They release the young man who turned himself in for the crime of the accountant – News

A young man who was wanted for his alleged participation in the crime of the accountant Gonzalo Calleja (29), who was found murdered on Thursday in an open field in the Entre Ríos city of Paraná, surrendered to Justice on Friday accompanied by his lawyer.

The spokesmen told Telam It is about Brandon Comas, a young man with a criminal record who lives in the 1 de Julio neighborhood, where Callejas had gone.

His lawyer had assured the press that his client was in Concepción del Uruguay at the time of the event, statements that were confirmed this Saturday and released the suspect.

“It has nothing to do with this aberrant event, we are going to make available his cell phone, that of his girlfriend, cameras and witnesses who were with him in Concepción del Uruguay (more than 260 kilometers from Paraná),” said his lawyer, Claudio Berón, on Friday.

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Commotion in Entre Ríos

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The main clue of the investigation points to a possible crime related to the purchase and sale of dollars, an activity that according to his own family was carried out by the accountant.

In fact, Callejas’s car, found locked and parked wrongly on Thursday in the 1 de Julio neighborhood of Paraná, had $ 9,500 in the glove compartment, spokesmen added.

Meanwhile, the body of the accountant was found among weeds in a field and under a tree, more than 7 kilometers from his vehicle, without his phone, jacket and backpack being found so far.

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This Friday, in dialogue with the channel TNSofia, the accountant’s girlfriend and the last to have contact with him, said that her partner was going to make “a dollar exchange” that day.

“We were going to see each other after that, I sent him a message but it no longer reached him and that was the last contact,” he said.

For Sofía, the young man “was never going to get into a place like this -in the 1 de Julio neighborhood-, there is no explanation because he was an excellent person and did not hurt anyone”, and remarked: “They did not find him, they killed and there must be someone responsible. “

Meanwhile, Lucas Calleja, the accountant’s brother, said that Gonzalo “bought and sold dollars with known people, eventually in the afternoon, from time to time, he made a transaction like that” but “always with acquaintances or recommended people.”

“I am convinced that he was contacted by someone known and trusted because if he did not know him, he discarded (the business), he did not want to do it,” he said.


Six people arrested in a police operation in the Oeiras area

Six people were arrested on Friday in a police operation in Oeiras, four for driving without a legal license, one for falsifying registration and another for qualified theft, reported the Public Security Police (PSP).

In a statement, the PSP’s Lisbon Metropolitan Command detailed that the operation took place between 14:00 and 20:00 on Friday in the areas of Algés, Estrada Marginal and Praia de Santo Amaro, “with a view to detecting groups of risk that they move to the municipality’s beaches, crime prevention and other incivilities”.

“During the said operation, four citizens were arrested for driving a vehicle without legal license to drive, one citizen for falsifying the registration of the vehicle he was driving and one citizen for qualified theft”, it can be read.

Regarding the citizen detained for aggravated theft, the PSP explained that he was an individual recognized by police elements due to images previously collected, “following several thefts inside vehicles that had occurred in recent days along the municipality’s beaches, so they intercepted him immediately”.

With him, he brought a backpack with stolen objects half an hour before a vehicle parked in the Belém area of ​​Lisbon, valued by the owner at 2,500 euros.

The same citizen was “the author of two more thefts inside a vehicle and five crimes of computer fraud, which occurred in recent days in the area of ​​Paço de Arcos”, and was present today at the first judicial interrogation, at the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of Oeiras, who applied preventive detention as a coercive measure.


“Failure”: Cardinal Marx apologizes to the congregation

Garching an der Alz (dpa) – The Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, apologized for cases of abuse in the community during a visit to Garching an der Alz and admitted errors.

Today we know “that there has also been abuse, that the pastor who worked here was an abuser,” said Marx on Saturday after discussions and a joint prayer with community representatives. “This is a betrayal of the message of Jesus and it is a failure of the institution for which I apologize.”

A priest convicted of sexual abuse had worked in Garching for around 20 years, although he had previously abused children in another parish and had been convicted for it. According to the diocese, he relapsed after his transfer to Garching, which occurred before Marx was the responsible bishop. Three victims had come forward accusing the man of having abused them.

“I apologize for this failure,” said Marx. “We probably underestimated something of the tension and wounds and injuries there.” He now knows “that coming to terms with it is a long story and that many underestimate it”.

