Tragedy in Córdoba: Atahualpa Yupanqui’s grandson died in a crash | Chronicle

A tragic and unfortunate event mourns the province of Córdoba. In the last hours, the grandson of Atahualpa Yupanqui, Emiliano Chavero, died from the injuries suffered when he was involved in a car accident near the town of San José de la Dormida.

Chavero, 46 ​​years old, was traveling on National Route 9, in the Tulumba department, when for reasons under investigation his Volkswagen Gol Trend car hit a truck.

The car overturned on the shoulder and immediately caught fire, so Chavero died on the spot. It seeks to determine how were the circumstances that originated the accident.

The victim, son of Roberto “Kolla” Chavero, was the director of the House Museum of the folklorist in Agua Escondida, in the Cerro Colorado de Córdoba.

He took care of his grandfather’s house

The grandson of Atahualpa Yupanqui -whose name was Hector Roberto Chavero Aramburo– He was in charge of the house where his grandfather lived, who knew Cerro Colorado in 1939 and liked it because of the landscape and the Creoles who lived in the area.

They gave him the land and made a little ranch, a refuge where he went when the political persecution he suffered in the early 1940s became more difficult. “It was the place they had with my mother,” said Roberto, his only son and Emilian’s father in an interview.

When he worked more and began to do well abroad, the construction grew and became a house. ” The fifties were already running. In 1989, his house was converted into a museum but it was decided to maintain some environments for Yupanqui and his wife, the composer and pianistto Pauline Nenette Pepín. She died in 1990 and two years later he passed away, in Nimes, France. His remains are in Cerro Colorado, as he wanted.


VIDEO .- Unusual: a Batmobile, with Batman as driver, collided with a taxi in Córdoba

An unusual scene occurred this afternoon in the city of Córdoba: a man dressed as Batman, on top of a vehicle “tuned” like a Batmobile, “collided with a taxi.

The sinister road occurred on the corner of Agustín Garzón and Obispo Castellano and the protagonist of this story is a character who calls himself the “Solidarity Batman”, who is known for carrying out different charitable actions.

As reported by the media “Vivir en San Vicente”, the “batmobile” suffered minor damage and there were no serious injuries.

The Cordovan batman lives in the Bella Vista neighborhood, he is 52 years old and has three children. When he’s not wearing the bat suit, he works as a bricklayer, master builder, and gas worker.


They authorize more activities in Córdoba, but not meetings – Night Shift

The Government of Córdoba reported the new provincial provisions in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, from this Friday until July 25, inclusive.

As was timely reported, until the 25th the winter school recess will govern.

The resumption of educational activity will be on Monday 26, under the system of presence with alternation in initial, primary and secondary level, throughout the province. At the same time, one more hour of classes per day will be added to the current 4, making 5 hours of daily classes in primary and secondary schools.

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The circulation restriction will be from 0 to 6, except for essential activities. The Minister of Government of Córdoba, Facundo Torres, detailed to Chain 3 that in the enabled hours it will not be necessary to use any type of permission or app.

On the other hand, to circulate outside that time slot as an essential activity, the corresponding form must be downloaded, through the Take Care APP with the respective affidavit.

Non-essential commerce will be able to operate between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., so the allowed hours will be extended by one hour. The same schedule will apply to shopping malls, shopping malls and other commercial activities.

Likewise, interdepartmental transfer and tourist activity in hotels and tourist accommodation are enabled, individual and family group accommodation will be admitted. The current protocols govern within the facility.

Gastronomic venues (bars and restaurants) may remain open until 11pm with attention outdoors, and indoors with a capacity of 30% with a maximum of four people per table. Where the space allows it, there may be cultural activity, music, monologues, stand up, etc., always with a separation of the first group of tables of four meters. The measure applies the same for outdoor activity.

As cinemas and theaters will be enabled with a capacity of 40%, with the requirements of distancing. The use of a chinstrap or mask that covers the mouth and nose will be mandatory throughout the show, as well as the other conditions in force in the corresponding protocol.

Museums must regulate the entry of visitors so that at all times a capacity of 50% of the space destined for the exhibition of the sample is not exceeded.

Sports activities are still enabled. Group sports / recreational activities, outdoors, will be allowed with a maximum of 14 people. 5/7 football, outdoors, can be practiced, but common spaces such as changing rooms, lounges and other infrastructure will remain closed.

