Brandenburg: In Calau there are puns instead of tickets

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In Calau there are puns instead of tickets

Jokes, whether they’re funny or not, are loved in Calau. After all, the place in the south of Brandenburg is considered the cradle of the joke. On two days a year, however, the Calauers take their puns to the extreme.

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Calau in Brandenburg is the city of jokes

City guide Stephan Uhlig is next to the Calau town sign. Shoemakers and cobblers once made the city famous

Source: pa / ZB / Britta Pedersen

Man must like that: radio presenters or colleagues who want to cheer you up early in the morning with puns like “A fox comes into the chicken coop and shouts: Get out of bed!” Some turn away with horror, others laugh themselves to pieces. A short trip to Calau is recommended for this species.

After all, the place in the south of Brandenburg is considered the cradle of joke (self-promotion: “Small town with wit”). Calau gained notoriety in 1848 through the Berlin satirical magazine “Kladderadatsch”, in which an author published the often crude puns by Calauer Schuster that he had picked up there.

The best way to visit is to choose one of those two days of the year on which the Calauers take their puns to the extreme: That is Maundy Thursday and a day around St. Nicholas, this year December 3rd.

On these days, the “Kalauer instead of Knöllchen” campaign is running in the city, which means that, as an exception, no money is paid for parking violations; instead, the municipality delights parking offenders with specially printed jokes. Jörg Suchomel is responsible for the distribution.

Calau in Brandenburg: On the two Kalau days there are scent tree jokes instead of tickets for parking offenders

On the two joke days there are scent tree jokes instead of tickets for parking offenders

Source: Margit Kohl

As a politeur – the beautiful title of the field service employee of the public order office – he usually jams parking tickets under the windshield wipers of wrongly parked cars in the city center. Only not on the two days of joke, when instead of 15 euro tickets he distributed windshield wiper puns signed by the mayor.

Suchomel explains the funny legal basis as follows: “According to the Administrative Offenses Act, the city can, according to the opportunity principle for minor administrative offenses, make use of the right to forego prosecution for park violations.”

Why does the mayor of Calau go to work barefoot?

For example with historical jokes like this: “We can trace our family tree back to Charlemagne, how old is your family? No idea, the documents were lost in the flood. ”

In another joke, officials are targeted: “Why does the mayor of Calau go to work barefoot? So that you can’t blame him for anything. ”

There are said to be people who would rather pay a 15 euro fine instead of listening to thigh knockers. But most of them go down well with the campaign. There are even regular collectors who sometimes take long journeys to drive to Calau on Kalauertag to deliberately park the wrong way, says politeur Suchomel.

Brandenburg: Calau - city of jokes

On the Witzerundweg in Calau, small bronze figures by the sculptor Werner Bruning can be seen, depicting shoemaker boys and telling the history of the place

Source: pa / ZB / Britta Pedersen

If the slogan on the windshield wiper is not enough for you, or if you come outside of the Kalau days, you will find additional opportunities for recreation on the Calau Witzerundweg, which includes 25 stations.

By the way, mayor Werner Suchner is not walking barefoot, contrary to the puny promise. He thinks the urban humor campaign is a success, especially in the time of the Corona crisis, there is not much to laugh about, people are happy about any distraction.

To underline this, the city has come up with printed scent trees for the car as a bonus to the joke, which this year include the following slogan: “What do you call particularly polite drivers? Ghost driver! They are always so accommodating. ”As I said, you have to like it.

“What is white and is rolling up the mountain?”

The first joke machine in North Rhine-Westphalia promises “jokes to go”. Anyone can buy a small two-liner for 20 cents. And these seem to be well received, and their owner has to provide regular supplies.

Source: WELT / Lisa Wischer and Sarah Widter

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Welt am Sonntag from November 29, 2020

Source: Welt am Sonntag


France: 62 police officers injured and beaten up – photographer injured

foreign countries France

62 police officers injured and beaten up – photographer gets baton

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The protests on the streets of France are escalating

In France, a new law aims to restrict the publication of video recordings of police operations. Resistance is rising across the country. The initially peaceful protests quickly escalated. There are violent riots.