According to Marx, the Garching case will be dealt with in the report on sexual abuse in the archbishopric, which is still expected for this year – like other cases, including those from his time as archbishop. “I don’t have a specific point now where I say I’ve covered something up,” said Marx. But: “I can’t say of myself that I always knew everything exactly.” Sometimes he may not have looked closely enough. “Shouldn’t I have made an effort to know more?” He asked. “I consider that to be my fault.”

With his resignation, which Pope Francis rejected a few weeks ago, he wanted to take on institutional but also very personal responsibility. “The resignation was meant comprehensively,” emphasized Marx. “I’m not a robot. I stand for it as a person, even with my mistakes.”

The church must learn from the scandal, he demanded with a view to the reform process “Synodal Way”: “If the shock does not lead to a reform, then I don’t know how big the shock must be.”


Villa district in Atlanta wants to become a separate city because of violent crime

Dhe shots at Andrew Worrell were just the tip of the iceberg for the Buckhead residents. A few weeks after the businessman went jogging in the affluent area of ​​Atlanta a few weeks ago, a silver-colored car caught up with him. The driver lowered the window, wordlessly aimed a handgun at Worrell, and pulled the trigger. “The shooter hit him in the thigh. Andrew turned when the guy shot him one more time. This bullet entered the left hip, penetrated the abdomen, and became lodged in the right hip. The guy shot a third time but missed Andrew. He went to safety behind a tree, ”said Worrell’s wife Anne, describing the crime on Facebook. Strollers tried to stop the bleeding, called an ambulance, and called the family.

Additional calls were made to the police while the forty-one year old was being rushed to the hospital. The callers from Buckhead reported that joggers had been repeatedly shot from a silver-colored car. “The city of Atlanta can no longer protect Buckhead from criminals. The number of murders and other violent crimes is skyrocketing ”, stated the citizens’ initiative Buckhead City Committee (BCC) – and repeated an adventurous proposal: The district in the north of the city, known for chic mansions, mirrored office towers and a higher density of boutiques As in any other place in the United States, Atlanta should break away from Atlanta, become a city of its own, and govern itself.


Victim of Real-Life ‘Dr. Death’ Believes There Are Others Like Him Out There

A grim new drama is making its way to TV screens this week, sure to lure in fans with its tale of a ruthless killer with a god complex against a backdrop of high-stakes surgeries, a group of suspicious medical professionals, and determined prosecutors trying like hell to stop him.

Dr. Death, which premieres Thursday on Peacock, also comes complete with a splashy cast, starring Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, AnnaSophia Robb, Christian Slater, Grace Gummer, and Jamie Dornan.

The eight-episode series is anticipated to be a thrilling watch. But perhaps more terrifying, the show depicts the chilling real-life story of Dallas-area neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, who stands accused of killing or maiming more than 30 patients in the 2010s.

The 50-year-old is currently serving a life sentence in a Texas prison after being convicted in 2017 of intentionally botching a surgery on an elderly woman, leaving her screaming in pain when she awoke. She is now wheelchair-bound.

“He was acting as a serial killer,” Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Michelle Shughart said about Duntsch in 2017.

While only convicted on one offense, Texas prosecutors presented heaps of evidence of Duntsch intentionally leaving behind a sickening trail of devastated lives from his botched surgeries, with two women dead, patients left nearly unable to talk due to their vocal cords being cut, and others who walked into the hospital on their own but left as paraplegics.

Kenneth Fennell, 78, who was Duntsch’s first patient at Baylor Medical Center at Plano after the surgeon transferred from the Memphis area in 2011, suffers lasting pain in his legs and can only walk a short distance before having to rest after going under Duntsch’s knife to cure his back pain in November 2011.

Fennell told The Daily Beast that he spoke at length with the makers of the NBC show to help them shape their script, explaining that he’s willing to participate in any project about Duntsch to help raise awareness about the murkiness of hospitals’ system of reporting malpractice and wrongdoing by doctors.

He also has another reason for participating. “Hopefully it helps keep him in jail,” he said.

Without structural change and transparency, Fennell believes there are other murderous surgeons and medical professionals operating unchecked on their none-the-wiser patients, bouncing hospital to hospital, leaving countless bodies in their wake.

“You bet,” he said. “I guarantee there’s been [Duntsches] in the past and I guarantee there are [Duntsches] right now.”

Somewhat shockingly, prior to Duntsch’s conviction in 2017, there had never been a doctor who was successfully convicted of aggravated assault as a result of their work in the operating room. His case was highly publicized in Dallas, as it was rare enough that a doctor—whose sole job is to heal patients—would deliberately hurt them. It was quite another to have them live and work in your city.