All competitive activities of any nature and all types of sporting activity are still prohibited. Sports and athletes training will be governed by the provisions of the protocol established by the Córdoba Sports Agency.

Religious and faith activities will be allowed, with a capacity of 40%. In the case that the activity is outdoors, a maximum of 80 people is allowed, while the scheduled liturgical activity lasts.

Dance academies may work with a number of students who do not occupy more than 30% of the area devoted to this activity and always maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters.

Bingo halls and casinos will remain closed and social and family gatherings continue to be suspended in both public and private settings.

Other activities such as gyms, swimming pools, hairdressers, beauty salons continue with the current protocols.

All athletes and federated athletes are authorized to train, both outdoors and in indoor activities, according to established protocols.

Why Social Gatherings Will Still Be Banned

Regarding the ban on family and social gatherings, the Minister of Government argued: “It was a difficult decision, but it is based on the numbers, the evaluation made by the scientific health committee. Hence, it emerged that 72% of infections are carried out in social and family gatherings“.

In that sense, he pointed out that in social gatherings there is no type of control, which is present in the rest of the activities. “They have protocols that give certainty that there will not be too much spread of the coronavirus,” he explained.

The official pointed out that they analyze the day to day and that in the case of worsening the numbers with respect to the congestion of the health system “perfectly” from one day to the next they can change the measures. In turn, he stressed that if the situation improves and allows flexibility, they will also do so.

It is a day-to-day study. The Ministry of Health specialists analyze each parameter; the R0, critical beds, positivity and the contagion curve to see the best measures for the provincial territory

On the other hand, he stressed that they “always” seek consensus with the municipalities and that beyond the cases in which it was interpreted in a particular way, they work “so that everyone does it in a general and linear way.”

Regarding the possibility of Argentina obtaining the title against Brazil in the Copa América, he reflected: “We appeal to social and individual responsibility, to the commitment of each one. We all lost individual freedoms, the possibility of working, we had economic detriment, it hurt our pockets. merchants, we could not see loved ones and we even had to fire some, we all had to. We trust that Cordoba society continues to be mature. ”

And he valued: “On Father’s Day we appealed to the same and the numbers proved us right, people were far-sighted, they took care of themselves and we had no excesses.”

Caminera Controls

The Chief Commissioner, General Director of Highway Police, Carlos Barrionuevo, indicated to Chain 3 that to enter the province, tourists will be asked for the Take Care application, and once inside, interdepartmental circulation is authorized.

In addition, some controls on income from tourist valleys have been moved and those for breathalyzer and speed will be reinforced.

On the other hand, he insisted on circulating calmly, patiently, and maintaining the relevant health care. “The virus is still in force and that care must be maintained,” he said.

Night shift interview.


They extend “Ofertón”, the first event of online promotions – Informed, upon return

The so-called “Offer” takes place from this Wednesday through the website with Cordovan businesses that wish to offer their products and services with offers, discounts and promotions.

After registering more than 400 thousand visits in less than 48 hours, the proposal will be extended until Sunday to continue promoting local commerce.

It is an initiative organized by the Government of Córdoba through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining, with the participation of the Chambers that involve the different commercial and service sectors and the Bank of Córdoba.

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In these almost two days, 90% of Cordovan businesses increased traffic to their sites and more than 70% increased their sales.

The different means and forms of payment indicated by the participating brands will continue in force. Also, follow the benefits of BANCOR of 4, 12, 20 and 24 installments with Cordobesa Card and the exclusive 20% discount on online sales during the Offer, for Cordobesa Crédito clients with a ceiling of $ 1,500 per client.

Likewise, the 20% discount in the cost of shipping logistics offered by OCA, Andreani and Correo Argentino continues, as a result of agreements signed with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining.

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“The objective of this event is to offer the possibility to our merchants that they can sell more, that they can expand their sales territories”, said the Secretary of Commerce of the province, Juan Pablo Inglese, to Chain 3.

Meanwhile, the Directorate General for Consumer Defense will be auditing each of the purchases made to ensure that the agreement between the business and the consumer is fulfilled.

“The consumer defense department will have the price list that these products will have during the event and any business that does not comply with these policies will be sanctioned,” said Inglese.

The initiative also aims to promote the modernization and permanent updating of retail trade in the face of new market demands, new technologies and trends.

“We hope not only to make a lot of sales, but mainly that this event remains installed within the commercial anniversary year after year,” he completed.

