[clicazot] JH. Ratenon announces that he will vote against the health pass and the compulsory vaccine

This Monday, July 19, the bill relating to the health crisis will be examined by the Council of Ministers.

And from Tuesday July 20, it will pass in committee to the National Assembly and will arrive Wednesday 21 in session to be debated in the hemicycle, then voted.

Faced with this liberticidal law, and from the moment when the examination of the law begins, it will be necessary to be indignant, to mobilize everywhere in France, to say NO to the sanitary pass.

Once again, Macron’s government has failed in its crisis management strategy, and as a result, it prefers to impose rather than to convince.

Faced with this attack on freedom, democracy and human dignity, my parliamentary group will continue to oppose and vote against the health pass and the compulsory vaccine. We will table amendments to derail this text while hoping that they will resonate with other Members.

But if this law passes, France Insubordinate to the assembly, composed of 17 deputies, will propose to seize the constitutional council. To do this, we will have to convince other deputies, because we will have to be at least 60 deputies for a referral.

The health pass will totally change the face of our society, it is liberticidal and must be countered. The people must express their refusal wherever possible, to put pressure on the vote in the National Assembly and on the government.

Jean-Hugues Ratenon,

deputy of Reunion


[Faits Divers] Broken pedestrian in Saint-Pierre: the driver was not under control

SAINT PIERRE. The accident that occurred last Wednesday, which claimed the life of a 23-year-old pedestrian on the RN2, is gradually clearing up. Around 6 a.m., a couple traveling on the four-lane road collided with the young man on the edge of the emergency lane. After the firefighters had deployed, they found the lifeless body of the pedestrian several meters from the point of impact. Yesterday, the motorist in the vehicle was tested for alcohol and drugs, both of which tested negative.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the vehicle was moving well in its lane. It now remains to completely rule out the responsibility of the driver for investigators, as well as the autopsy of the victim who is the 23rd person killed on the roads of the island.


[clicazot] Vaccination: URML OI is sounding the alarm

Liberal doctors are worried about the still too low number of Reunionese vaccinated, the Reunion ARS estimates that 22.4% of the population has a complete vaccination schedule.

Also, URML OI wants above all to continue to send an awareness message.
A message which goes first of all through a desire to reassure and convince: “The vaccine will only be injected into a single cell to trigger the onset of immunity”, explains Doctor Christine Kowalczyk, president of URML OI. “For the virus, it’s different. It will enter several cells, which will trigger a severe form in patients if the immune system does not kick in quickly. “

This concern to see the number of serious forms multiply locally is justified by the active circulation of the delta variant which raises fears that an epidemic peak is looming in the coming weeks.

Faced with this particularly contagious strain, vaccination seems to be the only really effective weapon. “In Israel, there was 40% vaccination and it stopped the appearance of serious forms. There was no rebound at this level and it helped reduce hospital pressure. In South Africa, on the other hand, there was only 4% vaccination. And there is the disaster. “

At the scale of Reunion, this observation can also apply since none of the patients hospitalized or in intensive care because of the Covid is currently vaccinated.

Another major, and too often overlooked, side effect of the coronavirus epidemic is the delay in diagnosis and patient care.

“Some patients hesitate to come for a consultation because they are afraid of being contaminated in the waiting room or in hospitals and clinics”, indicates oncologist Mickaël Bègue. “These delays lead to excess mortality that could be preventable if people were to vaccinate more to prevent the epidemic. “

The occupation of intensive care beds is also a problem in cardiac surgery. The influx of patients caused by the health crisis limits the possibilities of access to intensive care beds and essential equipment such as ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for other patients. “We no longer have access to these machines because they are often used by Covid patients,” says cardiologist Geoffray Rambaud. “Heart surgery patients are put on hold and this is a waste of opportunity for them. There have been deaths that could have been avoided if people had been vaccinated before and beds had been made available for patients with other conditions. “

Doctor Christine Kowalczyk also recalls, if necessary, that doctors remain convinced of the benefits provided by this medical gesture. “The vast majority of liberal doctors are in favor of vaccination and they practice it every day in their office. Those who oppose it represent only themselves ”.

URML OI wants to sound the alarm on vaccination and reminds that getting vaccinated is also an altruistic gesture that relates to collective responsibility.


[Faits Divers] Erminah Bodilahy suspected murderer indicted and imprisoned

Yesterday, the alleged murderer of Erminah Bodilahy, a 28-year-old mother whose lifeless body was found in the Gol Ravine on February 12, was indicted and remanded in custody according to reports. from our colleagues in the Daily.

