Global Health: Coronavirus infection can turn into a systemic disease

Today, Monday, the director of emergency programs at the World Health Organization, Mike Ryan, confirmed that an emerging corona virus infection can turn into a systemic disease, explaining that there is always a risk of any disease turning into endemic and systemic and we have seen these examples in the past.

According to Russia Today, the Director of Emergency Programs at the World Health Organization said: If we look at the history of humanity, we will see that we only managed to defeat smallpox, and we have not succeeded so far, for example, in defeating polio or measles.“.

The Director of Emergency Programs at the World Health Organization stated that the Corona virus has several specifications indicating that eliminating it will be difficult, indicating: “In particular, the Corona virus is found in almost all countries of the world, and yet there is no complete access to vaccines, and this situation It will continue in the near future, which is why the transmission will continue“.

And the Director of Emergency Programs at the World Health Organization continued: This year we have an opportunity to significantly reduce the level of deaths and return to normal life, but the virus will continue to move for a long time, in case we fail to ensure the availability of vaccines in all places. This virus is spreading to prevent it from destroying economies and killing people.


Developing a nasal solution that protects against corona infection for up to 48 hours

Researchers at the University of Birmingham, Britain, have developed a new nasal spray that protects you from infection with the Corona virus for a period of up to only two days, and that spray may be available within a few months in pharmacies, according to a report in the British Daily Mail.

Nasal spray protects you from corona virus

The nasal spray consists of ingredients that have already been approved for medical use, which means that it does not need any further approval for use, as the development of the British nasal spray began since last April, which helps in lifting restrictions on social distancing and reopening schools..

The nasal spray is expected to be available to citizens by next summer, and researchers believe that using the spray four times a day will be sufficient for general protection, as it is safe enough to be applied every 20 minutes if necessary, if the person is in a high-risk environment..

The journey of the effective nasal spray against Covid 19 began from a virus laboratory at St. Peter’s Hospital, Surrey, which announced its effectiveness in eliminating the virus by 99.9%, as it consists of nitric oxide, which is one of the main compounds in the nasal solution that works to kill the virus in the airways. Upper, which works to stop its activity during the incubation period in the lungs, and this nasal solution may be effective for its ease of use compared to other drugs.


After 22 years .. the father of Ahmed El Sakka’s wife returns to his ex-wife while he is in intensive care – photo

A story or fiction revealed by the Egyptian media, Maha Al-Sagheer, the wife of the Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Sakka, specifically about her father, the Egyptian journalist Mohamed Al-Sagheer, who is currently in the hospital for treatment from the repercussions of the Corona virus, and his ex-wife, her mother, revealing the story of their love Which continued even after their divorce, and the surprise was that they remarried while in intensive care.
Maha posted on her own page on the social networking site a composite image, in which she collected an old picture of her father and mother, and another image of her mother’s hand while embracing her father’s hand, and commented: “In a very important need, I want the whole world to know her, and for sure I don’t know how to write this again. … the heroes of this story are my father and my whole life, and whoever knows me well knows that Muhammad al-Sagheer is not a father, but he is the love of my life, and the second hero is the six greatest in the world, his Al-Alayli.
She added: “A love story that I lived throughout every day and every second until the moment, until when they divorced, I knew that he loved her and she loved him.
And she continued: “The important thing is, my mother got married to a father and she is from an aristocratic family and he is from a simple family. Only joys) “.
And she continued: “He asked me to ask my mother on the phone and asked to see her, and I came to him for a long time. One day he felt that he was weak or tired seriously. He asked for his back and his support to me so hard, not in the view, and I came and asked her to be upset with him and that she would marry him according to God’s law and His Messenger is Tani
And the friends of the heroes in this beautiful movie who witnessed this moment are me and my two brothers Mustafa and my second brother, Dr. Al-Mabnieesh. A moment, the gardener revives the world. I trained and asked for an authorized, and the authorized person sent his wife Malaka Elalaily to Muhammad Alsagheer, God’s Sunnah and Messenger.
And she concluded by saying: “This great woman married him, and he was not in need, and at the height of his weakness, and she returned to him while he was at the height of his weakness in his cold, and he slept in her lap and he was comfortable. Now he is in urgent need for supplication, because in critical moments, or too much, pray for him and regret that I am Long for you. “


The President’s Health Adviser: Corona continues to mutate, but injuries are counting

08:59 PM

Sunday 24 January 2021

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, confirmed that all medical teams at the level of the various governorates of the Republic have performed well in facing the Corona virus, through all officials.

