Mysterious giver donates bitcoin to catering man who wanted to sell his Harley to continue paying staff

The hospitality industry is in dire straits. Much less money comes in. In order to pay the salaries of his employees, Dennis van den Berg, co-owner of restaurant Jack in Rotterdam, put his Harley Davidson up for sale.

The entrepreneur is eligible for the NOW scheme, an allowance for wage costs, but according to him this can only be applied for next month. Dennis therefore urgently needed money to bridge the month.

Screenshot of Dennis’s Facebook post

Shortly after the sad sales story came out, Dennis received a call from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. The caller wanted to gift him a bitcoin so that he can prepay his staff. “To be honest, I don’t know what to say”, Dennis responds. “Thank you so much! It’s great that he takes the trouble to do this for someone he doesn’t know. Great.”

Dennis kept the news to himself for a moment before sharing it with others. “At first you don’t believe it. That’s why I kept it quiet at first. Very bizarre that this is happening to you. When I was convinced that this was not a joke, I told everyone.”


The mysterious giver later sent a letter with the code for the bitcoin, but it was not complete. Dennis had to make a promise to him before he got the full code for the bitcoin.

“I had to give him my word that I wouldn’t sell the bike,” says Dennis. He didn’t have to think long about the condition. “That is really my baby. I had saved for it for a long time.”

Dennis was called again later and got the rest of the code. “A bitcoin is now worth over 11,500 euros”, says Dennis. He also needs that to pay the salaries of his eight-person team. “The story is bizarre, but true.”


Dennis does not know about the origin of the money. Because the donor has not made himself known and bitcoin is a fairly anonymous means of payment, he will probably never know who the generous giver is.

“But you don’t have to. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that someone took this initiative and supported us in this way. We celebrated it with the staff!”

Dennis will be using his motorcycle to the full in the near future to deliver his own meals.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that you can buy with ‘real’ money. The digital currency is not managed by a bank, but by all participants in bitcoin together. You will find more explanation here.


400,000 pigs ready for slaughter on hold, number is increasing – News Corona crisis


Donors ‘ conference in Corona: Start with billion commitment – policy

Vaccines, treatments, and Tests are to be paid: a Total of 6.5 billion euros come together in the fight against the Corona of a pandemic. On a virtual conference, Chancellor Merkel also says a lot of money from Germany.

At the international fundraising marathon for vaccines and treatments against lung disease Covid-19 new commitments in the amount of 6.15 billion euros came together. Alone, the EU Commission and Germany said in a virtual donors ‘ conference together almost 5.3 billion euros. Other large donations came from the United States and Canada.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the conference, specifically, an additional 383 million euros, while von der Leyen, a further 4.9 billion euros of EU funds has announced. “I am firmly Convinced that vaccines, Tests and drugs must be available worldwide, is affordable and accessible,” said Merkel in her video message to the German contribution.

Already at the 4. In may, Germany had made a contribution of € 525 million for the vaccine Alliance, CEPI, the global vaccine Alliance GAVI, the world health organization, and various product development partnerships. Had come together at the telethon even before the conference, on Saturday, almost ten billion euros. The now by the EU-Commission, the promised funds will flow as loans and guarantees.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke of an incredible result. She had not organized the donor conference, along with a New York government organization. To conclude, it should give the evening a Grand concert with artists such as Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Justin Bieber, which is transmitted on the Internet. The organizers were able to win for the Online Gala will also feature many non-musical Celebrities for guest appearances. Among them, the actor, for example, inside of Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron, Ex-professional soccer player David Beckham and former Top Model, Naomi Campbell.

Presenter for the evening should be of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “This is a critical Moment in history requires all of us to keep together and to create a better future for all,” said the actor to his commitment. The objective is to strengthen the global community, which campaigns for equitable access to health care and against the enormous injustices in our world is fighting.

When vaccines and effective drugs against the Coronavirus is ready for deployment, is currently still unclear. The worldwide for the fight against the pandemic, the necessary funds were recently estimated, however, by UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to around 40 billion dollars (36 billion euros).

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What needs to change after the Corona-crisis?:To The Reader Discussion


Angela Merkel in an Interview, policy

In the first newspaper interview since the beginning of the Corona-crisis, Chancellor Merkel speaks about the relationship of the EU to the UK and the USA – and why the European pandemic-reconstruction Fund wants to fight.

The international conference room in the Federal Chancellery, especially a lot of area. Most recently, he has been used for Cabinet meetings. Here, Chancellor Angela Merkel gives her first newspaper interview since the beginning of the Corona-crisis, before the start of the German EU-presidency, surely not coincidentally, the Newspaper network “Europe”, the six European media houses belong to. The round is sitting with a lot of distance, Merkel is an additional free chair the course. Fast appearance and leaving, shaking by the side door, not hands.


