Sammy Pérez was intubated for complications from COVID-19

Sammy Pérez was intubated for complications from COVID-19, his representative reported. Photo: Instagram | sammyperez_xhderbez

Sammy perez It was intubated due to complicationstions of COVID-19, reported Erick de Paz, representative of the comedian. Through Instagram stories, De Paz confirmed that the celebrity’s health did not improve after a drastic relapse.

“With the sad news that a few moments ago they just intubated Sammy, they just sedated him; Please, let’s keep sending all the good vibes ”.

Erick de Paz, Sammy’s representative

Sammy’s health

During the Weekend it was reported that Sammy, who gained fame alongside comedian Eugenio Derbez, was fraught with complications from COVID-19 and had been admitted to a private hospital.

The representative of the famous explained, hours after the news circulated, that Pérez presented lung damage derived from the new coronavirus, which has kept the whole world on alert for more than a year.

“The lungs were very damaged, we were in talks with the doctor, this Sunday I had communication with the doctor and he told me that this morning it got worse, he had a fairly strong decline; at 10 o’clock they applied another device to him, exhausting the resources ”.

Erick de Paz, Sammy’s representative

Before the contagion of Sammy, the images that the comedian himself shared on his official Instagram account days before began to take on importance, because in them it is seen that he went to a party.

The postcards show the famous man posing with his young girlfriend, Zuleika, whom he introduced months ago on a television program.

They request donations for Sammy

Daniel and Jessica Pérez, Sammy’s nephews, used the comedian’s official account to report that treatment for the lungs is expensive and therefore they have designated an account number to receive donations from the general public.

“We ask you to help us with a grain of sand, with a prayer for my uncle”

their nephews expressed in a video posted on Instagram

After confirming the delicate state of Sammy’s health, followers of the famous wished him a speedy recovery with positive messages such as “Blessings in the name of God: you are going to get out of this one”, “My prayers and good vibes for good Sammy, from Querétaro”, “All Blessings for him”, “Strength, Sammy. You can, old man “, among others.


In Durango they report an aircraft crash; there are 6 injured and one dead

Aircraft Collapses in Durango; emergency elements were mobilized. Photo: Sandra Gómez

On Durango, the drop of a aircraft that would have caused at least six people injured and one death. The event occurred this Sunday morning.

What happened in the crash of the aircraft in Durango?

A aircraft Beechcraft King Air, flying the US flag, while attempting to land on the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, in the city of Durango, ended up crashing on the floor.

After that, several llamas; so, immediately staff of Civil protection and the Heroic Fire Department moved to the site, in order to quell the fire.

  • It is known that the aircraft came from the city of San Luis Potosi, and bore the license plate N333WW.
Emergency personnel worked at the scene of the accident. Photo: Sandra Gómez

It is known that the pilot is the one who lost his life and six of the passengers were trapped so they were rescued by the lifeguards.

Who were the people who were traveling on this aircraft?

The pilot identified as Francisco Hernández is the one who lost his life, the passenger Michel Muñoz was imprisoned and rescued by the rescuers who transferred her to a hospital for her attention.

The authorities in Durango have not yet presented their official part, it is only known that immediately the injured were transferred to some private hospitals to be cared for after the plane crash.

In the same way, personnel of the public ministry agency, of the State Attorney General (FGE) cordoned off the area, in coordination with the security authorities of the airport.

In addition to the above elements, personnel from civil aeronautics, to obtain preliminary data.

In a telephone interview, with the owner of the State Coordination of Civil Protection, Guillermo Pacheco, said that the information does not flow as expected, and it will be in the next few hours when more details of the accident of this aircraft on Durango.


Space tourist: how much does the trip cost and requirements to be met

¿Space tourist? Perhaps many have ever wondered how much does it cost to travel to space as a tourist? Or even when could trips be made for ordinary people? Some of these questions are slowly beginning to be answered.

To live extreme experiences and admire the Land from above (but very above), the space travels They could become the new trendy gift. At least with a little more patience and a lot of money (but a lot of money).

Who offers flights for the space tourist?

Here is an overview of the different services offered for the space tourist. Two companies are positioned in the niche of short trips to space, lasting a few minutes: Blue Origin, of the billionaire Jeff Bezos, Y Virgin Galactic, of the also billionaire Richard Branson.