Awad said, during a phone call to the “Tahrir Hall” program, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” satellite channel, that he feels optimistic to overcome the Corona crisis after it gathered people behind one goal, stressing that the political leadership provides great support for early access to vaccines and guidance with immediate start With vaccination for medical staff in isolation and fever hospitals.

He added that a vaccine will not reach Egypt until after it has been approved and tested in the country of origin before being analyzed by the Egyptian Medicines Authority to check on efficacy and safety in light of the limited quantities produced so far, indicating that all vaccines are based on one philosophy, which is the formation of antibodies to the virus and they perform the same result.

He explained that vaccination helps reduce infection but does not prevent it altogether, but if a person becomes infected after getting vaccination, the effects will be less, and he called for the necessity to adhere to the precautionary measures after getting the vaccine.

He pointed out that you must get two doses of the same vaccine, but with the lack of production, getting one dose is better than nothing, stressing that Egypt will get all the available vaccines.

The advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs noted that the rate of corona infections has decreased in it, and we hope to continue this decline, stressing that the virus continues to mutate and this is a clear phenomenon in all types of viruses, so all companies are continuing to research to follow the resulting changes in the virus.


Corona protection in local transport: ban on speaking on buses and trains?

The federal and state governments advise on corona protection in local public transport. Transport companies consider a speaking ban to be useful in order to reduce the spread of aerosol.

Berlin U-Bahn at rush hour: Still very, very full Photo: Jochen Eckel / imago

BERLIN taz | A “speaking ban” on buses and trains to reduce the spread of the coronavirus – this is suggested by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV). The association, in which 600 companies from public passenger and rail freight transport are organized, is critical of the introduction of an FFP2 mask requirement.

At the meeting of the Prime Ministers and the Federal Chancellor on Tuesday, in addition to the question of a night curfew to contain the corona pandemic, other nationwide uniform requirements for retail and public transport are on the agenda. The federal government has already clearly denied reports of the closure of local public transport.

Bavaria should be a model for new rules. There, customers in retail and on buses and trains are required to wear an FFP2 mask. These masks offer far more protection than simple cover. With the exception of cashiers sitting behind Plexiglas, employees in retail must wear mouth and nose protection inside, but not an FFP2 mask. In Berlin, on the other hand, employees in supermarkets have so far not had to wear any mask.

According to the VDV, the number of passengers in local transport is currently 30 to 40 percent of the usual volume nationwide. This corresponds to around 14 million trips a day. Overcrowded buses and trains are still not uncommon in rush hour traffic. It is true that a mouth and nose cover is compulsory on public transport, but the quality is not mandatory.

In Spain there is already the requirement of silence

The VDV does not consider an FFP2 mask requirement in buses and trains to be the right step. On the one hand, it is not possible to check whether passengers have the correct mask. In addition, protection might be lacking in other areas. According to calculations by the VDV, more than 100 million FFP2 masks would be needed per month if the Bavarian rule were to be extended nationwide. It is unclear what the supply situation is in Germany. The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Health Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), for example, fears bottlenecks, while pharmacists are more likely to give the all-clear.

The VDV considers the ban on passengers in buses and trains to talk or make phone calls to be more sensible than an FFP2 mask requirement. “Avoiding conversations with each other and by telephone would be another way of reducing the spread of aerosols,” said VDV President Ingo Wortmann. In Spain, the government had already recommended in autumn to remain silent on buses and trains. The regional government of the Balearic Islands has now banned talking on buses and trains in Mallorca.

The epidemiologist and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach considers an FFP2 mask requirement for public transport to be far more important than a “speaking ban”. “It is important to introduce the FFP2 mask requirement in public transport,” he told the taz. Lauterbach demands that poor people get free masks. He thinks it makes sense that people speak less on buses and trains, because much more aerosols are emitted when speaking than when simply breathing. In his opinion, it would be enough to hang up signs on buses and trains with a corresponding note and a request not to speak.

Upper limit for passengers

Health expert Lauterbach advocates introducing an upper limit for the number of passengers on buses and trains in order to further contain the virus. Traffic experts would have to set this limit, he said. The VDV rejects the introduction of such an upper limit. “That would stop the system from working,” said VDV spokesman Lars Wagner. Buses, for example, have to pass stops when the upper limit is reached or, if exceeded, could only start when passengers have alighted. So timetables are not to be adhered to.

The service union ver.di is also critical of an upper limit in local public transport. “We are dependent on the employees of the systemically important industries, it must be ensured that they get to work with priority,” said Ver.di Deputy Chair Christine Behle. Should the federal-state round decide on Tuesday, accompanying measures are required. According to ver.di, this includes priority for employees in system-relevant professions when traveling by bus and train during rush hour. In addition, additional money must be made available for hiring the necessary staff.


