There is a probability that the asteroid ‘Bennu’ will hit the Earth

Joana Campos Meteored Portugal 08 Sep 4 min Despite the new calculations, the chances of a collision are still very, very low. The asteroid Bennu is considered potentially dangerous because it is the body known to have the highest risk of collision with Earth. A study revealed by NASA, on August 11, indicates that the […]

China wants to deflect asteroid Bennu to avoid potential impact with Earth

The asteroid Bennu, where samples of soil were recently recovered, could strike the Earth in a hundred years. China has decided to send rockets to deviate its course and avoid the disastrous consequences of a collision. There is no shortage of asteroids in space, and to detect those that pose a threat, scientists are required […]

Bush called the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan a mistake

The ex-president of the United States, who gave the order to start the military operation in Afghanistan in 2001, believes that Biden was wrong when he began to withdraw troops from this country. Now retribution for this decision awaits the Afghans who helped the US military ото: Rahmat Gul / AP Former US President George […]

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The Virgin Galactic owner will take a space trip on July 11, ahead of Jeff Bezos, owner of Blue Origin and Amazon. Yet Elon Musk leads the competition. In many cases, eye disorders and visual impairment are a consequence of the little or no attention we pay to these organs .