On Blue Origin, a rocket It is launched vertically, and the capsule in which the passengers are found is detached in flight until reaching 100 km in height, before falling back to the Land hanging from three parachutes.

To be a space tourist you have to have a lot of money and good physical condition. Photo: AFP

Virgin Galactic, meanwhile, uses a huge transport plane that takes off from a classic runway carrying another similar to a large private jet, which at a certain point is released and flies autonomously at supersonic speed until reaching an altitude of 80 km. Then glide down.

  • In both cases, up to six passengers can detach from their seats to float in weightlessness and admire the curvature of the Land.

When can you fly?

For him space tourist, Virgin Galactic has announced the start of its regular business operations for early 2022, after two final test flights. The line, however, will be long: 600 tickets have already been sold. The company said it plans to eventually make a maximum of 400 flights per year.

  • Two people will be able to enter one of the first flights by lottery: registrations are open until September 1.

As to Blue Origin, a precise calendar was not announced, at the moment it is only known about the space travel that will be carried out by the Jeff Bezos The next Tuesday.

How much will it cost?

The first tickets sold by Virgin Galactic they cost between 200 thousand and 250 thousand dollars each. But the company warned that the seats that will go on sale in the future will be more expensive. Blue Origin It did not announce a price, but a seat on the first manned flight was auctioned for a whopping $ 28 million.

What physical requirements must be met?

A priori, the space tourist you only need one good physical shape. In order to Virgin Galactic, the training it should only last five days. The first flight of Blue Origin It will even carry an 82-year-old ex-pilot, who will be the oldest person ever in space.

Among the criteria that were requested for the auction of a place aboard the New Shepard of Blue Origin were: not suffer vertigo, can climb the equivalent of seven floors in less than 90 seconds (for the launch tower) and not weigh more than 100 kg.

What about SpaceX?

SpaceX, owned by another billionaire Elon MuskIt also plans space tourism flights, although much more ambitious, lasting several days and even much further.


Sánchez Cordero follows up on the Aranza Ramos Gurrola case

Gladys Aranza Ramos Gurrola, a member of the Madres y Guerreras Buscadoras de Sonora collective, who was deprived of her life last night in Ejido Ortiz. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

Olga Sánchez Cordero, head of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), spoke out via Twitter for the murder of activist Aranza Ramos Gurrola in Sonora, which was announced this Saturday.

“I have issued instructions to follow up on the case of Aranza Ramos Gurrola, at the federal and local level, to guarantee that his murder is clarified and does not go unpunished.”

Olga Sánchez Cordero Dávila

In addition, the official assured that the Segob’s priority is to support the search for missing persons. “It is our commitment,” he said.

While, the Attorney General of the State of Sonora indicated on social networks that it in coordination with the three orders of Government, assume the commitment to redouble their efforts until justice was achieved for Gladys Aranza Ramos Gurrola.

Assassination of activist Aranza Ramos Gurrola

What Sánchez Cordero posted refers to the feminicide of Aranza Ramos Gurrola, Last Thursday, July 15, in the Ejido Ortiz, belonging to Guaymas, the activist was attacked with firearm projectiles by people who they arrived at his home.

Gladys Aranza Ramos Gurrola, member of the Madres y Guerreras Buscadoras de Sonora collective.


Biz Markie, rap pioneer and famous for “Just a Friend”, dies

American rapper, DJ and producer Biz Markie has died at the age of 57, his representatives reported. Photo: AFP

The American rapper, DJ and producer Biz Markie died on Friday at the age of 57, his representatives reported.

Biz Markie, who rose to fame with the success of “Just a Friend” In 1989, he passed away with his wife by his side, Biz Markie Inc’s Jenni Izumi said in a statement.

“Biz created a legacy of art that will always be celebrated by his industry peers and his loving fans whose lives he was able to touch through music, in more than 35 yearsSays the note.

The cause of death of the rapper, whose real name was Marcel Hall, was not reported, but he had experienced health problems in recent years related to type 2 diabetes, indicated different means.