A law in France aims to restrict video recordings of police operations. Then cases of brutal police violence are uncovered again. In numerous cities, people make their displeasure heard. There are also riots.

Bhe mass protests against police violence and for the freedom of the press in France, 62 police officers and gendarmes were injured on Saturday, including 23 in the capital Paris. As the Interior Ministry announced on Sunday, there were also 81 arrests on the sidelines of the protests. Videos broadcast on online networks showed police officers being beaten up by demonstrators.

The French authorities initially did not provide any information about the number of injured demonstrators in Paris. Police reported two injured demonstrators from the rest of the country.

Among the injured is a photographer who works for the AFP news agency and reported on the demonstration in Paris. The journalists’ organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) criticized the police for the “unacceptable” violence. The photographer Ameer al Halbi was injured in the face with a baton, said RSF General Secretary Christophe Deloire in the online service Twitter.

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More than 100,000 people protested against the planned law to protect police officers. Riots broke out on the fringes of a demonstration in Paris: A small group of protesters hurled cobblestones at police officers, who in turn responded by using tear gas. The organizers of the protests even announced 500,000 participants across the country. The French Interior Ministry spoke of 133,000 demonstrators across the country and 46,000 participants in Paris.

There was scuffle in Paris. Some then set the central bank facade and police barricades on fire. In the turmoil, the fire brigade found it difficult to get to the scene of the riots. There were also clashes in the Breton city of Rennes, and the police used tear gas.

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In the rest of the country, the dozen rallies remained largely peaceful. The protests are directed against a draft law that would criminalize the publication of photos or videos of police officers on duty if the intention is to violate their “physical and psychological integrity”.

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The government of President Emmanuel Macron considers the law to be necessary to protect officials from threats and attacks by violent marginalized groups. Civil rights groups, journalists and victims of police violence fear that the measure could curtail press freedom and mask brutal behavior by security forces.

Four police officers charged with violence against blacks in Paris

Recent cases of police violence in France have made the debate more explosive. On Thursday, video images of officials beating a black music producer in Paris appeared.

After the brutal police operation, the four police officers involved were charged. Three of the four officials have to answer for “willful violence by a person with sovereign authority” and “forgery”, as the AFP news agency learned on Monday from judicial circles. Accordingly, two police officers came into custody after the charges were brought on Sunday evening, the other two were released subject to conditions.

The music producer Michel Zecler was beaten, kicked and racially insulted by police about a week ago. The case had become known through footage from a surveillance camera and had caused horror across the country. The four officers were then suspended and taken into custody.

One of them is charged with throwing a tear gas grenade in the basement of the building where the attack took place. He was charged with “willful violence” on Sunday evening.

The case caused horror across France

The four police officers had told investigators that the producer had not worn a corona protective mask on the street and had then attacked. However, the video images only show how the police hit the producer in the face, kick him and beat him with the baton.

Zecler himself said the police attacked him for no reason. “They said ‘dirty negro’ several times and beat me up,” he said when he filed a complaint against the police with his lawyer.

The case had caused horror across France. After soccer stars like Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé, President Emmanuel Macron was also appalled by the video images. On Saturday, more than a hundred thousand people across the country took to the streets against police violence.


Threatened with knife: attack on rabbi in Vienna – Briefly condemned anti-Semitic attack

IAn obviously anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi was carried out in Vienna. A woman threatened the man with a knife, tore his kippah off his head and shouted anti-Jewish slogans, the Austrian news agency APA reported, citing the Ministry of the Interior.

After the crime on Thursday, the perpetrator fled. No one was injured. According to the news portal “OE24”, the rabbi said when he was questioned by the police that passers-by looked the other way instead of helping him.

