Brandenburg – Villa of Attila Hildmann searched – politics

After the public prosecutor’s office in Cottbus in Brandenburg has been investigating the vegan cook Attila Hildmann for more than six months, who has been reported many times for incitement to hatred, insults and other offenses in connection with the protests against corona measures, the police in Brandenburg took the initiative . She searched Hildmann’s villa in Wandlitz on Tuesday.

As a spokesman for the Brandenburg police of the SZ confirmed, eight officers from the State Criminal Police Office and two officers from the Brandenburg-East Police Department were on duty. Six laptops as well as some cell phones and storage media were confiscated. The search was carried out to avert danger, emphasized the police spokesman, and not at the initiative of the Cottbus public prosecutor’s office.

It was about preventing Attila Hildmann from future criminal agitation. To this end, the officers had a conversation with him. The search was made possible by a decision of the Bernau District Court under the Brandenburg Police Act. It’s an unusual way. The Cottbus public prosecutor’s office responsible for criminal investigations against Hildmann, however, has not applied for any measures there.

Hildmann has appeared as a prominent critic of the measures taken to contain the virus and as a promoter of conspiracy ideologies since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Some of his statements are classified as anti-Semitic and right-wing extremists. Hildmann uses the Telegram chat service in particular to spread that the German government is planning to commit mass murder in cooperation with Jewish institutions, and sometimes threatens individuals.

The public prosecutor’s office for IT crime, which has received dozens of criminal charges against Hildmann in the past few months, is located in Cottbus. A spokesman recently told the SZ that at least 30 individual allegations are being investigated. In July, for example, Hildmann spread the word about the Green politician Volker Beck that as “Reich Chancellor” he would advocate execution by “kicking the eggs” – without any criminal consequences for Hildmann.


Böhmermann at Telegram: Conspiracy theories on pop culture – media

The communicative technique of hinting has so many advantages for hinters that it is difficult to name the most important ones. Anyone who suggests is rarely liable to prosecution, needs to really know little or nothing, but suggests that the opposite is the case. The hint has long since been further developed, especially among social media consumers: from the occasional technology to the basic strategy.

It can be annoying or even dangerous when graduates of the Attila-Hildmann-Online-Akademie für Angewandte Nfug contact their followers. It becomes a pleasure when someone like the satirist Jan Böhmermann opens a telegram channel and alienates the methods of the Hildmanns and women until they are absolutely recognizable.

“OPEN YOUR EYES! FINALLY!” Writes Böhmermann on the platform that is new to him. And he writes: “Then use your EYES. Use your EARS. … Think! Think for yourself !!! … You have to listen to me now and trust me. … I have finally recognized one of the greatest problems of our time! Do from now until midnight only what I tell you. This is the safest way for us all! ” There are plenty of alarmistic emojis, a few meandering voice messages, a video to help fill the eyes.

Why is?

Indirectly, Böhmermann is about to point out his new TV show, which starts on Friday on ZDF. But what is it immediately about? Nobody finds out, even after dozens of messages. Nobody can find out either, because there is nothing that is immediately relevant. The point is simply that it is not about anything except hinting, whispering, putting something in prospect, although what is in prospect is neither achieved nor even sketched.

Essential religions calculate with the idea of ​​redemption, with something higher in the kingdom of heaven, which is always in prospect without ever being achieved. Major conspiracy theorists calculate with the idea of ​​waking up, with an allegedly higher truth, which to recognize relieves everyone from dozing. Watch! Finally! On!

That is too much of the honor now, of course, but: Böhmermann’s calculated confused telegrams are reminiscent of them Metaphysical painting, to the metaphysical painting by Giorgio de Chirico. They are reminiscent of the brilliant idea of ​​giving up puzzles for which there are no solutions. De Chiricio worked with distorted proportions, different vanishing points, wandering shadows. Böhmermann works with vague nonsense. The following applies to both: Those who do not remain confident and thinking when looking at them can be driven insane by the enigmatic.

The time Jan Böhmermann once said that he realized that one would not get any further, “if one is always above things. Nobody is above things. One stands in things. You are always only a symptom of time and circumstances.”

There he is now, in things. And he doesn’t have to publish what has been entered as a book, it is a good offer for everyone who has been hanging around in the Hildmann, Wendler or Herman channels so far. If you don’t find out anything, it’s best to contact Böhmermann. Cornelius Pollmer


The doctors: “‘cry for love’ is the ‘men are pigs’ of the Antifa”

Ka German band has been censored more often. Canceled, as they say today. Now the doctors are back. The big talk about what you can still sing. About gays in the AfD, the world conspiracy and personal hygiene.