Biz Markie, born in New York, earned the nickname “PríHip-hop clown ncipe, ”for his songs with fun lyrics, such as“ Pickin ‘Boogers, ”from his 1988 debut album“ Goin’ Off, ”“ Let Go My Eggo, ”and“ Chinese Food. ”

“Just a Friend,” with its catchy chorus, reached number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. and was later added to VH1’s list of the 100 best hip-hop songs.

Who was Biz Markie?

Biz Markie was recognized and much loved in the industry of music for his upbeat personality ever since he started rapping in New York clubs when he met hip hop producer Marley Marl in 1985 and worked as a human beatbox alongside artists MC Shan and Roxanne Shanté.

The most memorable incident of Biz Markie’s career was when musician Gilbert O’Sullivan sued him for her song “Alone Again” on her 1991 album “I Need a Haircut.”

O’Sullivan denounced that the use of fragments or samples of his hit “Alone Again (Naturally)” by the rapper it was an unauthorized use of his music, he won the lawsuit and hip hop artists had to eliminate the use of samples without paying royalties.

Biz Markie also gained fame for his DJ skills. so it became very famous for the good atmosphere that it generated during parties.

He also expanded his career to include acting, appearing en various movies and television shows, including “Men in Black II.”


Modern Covid Vaccine: “Very soon” its use will be approved in Mexico: Ebrard

The Mexican Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, said this Saturday that the country’s health authorities will approve “very soon” Moderna’s vaccine against Covid-19.

“Good news soon, very soon, the Modern vaccine with a similar technological profile to that of Pfizer will be approved in Mexico. More and better options for the 2021 vaccination plan ”, published Ebrard on his Twitter account.

Mexico began applying different biologics against the disease in December 2020 and plans to finish its immunization process for people over 18 years of age in October, at a time when a third wave of cases is affecting young people more.

In which presentation does Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine come?

Moderna’s vaccine against COVID-19 comes in injectable form and is called, mRNA-1273.

What does Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine contain?

Moderna’s vaccine uses ribonucleic acid (RNA), a chemical messenger that helps make protein. When injected into people, the vaccine instructs cells to make proteins that mimic the outer surface of the coronavirus, which the body recognizes as a foreign invader, and generates an immune response.

Why does it generate an immune response to COVID-19?

The team reported that people who received two doses of the vaccine had high levels of neutralizing antibodies that killed the virus, an amount that exceeded the average levels seen in people who had recovered from COVID-19.

However, Modern said he will follow the study volunteers for a year after the second injection, to check how long immunity lasts.

What side effects does Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine cause?

According to the results of the tests, of the total number of volunteers, just over half had mild or moderate reactions, such as fatigue, headache, chills, muscle aches, or pain at the injection site, but no complications that require hospitalization or cause death.

The researchers note that such reactions were more likely to occur after receiving a second dose and in people who received the higher dose, although their effects will continue to be studied.


Germany national team leaves game against Honduras due to racism

The German soccer team left the field in the friendly against Honduras when they denounced racist insults against their defender Jordan Torunarigha. Photo: Germany national team

The German Olympic soccer team left the playing field 85 minutes into the game, in the pre-Olympic friendly against Honduras, denouncing racist insults against his defender Jordan Torunarigha.

“The match ended five minutes before the end with a score of 1-1. The German players left the pitch after Jordan Torunarigha was the victim of racist insults, ”tweeted the German Football Association (DFB).

“When one of our players is a victim of racism, playing is not an option”said the coach of the German team, Stefan Kuntz.

On the other hand, the Honduran Federation alleged on Twitter that it was a “misunderstanding about the field”, during the meeting, the last of the “Mannschaft” before his start in the Olympic tournament.

Germans, 2016 silver medalists debut July 22 against Brazil, current Olympic champion.

Torunarigha had previously denounced, in February 2020, monkey cries uttered in the stands by Schalke 04 fans, during a German Cup match with their club, Hertha Berlin.

His reaction on the field of play earned him at that time being expelled, thus stoking the recurring controversy about racism in stadiums.