“We are happy and with high expectations that they will be able to take advantage of the offers,” he told Chain 3 Luis Méndez of the House of Appliances.

Report by María Eugenia Pasquali and Celeste Benecchi


Renault will incorporate 500 employees at the Córdoba plant – Informed, upon return

Authorities from the Government of Córdoba and Renault executives signed a cooperation agreement to work jointly with SMATA for the recruitment and incorporation of 500 workers at the Santa Isabel plant.

In this way, the Province will grant a stimulus allocation of three thousand pesos in terms of training to the workers that the automotive company incorporates, in addition to preparing socio-labor skills to those who register in the official employment portal.

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The company will promote the incorporation of women in its next hires. Their projects specifically contemplate seeking the labor insertion of those who have been victims of gender violence.

The minister for the Promotion of Employment and the Family Economy, Laura Jure; the national deputy and coordinator of the Social Cabinet, Alejandra Vigo; the Secretary of Industry, Fernando Sibilla; the General Director of Employment, Nicolás Quaglia; the director of Human Resources of the company, Ludovico Martín; the Secretary General of Smata, José Porra; the deputy secretary of Smata, Juan Ramón Correa, and other authorities.

“We are going to accompany by paying a stimulus allowance and it is expected that 150 workers will be added this year, and another 350 in 2022. Something fundamental is that of these 500 employees, 50% will be women,” Jure told Chain 3.

The ministers of Industry, Commerce and Mining, and of Labor, Eduardo Accastello and Omar Sereno respectively, and the president of Renault, Pablo Sibilla, were also present in virtual form.

About the agreement

Since June, Renault ordered the incorporation of 500 new workers. For all cases, the company has planned training, which will last between three and five months, depending on the position.

The original framework cooperation agreement between the parties was signed in 2017. On that occasion, 700 new employees were incorporated and the Province granted a stimulus allowance to each of the new entrants.

Likewise, it was in charge of facilitating the search for personnel by providing the labor intermediation services provided by the ministry. The agreement continued in 2018 with the entry of another 350 workers to the company.

The task of the Ministry of Equity and Promotion of Employment allowed a significant number of women to join the plant, so the automaker decided to build women’s changing rooms that did not exist until then, since there were only men.

Proof of the successful performance of female employees is that in the annual skills competition held by Renault, women have won the last two years, in Welding and Assembly. According to the director of Human Resources of Renault.

Report by Guillermo Panero.


Córdoba: Second doses of AstraZeneca were mistakenly applied to people who should receive the Sinopharm vaccine | In the city of Berrotará

Due to a logistical error, the province of Córdoba applied second doses of the vaccine AstraZeneca to a group of 65 people who had to receive the first dose of the brand Sinopharm. The incident occurred at the “René Favaloro” Municipal Hospital in the Cordovan city of Berrotarán, located 130 kilometers south of the capital and 80 kilometers from Río Cuarto.

The error took place over the weekend and the news was confirmed by the mayor of that town, Fredi Antonio Decarlini, who admitted that it was “a mistake in the logistics of vaccination” although he clarified that “It did not cause any harm to the inoculated people.”

“In terms of vaccination there is always a protocol to follow with roles of responsibility. We have a vaccination chief who mistakenly assigned the vaccines from Saturday to Friday,” he explained.

According to the vaccination schedule, on Friday, June 25, the first 212 doses of Sinopharm were to be applied, while on Saturday it was the turn of the 190 of AstraZeneca, corresponding to the second dose. After vaccinating 65 people, they spotted the confusion.

“Immediately after this problem was detected, we contacted the epidemiological authorities of Río Cuarto, we commented on the situation and they gave us the reassurance that there was no problem, since the first and second doses have the same composition, so there is no it does not affect inoculation at all, “Decarlini clarified.

And he concluded: “Obviously it was an involuntary error and a two-person cross-control was missing, which was now assigned. We notified each person who received the dose, 100 percent knew how to understand the situation.”

For its part, Miguel Perotti, a doctor at the Municipal Hospital, warned that the problem was caused by the “bottleneck” that is generated in the vaccination campaign, since at that time there was only one person in charge of distributing the vaccines.

As of this Thursday, the provincial government reported that those over 60, pregnant women and people with disabilities can attend from any provincial vaccination center to receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine without the requirement to manage a shift.

Meanwhile, the provincial vaccination campaign continues for the different age groups, ranging from 18 years of age, and so far the first dose has already been inoculated to 1,462,271 people, of which 355,079 completed the immunization schedule with the second dose.