Fennell first met the braggadocious Duntsch back in 2011, needing surgery for his constant back pain. Duntsch came highly recommended and wooed Fennell and his wife with boasts that he’d soon be running Baylor Medical Center’s entire neurosurgery department.

Duntsch told Fennell the surgery was a success, but months went by and Fennell was still experiencing severe pain in his back, which led him to seek out Duntsch again.

By January 2013, however, Duntsch was no longer working at Baylor Medical Center. Fennell thought it strange, but when he contacted his insurance company to see if there was any specific reason why Duntsch had left, Fennell was told the surgeon was still in good standing. So, Fennell trusted Duntsch to perform the second surgery, not knowing that Baylor Medical Center had revoked his privileges with the hospital.

When he awoke from his surgery, Fennell was paralyzed from the waist down. He later learned that Duntsch had operated on the wrong part of his back in the first surgery, and in the second, removed part of his femoral nerve. It took months of rehab for Fennell to be able to barely walk again with the assistance of a cane.

And it would be months before they discovered that in the span of those 14 months, Duntsch had performed several botched surgeries, and his procedures on Floella Brown and Kellie Martin had led to their deaths—which led to his dismissal from Baylor Medical Center and several other hospitals, according to Texas prosecutors.

One of Duntsch’s patients was found to have a surgical sponge left behind in his neck, leading to a severe infection. A surgeon told D Magazine that the mistakes that somehow continually occurred in Duntsch’s operating room were “never events.”

“They shouldn’t ever happen in someone’s entire career,” they said. “And yet they occurred in Duntsch’s operating rooms over a period of just two years.”

Fennell is adamant that if the hospital had informed him or there was some kind of report made to insurance companies as to why Duntsch had his privileges revoked, there was no way he’d have let the surgeon perform his second operation.

Instead, Duntsch was allowed to hop around to five different practices in the Dallas area—allegedly killing two out of 38 patients and injuring 33 others—in the span of two years.

“People in the same profession are trying to police their profession, trying to protect themselves and protect their own,” Fennell said. “Part of what it took here, with the medical board in Texas, were doctors calling in personally, going down and seeing the board members trying to get [Duntsch] stopped. It took them two years to do that.”

Duntsch was allowed to hop around to five different practices in the Dallas area—allegedly killing two out of 38 patients and injuring 33 others—in the span of two years.

“If it hadn’t been so damn long, I wouldn’t have my second operation with him because he was still getting glowing reports as of January of 2013,” he continued. “I wouldn’t have had my second surgery with him and become a damned near paraplegic.”

Fennell’s shocking case is one of several that Duntsch was allowed to wriggle out of. The surgeon felt he could get away with anything, confessing as much in a chilling email to his assistant-turned-lover Kimberly Morgan in December 2011—a month after operating on Fennell.

“Anyone close to me thinks that I likely am something between god, Einstein, and the antichrist,” Duntsch wrote. “Because how can I do anything I want and cross every discipline boundary like its [sic] a playground and never ever lose.”

“I am ready to leave the love and kindness and goodness and patience that I mix with everything else that I am and become a cold blooded killer,” he added.

Various victims and their families have spoken out over the years about Duntsch, including the husband of schoolteacher Kellie Martin, who died in 2012 at the age of 54 following surgery on her back.

“Kellie even asked Dr. Duntsch, ‘Have you ever had any bad outcomes or deaths on your surgeries,’ and he said, ‘No, knock on wood,’” Don Martin recalled at Duntsch’s trial.

One of the people Duntsch maimed was his close friend Jerry Summers, whom he performed a cervical fusion surgery on in 2011. Summers was left a quadriplegic, having to deal with various infections over the years caused by complications from his condition. Summers ultimately died from an infection in February at the age of 50.

Summers’ family and his former lawyer did not return requests for comment when contacted by The Daily Beast. Summers is included in the Dr. Death series, his character played by Dominic Burgess.

After two years of surgeons and other medical professionals who had worked with Duntsch personally investigating Duntsch and campaigning for him to lose his medical license, the Texas Medical Board finally revoked his license in December 2013.

It would take another two years for Duntsch to be charged with five counts of aggravated assault, although he was only convicted on one charge.


Reporter Peter de Vries († 64) died after the attack

The case caused a sensation far beyond the Netherlands: Now the crime reporter Peter de Vries has died. He was gunned down in front of a television studio in Amsterdam last week.

The Dutch crime reporter Peter De Vries has died of serious injuries after an attack. His family announced this on Thursday in Amsterdam. “Peter fought to the last, but he lost the fight,” said his family in a message published by RTL on Thursday.

