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Riquelme’s idea of ​​playing the Argentine Cup with youth

There are still unknowns around. But as soon as it was raised at the Board of Directors meeting last Wednesday night, in which he participated for the first time Juan roman riquelme actively, the idea caught on and did not stop growing: Boca plans to play the next Argentine Cup only with players trained at the club. As a way of giving prominence and filming to the youths emerged from the xeneize quarry. As part of a clear directive to value the boys who are trained in the famous Ezeiza property. Eleven out of eleven? What a paradox.

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The clear signal of power of Riquelme before the CD

The idea of ​​betting hard on home-trained players has been around Riquelme’s head for a long time, due to the fact that it gives the boys opportunities and also because of the difficulties in strengthening the team in their first pass markets. His appearance in the video published on the social networks of the property’s account was nothing more than a confirmation of his bet strong on what happens in Ezeiza.

In fact, in that meeting of the CD, first issues that were on the order of the day were discussed, such as the resignation of Mario Pergolini, and then the possibility was opened for those who wanted him to take the floor. And there appeared Riquelme in front of the rest of the leaders to get off the line -as he had never done in that area- on the work carried out in the Ezeiza Training Center with the youth.

“Guys see 13 world champions every day”The vice president mentioned by the presence of his team of club glories on the premises, among which are the three members of the Soccer Council as well as Chicho Serna, Hugo Ibarra and Sebastián Battaglia, among others.

And it was there that he revealed for the first time in public his intention to bet on the youth seriously in a tournament and it pointed directly to the Argentine Cup, the third in importance behind the Libertadores and the local tournament. “It’s what Roman wants,” they confirmed to Olé this Friday. Does training at the club mean that Carlos Tevez could be there? In principle, the idea is for the kids who appear in First.

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What we will have to see later is what happens if the Argentine Cup becomes the only way to qualify for a Libertadores. In this year’s edition it is not the case, because Boca is already classified by its last local titles. But for 2022, the date set by JR, he still does not have his place assured.

There must also be the conviction to maintain the decision against any rival and keep the coach in the event of a resounding defeat.

In this cycle of Riquelme in front of football and of Russo as DT, they already debuted Gaston avila (today on loan at Central), Alan Varela, Cristian Medina, Exequiel Zeballos Y Lucas Vasquez, but he took the youths calmly, except for the appearance during this year of Medina, who made his debut and became a starter as a double 5 next to Jorman Campuzano.

Carlos Tevez and Alan Varela, experience and youth, during a Boca training session.

Carlos Tevez and Alan Varela, experience and youth, during a Boca training session.

“We bet on a young medium, because it is the way we want”, said the DT after the victory against Defense and Justice, a game in which he put Medina himself and Zeballos as well, held Capaldo on the side and then made Almendra and Varela enter.

The antecedent that was not met

When Mauricio Macri became president of Boca in December 1995, not only broke everything with the hiring of a specialist like Jorge Griffa at the head of the Lower Divisions, he was also encouraged to set a goal: to have at some point a main team consisting of 11 players from the quarry.

And while Griffa’s work at the club was very good and paid off, the 11 of 11 could never be fulfilled. Will it be fulfilled with Riquelme?

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The Riquelme team that works in Ezeiza.

The Riquelme team that works in Ezeiza.


After his criticism of the “Di Stefano” stadium … a Spanish company responds to Klopp in a special way

The Spanish company “Elvien Force”, which manufactures three-dimensional models of stadiums, decided to send a model of the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium, to the German coach Juergen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool, after the latter criticized the stronghold of Real Madrid.

Liverpool was defeated by Real Madrid by three goals to a goal, in the match that brought together the two teams on Tuesday night at the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium, in the first leg of the Champions Quarter-finals matches.

Klopp, before the start of the match, criticized the club’s stronghold, describing it as just a training ground and not suitable for playing matches.

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The Spanish company decided to send a model to Klopp, and Jose Guerrero, president of the company, said in statements published in the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”: “We know that Jurgen is a man who has a good sense of humor. He will certainly welcome that.”

He added, “In addition to Alfredo Di Stéfano, we will also send him the Wanda Metropolitano (Atletico Madrid Stadium), as another souvenir for him.”

