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Status: 07/18/2021 8:30 a.m.

Even if the corona incidence is rising again nationwide, the incidence as the only yardstick for the severity of the pandemic should be expanded by the term hospitalization, i.e. by the number of corona-related hospital admissions.

A comment by Stephan Richter, freelance author

It would be too good to be true: Simply stop looking at the daily infection numbers and Corona is only half as bad. Anyone who has always considered the so-called seven-day incidence to be a pretext for politics to justify measures against the spread of the virus, including lockdown, will be happy about the current rethinking in Berlin. Health Minister Jens Spahn no longer wants to make the number of new corona infections per 100,000 people within a week the sole measure of action. Other indicators such as the so-called hospitalization – i.e. the number of corona patients who have to be treated in hospitals – are to be added.

Like the rabbit on the snake

One has to look more broadly at the infection process, says Stephan Richter.

The step is correct because the progress in vaccination is linked to the hope that a new corona wave will result in less severe disease courses. In any case, a look at Great Britain so far shows that the health system there is less burdened than before the start of vaccinations, despite a new infection dynamic.

The move away from the incidence value as the sole guideline for political decisions ushers in a new phase. The expanded view of the corona events is a signal to no longer just stare at the infection numbers like the rabbit at the snake. After all, those who want to protect themselves from storms do not only observe amounts of precipitation.

Conduct a comprehensive impact assessment

The coronavirus will no longer go away completely. Learning to live with the dangers means taking a broader look at the infection process and carrying out a comprehensive impact assessment of all measures. The health of the population is not only determined by the seven-day incidence. Closed kindergartens and schools, exit bans or a lockdown of the economy can also make you sick.

That in no way means taking the risk of the corona virus, which is increasingly afflicting younger people with the delta variant, on a lighter shoulder. Ignoring data does not help anyone. The consequences of dealing too carelessly with the pandemic became clear at the end of the vacation period last year. The receipt was a new corona wave with thousands of deaths. Not to mention the long-term consequences that sufferers have to struggle with.

Nevertheless, the infection process must be looked at more broadly – precisely because many questions about the spread of the virus or the Covid 19 disease remain unanswered. How long does the immunization last after a full vaccination – and how does it work against new variants? That too is still unclear. Not to mention the effects that tough Corona measures have for young people, for example, who are not allowed to go to school for months.

There are no simple solutions

Dealing with Corona will not get any better if the daily news about the number of newly infected people disappears from the media. But the fight against the virus does not have to get worse if the informative value of the seven-day incidence is relativized. There are no simple solutions here either – unless, like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, you abolish all corona rules without further ado. But this is a game with fire.

A responsible corona policy, on the other hand, relies on an ever wider range of early warning indicators. It was right to make the increase in the number of infections at the beginning of the pandemic the premise for action. But now more flexibility and creativity are required instead of the previously practiced automatism. This also applies to the national test strategy, which has by no means been exhausted.

And what about the citizens? They too are challenged. Anyone who only hides behind state corona orders does not do justice to personal responsibility. This begins with compliance with hygiene and distance rules, regardless of how high the seven-day incidence is. And it ends with vaccination. This is not about legal requirements, but about a moral obligation.

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Lorena Peña calls “vulgar” and “low” attacks by deputies who tried to discredit her in NGO commission

The seriousness expected of the commission investigating NGOs fell apart when some of its members launched comments deemed “misogynistic” and “vulgar” against the former legislator.

For more than eight hours, the former MP Lorena Peña faced six pro-government deputies alone in an intense interrogation in which they tried, unsuccessfully, to break her even with comments that suggested that she had committed irregularities and others that affected her dignity as a third-party woman. age, as she herself confronted them, calling them “vulgar” and “low”.

The former legislator, who came to preside over the Legislative Assembly, was summoned to present on the process of delivery of Budget funds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), one of which, the Mélidas, to which she belonged, was favored, by which the deputies alleged that Peña incurred in a “conflict of interest.”

Faced with recurring questions and cross-examinations and mentions of aspects of her private life, Peña did not hesitate to tell them that “they had set up a theater” to make her incriminate herself, something to which she was not going to lend. The president of the Commission, Alexia Rivas, from New Ideas, replied that “it was not a circus”, but that they were trying to investigate the facts.

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GALLERY: Lorena Peña becomes a ‘trending topic’ after intense debate in the Legislative Assembly committee

At a certain point, she herself had to demand respect from deputies Caleb Rivas and Carlos Hermann Bruch, the former for telling her that “where had a document been passed?” and to the other for telling him that she was “close” to the former leader Facundo Guardado, comments that she described as “vulgar” and “cheap” and before which the person who chaired the commission, the deputy Alexia Rivas, could do little.

“And where did this law formation procedure go through?” Navarro asked, to which Peña replied: “He asked me where did that thing go, because I didn’t go through the triumphal arch…”, and at that moment the president of the Commission closed the microphone. “He should also measure his words,” reasoned Peña, adding “just because I’m a woman, don’t make such vulgar metaphors.”