Prostate cancer: how you can prevent it in a simple way

The prostate cancer is one of the main causes of death in men in Mexico, this despite the fact that 99% of cases are curable if detected early . Juan Carlos Ordóñez, general director of the civil organization, Salud Digna, speaks in an exclusive interview for from importance of preventing and raising awareness about this disease.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is the general term for cancer that develops in this area of ​​the body.. As in any other cancer, in prostate cancer, the cells of the body begin to divide without stopping and spread to the surrounding tissues, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The prostate is a gland in the body of men and that it has a very specific functionality, it has to do with fertility, if we did not have a prostate, men’s semen could not be liquid, it would not be able to travel to do its work ”, indicates Ordóñez, who assures that prostate cancer is the number one type of cancer for men in Mexico, not only in incidence, but also in morality ”.

Between the symptoms that prostate cancer may present, according to the NIH, they are:

  • Urination problems, such as pain, difficulty starting or stopping urine flow, or dribbling
  • Pain in the back side of the back
  • Pain when ejaculating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Bone-ache
  • Weight loss without trying
  • Erectile dysfunction

Prostate Cancer Prevention: Myths and Taboos

One of the main myths and taboos of prostate cancer revolves around screening tests, since a rectal examination was previously performed, causing reluctance among the male population and hindering timely diagnosis due to the implications of the test, according to Ordóñez.

“The men said ‘no, no, no, it’s going to be something uncomfortable, very invasive, something that I don’t want to experience’, and that cultural issue is one of the elements that has made it look like proof that I can do it well. let put for later”.

Juan Carlos Ordóñez, general director of Salud Digna.

However, he assures that currently there is already a much less invasive and more accurate alternative. It is the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, which facilitates the diagnosis of this condition.

“Now with PSA, which is a very simple blood test, we can have a much more precise idea than in the past with just touch. All men should know that these types of topics are already available in another dimension that is much less annoying and much less invasive ”.

What is the test for prostate cancer?

The current PSA test for prostate cancer consists of the extraction of a blood sample taken from the arm, which is processed in a specialized equipment to measure the level of Post-specific antigen in the blood.

“It is only a blood test, it is a very low amount of blood that is taken from the arm, like all routine studies, and that sample is processed in a specialized equipment that tells us very quickly what the level is. of prostate specific antigen in the blood and if we are within the normal range ”.

How to prevent prostate cancer?

Given the prostate cancer has a higher incidence and mortality than breast cancer in Mexico, Ordoñez points out that the culture of prevention is fundamental, For this reason, civil organizations such as Salud Digna seek through campaigns “to sow this issue in the thought and in the collective conversation of health in Mexico, because it is something urgent.”

“The mentality of I take care of my health until I am sick, it is generating a really huge set of misfortunes that are perfectly preventable.”

It is because of that During the month of July, Salud Digna invites all those interested to take a prostate cancer detection test at a very accessible cost, and also, On the 23rd, patients who require it will be able to take a prostate cancer screening test for free accesando a

“The quality of our life depends directly, it is directly proportional to the quality of our decisions. If we decide to take charge of our health in a preventive way and we do not see it as bad news, we will have life conversations ”, Ordóñez said.

  • 99% of prostate cancer cases are curable if caught early.

Other ways to prevent this disease, according to the NIH of the United States, they are:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Do exercise
  • keep a healthy weight
  • Know the possible risk factors (age, race, family history, obesity)

Prostate cancer in Mexico

Prostate cancer is one of the leading cause of death in men in Mexico. According to the statistics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), this type of cancer is the most common in men in the country, as one in seven men will suffer from this disease in their lifetime, and in most cases it will be detected in advanced stages.

“The issue of prostate cancer is a global issue, it is not exclusive to Mexico, or to Latin American countries.”

Juan Carlos Ordóñez. Director of Salud Digna.

Between the main factors preventing timely diagnosis, Juan Carlos Ordóñez points out three: the myths and taboos, the accessibility of costs and the cultural paradigms of masculinity in Mexico.

“The issue of myths is a very important reason, a second is perceived by a bulk of the population as expensive studies and a third reason is the cultural issue of men in Mexico, because we have much less culture of prevention, we are much more likely to leave issues for later ”, concluded the manager.


Socavón in Puebla: another arises, now in Ahuazotepec; this is known

A new sinkhole is born in Puebla, now in Ahuazotepec. Photo: Government of Puebla

In town, a new sinkhole was formed in the municipality of Ahuazotepec, on the northern highlands of the state, after an excavation for a jagüey.

