After the apokovidus – Newspaper Kommersant No. 145 (7107) from 17.08.2021

On Monday, Rospotrebnadzor officially warned about the dangers of the so-called postcoid syndrome. The department said that a third of those who have recovered do not return to their usual state even three months after recovery. However, “Kommersant” found patients who “did not come to their senses” even a year later. The Ministry of Health […]

Germany: salmon go crazy after getting intoxicated with cocaine

It was in June 2020 when a fisheries officer of the agency in the municipality of Kirchhundem observed an atypical behavior in the animals, raised for a species conservation project. Salmon frantically jumping around on a fish farm in Germany may have been on cocaine, according to a report released by German environmental officials. […]

They ‘ruin’ Resident Evil 8 Village again with crazy new mods

Resident Evil 8: Village It has received all kinds of modifications from the community throughout these weeks after its launch. However, we already told you about ToastedShoes, a user of YouTube dedicated to uploading videos about mods that you create for various games. ToastedShoes started his tour of mods in order to Resident Evil Village […]