“Mr. Bruch, control yourself!”, The former deputy demanded at one point, claiming that he interrupted her a lot and that she even told her that “she was left alone” and that not even her party wanted her.

The deputy was interrogated, but when she tried to explain her they interrupted her, and if she mentioned reported cases of corruption in the current government or mentioned the NGO linked to deputy Guillermo Gallegos, they would turn off the microphone.

Due to all these facts, she even told them that “the president sent them” and used the expression of “coup plotters”, alluding to the coup against the Constitutional Chamber and the Prosecutor’s Office that the ruling party in the Assembly perpetrated on May 1 .

The pro-government deputies did not find an old woman easy to break, but rather an ex-guerrilla, as she herself recalled, used to walking whole nights in the war of the 80s and knowing about the interrogations of the dreaded National Guard, which was dissolved after the 1992 peace accords, but also a former congresswoman who made politics her life in the last three decades.

On several occasions the president of the Commission turned off the microphone to the former deputy, even going so far as to threaten her with declaring her “in contempt” because she tried to reason her answers and not just answer with a “yes” or “no” as They wanted.

“You have never worked with women. That’s why they don’t understand, ”Peña reproached them when they asked her again and again about the same point: the internal efforts that she carried out in the Assembly with other parties for the approval of funds. “He has a narrow vision,” he told Congressman Rivas, who insisted on asking him again and again about the process.

“They want me to teach him how to work,” he told them. “You will have to learn … that is parliamentarism,” he emphasized.

“As I explained to you, before the debate on the laws lasted up to three months, not like that of Bitcoin, which was approved in five hours. It is a perverse mechanism, ”he pointed out.

The former legislator claimed that she had to wait to be received by the commission, to which was added the time of the interrogation and two recesses of up to 45 minutes. “Here we can wake up, but you are not going to make me think like you. Don’t waste your time, ”was the reply when it was past midnight.

“I am older than you and I do not ask for such long breaks,” he claimed. The appearance ended at 2:15 in the morning of this Saturday.

Yes indeed. Earlier, the former deputy Peña told them to “remember that the jurisdiction is going to end” and they will have to answer for what they do now.


How sick do you get from the delta variant if you are vaccinated? –

Now that the delta variant is rapidly spreading, you may start to fear that you will still get sick despite your vaccination. But that chance is very small, explains immunologist Marjolein van Egmond at Op1.

“In principle, the vaccines are very good,” says the immunologist. The protection is between 60 and 95 percent. “That is to ensure that you do not get sick at all. All vaccines offer around 85 to 90 percent protection against serious illness or hospitalization.”

Nevertheless, the number of hospital admissions rose in England and that increase is also expected here. “It’s not that nobody comes to the hospital who is vaccinated at all, but in general it’s really the unvaccinated people.”

Ultimately, hundreds of corona patients can end up on the IC. “That is also the reason that nightlife has been reversed at lightning speed. With these types of infection numbers, it will trickle down to older groups.”

Bron (nen): Metro

Beeline launched the action “3 in 1: at the price of a smartphone!”

Beeline has launched a new offer for its customers – an action “3 in 1: at the price of a smartphone!” Has started in the operator’s online store and retail network. As part of this promotion, Beeline customers will have the opportunity to purchase Xiaomi smartphones at a bargain price, complete with a package of communication services and additional goods / services, including headphones, wireless batteries, memory cards and portable speakers.

In the action “3 in 1: at the price of a smartphone!” presented smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 9 32 GB and 64 GB, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (64 GB and 128 GB), as well as Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 128 GB.

For example, the promotional kit, along with one of the popular smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (64 GB), includes the option “4,000 rubles for communication on the action” and additional goods / services worth 3,000 rubles. In this case, the cost of a smartphone as part of a kit drops from 16,990 rubles (out of stock) to 9,990 rubles.

At the client’s choice, Beeline offers protective films and glass, cables, cases, a set of batteries, monopods, headphones, headsets, car holders, cleaning products, external batteries, memory cards, USB drives, wireless headphones, speakers. And also additional services, for example, “Screen Protection” insurance service, “4in1” subscriptions | “More.TV” | “START” for a period of 6 months in the online service “Beeline TV” (12+).

Promotion “3 in 1: at the price of a smartphone!” held from 12 July 2021 to 15 August 2021. More detailed information about the organizer, the rules of the promotion, its restrictions, models and tariffs is available at.

Organizer of the Promotion: VimpelCom PJSC. RF, 127083, Moscow, st. 8 March, 10, building 14, OGRN 1027700166636. The action is valid in the territory of the Russian Federation, except for the republic. Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. The list of tariff plans on which the Promotion is available: tariff plans of the line “Close people”, “Close people +”, as well as “To the maximum!”, “To the maximum +!” and SuperCity (in Moscow and the Moscow region). The price of the kit is equal to the price of a smartphone without a stock. The number of products is limited. The list of accessories not participating in the promotion is available on “Screen Protection” service from AlfaStrakhovanie JSC (License SI No. 2239 dated November 13, 2017) for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months. at the client’s choice. The service is provided with the information and technical support of NSC JSC and the electronic money operator Alfa-Bank JSC (license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 1326). The cost and details are here.