WORLD: In the past, what is now called “Cancel Culture” came from the right, conservatives didn’t like “Claudia” from the doctors. Today, more conservatives claim that the bans come more from the left. You used to like to max it out, didn’t you?

Farin Urlaub: Yes. But the indexes have also made us more skilled.

Beautiful B: No. We made our songs about sex with animals and incest. Then that was checked.

WORLD: When you last released your complete oeuvre, more than 40 hours of music on 33 albums, I noticed a few strange things about censorship and self-censorship.


Facts about the social media myth: More like Covid-19 after a flu shot?

Many doctors and health insurance companies are currently recommending a flu vaccination to relieve the clinics in the coming months. But the claim is circulating on social media that this vaccination makes corona infection more likely. “Did you know …?”, It says on a photo spread on Facebook (archived here), “… that the flu vaccination (influenza vaccination) increases the probability of getting corona by 36%?”.

rating: So far there is no evidence that a flu vaccination increases the likelihood of being infected with the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. The study quoted is about completely different corona viruses that have been known for decades. Other researchers have also discovered methodological errors.

Facts: The photo shared on Facebook links to a website that reports on a study from the USA on the flu vaccination. The investigation came to a report in the journal “Vaccine” to the result that a flu vaccination increases the risk of infection with coronaviruses.

The US study by Greg G. Wolff, published in early 2020, deals with coronaviruses, which cause colds, for example, and have been known since the 1960s. However, the subject is not the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, which can cause the serious lung disease Covid-19. Because this virus was not even known when the study was in progress. Their result: Some of the test subjects who were vaccinated against the flu were more likely to contract respiratory infections caused by other coronaviruses.

Interpret the study “the other way around”

In a statement for the scientific online database “ScienceDirect”, which his study had published, author Wolff himself warned in June 2020 against establishing a connection with the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. “The results of this study do NOT support the anti-vaccination position against seasonal flu vaccination and should actually be interpreted the other way around,” it says.

“Because the significant protection against the flu is related to the vaccination.” He only examined known corona viruses from the 2017/2018 flu season, writes author Wolff. “When the study was carried out and even when it was first published electronically, Covid-19 did not yet exist.”

“Major methodological problem”

Regardless, the results of the study seemed unusual to Canadian scientists. They evaluated data again – and not just from one flu season, but from seven. In May 2020, you came to the conclusion in the journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” that a flu vaccination does not make it more likely to contract other coronaviruses. “In examining Wolff’s article, we identified a major methodological problem that is responsible for its unexpected results,” the scientists write.

Basically, a flu vaccination is currently recommended more and more for two reasons: If there are fewer people with flu, the burden on hospitals that have to take care of corona patients is relieved. In addition, double infections with flu and Covid-19 can be avoided.

The photo shared on Facebook with the false claim shows a flyer that was apparently distributed, displayed or thrown in mailboxes.


After the Wendler scandal: That’s what Laura apparently thinks about the statements

Updated on October 12, 2020, 8:31 a.m.

Michael Wendler’s exit from DSDS and his crude corona theories have caused a stir. Advertising partners withdraw and delete recordings. And wife Laura? She doesn’t seem to understand the dimension of what happened. © Promiflash


After the Wendler scandal: That’s what Laura apparently thinks about the statements

Updated on October 12, 2020, 8:31 a.m.

Michael Wendler’s exit from DSDS and his crude corona theories have caused a stir. Advertising partners withdraw and delete recordings. And wife Laura? She doesn’t seem to understand the dimension of what happened. © Promiflash


Mickie Krause criticizes Michael Wendler’s corona theories

Updated October 10, 2020, 2:25 p.m.

Ballermann star Mickie Krause has a clear opinion on the explanations of the coronavirus by Schlager Michael Wendler: “If you deny Corona, you have no respect,” criticized the singer in a video.

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In a nearly half-hour video on his Facebook-Account has Ballermann star Mickie Krause also about the cause Michael Wendler expressed. Shortly before, he had not only had his own video clip Jury participation on the RTL format “Germany seeks the superstar” completely surprisingly canceled, but also still Conspiracy myths around that Coronavirus spread.

With party hit colleague Krause, this action took care of, as with most other people pure disbelief: “I have to be honest: I was really speechlessafter watching that video last night. “

“I don’t want to put anyone in the pan, neither Michael Wendler nor anyone else,” Krause continues. He and Wendler are true never friends been, “but we were never enemies either. We actually respected each other”. He therefore also wishes him “all the best in America”.

