VIDEOS: The story behind the Ataco entrepreneur who foreigner refused to pay $ 1 for sweet bread

The viral video of the backpacker harassment has caused the small business to gain popularity and increase its profits.

Erick Rivera gained notoriety, among many Salvadorans, after he defended his rights as an entrepreneur before a foreign tourist who bought him a bread filled with jelly; but that after ten minutes he returned to his business, in Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, to ask him for a refund of the dollar he had paid for the product that he had already eaten, according to the Salvadoran.

The video of the incident went viral, to the point that many people have cataloged Rivera, originally from Tacuba, in the same department, as a symbol of the struggle for Salvadoran dignity.

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The Ahuachapaneco is cheerful, helpful, and likes to talk; But he also knows the rights and obligations he has because he studied legal science at a local university.

He graduated from this profession in 2005; but his passion is being an entrepreneur.

After the incident with the backpacker, who did not want to pay him $ 1 for bread, the entrepreneur says he has received support. Photo EDH / Cristian Díaz

In 2009 he opened a supermarket in Tacuba, which generated sources of employment. The business had to be closed in 2018 due to the economic decline of the country, which generated few economic profits.

On Thursday, June 10, he began his working day in Concepción de Ataco, where just five days before he had reopened the sweet bread business.

He did it in a new place since during the pandemic caused by COVID-19 he had to close the business that operated for about three years in front of the house that he currently occupies, always at the entrance of said tourist municipality.

VIDEO: Entrepreneur from Ataco appreciates support and receives the first donation after controversy with “influencer”

He said that on Thursday noon the tourist arrived, identified as Timmy Karter, who asked for the prices of the variety of sweet bread that he offers. The foreigner bought a bread stuffed with jelly, among other ingredients, worth a dollar.

“He went inside (from Concepción de Ataco), he was eating it; we continue to dispatch clients. Later he came back and demanding that we return the money, he had already eaten the bread. It is very illogical for someone to return without the product and request a return. To which I, precisely, told him that we could not return him because he no longer had the product and that it was not a correct action (and) that we were willing to continue serving him if he required another product, “said the entrepreneur.

The business has gained popularity among the inhabitants and tourists in Ataco. Photo EDH / Cristian Díaz

The tourist warned that he was going to turn to the police, so 15 minutes later he arrived accompanied by some agents.

“From there, everything that is in the video is known,” said Rivera, who was struck by the fact that an agent began to suggest the prices that he should sell the bread.

However, the Salvadoran pointed out that the product is not made by him; rather, he buys it from other entrepreneurs. Added to that, you must pay costs for the premises you rent, where there is also a store with basic necessities.

Rivera acknowledged that he does not stop feeling fear for the whole situation that was unleashed after the video; But all he did was defend his rights.

The questioned attitude of the backpacker

The situation has made the small bread business gain popularity among the same inhabitants and tourists who come to Concepción de Ataco every day.

“As Salvadorans, I see it well that we all defend ourselves among ourselves; If the man had his price, he fixes it well, give it at a certain cost, he has to keep himself and not just because a foreign person comes down to it. The truth was I was very admired when I saw the video and I said how could that be? Very good for the Lord ”, said the Salvadoran tourist Diego Polanco.

Some people who travel by vehicle pass by saying hello to Rivera; while others arrive and ask him if he is the man of the video or the “video of bread”.

This phenomenon has caused profits to increase by 50%.

“We have seen the support that the population has been giving us; even, local people have been coming, buying us and that has driven us a lot. It wasn’t the way to get famous; but unfortunately that was the way the circumstances were. I never wanted to damage anyone’s image; but the circumstances happened like that ”, expressed the Ahuachapaneco.

He added that he carried out the procedures to be benefited by Bandesal, but that his request for support was denied.

The entrepreneur appreciates the support:

Eric Rivera, the Ataco entrepreneur who publicly denounced backpacker Timmy Karter for harassing him after not wanting to pay for a $ 1 sweet bread, received financial support from citizens. Video: Illustrative and non-commercial image


They benefit residents of the mountains of the municipality of Sinaloa with health brigades

Guasave, Sin.- The Health Secretary through the Sanitary jurisdiction No.2 took to the sierra of municipality from Sinaloa care services through the working day medical for the control, prevention and detection of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, DOC and malaria.

Silvia María Preciado Machado, head of the agency, reported that this is the third day that it takes place in the year, in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality, where accesses are complicated and there are no points for medical centers.


VIDEO: They report the death of a lady in the parking lot of the Hospital MQ of the ISSS before she received medical attention

The event caused outrage because the health personnel allegedly did not help the family to certify the death. The director of the ISSS spoke and said that the doctor involved will be removed from the position.

Through a video Christian R. Differ @ChristianDiffer, a user of the social network Twitter, announced this Saturday, May 22, the case of a woman who died in the parking lot of the ISSS Medical Surgical Hospital, before being seen by a doctor.

The case generated a lot of outrage because, according to @ChristianDiffer, the staff did not help the family with the process of certifying the death soon and the body spent there from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon waiting for they will come to recognize it.