De Vries was struck down with multiple gunshots last week in downtown Amsterdam after taping a TV program about a gang trial. He was also an adviser to one of the key witnesses in the trial.

The 64-year-old had made a name for himself over the past few years as an investigative journalist in the organized crime scene. Several men were arrested after the crime, including the possible shooter. The Dutch royal family, among others, was dismayed. The act is also considered an attack on the free reporting of the press.


Where’s Nicole Jackson? She went to Germany>news>

July 15, 2021 – 6:57 pm Clock

In 2019 the last message came from Nicole Jackson – since then there has been no radio silence

Elaniqua Vaughn is desperate. Her sister Nicole Denise Jackson went to Germany from Birmingham (Alabama) at the end of 2018 with a man she met on the Internet – then her trail is lost. Now “Ela” wants to look for her on her own.

Sister and dad want to go to Munich to look for Nicole Jackson

Until Christmas 2018, the then 23-year-old Nicole communicated with friends and family members in her home country, then contact became more sporadic, her sister reports. Occasionally “Happy Birthday” messages were received, but callbacks to the sender numbers had failed. There were also no more activities on the social media platforms, neither with Nicole nor with her boyfriend. In 2019 Ela got the last message from her sister. Then: radio silence. At the end of 2019, the worries were so great that Ela, together with her father Antonio Jackson, decided to travel to the Munich area themselves to get to the bottom of the matter – but then the corona pandemic thwarted them Travel plans.

During the crisis, Ela said she was working as a mobile nurse in various locations outside of Alabama, but now she is back and her sister’s whereabouts do not leave her in peace. Even if the thought torments her, she is sure: something must have happened to Nicole. “It doesn’t look like her,” she told Now that the travel restrictions have been relaxed, she and her dad are sitting on packed suitcases, ready to make their way to Germany and hire a private investigator there to investigate the case.

Elaniqua Vaughn: “Deep down I know that something is wrong.”

The US embassy could not help them. “The embassy has tried to locate her. They have an address from her, but have not yet been able to contact her,” says Vaughn. Search calls in German Facebook groups also had no result. “Some police officers have been looking for her, but up to this point without success,” she told “She has not left Germany, they have no evidence of that.”

In order to be able to finance the trip, the costs for a detective and possibly a longer stay in Germany, Ela launched a “GoFundMe” call for donations on June 30th. So far, around 1,000 US dollars (around 846 euros; as of July 15, 1 p.m.) have been raised. “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,” says Elaniqua Vaughn. “If you find her and it turns out that she just wants to be left alone, at least I know she’s okay.” But she secretly doesn’t believe that her sister just went into hiding and broke all the bridges behind her. “Deep down, I know something is wrong.”


▷ POL-COE: Olfen, Bilholtstraße / Weißer Chevrolet Orlando damaged

15.07.2021 – 10:10

Police Coesfeld

Coesfeld (ots)

An unknown driver damaged a white Chevrolet Orlando on Wednesday (07/14/21). Between 5.45 p.m. and 6 p.m. the car was parked in the parking lot of the Rossmann branch. The polluter drove away. The police in Lüdinghausen asks 02591-7930 for information.

Please contact:

Police Coesfeld
Press office

Telephone: 02541-14-290 to -292
Fax: 02541-14-195

Original content by: Polizei Coesfeld, transmitted by news aktuell


At least 35 dead in raids in Nigeria – Politics –

According to police, armed gangs killed at least 35 people in a series of raids in Nigeria. The attacks took place on Thursday in the north of the West African country, as police spokesman Mohammed Shehu announced on Friday. According to eyewitnesses, several people were injured in the attacks on five communities in Faru district. The heavily armed attackers fired at residents at random.

At first nothing was known about the background. It was therefore unclear whether the attackers were members of the Islamic terrorist militia Boko Haram or criminal gangs. In the area there are former cattle herders who have formed gangs and terrorize the population despite the strong presence of the security authorities.


Extinction of SEF approved in Parliament by PS with help from Bloc and PAN | Foreign Service and borders

The Government’s draft law for the extinction of the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) and the distribution of its powers by the GNR, PJ, PSP and Institutes of Registry and Notary, as well as the creation of the Aliens and Asylum Service, was approved in general only with the votes in favor of the PS and of the non-attached deputy Joacine Katar Moreira, but with the essential help of abstentions from the Bloc and the PAN. The other parties (PSD, PCP, CDS, PEV, Chega, IL) and deputy Cristina Rodrigues voted against.