In the further course, Krause can express his dismay Wendler’s attitude regarding the coronavirus do not hold back: “I just have to say, you got one alleged corona pandemic spoken. “Krause pauses briefly, before he continues:” It’s not an ‘alleged corona pandemic’, we have corona. We should take this issue very seriously. “

Krause: “If you deny Corona, you have no respect”

“Unfortunately there are too many stupid people, not only in Germany, but all over the world, who just love this shit that some conspiracy theorists knock out,” explains Krause. He clarifies: “We have the virus, we have the disease and above all we have very, very many deaths in the world. This topic should not be taken too lightly. “

His clear conclusion, also in the direction of Wendler: “If you deny Corona, then you have no respect from the people who lost their lives due to Corona or the consequences of Corona. And also that relatives opposite it is more than unfair and disrespectful. “So he once again urges all his fans to wear mouth and nose protection to protect others.
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Michael Wendler’s exit from DSDS and his crude corona theories have caused a stir. Advertising partners withdraw and delete recordings. And wife Laura? She doesn’t seem to understand the dimension of what happened.


QAnon: Facebook is erasing hundreds of pages of movement – digital

Observer of the QAnon scene agree with it: This time Facebook is serious. On Wednesday night, without warning, the company removed hundreds of groups and pages associated with the fast-growing conspiratorial scene. In the few groups that have been spared so far, there was hardly any other topic in the morning than the Facebook cleanup.

In a statement on its website, Facebook describes the action as part of the strategy against groups announced in mid-August, which the network calls “militarized social movements”. According to its own statement, Facebook has already removed more than 1,500 QAnon groups since the summer because they had incited violence. But apparently this did not mean that the spread of the confused theses could be contained. From now on Facebook wants to take action against any QAnon accounts, groups or pages, regardless of whether they explicitly call for violence. Some sites and groups in Germany are likely to be affected by this. In the context of the anti-corona demos, in addition to right-wing radicals, QAnon believers were also repeatedly observed.

QAnon is a web of outrageous conspiracy narratives that assume that only US President Donald Trump can save the world from a secret ring of pedophiles. This consists mainly of partisans of the US Democrats. The theses were started a good three years ago by an alleged insider (“Q” stands for a level of secrecy for the US energy authorities) who posted confused hints in the 8chan forum. As usual with conspiracy theories, QAnon mixes half-truths with the unprovable, but most of it is demonstrably wrong, the followers do not care. In the past three years the idea has taken on a life of its own and has moved from niche platforms like 8chan to the mainstream – and thus to Facebook.

From 8chan to the mainstream and back

The London-based NGO “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” reported in July that well-known QAnon groups on Facebook have more than a million members. US Republican politicians also openly show sympathy for QAnon’s theses and their supporters – including Donald Trump, who is messianically revered by them. Trump said in August that he knew little about the theories of the QAnons, except that the supporters liked him and of course he welcomed that very much.

It is hard to believe that Trump really knows little about QAnon. In December 2019, for example, he used one of the movement’s most famous hashtags on Twitter. In reports by the FBI, the group has appeared as a “terrorist threat” since mid-2019. “The FBI believes that these conspiracy theories will spread through the information society and incite groups and extremist individuals into acts of violence,” a report by the US Federal Police said.

This assessment has proven to be correct. Back in June 2018, an armed American in an armored vehicle blocked the Hoover Dam to draw attention to a government report that QAnon said was hushed up. In April 2020, a Q believer armed with knives was arrested in New York on her way to a US Navy hospital ship, where she wanted to “kill Joe Biden,” according to her followers on social media.


Facebook announces deletion of QAnon pages – digital

Instagram accounts associated with the conspiracy myth movement should also be deactivated. In August, Facebook first announced that it would block QAnon followers if they propagated violence.

Facebook intensifies its crackdown on the conspiracy theories movement QAnon. In the future, all Facebook pages and groups as well as all Instagram accounts that represent QAnon are to be deleted, the online network announced. In mid-August, Facebook initially only announced that it would take action against QAnon supporters if they threatened to use violence or if they talked about it.

According to Facebook, the factors that can lead to a ban include the name, biography or information about the page, as well as discussions in the group or on the page. The personal accounts of administrators of groups that are banned are also blocked.

The central claim of the QAnon supporters is that there is a conspiracy against US President Donald Trump in the deeper layers of the US government apparatus. They also often claim that prominent Democratic Party leaders in the United States have been treated with hormones made from the blood of children.

QAnon has continued to gain popularity in the US over the past few months. In the parliamentary elections, which will be held along with the presidential election on November 3rd, there are several Republican candidates who have shown sympathy for QAnon ideas.