Coronavirus-live Ticker: +++ 07:15 Colombia surpassed China in the case of infected number +++

Colombia has recorded on Saturday 4149 new Corona cases, a new maximum value for the 50-million-inhabitant country. According to CNN, it is already the third highest value within a week. Overall, Colombia is in 88.591 proven infections. Thus, there are nearly 4000 cases and more than in China, with 1.4 billion inhabitants. The official number of people dead is in Colombia, at 2939.

+++ 06:28 Bavaria Corona wants to extend-Tests “massively” +++
In Bavaria to be able to let everyone on the Coronavirus test – regardless of whether he has symptoms. The Tests should be extended to “solid,” as Minister of health Melanie Huml said. The CSU-politician announced a “Corona-test offensive”. “A cornerstone of our Bavarian test concept is that all the people who want to be tested for an infection to SARS-CoV-2, to obtain certainty about whether or not you have been infected” said Huml. “All the citizens of Bavaria is offered, therefore, timely, to be a established doctor even without symptoms test.” People with symptoms suspected of a Covid-19-disease, should have priority. The focus of the Tests will be on slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.

+++ 05:44 Ireland quarantine loosens-duty – but not for travellers from the UK +++
Ireland seems to want to hold on to the 14-day quarantine for travellers from the UK. It was “very unlikely” that the Kingdom is to be reduced to a list of safe countries, are quoted by the “Sunday Times” from a Memo of the Cabinet. From the 9. July wants to suspend in Ireland, the current quarantine arrangements for some States.

+++ 05:18 asparagus farmers draw mixed Corona-balance sheet +++
At the end of the asparagus season, farmers draw a mixed balance sheet in the light of the corona crisis. Have suffered, especially farmers, who generally provide much of the catering, the German farmers ‘ Association spoke of significant losses. In addition, I made at the beginning of the season, the ban on entry for harvest workers to create the Lanwirten. When directly selling to farm shops, it had been in the past few weeks, however, a very high demand, said the speaker of the chamber of agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia. Even if this year for some farmers and more asparagus on the fields, remained, as in other years, don’t expect to with a larger bust wave.

+++ 04:15 Almost a half a Million people with Covid-19 died +++
In the United States, the number of detection has exceeded the Coronavirus-infected people on Saturday, the 2.5 million mark. The data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. More than 125,000 people in the U.S. have died, therefore, as a result of a Covid-19-disease. Worldwide, the number of infections to controls on the 10-million mark. The number of deaths in connection Covid-19 is approaching half a Million.

+++ 03:10 the EU wants social to raise standards for seasonal workers +++
According to the Corona-outbreaks in German slaughterhouses, the EU supports social Commissioner Nicolas Schmit for better working conditions throughout the EU. “Other EU member countries have already submitted years ago, complaints about the German meat industry due to unfair competition. But socially ill-protected and discriminated against seasonal workers, there is not only in Germany but also in other EU States,” he says to the Newspapers of the Funke media group. Schmit announced the guidelines and, if necessary, a EU-Directive, EU standards continue to be bypassed.

In the entertainment district, Kabuchiko nightlife has picked up the pace again.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 02:08 entertainment district as a Cluster: In Tokyo, the infection numbers are increasing significantly +++
Japan’s capital Tokyo has registered on Saturday, the highest number of Corona cases since the repeal of national emergency at the end of may. Within a day, 57 people have tested positive for the Coronavirus, according to the Japanese television station NHK . Thus, the number of daily new infections since the past four days at around 50 cases. As a Cluster, among other things, Tokyo’s night-time entertainment have been identified quarter. Country-wide the number the day before, rose for the first time since the beginning of may to more than 100 cases.

+++ 01:14 and More than 1,100 additional Deaths in Brazil +++
In Brazil were recorded according to information from the Ministry of health in the past 24 hours 38.693 new infections and 1109 more deaths. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country, more than 1.31 million people have been tested positive. 57.070 died with Covid-19.

+++ 00:43 Union wants to leave due to Corona is less unskilled workers into the country +++
Because of the corona due to rising unemployment, wants to reduce the Union for the further immigration of unskilled labour from the Western Balkans. According to the “world on Sunday” agreed the participants of the working groups of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group agreed to extend the actually the end of the year expiring at the end of regulation for a further two years and only 15,000 people of this group into the country. The SPD-led Federal Ministry of labour informed the “doublet”, without a cap on need-based control of immigration was not possible, because the German Federal employment Agency, a job just agree, “if it’s legitimate domestic or from the EU not before job-seekers”.