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, responded to Klopp’s statements, confirming that he is proud to play on the stadium (See what he said?).


Hidden bar in NYC …

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Senator regrets criminalization of minors after niece’s party

The legislator assured that her niece’s birthday party was held with 100 guests and under strict sanitary measures in compliance with the protocols. However, he acknowledged that the participants “made a mistake” by removing their masks.

Georgia Arrúa commented that her niece turned 16, but since she could not celebrate her 15 due to her quarantine, she decided to hold the party this year.

The PPQ senator assured in communication with the station 1000AM that she has no relationship whatsoever with the organization of the event and with the expenses of the party.

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“Videos of minors who at that time took off their masks are circulating, but I have absolutely nothing to do with the organization or the payment of anything. Yes, she is my niece, she is unlucky to be one. They share photos of minors as if they were criminals. Yes, they made the mistake of taking off their masks ”, he lamented.

On the other hand, the senator for the Patria Querida Party assured that the event was held with guests who are from the same environment as her niece. He recalled that this type of event is not prohibited.

The 15-year party of Senator Georgia Arrúa’s niece caused a lot of outrage on social networks, seeing that videos were viralized where the lack of compliance with health protocols is observed.

The incident occurred last Saturday, in a social room of the Paraná Country Club, in Hernandarias.


Summary – CAF Champions League: Al Ahly brings down the Vita Club – beIN SPORTS France

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Klopp: Dismissal? If there is a better coach than me … sign him

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp sent an indirect message to his club management when he was asked about the possibility of his dismissal after the Reds’ results declined at the local level.

Liverpool is currently ranked seventh in the Premier League table with 43 points, after its last loss to Chelsea, 1-0.

During statements highlighted by the British newspaper “Mirror”, Klopp said: “We can not do more than we do … this is the situation.”

He added, “If there is another coach who can do a better job, they have to make the decision … It is clear.”

He continued: “I do not think that things are going like this, I do not mean that no one else can do better than what I do, but I do not think that any of the club officials are thinking about this – at least no one told me -.”

He continued: “I went through a similar situation in Dortmund after a successful period. The situation was not as bad in terms of injuries as in Liverpool … but we had much fewer points after the first round of the season.”

He continued: “The difference is that we suffered injuries in the first part of the season and in the second part they all came back. We had a winter break and I knew that all the players would return, so here (Liverpool) the situation is completely different because no one is anymore so you cannot compare.”

It is worth noting that Liverpool will face Fulham at 4 pm today, Sunday, in the 27th round of the Premier League championship.


Former Liverpool star about Mohamed Salah’s anger: gestures in front of the camera will not help you!

Former Liverpool star Phil Thompson confirmed that Mohamed Salah’s behavior when substituting him in yesterday’s match against Chelsea did not impress him, despite his admission of his surprise at Jurgen Klopp’s decision.

Yesterday, Liverpool lost to Chelsea 1-0 in the 29th round of the English Premier League at Anfield.

Klopp substituted Mohamed Salah in the 62nd minute, which angered the Egyptian star and kept shaking his head on the bench as a sign of his dissatisfaction.

Replacing Mohamed Salah in front of Chelsea

Phil Thompson said in statements published by the English newspaper “Metro”: “The replacement of Mohamed Salah was like a big decision.”

He added: “A lot of Liverpool’s players weren’t great, Mane was going through a tough time, and Firmino’s performance was poor for some time, but to substitute the team’s top scorer that makes you say (Wow, that was a big decision).”

He continued: “You can see Mo’s reaction as well, which I don’t like. I’d rather just come out and talk calmly to his coach than he reacted like this.”

He concluded: “Doing gestures in front of the cameras does not help anyone. I must also say that the decision to replace Salah was very surprising.”


Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports – FEI cancels international March events in Europe due to EHV-1 virus

Tours in progress may continue provided that no new horses are allowed to enter and that no positive cases are confirmed

A few minutes ago, in the late evening, first to the national federations and then also to the press, the International Equestrian Federation sent a press release in which it disclosed further important measures taken relating to the spread of Equine Rhinopneumonia, following the first outbreak discovered in Valencia . We report in full the communication.

