Lisa Montgomery executed in the United States

Protest against the execution in Terre Haute
Image: Reuters

Lisa Montgomery was executed in Indiana after the Supreme Court dismissed the last appeal. She is the first woman to be executed in the United States after a federal conviction since 1953.

LIsa Montgomery was executed at 1:31 am local time in Terre Haute Federal Prison, Indiana. The American news channel CNN reports. The execution was initially suspended. A federal court in Indiana based the decision on Monday with mental disorders of the fifty-two-year-old. Montgomery is not in a position to understand the planned execution as a result of her act. However, an appeals court overturned the decision a day later. The Supreme Court in Washington finally approved the authorities on Wednesday.

Montgomery strangled a pregnant dog breeder in Missouri in December 2004 and cut an eight-month-old fetus from her stomach. One day after the crime, she was arrested at her home in Skidmore, about 250 kilometers from the scene. She had the kidnapped baby who survived the gruesome act with her. Before she confessed, she told the police and her husband that she gave birth to the girl herself. She was sentenced to death in 2007.

Montgomery is the first woman to be executed in the United States following a federal conviction in nearly 70 years. After 17 years, President Donald Trump resumed federal executions last summer. The Republican government has since executed ten people sentenced to death. He ignored a pardon from Montgomery’s lawyers.

In addition to Montgomery, Terre Haute Federal Prison is also slated for executions of the murderers Cory Johnson and Dustin John Higgs this week. The lawyers for the two death row inmates have also requested a suspension.


Benzema will be tried for alleged complicity in the blackmail of Valbuena

The Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema He will be tried in France for the case of the alleged blackmail of his teammate Mathieu Valbuena through a video with sexual content. Indicted for “complicity in attempted blackmail”, the star is exposed to up to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.

Benzema will be tried for having allegedly incited his former teammate in the French team to pay extortionists who threatened to release an intimate video of Valbuena. Four other men are implicated in the case for attempted blackmail and one of them also for breach of trust.

Unfortunately we are not surprised. This is a decision as absurd as it is foreseeable, “reacted Benzema’s lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, who denounced a” cruelty “against his client. For his part, Benzema has ironized about the process through a message posted on Instagram. “Well, then when is the masquerade, eh?” Has written the battering ram.

This is a new chapter in a serialized novel that lasts more than five years. When in October 2015 the French team prepared a friendly against Armenia, Benzema evoked against Valbuena the existence of a video with intimate images of the latter. For the Real Madrid player it was a friendly conversation with the aim of warning his teammate. But Valbuena interpreted it as if he were ordering him to pay.


Valbuena, who currently plays for Greek Olympiakos, alerted the police after receiving a call from one of the blackmailers threatening to post the video. Suspicions center on Mustapha Zouaoui and Axel Angot, two men who gravitate to football in Marseille. In order to contact Valbuena, they tried to use various intermediaries. One of them was Karim Zenati, Benzema’s childhood friend, to goad the Real Madrid forward to pressure Valbuena to pay. The former Gallic international Djibril Cisse, the first to speak of the sex tape to Mathieu Valbuena in May 2015, will not be tried.

Benzema, who has 261 goals for Real Madrid since his arrival at the white club in 2009, maintains that a police officer used unlawful methods to implicate him in the case. Throughout the process, the defense tried to invalidate the investigation. The methods of the policeman who posed as one of Valbuena’s intermediaries were in the crosshairs of the lawyers, who accuse him of having incited the protagonists of the case to commit a crime. After several contradictory decisions, the court of cassation settled the controversy in December 2019: the policeman’s methods were legitimate.

Benzema, 33, has not been called up by the ‘bleus’ (81 international matches) since the case came to light. Valbuena, for his part, with 52 appearances with the ‘bleus’, conquered the Greek league with Olympiakos in 2020. But he was not again under the command of coach Didier Deschamps.