“This attack is an attack on Jewish life in Vienna,” wrote Interior Minister Karl Nehammer on Twitter after the incident in Vienna’s Landstrasse district. “In addition to the increased protection of the synagogues that has already been ordered, all measures are being taken to clear up this apparently anti-Semitic attack quickly. There is no tolerance for anti-Semitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated. “

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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also spoke up on Twitter: “I condemn today’s anti-Semitic attack on a rabbi in Vienna in the strongest possible terms. We must fight anti-Semitism with all determination and do everything we can to make Jewish life safe here in Austria. Because Europe without Jews is no longer Europe. “


Corona: “This lockdown is not hard enough”

Even the new rules will not be enough to keep the number of cases down to the desired level by Christmas. This is shown by new model calculations by economists. Professor Andreas Peichl explains why the festival could turn into a pandemic turbo under these circumstances. (Video, 8 min)


Corona numbers: 21,695 new infections reported in Germany

IIn Germany, the health authorities have the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 21,695 new corona infections transmitted within 24 hours. The RKI reported this early on Saturday morning. Last Saturday the number was 22,964.

The peak was on Friday a week ago (November 20th) 23.648 reported cases have been reached. The health authorities also reported 379 new deaths within one day.

The trend in the number of daily deaths had recently gone up, which was also expected after the steep increase in new infections. The total number of people who died of or with the involvement of a proven Sars-CoV-2 infection rose to total 15.965.

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The RKI has counted since the beginning of the pandemic 1.028.089 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2 in Germany. It is estimated that around 711,000 people have now recovered.

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The so-called Seven-day R-value According to the RKI management report from Friday evening, it was 0.93 (previous day: 0.90). This means that 100 infected people theoretically infect 93 other people. The value represents the occurrence of the infection 8 to 16 days ago. If the value is below 1 for a longer period of time, the infection rate subsides.

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The Occupancy of the intensive care beds in Berlin with Covid-19 patients lies with 24.2 percent still close to the critical threshold of 25 percent. The Corona traffic light remains deep yellow in this area in the capital. A total of 305 Covid-19 patients were treated in intensive care units across the city on Thursday, 250 of them with artificial respiration. The capital as a whole is also above the threshold at which even stricter restrictions are to be introduced, with an incidence of 201.5.

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Exceed in Germany 64 Regions the new threshold of 200 New infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week, which the federal and state governments agreed on Wednesday.

Intensive care beds in Hildburghausen are occupied

In the district most severely affected by the corona pandemic in Germany Hildburghausen in Thuringia all intensive care beds are currently occupied. This comes from the register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) as of Friday morning. The DIVI register lists a total of eight intensive care beds for the district in which there is a general hospital for primary care and a specialist clinic for psychiatry and neurology. They were all occupied on Friday, two of them with Covid 19 patients. These had to be ventilated invasively.

In the district on the border with Bavaria, the infection rate has worsened again. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week increased on Friday, according to figures from the health department, to just under 630 (previous day: 602.9). On the RKI’s corona map, the district is now the only region in Germany to glow pink.

According to the district, the number of active positive corona cases on Friday was 853. Since the middle of the week, a lockdown with strict restrictions on going out has been in effect in the southern Thuringian district, schools and kindergartens have been closed since then. Several hundred people protested in the city center on Wednesday evening. According to the police, they marched through the streets singing; many did not wear mouth and nose protection. The police eventually dispersed the crowd with the help of pepper spray.

The city of Passau (439.4) exceeds the value of 400. Seven other municipalities also have a high level of infection and there are over 300 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days: the city of Speyer (363.9), the district of Bautzen (353 ). the district of Zwickau (325.7), the district of Passau (313.5), the Erzgebirgskreis (313.1), the district of Freyung-Grafenau (311.4) and Hof (307.7).

Crown in Europe

The Netherlands pass the half a million infected mark. According to data from Thursday afternoon there is 503.123 confirmed cases of infection. Alone in the last 24 hours 4470 added – a little less the day before. The Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the second wave.

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The government in Finland warned on Thursday of a significant worsening of the situation. The situation has deteriorated rapidly in the past few days, says Prime Minister Sanna Marin. The 14-day incidence of infections per 100,000 population in Finland was on Wednesday 75,8 and thus at the second lowest level in Europe behind Islandas data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control shows. Marin warned, however, that the number of new infections was increasing at a worrying rate.

The Ukraine recorded with 15.331 Corona new infections again set a new high. This increases the number of confirmed infections in the country on Thursday to 677,189, as the Ministry of Health announced. 11,717 people have now died from or with the virus in Ukraine.