The FEI has canceled international events in 10 countries on the European continent with immediate effect and until March 28, 2021, due to the rapid evolution of a very aggressive strain of the Equine Herpes Virus – EHV-1 (neurological form), which originated in Valencia (Spain) and has already caused related outbreaks in at least three other countries in Europe.

This decision applies to all FEI disciplines, but in order to prevent a huge number of horses from simultaneously leaving the Competition Tours in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Belgium, which have been running for several weeks, the same specific Tours may continue, as if they were isolated “bubbles”, provided that new horses are not allowed to enter the competition venues and that positive cases of EHV-1 are not confirmed.

The Jumping Tours of Vejer de la Frontera (Spain), Vilamoura (Portugal), San Giovanni in Marignano and Gorla Minore (Italy) will have strict bio-safety protocols and require the presence on site of FEI Veterinary Delegates. Horses will only be allowed to leave these places if they have an official health certificate from the local veterinary authorities. Any horses that leave these venues without such documentation will be locked in the FEI database. The FEI also reminds that it is illegal to transport a horse without an official health certificate.

The organizing committee of Oliva Nova (Spain) had already communicated this afternoon to the FEI that it had decided to cancel the rest of the scheduled races of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour III. Likewise, the CO of Opglabbeek (Belgium) informed that it had canceled its events for the month of March.

Several countries, including France, have already canceled all their events to minimize transmission of the virus.

The decision, which concerns the events in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia, was made in accordance with the FEI General Regulations (Article 112.3), which states: “The Secretary General has the authority to remove any competition and / or event from the calendar in the presence of justified circumstances ”.

“Blocare events in Europe it was not an easy decision, especially after the serious disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic “- said the Secretary General of the FEI, Sabrina Ibáñez -” but this EHV-1 epidemic is probably the most serious we have recorded in Europe for several decades and our decision is based on clearly identified epidemiological risk factors. This strain of EHV-1 is particularly aggressive, has already caused equine deaths and a very large number of serious clinical cases. We need to keep our horses safe. We are aware that a large number of horses left the Valencia site without an official health certificate, which means that they were in an unknown state of health. Some horses were already sick and the risk of transmission is a major concern. The cancellation of these competitions in Europe, with the exception of the Jumping Tours in progress in the Iberian Peninsula and in Italy, limits the number of horses traveling internationally and therefore reduces the likelihood that this very serious virus will be transmitted on a constant scale. wider. We also strongly recommend that interested Federations also cancel their national events. We are aware that this is a particularly stressful and distressing time and that this situation is potentially detrimental to those (horses and riders) aiming for minimum eligibility requirements (MER) or confirmation of results for Tokyo, but we are studying how to ensure that the binomials can obtain their MER or confirm the results once the events in Europe can resume ”.

The FEI is aware that some athletes have already arrived at the competition venues or are traveling and will contact all interested parties registered for the events between now and March 28, 2021.

All the latest updates on the EHV-1 can be found HERE


Without returning to Congo, the Vita Club arrives in Cairo a week before the Al-Ahly confrontation

The Congolese Vita Club team headed to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, this evening, Friday, in preparation for the Al-Ahly match in the African Champions League competitions.

On Saturday, March 6, Al-Ahly will host the Congolese Vita Club team at Cairo Stadium, in the third round of the group stage of the Champions League.

The Vita Club administration preferred that the team’s mission would remain in Sudan after the end of the Mars confrontation for several days without returning to the Congo, provided that it would fly today, Friday, to Cairo directly, 8 days before the Al-Ahly meeting.

The Vita Club defeated Al-Merrikh of Sudan by four goals to one in the second round of the group stage of the African Champions League, after losing at home in the first round to Simba of Tanzania with a clean goal.

It is reported that Al-Ahly had defeated Al-Merrikh of Sudan in the first round of the Champions League by 3-0 at Cairo Stadium, before losing to Simba in the second round with a clean goal.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Jaysh on next Sunday in the general league, before facing Vita Club twice in a row in the Champions League in the third and fourth round of the tournament.