‘Don’t let people get Parkinson’s unnecessarily’ –

The authoritative neurologist Bas Bloem of Radboudumc looks at the increasing numbers of people with Parkinson’s with anger. The victims often did not need to get sick. Pesticides can cause the brain disease, yet a ban has not been forthcoming. “But it’s damn urgent! How do we explain to next generations that they got Parkinson’s because we were hesitant to take action?”

Bloem is known worldwide as an expert, he has seen for years how this ‘horrible brain disease’ destroys the lives of his patients. He is convinced that chemical (pesticides) agents are an important cause. This is also confirmed all over the world. However, farmers may continue to use the life-threatening substances. It is primarily the farmers themselves who run the risk of Parkinson’s due to their use of pesticides. “So they are victims themselves, I do not consider them as perpetrators,” Bloem tells De Stentor. “It is the government that must intervene.” But the people living in the vicinity of the spraying farmers are also at risk: “We find the pesticides on their kitchen table and in the diapers of their babies.”

And there are studies showing that people are also exposed to pesticides when they eat sprayed fruits and vegetables. The exact effect of the poison on our food is still under investigation.

Bron (nen): The Stentor

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: Technology and media :: RBC

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Wappies and believers are a danger to us all –

Whoever refuses to be vaccinated puts not only his own health at risk, but also that of others. That’s because variants can only develop in the body of infected people, a risk that obviously increases if you don’t get vaccinated. “Unvaccinated people are potential variant factories,” William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases, told CNN

“The more unvaccinated people, the more chance for the virus to multiply.” And when that happens, the virus mutates and can deliver a more serious variant somewhere along the way.”

That’s what viruses do: mutate. A virus wants – if everything living, survives as a species. So when one way is closed by vaccines, the virus finds other ways. If the mutation can spread, a new virus variant emerges, which may be more contagious, replicate more efficiently, or infect a greater diversity of hosts. Such a variant can then become dominant, as is now fully underway in many countries with the Delta variant.

For the time being, the vaccines still hold up against the current variants, but that is not a certainty for any new variants. That is why high vaccination coverage is so important now. And wappies and believers are therefore a danger to all of us


Man breaks penis ‘vertically’ during sex –

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The latter was the case with the man who was just a little too enthusiastic and as a result broke his penis vertically (see image). The 40-year-old man He is the very first patient in the world who has broken his penis vertically. That reports the business magazine Forbes

Because it has never happened before, the treating physicians described about condition and recovery in the British Medical Journal. A vertical fracture is different from a horizontal one, they write. The man didn’t feel like anything ‘popped’ – which is common with a horizontal fracture.

The man was operated on and after six months was completely ‘the old one’. Even his erections “are of the same quality as those from before the injury.”


Why holidays are often bad for your relationship –

Gradually the holiday begins hesitantly. To the south or carefully in the Netherlands. There at the campsite you should enjoy the environment, but especially the family and each other. And it is precisely with the latter that it often goes wrong. It is not without reason that there is a peak in divorce after the summer holidays.

High expectations
Relationship expert Rika Ponnet explains in Knack magazine why this is. “Whether people leave for a campsite or a boutique hotel, they have one thing in common: expectations are high. The month of June is very busy in many families: deadlines have to be met, there are parent meetings, farewell parties and so on. Everyone is tired and has People are saving for this and are looking forward to time for their partner and family. They can already see it all: enjoying that holiday home, while the children play in the pool and they read a book with a cocktail in hand Unfortunately, the reality is usually different. Many people already get stressed when they pack their bags, and then the long car or plane journey has yet to start. There is always something disappointing on site: the breakfast, the view or the mattresses. people have a feeling of decompression They step from a very hectic life into total idleness That seems great, but it can lead to restlessness, headaches and even withdrawal differences. jnselen: they keep scrolling through their smartphone, out of habit. This often leads to frustration and quarrels. I regularly hear couples say that they had a clattering argument in the first week of vacation, often about something small. Fortunately, they usually make up for it afterwards, so that they can still enjoy it.’

But that doesn’t always work. September is a busy month in her practice, says Ponnet. “Many couples sign up for couples therapy after the big holidays. And you can also see this trend in the divorce statistics. That is not illogical. Many couples who are having difficulties start living side by side. They both work hard, and keep a They have a family running. So they spend little time really together. On vacation they suddenly sit on each other’s lips 24 hours a day. That can be very confronting, because they notice that they actually have nothing to say to each other anymore.”

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on vacation. “Vacation is important precisely because it is a way to slow down and view your life from a distance. One decides he wants to put his career on the back burner, the other wants to end his relationship. And that is fine, otherwise that would have happened.”

Bron (nen): Knack