What is known about the new sinkhole in Puebla?

The new sinkhole in Puebla started very small; However, as the hours passed, it reached a dimension of around 15 meters in diameter. It is located on a private property in the Mesa Chica community.

“The land subsidence reported on Wednesday by residents of the town of Mesa Chica, in the municipality of Ahuazotepec, was caused by the construction of a pit to accumulate water used in irrigation activities (….) The filtration of rainwater and the humidity made the hole reach a diameter of 15 meters by two meters deep. The closest house is 400 meters from the collapse ”.

Government of Puebla

It was the authorities themselves who shared images of the new sinkhole that arose in Puebla, in them you can see the cracks in the surroundings, in addition to the sinking of the earth.

Risk due to the new sinkhole in Puebla?

An interdisciplinary team from the General Coordination of State Civil Protection and the Secretariat of Infrastructure went to the place to assess whether there is a risk to the population.

The Secretary of the Interior, Ana Lucía Hill Mayoral, reported that the land subsidence reported on Wednesday by residents from the town of Mesa Chica, in the municipality of Ahuazotepec, was caused by the construction of a ditch to accumulate water used in irrigation activities.

  • Given this situation, this new sinkhole in Puebla will be constantly evaluated by experts, the authorities assured.

New sinkhole in Puebla goes viral

Images of the new sinkhole in Puebla circulated through social networks, a fact that positioned the municipality of Ahuazotepec in the trends of this Friday on Twitter.

After this new sinkhole in Puebla, network users recalled the one formed in the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla as well as the house affected by it.


Back to school 2021: states report if they will return to classrooms on August 30

Some states of the Republic have expressed their position on the return to classes.
Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced that on August 30 they will return to face-to-face classes throughout the country, since “there is nothing to prevent it”, several entities of the Mexican Republic have issued their position on whether they will return to the classrooms in their states .

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) continue with the plan to return to classrooms on Monday, August 30, 2021. Through a statement, the Secretary reported that it “maintains the expectation that the 2021-2022 school year will begin” with classes face-to-face throughout the country, in those states that have a traffic light color suitable for those activities, such as green or yellow.

Next, the position of the states that have reacted to what the president said. It is worth mentioning that, after the president’s statement, some entities have not established their position in this regard.

Mexico City

Adding to the position of AMLO, the head of Government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, stated that the back to face-to-face classes on August 30 It is fundamental and it is planned for the capital to occur on that date: “there is no going back.” However, he said the final decision is determined by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) and what the health authorities announce based on the COVID traffic light.

Sheinbaum acknowledged that there is an upturn in infections, but pointed out that, after Baja California, the Mexico City it is the entity with the highest percentage of vaccinated.

Baja California

Baja California authorities, for their part, said that the students yes they will return to face-to-face classes, following the indication of President López Obrador, because the return has been preparing for the last six or eight weeks and because, in addition, the entity is on a green traffic light.

“We are going to return in Baja California to face-to-face classes, yes, we will follow the indication of President López Obrador and that of the Executive, Governor Jaime Bonilla, we have been preparing it for the last six or eight weeks and we are ready.”

They stressed that the face-to-face classes will take place at the end of August under the supervision of the Secretary of Health; “We knew we were going to return to face-to-face classes, we authorized some schools to do pilot tests and we are monitoring them.”

New Lion

The educational authorities of New Lion They also said that the school calendar for the 2021-2022 school year is scheduled for classes to begin on August 30, but that the modality on whether they will be face-to-face or online classes will be determined by the epidemiological traffic light.

Therefore, until this Friday, it has not been made official if the students will return to classes physically; They explained that, if there is no safe return to face-to-face classes, they will continue to be in the distance mode.

You can click here to consult the school calendar on the official website of the Education secretary from New Lion, or, go to the different social networks of the agency.


For the governor of Michoacan, Silvano Aureoles, in the face-to-face return to classes “nothing has been said yet”, as it might not be safe for Michoacan students.

Although he did not confirm whether the return to classes for the 2021-2022 school year will be on the date established by the chief executive, he announced that he will convene the state Health Committee to take measures to help control the pandemic.