+++ 23:48 Spain cruise tourists only to the Corona back into the country +++
Cruise ships must make until further notice to Spain. The Spanish government wants to allow the Mooring of tourist boats after the corona crisis, such as a law sheet shows. Currently, the country is open again for tourists staying in the Hotel. Spain achieved a good twelve percent of its economic output with vacationers.

+++ 22:44 Zurich provides 300 club-goers under quarantine +++
In Zurich, 300 people to the quarantine after the visit of a club, as a precautionary measure in a ten-day. Several guests were positive in the Coronavirus tested. The club operator was able to. the authorities a list with the contact details of the visitors of the club from the evening of 21 June hand. Thanks to this list, Contact-Tracing have been able to inform the Team of guests on Saturday about the necessary quarantine, it was said by the health authority of the Canton. In Switzerland, the number of new infections has increased again recently. Within a day of 69 new cases were about three Times more than the start of a week.

+++ 21:46 More than 600 infections in Germany +++
Authorities and countries have been registered in Germany in the last 24 hours, at least 600 new Corona infections. Currently 7468 active infections are currently known nation-wide – 205 more than the previous day. In addition, three new deaths were reported. Corrections from Bavaria, the total number of people who have lost in connection with a Sars-Cov-2 life, but unchanged at 8960. Three countries report on the weekend, however, no case Numbers.

+++ 20:49 More Infected without toennies reference in Gütersloh, Germany, +++
In the district of Gütersloh, the number of documented Sars-CoV-2 infection in the population is increased without a direct reference to Tönnies-staff “significantly”. The main reason for this significantly scope to be test, many of the Infected but showed no symptoms, the richer the circular said. In the seven days up to and including Friday, 75 cases had become known, without reference to the meat company Tönnies. The were reported to be 28 more than in the same period a day earlier. A few hours earlier, the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann had reported after a visit to a test center in Gütersloh that at around 4100 Tests in the General population, only 9 infections detected were. He called, however, no time period for this data.

The most important developments of the previous day to the current situation around the global Coronavirus pandemic, can be read here.


Happy End with Lufthansa-Chef Spohr? (

Protest for the preservation of the Lufthansa subsidiary SunExpress

Photo: dpa/Arne Dedert

As on Thursday, several hundred air Hanseatic League followed the call to the flight attendant organisation Ufo to rally in front of the Lufthansa Aviation Center at Frankfurt airport, was the air out. Originally, the event should put pressure on the shareholders, at the same time, held virtual annual General meeting, the government agreed a rescue package to agree. The Damocles sword of failure, gave rise to Fears of insolvency and Filleting of the aviation group.

However, after a major shareholder Heinz Hermann Thiele had previously signaled his consent, was dissolved, the mood. The trade unions Ufo, Verdi, and Vereinigung Cockpit commented joyfully to the pivot of the billionaire.

Critical period suggests enjoyed a perfect dramaturgy with a clear role distribution. Thiele was in the role of the profit-greedy capitalists hatched, with his no to a participation of the state and its de facto blocking minority of the rescue package, to thwart threatened. To stop him, hanging onto the top trade Union officials and Lufthansa employees desperately to the supposedly compensatory effort is the group chief Executive Carsten Spohr. At a rally of the relatively unknown industrial Union of air traffic on Wednesday in front of the Aviation Center Spohr, the present was celebrated stormy as he looked up from the glass Palace kind on the amount down. That this Spohr fight in numerous Collective and as a driving force of the Filleting of the group again and again the hatred of the Lufthansa employees had moved, it seemed to be suddenly forgotten.

As a Signal of willingness to make sacrifices to the shareholders Ufo had been completed on Wednesday evening as the first trade Union a collective agreement with the cabin staff painful cuts exacted. The price for a four-year waiver of dismissals for operational reasons for the approximately 22 000 employees is high: zero rounds, unpaid vacation, less hours of flight time, reduction of working time without wage compensation, and reductions in occupational pensions. Voluntary unpaid working time reduction will take place in the everyday life, you must show up. Anyway, Spohr was delighted after graduating with a Ufo over a reduction of staff costs by 17 percent for the crisis period. “With this package, we provide our social partnership finally on a new Foundation”, awarded Ufo-negotiation leader Nicoley Baublies the completion of an air of Historical significance. Lufthansa personnel chief Michael Niggemann praised a “renewed, constructive social partnership with Ufo”. The flight attendants ‘ organization is likely to have in the race by the trade unions to the Affection of the group Board of management currently, the nose in front. Not to upset Spohr unnecessary, was in the Ufo-rally a young Verdi, a member of the pushed is a sign with the inscription “Thiele expropriate! Lufthansa and co. nationalize!” to lay down. In his address to the shareholders, the group boss, announced the goal of the pilot similar concessions from the flight attendants. Expressly Spohr rebuked by the negotiators of the trade Union Verdi, which represents mainly ground staff. The negotiations were going so far, “slow and disappointing”, says Spohr. Without rapid progress, the staff overhang the threat of lead on the ground in redundancies, the Supreme air-Hanseat. A threat that is likely to favor the Union haters, Heinz Hermann Thiele.