Ikastola’s teammates, rivals on the court

They have known each other since they were children and have many points in common. They shared a patio at the ikastola Iraurgi de Azpeitia, training sessions at the Izarraitz fronton and debuted as professional remontistas the same day. On Saturday they will be rivals in Galarreta in what will be their first final of the Couples Championship. «Jagoba is a year older than me -29 years by 28-, but we were always close to each other, in Azpeitia we all know each other. He has been my reference, we used to go to the frontons together and I have a special affection for him. He is very humble and has helped me in many things, both inside and outside the pediment. He sure was a much better student than me. I was a zero to the left, “says Aizpurua, who has the ski lift in his blood.

Su aita, Peio, was individual and couples champion. “Ever since he could remember, there was a small basket that he used to play with at home,” he says. «I have been lucky to see him play many games. I was in the Euskal when they were champion of Couples in 1998 with Zeberio II against Koteto Ezkurra and Imaz. They won 39-40. In the Individual final that he beat Agerre in 1993, he was only one year old ».

Interestingly, both began playing by hand, at the Illunpe club. «I was a defender, I had a pretty bad left foot and I didn’t last long, until I was fourteen. Instead, Joxin played very well with both hands, “recalls Labaka, who has family ties to Erik Jaka, the Manomanista champion. «I played forward, I wasn’t bad at it, but I had little strength. I met Markel Etxaniz, Andoni Aizpuru and Dani Murgiondo, who were older. None came to dispute the Interpueblos.

He played against Griezmann

Jagoba decided to take another path and ended up in soccer. In Lagun Onak, as a goalkeeper, even youth. «I played against Griezmann in Garmendipe and also in Zubieta. La Real called me several times to train, but I was little. “ He arrived at the ski lift almost by chance, with 16 years. «A couple of friends who started playing under the supervision of Peio Aizpuru encouraged me to try it and I liked it, but I didn’t say anything at home. Until one day Txetxu Iriarte, who was a friend of the aitas, told them that he played very well and we have come this far ».

And fate wanted them to also coincide in their beginnings in the world of work. «I started a cooking course and then went on to work in a boiler shop, where I have been for five years. Right now I am unemployed and I only dedicate myself to the ski lift “, adds Aizpuru. In contrast, Labaka decided to take cooking more seriously. «I started at the Alaia de Zarautz hospitality school and then I did an internship in Miramón with José Mari Arbelaitz, one year with Juan Mari Arzak and six months with Martín Berasategui. Now I am working with the aitas in the Loiola hotel, which used to be called Lizarra ».

Joxin Aizpuru reveals that he stopped playing for a while because he had a right shoulder injury. «I was unemployed for a year. There are days that I have it very well and others not so much ». He also practices crossfit in a gym in Azpeitia. For both it is the first opportunity to rub shoulders with the elite of the ski lift. Aizpuru III is the revelation. “I’m playing very well, I look confident, but I have to give the ball more speed. Ansa II and I have reached the final unbeaten. Let’s see if we finish the job ».


Gb: stealing from the palace, the Queen’s valet jailed – Europe

Medals, furnishings, photographs, watches and even clothing. He stole everything from 37-year-old Adam Canto while serving Queen Elizabeth as a long-handed waiter. He was sentenced to eight months in prison by a London court, Westminster Magistrates’ Court, for his robberies at the Palace.

The Buckingham Palace attendant, who has a name of clear Italian family origins but was born and raised in Yorkshire (North England) as it emerged during the trial, had collected a loot valued at up to 100,000 pounds, according to the Mail online. His very short-sighted plan was to resell the objects stolen from the sumptuous royal rooms and the souvenir shop on the eBay site, but to earn a rather small amount compared to the value of the goods: around 7700 pounds.

Canto was hired as an assistant in the Buckingham Palace kitchens in 2015 and carried out the thefts in the period from November 2019 to August 2020. The police had found part of his stolen goods in recent months and arrested him. In the end, the thief preferred to admit his faults. He tried to justify himself by explaining that he was pushed to steal from his economic problems and accumulated debts. However, this did not spare him from prison.