The cold will ease in the week, but will rebound in the “weekend” – Radioinforme 3

Córdoba woke up to 9 tenths of a degree in the center, although with even lower temperatures in the areas furthest from urban centers. However, as of this Tuesday, a gradual rise in temperature will be noticed, with negative early mornings and highs from 15 °.

After the historic snowfall on June 16, the cold is here to stay. This was pointed out by the meteorologist Gerardo Barrera, who explained to Chain 3 that the next three to four days will continue the negative minimums, especially at dawn, in Córdoba and in other provinces of the country.

However, he indicated that “the cold air will return for the weekend from this Friday, although it will be a little less forceful.”

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Barrera explained that the low temperatures began with the snowfall of June 16, although he stressed that “the process” is different due to the air intake.

“The previous Wednesday we had an air intake in height from the west of the mountain range region. Due to its speed, it allowed the white mantle to spread over more surface and for longer,” he clarified.

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And he compared: “In this case, the dragging was for fewer hours and there were not so many millimeters of snow fall, but it did reach the north. In places like Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca, there were also snowfalls in the early hours of this Sunday and temperatures will continue to be low“.

“We have variable situations: the cold air mass occupies the entire country but the Atlantic Coast it is affected by low pressure, with a west wind that leaves a temperature between 6 ° and 8 °, with low thermal sensation due to the wind and intermittent rainfall ”, he indicated.

“On the other hand, the cold air mass settled in the center and northwest of the country, which leaves the central and southern Patagonia with an air that begins to warm up, with temperatures around 6 ° in Ushuaia, for example, “he explained.

Despite the cold wave, Barrera considered it unlikely that another similar snowfall would occur in Córdoba.

He indicated that temperatures will increase between Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Forecast in the city of Córdoba

See how the weather will be in your city.

Interview with Miguel Clariá.


Córdoba: they found Lisandro, the 9-year-old boy …

Lisandro Bongiovanni, 9 years old, appeared in good condition after an intense search by the Cordovan police. The operation was deployed in Villa The Liberator, from where the boy left for his father’s house yesterday afternoon after having an argument with his mother.

According to the story of the mother, Yohana, the boy had left his house located at 600 Piedra Labrada street to go to his father’s home, located about seven blocks from the place.

“I sent him to his father’s house and later I found out that he never got there and from there we started the search. I’m desperate because something like this never happened to us. He is a very lively boy, but he never left this way. The father lives nearby, about seven blocks from here, ”his mother, Yohana, explained in radio statements.

After the complaint filed by the mother of the child, judicial intervention was ordered that was left to the prosecutor Tomás Casas and, from that moment, and together with police personnel, the woman began to visit the houses of relatives, friends and common places in the neighborhood to find your son.

Likewise, with the intervention of the Investigation Brigade on duty, raking was carried out in different quadrants between the minor’s home and that of his parent, until he was finally found healthy.


Another nurse died of coronavirus in Córdoba: she was vaccinated and they speak of an “announced collapse”

The death of another nurse by coronavirus shake again Córdoba. Claudia garcia She worked at the Misericordia hospital and, like the Alta Gracia doctor who lost her life during the previous week, she was vaccinated. From the Public Health Guild (UTS) issued a harsh statement in which they spoke of a “Collapse announced” and directly held the provincial government.

“We express our deep pain. Our recognition and respect for her, who worked facing the pandemic until he contracted the disease, “they said from the union. And they added: “Unfortunately all our forecasts were fulfilled, the critical and dramatic health situation that our province is going through is the chronicle of an announced collapse and responsibility of the government of the province “.

In the text, published on Facebook, UTS accused the government of ignoring “all the alerts that were not only raised from the Multisectorial, but also from renowned sanitarians and epidemiologists (some even advisers to the COE).” And they deepened: “The provincial executive under its slogan of ‘Córdoba does not stop’ has led us to this true health catastrophe. While Governor (Juan) Schiaretti repeated ad nauseam that our province was the one with ‘the most activities authorized’, infections and deaths grew ”.

Provincial government sources consulted by They affirmed that García was vaccinated and denied that he had contracted the disease while performing his duties. “He passed away at the Chutro clinic. He was infected by being close contact with a relative of his: his father, who had died a few days before. He was not infected while working ”, they indicated.