“We are in good time to be able to contain the epidemic and with it the possibility, it is not certain, of a return to face-to-face classes in the state, nothing has been said yet, we still do not know. There are some versions of experts that it is likely that in August we will have a rebound in infections ”.

Governor Silvano Aureoles said.


In Querétaro, the Health authorities expressed their interest so that students do return to face-to-face classes for the 2021-2022 school year, for which they launched a call to private and public institutions to enroll in the return to class program in a planned, staggered, gradual and cautious manner.

The Secretary of Education of Querétaro reported that the return to face-to-face classes will be at the end of August, as the president said, but what will be voluntarily and will be conditioned to what determines the epidemic scenario of the entity and the Technical Committee for the attention of COVID-19.


Meanwhile, the Jalisco Ministry of Education did not oppose the return to face-to-face classes at the basic level, and reminded citizens on social networks that, for a safe return, biosafety measures must be reinforced in favor of students and children. teachers.

  • He asked to be aware of the correct use of the mask
  • He urged adults to set the example in caring for COVID-19

In several videos broadcast on its YouTube channel, the Jalisco Ministry of Education called for the use of alcohol gel, ventilation of closed spaces, and pay special attention to whether minors have any type of respiratory disease, to act against a probable contagion of COVID-19.


The governor of the entity, Cuitláhuac Garcia, he explained, regarding the announced return to face-to-face classes, that, “in these educational aspects, we are federalized, it is the federation that sets the standard,” for which he spoke in favor of the position of President López Obrador.

In addition, he stressed that doing so means preventing students from being more affected in their development.

“We agree, personally and pedagogically. In childhood education, the interaction between the teacher, the student body and the child’s own environment in their classroom cannot be dispensed with. It is a pedagogical issue that must be used in the teaching-learning strategy ”.

Mexico state

Authorities of the Mexican entity remain undefined if the students will return to face-to-face classes on August 30, when the 2021-2022 school year begins. The entity went, this Friday, from green to yellow traffic light, after infections increased. As a result, it is analyzed whether there are conditions for a safe return to the classroom: “it seeks to privilege the health and life of all Mexicans.”


At a press conference, Governor Héctor Astudillo stressed that the return to classes is conditional on having good indicators; however, he emphasized that there is still time to analyze the issue.

“I believe that the return to school is conditioned, of course, to have a good location in terms of indicators of the number of infections, hospitalizations; all indicators are tied to back to school. What if we are going to return to classes or not to return to classes is a matter that I do not want to get into. I think we have time to analyze it ”.

Héctor Astudillo, governor of Guerrero.


Although there has not been a recent pronouncement, after the announcement by President López Obrador, Chiapas authorities said, in May, that their intention was to return to face-to-face classes at the end of August.

It should be remembered that this entity had, although in a biased way, face-to-face activities at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.


In Yucatán, educational authorities reported that they do plan to return to the classroom on August 30, although they specified that the return will be voluntary, optional and mixed.

Baja California Sur

Educational authorities of the entity reported that they carry out preparation work so that the return to face-to-face classes is possible the next school year, which begins on August 30. The foregoing was exclusively reported by the @bcsnoticias portal, which cited statements from the entity’s Secretary of Public Education, Gustavo Cruz Chávez.


The entity explained that the face-to-face return to classes on August 30 will be only if there are safe conditions for the return. If not, remote activities will continue.


Although there has not been an official pronouncement after the president’s statement, a few weeks ago, educational authorities in Colima shared on their Twitter account that the return to face-to-face classes will take place “as long as health conditions exist.”

Will returning to classes be mandatory?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reiterated on Thursday that the return to classes for the following school year 2021-2022 of the SEP will be presential, but it will also be voluntary. In that sense, the president made a call to mothers and fathers.

“I call on mothers and fathers to start organizing and let’s all start with this plan. It can be left as an option (virtual classes), as an alternative so as not to deny the possibility to those who do not want to return. It is also one thing to say: ‘we are going to open the schools’, and another thing is: ‘we are going to open the schools by force’, no! By force nothing, it is conviction ”.

During his morning press conference from the National Palace, López Obrador explained that the return to face-to-face classes is urgent and not just because of academic delay.