Which corona rules apply from Wednesday in RLP – SWR Aktuell

Infection Protection Act, federal-state agreements and probably soon warning level 2 in many places: Which corona rules apply from Wednesday in Rhineland-Palatinate? An overview. The Bundestag and Bundesrat have passed a new Infection Protection Act. In addition, the prime ministers of the federal states reached an agreement on Thursday with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on […]

Nine corona vaccination centers in RLP can reopen – SWR Aktuell

The state government has decided that nine vaccination centers in Rhineland-Palatinate can be reopened. However, municipalities and doctors should be responsible for operation. Nine of the 32 vaccination centers originally nationwide can be put back into operation. That is the result of a conversation between state vaccination coordinator Daniel Stich (SPD) and the district administrators […]

How municipalities are reacting in BW now – SWR news

Pforzheim, Sigmaringen, Biberach an der Riss. Three examples of a seven-day incidence of over 400. What are municipalities doing in BW in view of the increasing numbers? This fall, the corona numbers are rushing from height to height. The seven-day incidence in Baden-Württemberg on Wednesday was 316 per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide, 348 patients are being […]

Stricter controls in gastronomy in BW – SWR Aktuell

Anyone who wants to go to a restaurant in BW must be currently vaccinated or have recovered or submit a PCR test. These corona requirements should be checked more closely again. The FDP criticizes that. The corona alert level in Baden-Württemberg is getting closer and there will be increased controls of restaurants, bars and hotels […]

Only a third of long Covid patients go to the doctor – SWR Aktuell

Fatigue, memory problems, shortness of breath: the symptoms of Long Covid are varied. But too few people go to the doctor with these problems, as a study by the IKK Südwest now shows. According to the study by the Guild Health Insurance Fund (IKK) Südwest, only a third of those affected by Long Covid have […]

Overview of prices – SWR news

Corona rapid tests have been chargeable since Monday. Providers in Baden-Württemberg set the prices themselves. But how much is appropriate? Where does the rip off start? If you want to be tested in Baden-Württemberg, you have to pay for it out of your own pocket from now on. The providers of test centers can set […]

So many new infections in BW as not for a long time – SWR news

In Baden-Württemberg, more than 2,000 new corona infections were reported in one day, more than in months. The number of Covid 19 intensive care patients, on the other hand, has decreased slightly. The corona situation in Baden-Württemberg is worsening. With 2,302 confirmed new infections within 24 hours, a value as high as it has not […]

Third vaccinations start in Baden-Württemberg – SWR news

Booster vaccinations against Corona have been offered in Baden-Württemberg since Wednesday. Initially, only certain groups of people are allowed to have the third vaccination. Download video (6.8 MB | MP4) The booster vaccinations are intended “to protect particularly vulnerable vulnerable groups, the very old, the previously ill, even the elderly – including those who have […]

Change in the compulsory PCR test in Baden-Württemberg – SWR Aktuell

After strong criticism of the planned Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg, the PCR obligation is only limited. An antigen test is sufficient in stadiums and for cultural events. The green-black state government had to accept loud criticism not only from the opposition for its planned new Corona regulation. Should, among other things, not vaccinated fans have […]

Parts of southern France are now high risk areas – SWR News

The Robert Koch Institute has declared parts of France to be corona high-risk areas. This also affects summer vacationers from Baden-Württemberg. These may have to be quarantined. Incidence values ​​are increasing in Europe. The highly contagious Delta variant is actually the predominant variant in all countries. Now the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) classified larger parts […]