Instead of a Happy ending ultimately, however, many employees could stay on the track, made on Thursday in front of the Aviation Center flight attendants prior to the settlement of the Lufthansa subsidiary SunExpress significantly. “Plus 9 Billion Euros. Minus 1200 Jobs???” so their scarce Parole. Criticism has not been practiced because of the Federal government for its billion-syringe, the receipt of all employment history. Soon, the Catering subsidiary LSG Sky Chefs is sold. “It is an outrage that we are now shunned by the family,” said LSG-works Council Paul Laslop on Thursday. “Today should be the package agreed to, then it is the duty of the Executive Board, to argue together with the unions for each and every job, no matter whether in the case of LSG, Germanwings, SunExpress, or the technology.”


Corona-crisis: the hardware store chain Hornbach achieved record sales

The Corona-Lockdown also makes for a winner: The DIY store chain Hornbach achieved a large increase in revenue. For the customer onslaught, there are reasons for that.

The DIY group is creating in the Corona of crisis, a record quarter. In the first quarter, by the end of may, sales climbed, thanks to high growth at the Hornbach – Baumarkt- by 18.4 percent to 1.49 billion euros, as the company announced.

The main reason for this development: in many places, the Baumärkt remained during the lock downs opened. Many people took advantage of, that is probably why the part of the gained free time for garden work.

The adjusted operating profit (Ebit) jumped by 78.4 percent to almost EUR 173 million. Hornbach justified this with the sales plus and “only a slight increase in costs”. Customers would demand in the crisis, especially DIY(Do-it-yourself) products and more in the online shop ordered.

“Should the absence in the following period, larger setbacks, I believe that raising our sales and earnings forecast for increasingly likely,” said the Chairman of the Board Albrecht Hornbach in view. So far, the group is forecasting revenues at the previous year’s level and an Ebit slightly below the previous year’s value.


From the insanity of the Sensation (

Alexander Walkenhorst (R) has organized the Beach League in Düsseldorf. For this, he gets praise from all sides. And with his Partner, Sven Winter, he leads after seven Games, the table of eight Teams.

Photo: imago images/Peter Weber

It is a month ago, that the satire show “Extra 3” of the NDR on the Corona-transition rules of the German Volleyball Federation (DVV) in the beach volleyball fun, has made. In the section “the Real madness” were wink to the absurd proposals such as a ban on the block game on the network, or a restricted zone in the middle of the field to prevent Contact between the two players of a team – with one eye through the cocoa drawn.

To make the embarrassment for the DVV even bigger play since mid-June, eight German women and Männerduos in Düsseldorf, an independent Beach-League. With a strict hygiene concept, without an audience – but the usual rules. It is organized not by the Association, but by a Trio of Essen’s professional Alexander Walkenhorst, which had amused previously also: “About the rules of the DVV, the whole world laughs.” The athlete’s initiative, however, is undoubtedly a success, with More than a Million different User watched on the streaming platform Twitch, the first matches of the Beach League.

During the telephone press conference of the DVV on Monday, in which it focused mainly on the own tournament series, “Road to Timm village”, the Beach League, however, only after 34 minutes and on demand mentioned. “The young and Wild were faster. This is completely okay,” said Volker Braun. The Commissioner, the Director of the DVV-marketing Agency in the language of “partnership, not in competition”. And so the Association begins its own series on 17. July in Düsseldorf. Exactly where on 12. July is set to rise in the Finals of the Beach League.

According to brown, was presented the DVV of the enterprising Amateur tournament organizers, “a door”. One could also talk of a motivation occurs. And after all, one may say that the hitherto sleepy Confederation has made use of this opportunity. 17. July will take place on the weekends from Friday to Sunday, four tournaments in Düsseldorf and two in Hamburg for the best, as well as the Beach ranking and in addition qualification games for a further eight Teams. In addition, from 3 to. to 6. September, the German championship in beach volleyball in Timmendorfer strand, with spectators on the stage. That would be in corona times in German sports, a Premiere and a real Sensation.