Al-Nujoum Hospital .. The deterioration of the health of Muhammad al-Sagheer Hama Ahmad al-Sakka .. The granddaughter of Farid al-Atrash suffers from a rare disease

In recent days, a number of stars have been exposed to various health ailments, which has sparked a state of wide controversy alongside some stars who suffer from infection with the emerging corona virus.

In the next report, we monitor the prominent stars who have been exposed to various diseases.

Ashraf Moselhy

Director Manal Al-Saifi revealed the wife of the artist Ashraf Moselhy, who suffered from severe health problems and was transferred to the hospital.

Manal Al-Saifi told “Sada Al-Balad”: My husband is in good condition and was discharged from the hospital after he underwent an operation consisting of a water bag in a vertebra in the neck.

She added: What was said about a strong and serious health crisis is not true, and he is in good condition and discharged from hospital and is currently at his home.

And he is receiving reactions for his role in the series “The Beauty of the Harem”, currently shown on the DMC channel, Especially, and “Meselhi” presents a new and different role that he has not played before, and represents the forces of evil in the series.

The series “The Beauty of the Harem” takes place in a context of horror and is based on real stories from tales of quackery and sorcery. In the series, Khaled Selim embodies the role of a person who suffers from a number of crises, and is looking for a job with the help of his friend Fathi, who is embodied by the artist, “Mohamed Salah”. .

The series stars Nour the Lebanese, Khaled Selim, Dina Fouad, Hazem Samir, Islam Jamal, Salah Abdullah. It is written by Sawsan Amer, directed by Manal Al Saifi and produced by Synergy.

Granddaughter of Farid Al-Atrash:

The Syrian artist Marwa Al-Atrash, the granddaughter of Farid Al-Atrash and Asmahan, has sparked widespread controversy due to her crying in the air after announcing that she had a rare disease that prevented her from love and marriage.

Marwa Al-Atrash revealed in an interview with the Syrian broadcaster Rabaa Al-Zayyat in the Drama Trend program that the doctor prevented her from exercising, carrying heavy weights, and being tired due to a disease called “multiple sclerosis”, which caused some general crises in the body.

Marwa said: I was prevented by the doctor from walking a lot, nervousness, joy and all kinds of excitement, in addition to love and marriage.

Al-Atrash said: “The first thing the doctor said to your daughter’s Baba is to love an end and in a relationship with someone, so they said sure because my daughter is so loving.”

She added that the doctor said to her father: Do not let her marry, adding: Imagine the disease has continued to a place that prevents you from all emotions.

Mohamed Farid

The artist, Mohamed Farid, revealed the fact that he was infected with the Coronavirus, as it had been reported in the past few hours, due to the publication of a picture of him, showing signs of fatigue and illness.

Farid said to “Echo of the Country”, that everything that is reported has no basis in health, and that it is in good condition, and he is staying at home, and he has not been infected with any disease as was said.

Farid added: The image currently circulating is one of the cinematic works he recently made, specifically the short film “Hot Dry Summer”, which he co-starred with, Nahed El Sebaei.

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Farid is one of the stars who presented a number of artistic works that remain a mark in the history of art, despite his appearance in secondary roles; However, he appeared in comedy roles.

Muhammad Al-Sagheer

The media, Maha Al-Sagheer, revealed the health of her father, a plastic surgeon, Mohamed Al-Sagheer, explaining that he is still very ill, and published an old photo of him with her through her account on “Instagram”.

Maha commented on the picture, saying, “Muhammad al-Sagheer, my father, my love, my love, the light of my eyes, and his mother’s wife are the most beautiful, strong, and kindest of the heart of his Alaili king. Please pray for him for a speedy recovery. I ask you to pray because he is tired. You heal my father and provide him with health and wellness, there is no refuge or aid from you but to you, for you are capable of everything.

O God, heal my father, for you are the strong and he is the weak, so there is no cure except you. Oh God, you know his condition and his pain.


Mistakes we make in the time of Corona … Beware not to wash hands during this time

10:00 PM

Saturday 23 January 2021

Books – Sayed Metwally
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Wrong behaviors and ignoring the precautionary measures are one of the most important reasons for the increase in the frequency of new Corona virus infections around the world, and with the entry of winter and warnings of a second wave of the epidemic in Egypt, there are some mistakes that we may make and increase the risk of infection without knowing.

Masrawy monitors the series of simple errors and the usual things that we do, and raise the risk of infection with the Corona virus.