Corona worldwide

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South Korea experienced the third wave of infection with Sars-Cov-2. The number of new infections recorded has risen by more than 500 per day for the first time in more than eight months. Health officials announced on Thursday that the day before 583 Cases have been identified. Most of them were therefore in the greater Seoul area. The total number climbed to more than 32.000 Infections. So far were in the 52-million-inhabitant country 515 Virus-related fatalities reported.


Holidays 2020: How tourism developed in Germany

Germany Vacation 2020

Despite Corona, there are also winners in tourism in Germany

On land, on the water, in the air: tourism in Germany almost only knows losers in the Corona year. The fact that there are still a few winners is also due to the tendency among Germans to have dark complexions.

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The final resting place of the luxury liners

Here the cruise ships are waiting to be scrapped, on the coast of the Turkish city of Aliaga.

Vacation despite Corona

BThe majority of Germans have an unbroken desire to travel: 52.8 percent want to travel in the next six months, 39.7 percent of them within Germany, 39.9 percent in Europe and 12.0 percent to other continents.

Bus and train heavily in the red

In the first half of 2020, there were only half as many long-distance passengers nationwide as in the first half of 2019. The railway carried 41 million passengers, 43 percent fewer, and the number of long-distance buses fell by 67 percent to 3.5 million.

More young people traveling

In 2019, holiday guests in Germany were on average 42.9 years old. In 2020, the average age has dropped by around a year so far – more younger Germans have vacationed in their own country due to Corona. Younger travelers tend to be drawn to cities and the mountains.

With baby in Bavaria: In addition to city trips, younger travelers prefer holidays in the mountains

Source: Getty Images / Westend61

Federal states in comparison

Across Germany, the number of tourist arrivals fell from January to August 2020 by 45.1 percent to 70.4 million. All federal states reported a massive decrease in the number of guests during this period, but they performed differently: in three countries the minus was over 50 percent (dark red), in eight countries between 40 and 50 percent (light red), in four countries between 30 and 40 percent ( orange). Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania alone achieved a minus of under 30 percent (yellow) – all figures compared to the same period in the previous year.

Lower number of tourist arrivals in German federal states in 2020

There were only rays of hope in the holiday months of July and August: Here, 16 of 143 holiday regions achieved an increase in guests compared to the same month last year (green), most of them in eastern Germany. 127 holiday regions performed worse than in summer 2019.

Tourist arrivals in July and August 2020

Number of flights has shrunk dramatically

While 226.9 million passengers were counted at German airports in 2019, it was only 46.4 million from January to August 2020 – a decrease of 69.5 percent compared to the first eight months of the previous year. The minus towards China (-83.9 percent), Italy (-75.9 percent) and the USA (-74.3 percent) was particularly large. The number of passengers at Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt has meanwhile shrunk to 14.9 million (-68.4 percent).

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Luxury vacation: Traveling alone in a private jet is particularly popular in times of corona

Camping in summer 2020

Germany’s campsites have had limited success. The number of overnight stays in tents, campers or caravans in the summer months from June to August was 23.2 million across Germany – an increase of 1.8 percent over the same period in the previous year. The clear winners include four eastern German states and Schleswig-Holstein.

If you look at camping nights from January to August, the bottom line is a minus of 11.4 percent compared to the same period last year, despite the gains in summer.

Tourism on German campsites in summer 2020

Cruising in the greatest doldrums

In 2019, the shipping companies reported more than 3.1 million passengers from Germany, for 2020 it was expected that even more guests would. In fact, all cruise ships have been idle since mid-March.

Only in July did a few ships with German guests on board set sail, the total number of passengers after the mandatory break is currently below 50,000. TUI Cruises carried a good 40,000 guests, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises around 4,000, Aida Cruises around 2,000.

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Cruise Ship: The "Hanseatic Inspiration", here in front of Flensburg, belongs to the Hapag-Loyd expedition class

Big cities lose a lot in tourism

The big cities in East and West are hardest hit by the decline in tourists – between January and August 2020 the number of arrivals fell between 44 and almost 60 percent (compared to the same period last year). Munich, Frankfurt / Main and Berlin report the greatest minus. Nevertheless, the capital remains Germany’s most visited metropolis.