“The UTS is going to take advantage of each death, something that is certainly very painful,” added the same sources. And they added: “There are two other cases to which they mention: one is a doctor who was retired years ago, and another is a nurse who last year had Covid and was with a prolonged medical folder for another pathology. None of the three cases were for work ”.

Córdoba is one of the provinces most affected of the country for the second hello of the pandemic: for a month it has had an average number of infections greater than CABA and It is only surpassed by PBA.

From the local Ministry of Health this Wednesday they reported 80.2% occupancy in intensive therapies of the public system. However, in most primary hospitals there is no place. Several cities in the interior of the province are 100% and, in recent days, the government of Schiaretti activated the “red code” to release beds.

At the beginning of last week, the death of the doctor Santiago Gerónimo shook the province: He was head of the guard at the Arturo Illia Hospital, in Alta Gracia, he was 44 years old and had received both doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. In dialogue with TN, his brother Marcelo, also a doctor, stated: “I’m looking for explanations and I can’t find them”.

“I did three guards a week, slept little and ate badly. And everything to make ends meet. I was very physically and mentally tired. The Covid grabbed him and his immune system couldn’t respond, ”he said. And he deepened: “I treated serious patients. That, added to the lack of supplies and tools, generated impotence. I felt like I couldn’t help ”.

The Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro; and her health partner, Carla Vizzotti, delivered vaccines, respirators and medical equipment today in Córdoba. (Photo: NA)

The full UTS statement

We share the declaration that we elaborated from the Multisectorial de Salud

A collapsed healthcare system with its workers exhausted, precarious and impoverished

Unfortunately, all our forecasts were fulfilled, the critical and dramatic health situation that our province is going through is the chronicle of an announced collapse and responsibility of the provincial government, which skipping all the alerts that we not only raise from the Multisectorial but also from recognized sanitarians and epidemiologists (some even COE advisers).

The provincial executive under its slogan “Córdoba does not stop” has led us to this true health catastrophe. While Governor Schiaretti repeated ad nauseam that our province was the one with “the most activities authorized,” infections and deaths grew.

The figures speak for themselves with approximately 5000 infections and 50 deaths reported per day, 30% of those admitted to ICUs in the country and its collapsed health system Córdoba is the national capital of Covid 19.

The most palpable sample of failure and improvisation is the so-called Red Code announced these days, recognizing the inability of our health system to continue admitting patients, who will be “assisted” at home, a highly precarious situation that will undoubtedly translate into more deceased.

In this grim picture, health workers perform our tasks truly exhausted psychically and mentally after more than a year of hard work and in terrible working conditions and wages.

Our colleagues continue to die despite being vaccinated and we understand that it is not a fortuitous situation, acute stress, adaptive disorders and burnout syndromes undoubtedly negatively impact our immune system.

For this reason, we ask the government of Córdoba to carry out antibody tests to health teams to know the degree of immunity achieved after vaccination.

As well as that the Silvio law that advocates our care is fully complied with.

The health teams continue without being listened to by the authorities of the province’s health ministry, the persecution and daily mistreatment of those of us who have given ample signs of commitment, responsibility and self-denial in assisting in a pandemic that gave us no respite continues.

Our wage claims and job stability remain unaddressed, without giving quick and effective responses to the families of deceased workers.

In the legislature, the bills that contemplate a quick and effective aid to those families who not only have to deal with the death of a loved one, but also with the state bureaucracy that abandons them, continue to go unaddressed. The same happens with the project to move to a permanent plant that the ruling party refuses to deal with.

We inform the population that we are facing the worst health disaster in our recent history and that this situation is the product of arbitrary, irresponsible and unscientific decisions. While in the Province the infections and deaths increase from the Ministry, the Health Teams are left to their fate and they continue to improvise, making wrong decisions and hiding information.


Córdoba: the “spring” autumn ends and the cold returns – News

The National Meteorological Service reported this Sunday the end of “spring autumn” and forecast an intense polar wave for this week in the province of Córdoba.

There is even the possibility of snowfalls in some higher areas of the Cordovan territory.

Monday: minimum of 8 degrees and maximum of 18 degrees.

Tuesday: minimum 6 degrees and maximum 14 degrees.

Wednesday: minimum of 6 degrees and maximum of 9 degrees.

Thursday: minimum 4 degrees, maximum 13 degrees.

Friday: minimum 3 degrees, maximum 13 degrees.

Saturday: minimum 5 degrees, maximum 17 degrees.