Not washing hands when buying anything like groceries
A dangerous habit that many may overlook, despite its danger in the time of Corona.

Why is it dangerous?
Not washing hands when buying anything, such as groceries, makes you vulnerable to viruses, including Corona

How do we protect ourselves?
Wash your hands when buying anything like groceries, for 20 seconds.
Wash your hands before cooking and eating.


The time between the two doses of “Pfizer” … Experts reveal the “error”

According to the British “Sky News”, the scientists urged to reduce the period between the two doses to only six weeks, instead of a period of 12 weeks that is currently being awaited.

This recommendation was issued by the British Medical Association, while the country is moving ahead with a massive vaccination campaign to immunize the largest possible number of adults against the infection that causes “Covid 19”.

The British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency set a difference of 12 weeks in order to ensure that more people were vaccinated sooner.

As for the “Pfizer” company, it adopted an interval of 21 days between the two doses when it carried out clinical trials to test for efficacy against infection.

And the President of the British Medical Association, Shand Nagpole, expressed his desire to hold discussions with the government about the period between the two doses.

He added that limiting it to an interval of six weeks would also ensure that a large number of people were vaccinated, and that it would be more in line with what other countries were doing.

He reported that the association took the initiative to correspond with the head of medical services in Britain, and told him that it had seen evidence from the World Health Organization, and that it did not find any country that established this difference from 12 weeks.

And she added that adopting six weeks instead of twelve, would double the number of people who can be vaccinated against the epidemic that has severely affected Britain.

The head of the doctors’ committee at the British Medical Association, Richard Fauter, said Britain is not following in the footsteps of the World Health Organization and other European countries.

He stressed the necessity of revealing vaccination data in Britain in order to know the degree of protection achieved by a single dose of the Corona vaccine.

So far, more than 5.3 million people in the United Kingdom have received their first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, whose scientific name is “SARS Cove 2”.

These vaccinated people will not become fully immune to Corona infection until the second dose is taken, which means that waiting 12 weeks delays immunization.

For its part, the Ministry of Health and Social Care said, through its spokesperson, that the experts recommended a period of 12 weeks, because the first dose also gives a degree of immunity, and accordingly, what is required is to grant the possible amount of immunity against infection to the largest possible number of people in the nearest Available time.


Adel Imam’s first comment on the news of his infection with the Coronavirus

On social media, news spread about the infection of the Egyptian actor, Adel Imam, with the Corona virus.
A source close to Adel Imam denied this news to Al-Watan newspaper and reassured all those who love him about his health, noting that Adel avoids gatherings and tends to isolate, and only his children and grandchildren have visited him at his home since the outbreak of the epidemic.
It is noteworthy that Adel Imam’s latest work in the series “Valentino”, which was shown during Ramadan 2020, was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar and directed by Rami Imam starring Dalal Abdel Aziz, Samir Sabry, Dalia Al-Beheiri, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Tariq Al-Abyari …


Scientific Journal: The Indian covaxine vaccine for Corona is safe and produced an enhanced immune response

The report of the trial of the first phase of the first local vaccine in India against the Corona virus, Covaxin, showed an enhanced immune response without any serious side effects in the participants, according to the Lancet scientific journal, this comes in light of India’s continued largest vaccine campaign in the world, with the continuing global concerns about Side effects of vaccines, according to the Health Site report.

Kovaxin granted emergency permission from the Indian government

The Indian government granted permission to use covaxine in emergency situations in setting up a clinical trial, the vaccine was developed by Bharat Biotechnology in cooperation with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR(And the National Institute of Virology)VIN), Bona.


The authors of the study funded by Bharat Biotechnology noted the covaxine vaccine, codenamed BBV152 , Was well tolerated in all dose groups with no serious adverse events associated with the vaccine.

The side effects are mild and moderate

According to the authors, all adverse events were mild and moderate, and were more frequent after the first dose, adding that one adverse event was reported but unrelated to the vaccine. A randomized phase 1 trial was performed to assess safety and immunity. BBV152 In 11 hospitals across India.


Adults between the ages of 18 and 55 whom the investigator considered to be in good health were eligible. Between the 13th and 30th of July of last year, 827 participants were examined, 375 of them were enrolled. Among the registered participants, 100 were assigned to each of them randomly to the three vaccine groups, and 75 were randomly assigned to the control group.


It is reported that Cofaxine is an inactivated vaccine that was developed by chemical treatment of samples of the new Corona virus to make them unable to reproduce, this process leaves the viral proteins, including the spiky protein of the coronavirus that it uses to enter human cells, intact.