Decline in tourists in major German cities in 2020

Self-tanner instead of a beach vacation

Germans bought around 13 percent more self-tanners in the first half of 2020 – an artificial brown complexion as a consolation for a fancy beach vacation.

Lufthansa introduces rapid tests for passengers

Rapid antigen tests could become an important addition to the German test strategy and possibly enable more public life again. The German aviation industry also has high hopes for this.

Source: WELT / Philipp Reichelt

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Welt am Sonntag from November 15, 2020

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Corona: Biontech vaccine reaches 95 percent effectiveness

economy Coronavirus

Final pre-approval analysis confirms Biontech vaccine’s 95 percent effectiveness

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Biontech and Pfizer were the first to provide data on the effectiveness of a corona vaccine Biontech and Pfizer were the first to provide data on the effectiveness of a corona vaccine

Biontech and Pfizer were the first to provide data on the effectiveness of a corona vaccine

The corona vaccine from the German manufacturer Biontech and its US partner Pfizer is better than initially stated. A final analysis has now proven protection in 95 percent of the cases – half a percentage point more than the vaccine from competitor Moderna.

Dhe Mainz biotech company Biontech and its partner Pfizer have cleared the decisive hurdle for the possible approval of their corona vaccine in the USA. After a final analysis of the key study, the vaccine showed 95 percent protection against Covid-19, the two companies announced on Wednesday.

They also released positive data on the vaccine’s safety, which they called a milestone for emergency approval in the United States. They now want to submit the application to the US health authority FDA within a few days. The data are also to be presented to other regulatory authorities worldwide.

Last week, Biontech and Pfizer became the first companies in the world to submit successful efficacy data from the pivotal study with a corona vaccine. After an initial interim analysis, the vaccine showed an effectiveness of more than 90 percent in protecting against Covid-19. On Monday, the US biotech company Moderna followed suit and announced that its vaccine offers 94.5 percent protection against Covid-19.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) lists a total of 212 vaccine projects - including Moderna's vaccines

Moderna, Biontech or Curevac?

The US FDA had set an effectiveness of 50 percent as the minimum value for possible approval. With regard to safety, the authority published new guidelines for emergency approval in October: safety data of at least two months are expected from around half of the study participants after administration of the last vaccine dose.

The final analysis of the study by Biontech and Pfizer, which includes more than 43,000 participants, is based on 170 Covid-19 cases among the subjects. Of these, 162 occurred in the placebo group and eight in the vaccinated group. There have been ten severe cases of Covid-19, one of them in a vaccinated participant.

Fatigue is the only serious side effect, according to the study

The vaccine was well tolerated and there were mostly mild to moderate side effects that resolved quickly. The only serious side effect was fatigue in more than two percent of those vaccinated, of which 3.7 percent were affected after the second dose. The protection was uniform regardless of age and ethnic origin. In older adults over 65 years of age, the observed effectiveness was more than 94 percent.

“The data show that our vaccine with a dosage of 30 micrograms can produce a high level of protection against Covid-19 just 28 days after the first dose,” said Biontech boss Ugur Sahin. The vaccine is given twice at a dose of 30 micrograms each. The dosage is thus lower than that of the Moderna vaccine with 100 micrograms each. The vaccine from the Tübingen-based biotech company Curevac, which, like those from Biontech and Moderna, is based on so-called messenger RNA (mRNA), is even supposed to be tested at a dose of only twelve micrograms. However, the pivotal study for Curevac has not yet started.

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FILE PHOTO: Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of German biotech firm BioNTech, is interviewed by journalists in Marburg, Germany September 17, 2020. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer/File Photo

Biontech and Pfizer confirmed that they plan to produce up to 50 million vaccine doses this year and up to 1.3 billion in the coming year. The European Union has already secured up to 300 million cans, and delivery could begin at the end of this year. The US has signed a contract with the company to supply 100 million cans valued at around $ 1.95 billion, with the option to purchase an additional 500 million cans.