In the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, a regulation, which allows for Outdoor Events with up to 1000 participants, the granting of an exemption currently applies. And the first signals from the Ministry of health Ostholstein on the DVV-concept are very positive. The plans of the Association prior to see, according to brown, that “with a respectful distance-up to 600 spectators” in the stands can find. This is of course no comparison to the more than 6000 who wanted to watch the championship finals in previous years. But these 600 are at least a glimmer of hope. The rush to the personalized Tickets may not be therefore huge. Finally, the title of the first sport fights event in Germany could be allowed to be with the Fans live. Corona tests for spectators or journalists is not supposed to be. But of course for all the athletes, referees and other directly in the tournament involved people happen.

Who can’t be there live, you can fight the most important games of the title, and the preparation of the tournaments in free-to-air TV on Sport1 to watch. More than 21 hours will report to the sports channels in the coming weeks, also this is a remarkable success of the DVV. The prize money for the championship will be based on the previous years – in 2019, the winners of 10 conceded 000 Euro. To start the new Association tournament series in all of the national teams, including Olympic champion Laura Ludwig and her partner Margareta Kozuch and the world Vice-champion Julius Thole and Clemens Wickler.

“It’s been confirmed no international tournament this year. Therefore, only the three tournaments and the German championship in our calendar. For this we are very grateful. And the Timmendorfer tournament will be for us the absolute Highlight,” said Thole at the press conference on Monday. A month ago, exactly that was a world class athlete in a satire video of the NDR about the Corona beach rules by the way with the words, “12 new rules. Pure Chaos” occurred.


Lufthansa and Thiele: to brake Hard economy

Where the Self-made billionaire and Investor, Heinz Hermann Thiele interference, is often very direct. Now the major shareholder wants to vote for the Lufthansa-rescue package.

The sun king, the Patriarch, the Relentless – about Heinz Hermann Thiele, many names are circulating. The effect is as it were a feared military of times long past. But Thiele is present, he makes again a talking point. The 79-year-old main shareholder of the industrial companies, Knorr-Bremse and Vossloh has purchased in hard-hit Lufthansa and made off with around 15 per cent, its largest shareholder.


Coronavirus – rope dance in Berlin – policies

The Senate, loosens the restrictions, while whole houses are under quarantine. As the capital city to deal with Hotspots in each of the districts.

The events come thick and fast from time to time, is not in Berlin something Special. In Corona, the developments are, however, so contradictory that they are unlikely to think together. The restrictions for the control of the pandemic be relaxed for the Saturday significantly. At the same time, more and more cases are made public, in which districts make whole houses because of Corona infections in quarantine, most recently in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. 200 people were affected, at least 44 have been infected, says the health Department.

There is a rope dance shows, the Berlin arrived, with all its risks. Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) had supported the next round of relaxation, therefore, only reluctantly: “The loosening repealed contact restrictions could be misunderstood.” The R-value that indicates how many people will be infected by an Infected, it is located in the city at least for three days far above the limit of 1.2.

One reason that the Senate is loosening, however, the restrictions continue, is the fact that the group of new infections are among the right is clearly outlined. In the houses, which were placed under quarantine, life for the most part, Sinti and Roma, often under deplorable conditions, is dense in the backyards of garbage piling up. Many of them are day laborers from Romania, to be carted for a couple of weeks to Berlin and then have to hire. Fly-by-night middle men earn is up to you, but also the house owners, who tolerate the mattress warehouse in the so-called junk property. In the case of one of the houses that are in the Neukölln under quarantine, that is, the tax adviser Thilo Peter. He is also a member of the Executive Board of the CDU in the district of Charlottenburg-Nord. The neighborhood denounces the conditions in the house for years, nothing has changed. The Corona-infection brings the pathetic Situation now to the Public. Members of the Technical assistance organization to provide the quarantined people there and also in other districts. All residents are currently being tested on Corona.

Many of them are followers of a Pentecostal Church. Therefore, the health authorities investigate whether their worship services, the Virus spread could have. One of the pastor is suffering from Covid-19, he was apparently also in other cities on the way. In Magdeburg, the authorities of this track to go as well. “The outbreak in Berlin, which are locally isolated,” warned Health Minister Kalayci now in the radio station RBB. “The real danger lies in the fact that new infections spread.”

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The Berlin Senate makes further restrictions, but it can also be simply due to the fact that the restrictions in the city are hardly to enforce. Not only a risky Rave on one of the numerous inflatable boats a few weeks ago made headlines. Just it became known that young people have been celebrating for weeks, at night in the Parks in large groups.

Your opinion on the Corona-measures in the district of Gütersloh:To The Reader Discussion