five years at the expense of printed publications, which in the same period went from 33 to 12 percent of spending.

Australia, like other countries, is concerned about Facebook and Google attracting the bulk of digital advertising revenue in a space where they are not the authors of the journalistic material they publish.


Scraps of chasticism

Julius bravoJulius bravo


“The Comedy of Wonders”Comedy Theater (Sala Tirso de Molina), Madrid

The Young National Classical Theater Company, created and promoted by Eduardo Vasco during his time at the head of the institution, has been revealed over the years as one of the most fruitful projects on our scene, and a number of handful of great performers who honor casts for theater performances, movies and television series. It has also contributed to refresh with its presence and its ways the way of facing the texts of our Golden Age and, incidentally, they have contributed to eliminate prejudices about this repertoire also among the youngest viewers.

Lluís Homar, current director of the National Classical Theater Company, has not formed what would be the sixth promotion of “La Joven”, as it is known at home – we hope it is not the first step towards the disappearance of the project, but a temporary circumstance. In return, he has made a selection of the interpreters of the five promotions to create with them a show with which he escapes from that Golden Age that makes up the backbone of the CNTC’s repertoire, and wants to value an author who is, for many, just one more name on the Madrid street map: Don Ramón de la Cruz.

This playwright owes the consolidation as a genre of the Madrid farce, which would later give way to the zarzuela and, more specifically, to the boy genre. And with these two elements, the texts by Ramón de la Cruz and the music of one of the peaks of this boy genre: Federico Chueca, Lluïsa Cunillé and Xavier Albertí have created a puzzle that walks between costumbrismo and surrealism and that finally is turns into a set of remnants of traditionalism. Lluís Homar has turned it into an entertaining show, at times grotesque and at others delirious -the imaginative costumes of Elisa Sanz and Pier Paolo Álvaro contribute a lot to this sensation-, in which the theater and the comedians make up the spine.

For the performers, the performance is a real exercise both physically (the change of characters and costumes is constant, and their comings and goings on stage) and acting; They play in a code that is far from the usual canons for classical theater, and they are forced to empty their characters in their palette of colors, in a show that is also practically bare of scenography and sustained by the energy of the actors. They achieve this with outstanding results, and compose a symphony in tune and melodic for the viewer.

See them


Children’s series “John Penismann” causes heavy criticism – TV and film –

Opinions differ on this children's series.

Opinions differ on this children’s series.
©(c) via REUTERS (DRTV)

The animated Danish children’s series “John Dillermand” is causing heavy criticism on the internet. The main character has an extremely long penis with supernatural abilities.

“John Dillermand” can use his meter-long penis for anything: lighting the grill, saving people, using it as a helicopter or making it glow. However, the main character does not always have his striped penis, which looks like a garden hose, under control. So he always brings himself into awkward situations. Many children in Denmark find the series hilarious. However, some parents see it very differently.

(c) via REUTERS (DRTV)

The TV broadcaster is convinced that the series is “harmless” for children, as a written declaration should show.


Review of ‘An extraordinary friend’ (2020): Soul, life and heart

The double Oscar winner Tom Hanks has been nominated for best actor this season, thanks to his splendid incarnation of television presenter Fred Rogers in Marielle Heller’s film ‘An Extraordinary Friend’. The charming personality of this character fascinated families in the United States of all walks of life, to the point that a seasoned journalist tried in vain to find something sordid in his past. However, after interacting with him, it allowed him to know in depth a truly good man, convinced that doing good is the law of the human being, his anchor of salvation, his beacon, his reason for being.

We all know that evil exists, that evil that does not need reasons, a pretext is enough. As suggested by its head, who this time carries out a complete introspection, capable of making us understand the sublime greatness of Fred Rogers. His words penetrate our hearts like wine enters the mouth or love enters the eyes. What gives rise to a drama carried out from serenity, in that moment of calm in the middle of winter, enhanced by the interpretation of Tom Hanks, who will irrevocably captivate the audience with what Sainte-Colombe asked of every work of art: soul .

An extraordinary friend

EE UU. 2020. 109 m. (7). Drama.


Marielle Heller.


Tom Hanks, Susan Kelechi Watson, Matthew Rhys.



Lights at dusk, the solidarity book of Doctor of Medicine Enrique Palomo Atance

Lights at night is the first work of fiction by Doctor of Medicine and Pediatric specialist Enrique Palomo Atance. Enrique has authored and co-authored more than 40 scientific texts, but with Luces al nochecer he launches into the world of fiction.

The book consists of a series of stories that take place in The Big City, a megapolis that could well represent any of our world, but which will serve, for the moment, as a metaphor for it and will launch the reader with important questions of our century.

Lights at night is also a solidarity book that donates part of its profits to the Menudos Corazones Foundation. Menudos Corazones is an organization that is responsible for helping and accompanying people with congenital heart disease and their families from the moment they receive the diagnosis to their hospitalizations and day to day.

Lights at night has been edited by Letrame editorial and can be found both on the publisher’s website and on online platforms such as Casa del Libro, Amazon, Carrefour … And in bookstores thanks to the AZETA distributor. Each book raises € 3 for the Menudos Corazones Foundation.

The synopsis of the work reads like this:

The Big City is the empire of our time. From the complacency of its greatness it imposes its rules on the rest of the world with arrogance, because as it says on its flag “Nothing takes place outside my limits.” But not everything in it is historical events or triumphs; not everything is greatness either.

Although it is Enrique’s first work and is composed of a series of short stories, it will not be the author’s last since he is currently concentrating on the writing of a dystopian novel that will see the light very soon.

We congratulate the author for his new literary career, which, in addition, also turns into an act of generosity and solidarity with organizations that do an incredible job in hospitals and we want to know more about his next publication very soon.

Logo Fundaciu00f3n Small Hearts 1


“Martin Eden”, best film of 2020 by Girona critics

The Italian film Martin eden is the best of the premieres in theaters Girona cinema in 2020, according to Girona critics. Pietro Marcello ‘s film is the most voted in the thirtieth edition of the traditional vote of the Girona Film Critics Collective in this strange cinematic year in which, although due to the pandemic many films have been released directly on the platforms, the organization has wanted to maintain the traditional rules that limit the choice only to titles seen in theaters cinema, to claim them as the best space to enjoy the cinematic experience.

Martin Eden, winner with 37 points, has been one of the winners of the festival circuit in recent months, with recognitions in Venice and nominations for the European Film Awards. It is closely followed (with 33 points), Under the skin, a film by Jonathan Glazer starring Scarlett Johansson with a commercial life as unusual as the film itself: it was produced in 2013 but was not distributed in Spanish cinemas until to 2020.

In the first five positions of the list appear two films of Catalan production: the cinematographic debut of Núria Giménez with My mexican Bretzel (third 22 points) and Josep (fifth with 17 points), the praised animated tape on the cartoonist Josep Bartolí and his passage through the concentration camp of Argelès during the Civil War.

The top 5 is completed by Vitalina Varela of the Portuguese Pedro Costa (in fourth place with 21 points).


Feedback on the job: At this company there is criticism every Friday

JEvery Friday, employees of the Berlin PR agency “Hypr” upload videos in which they criticize other team members. For regular unpunctuality, for example, for errors in presentations or for missed deadlines. Every employee has to take part – and the videos are published in a channel of the messenger provider Slack for all employees to see. Hypr managing director Sachar Klein knows how weird that sounds at first.