“In Oncology they did not attend to her because she needed a medical check-up, from there they transferred her to the MQ, she entered still alive but died before the doctor saw her. @isss_gob_sv only took her pulse, they said she was dead and to wait in the parking lot for Forensic Medicine or to pay a private doctor to remove the body “, quotes a message that the Twitter user posted accompanying the video.

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In the recording, which already accumulates many reproductions, it is observed how the body of the beneficiary of the ISSS is placed inside a coffin, while the external recording of his dissatisfaction with the treatment that the institution gives to the beneficiaries in these situations.

“It can’t be that Social Security allows this. It is very outrageous that a person who has contributed all his life cannot be treated differently within the institution, ”he explains.

The recording insists that the case was exposed to the public not with the purpose of harming the institution, but to show that there must be a protocol so that they give a different treatment to someone who contributed all their life, who put their hopes up in Social Security and that, although he was in treatment and was given care, after dying in those circumstances at the facilities, he was not treated with dignity.

“It is not with the desire to affect, but to help improve that part. The lady has already passed away. We can no longer do anything, but maybe this can help different people not to go through this, “he said.

ISSS se pronuncia

El Diario de Hoy tried to contact the ISSS communications chief by telephone to inquire about the case and obtain an institutional position. After repeatedly calling his usual number, the operator replied that he was off or out of the area. The same was done with the press officer, but with the same result.

Later, the director of Social Security, Mónica Ayala, reacted on Twitter and said that it was decided to remove the doctor involved in this case from the position. Ayala also expressed solidarity with the family of the rightful claimant.

Reactions to the images multiplied on social networks questioning the situation.

LUCAR @ lucar6080_2 warned that it is useless for them to paint and equip hospitals if they do not improve the treatment that the staff gives to patients.

Social Security through the bird’s network has only responded that it welcomes the comments and “we are going to work every day to improve …”

Another user, Alicia Escobar @ AliciaE94349438 pointed out that “improvement has to be at a general level, not only in the central ISSS. All the ISSS clinics have the same system of poor care … “


New boss for EFM – VersicherungsJournal Österreich

May 14, 2021 – Willi Brandstetter will replace Franz Meingast at the head of EFM Versicherungsmakler AG at the beginning of July. Meingast only wants to concentrate on his role at Safe7 in the future.


New EFM sole director Willi Brandstetter (Image: Safe7)
Willi Brandstetter is
from July EFM solo
board of directors (Image: Safe7).

Franz Meingast, who has been the sole director of EFM Versicherungsmakler AG since July 2018, is leaving his functions in the company on June 30th. In the future, he only wants to devote himself to Safe7 Holding AG, where he has also been the sole director since January 2018.

Due to the double function, there were always conflicts of interest, and the activities were “increasingly time-consuming”, according to Meingast.

Willi Brandstetter will be the new CEO of EFM. He has already been a member of the company’s management board: from 2014, he was a member of the board responsible for IT and organization, most recently as a member of the supervisory board.

Many years of insurance experience

Among other things, Brandstetter was managing director of Together Internet Services GmbH for nine years and board member of Uniqa Biztosito Zrt for five years. in Hungary.

Before moving to EFM, the insurance salesman was managing director of the former Uniqa Software Service GmbH, which he took over in May 2012.

In 2016, Brandstetter, in addition to his position at EFM, became a member of the board of the intermediary holding company Safe7 and in January 2018 he switched to the supervisory board as chairman.


Historic tsunamis off the California coast – Telemundo 52

Most of the tsunamis observed in California have been small, causing a slight rise in water levels in coastal areas and little damage. But whether generated by local or distant sources, such as earthquakes in the Alaska subduction zone, tsunamis have caused death and destruction in the state’s coastal communities.

Here’s a look at some of the state’s historic tsunamis.

January 26, 1700: There are no written records, but scientists have reconstructed the event using geological evidence, oral histories, and Japanese documents that describe waves along the coast of that country during the day. A strong earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which runs from Cape Mendocino to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, likely generated a 50-foot tsunami in Northern California.

Seismologists assure the “Great Earthquake” could be felt at any moment.

December 21, 1812: The low-lying areas of Santa Barbara and Ventura were flooded and damage to nearby ships was reported due to the powerful waves. Researchers have theorized that a landslide triggered by an earthquake caused the tsunami.

April 1, 1946: An earthquake in the Alaska subduction zone generated this tsunami, which caused flooding about 1,000 feet inland at Half Moon Bay on California’s central coast.

March 28, 1964: The most devastating west coast tsunami on record was generated by a deadly 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska. It caused strong waves that hit coastal areas, including the Northern California community of Crescent City, where 11 people were killed. A sudden rise of about 20 feet in height flooded nearly 30 city blocks, according to the Department of Conservation. A total of more than 100 people died in the tsunami area, from Alaska and on the Pacific coasts of Canada and the United States.

March 11, 2011: Although not as destructive as the 1964 tsunami, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan’s Tohoku region triggered strong tsunami currents that damaged ports along the California coast. One death was reported in connection with the tsunami. The worst damage was in Crescent City and Santa Cruz.

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