A giant step forward in this affair with multiple gray areas. Five months after the discovery of the mother’s body, a farmer was indicted for murder and remanded in custody. The farmer, a certain Jean Roland G., whose farm is located in the heights of Saint-Leu and domiciled in Tampon denied the facts during his police custody but also before the examining magistrate.

However, a bundle of concordant clues directed the investigators towards this man who delivered different versions on his schedule and behaved suspiciously, by denying, for example, having crossed the victim on the afternoon of the facts or having abandoned the van that would have been used to transport the body.

An expected rebound in this affair which began on February 12 when joggers sounded the alarm. As they run the Gol Ravine fitness trail, they spot the partly submerged body of a woman. The body has no apparent injuries. On the spot, no trace of blood or struggle. A veil of mystery envelops this macabre discovery.

It will take a few days to identify the body: it is Erminah Bodilahy, mother of two children. The 28-year-old woman lives in Le Tampon. The investigation is thorny. The mother is known to offer sex on an occasional basis. A few weeks after the macabre discovery, three men are interviewed by investigators, all are released.

Drama on top of the drama, a few days after the death of Erminah Bodilahy, her brother cannot bear this loss and commits suicide.

So it’s a grieving and angry family asking for answers. The farmer, the alleged murderer of the young woman, was remanded in custody due to the seriousness of the acts of which he is suspected of being the author but also to prevent him from being taken to task by relatives of the victims in retaliation.


[Politique] And now the 3rd round

COMMUNITY. The Department elects its president this morning at the Palais de la Source during a well-orchestrated but sometimes complex ceremony. We will explain everything to you.

> Presidency, instructions for use

See you at 9 a.m. this morning. The outgoing president, Cyrille Melchior, will first say a few words. He will then return to his seat with his partner and the oldest member will chair the session. After the call of the departmental advisers, the presidential candidates will be asked to make themselves known.
Voting then takes place by absolute majority, both in the first and second rounds. To be …


[Politique] Saint-Paul: the estate of Huguette Bello is open

The victory of Huguette Bello in the regional can not mask a catastrophic result in the departmental with none of the three elected pairs. The next mayor has his work cut out for him.

Barely a year after being elected mayor of Saint-Paul, Huguette Bello goes to the Region. It leaves a municipality politically weakened and important municipal projects in progress.

Weakened because none of the municipal pairs were elected to the Department. “It’s catastrophic, judge an elected by the majority. Bello has built his reputation on the social side and we are unable to send representatives to the Department, the collectivity that …


[Politique] Final sprint for Prianon and Vitry

CANTON 9 (Saint-Denis 1). The former running champion, who is starting out in politics, had his baptism of fire last Sunday. “And the first conclusion I draw is that politics really has nothing to do with sport. In sport, there are rules and respect. There, I had the impression that all the blows were allowed for our adversaries. Lies, rumors, insults. It’s hard…, summarizes Jean-Louis Prianon. Everywhere, during the campaign, I re …


[AFP] US elected officials are working on antitrust and anti-tech laws

After years of reprimands and flicks, US elected officials want to bring out the heavy artillery against the tech giants: a parliamentary committee is due to debate Wednesday five bills that pave the way for potential dismantling of Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, the famous Gafa.

If this reform were then approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate, it would be big enough to transform the internet as these big companies have shaped it.
To begin with, these companies, accused of abuse of a dominant position by many authorities, would no longer have the right to operate platforms for third-party companies while offering competing services.

A potential major blow to Apple and Amazon, which have been criticized for years for being both judges and parties respectively on the App Store (the iPhone manufacturer’s application store) and the online sales site. line.
“This would have significant negative effects for the hundreds of thousands of US SMEs that sell products through our store,” said Brian Huseman, a vice president of Amazon, in a statement Tuesday. He also referred to the risk of price increases for consumers as a result of “lower competition”.

“The (judicial committee of the House of Representatives) is moving too quickly, unnecessarily, on these bills,” he continued, before encouraging the elected David Cicilline, an anti-Gafa member of this commission, to “slow down” to avoid “unintended negative consequences”.

– Ultra dominant firms –

Elected officials are also seeking to prevent Silicon Valley from prioritizing its products or services – with Google in their sights. And the largest groups would no longer have the right to acquire competitors.

Another measure would also impose the “portability” of data and the “interoperability” of services. Facebook users could then more easily leave the social network, taking their contacts and personal information with them.
“It’s no longer antitrust, it’s regulation,” said Fiona Scott Morton, economist and professor at Yale University.
According to this former executive of the American administration, this desire to upset the industry comes from the failure of the authorities, in the United States and elsewhere, to control firms that have become ultra dominant.

After years in which Europe led the offensive, Washington has finally stepped in. Lawsuits have been launched in recent months, notably against Google and Facebook, for infringement of competition law. Many investigations are still ongoing.

President Joe Biden has appointed several anti-monopoly figures to major positions, including lawyer Lina Khan, recently confirmed as head of the US competition authority (FTC).

In the US Parliament, many Democrats have made this issue their main concern. Their bills are also supported by Republicans, a good omen for the vote in the House. Their fate in the Senate is less guaranteed.

– “Break what works” –

Nothing to worry about Wall Street for the moment. According to analyst Dan Ives, investors view this threat “with calm”, because politicians remain divided. In addition, “without fundamental change in existing laws, the antitrust momentum will crash against a wall,” he said in a note from his firm, Wedbush Securities.

If the five laws come into force, the platforms will have to “operate like airlines, or gas and electricity companies, which must provide their services to anyone who wants them, without giving privileges to anyone, including themselves”, analyzes Christopher Sagers, a specialist in competition law and professor at Cleveland State University.

Critics of these reforms say they fear some very popular services will disappear.
“As voters expect elected officials to deal with pressing issues for the country, it seems hard to believe Congress is on the verge of banning Amazon Prime and Amazon Basics (both subscriptions and products from the brand, editor’s note), to ban the pre-installation of (Apple’s messaging systems) iMessage and FaceTime on iPhones and to ban Google from including Google Maps in its search results, “13 professional organizations wrote on Monday in partly financed by the Gafa.

“We believe voters want Congress to fix what is broken, rather than smashing or banning what works well,” they added.

Jerry Nadler, chairman of the judiciary commission, said for his part that these laws will “put in place the foundations of a stronger economy and democracy for the American people, by controlling the power of the most dominant firms in line”.


[AFP] Taishan EPR: a problem that falls badly for EDF but also for China

The problems encountered on an EPR in service in China do not fall well for the French energy group EDF, which hopes for new projects for its reactor but also for Chinese industry, say experts.

The American channel CNN reported Monday a possible “leak” in the power station of Taishan, in the south of the country.
EDF, which is a 30% shareholder in the Chinese power station alongside the national group CGN, reported the presence of “rare gases” in the primary circuit of the first reactor, after the degradation of the cladding of a few “rods” containing uranium pellets.
The group was informed in October, but last Saturday the information reached it indicating an increase in gas concentrations.
This problem, against a background of silence from the Chinese authorities, fueled criticism on Monday against the EPR, whose sites in France, Finland and the United Kingdom are marked by delays and additional costs.
“The EPR, put to the test of its functioning, its real security and democracy, is a disaster. Let’s stop these projects!”, Tweeted environmental MEP Yannick Jadot.

“The Chinese nuclear regulator like French companies may have acted in bad faith”, by not immediately making the problem public, said Paul Dorfman, a researcher at University College London (UCL).
“If this is the case, this new debacle for the EPR should have important consequences for any new construction plan for EPR in France, in the United Kingdom and in the world”, according to the expert.
But for Nicolas Mazzucchi, of the Foundation for Strategic Research, “it is far too early to draw any conclusions whatsoever.”
“Is this a question linked to a poor consideration by the (Chinese) safety authority? Is it a problem of a nature that remains to be assessed for the reactor itself ‘For the moment all the questions remain open,’ underlines the researcher.

– Beijing to the challenge

The problem revealed to Taishan comes at a time when EDF, which is currently building only one EPR in France, that of Flamanville (Manche), is hoping for new projects.
France is playing it safe and wants to wait for the start of this site, expected at best for the end of 2022 after many delays, to make a decision.
The decision whether or not to build six additional EPRs will therefore rest with the next five-year period. In the meantime, EDF recently submitted to the government a file on “the feasibility and the conditions” of such a project.
EDF is also discussing with European countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic. The UK, where two EPRs are already under construction, is considering ordering two more. The group is also in discussions with India to install a giant power plant with six EPRs at the Jaitapur site.
With the EPR, EDF competes on the international scene with Russia but also with China, which has developed its own reactor.
However, the credibility of the latter could well be affected by the problem encountered in Taishan, experts believe.
“This is really bad news for the Chinese nuclear industry,” which “could have a very bad international image,” says Nicolas Mazzucchi.

This would suit the United States in passing, in confrontation with the Chinese, and “who have every interest in beating them up when they can do it”, he notes.
The problem in Taishan also questions the future of nuclear power in China, which today has the third largest nuclear fleet in the world.
The development of the atom is important there but remains limited at the scale of the country, a caution linked to the disaster at the Japanese power plant of Fukushima in 2011.

“Partly due to the impact of Fukushima in China, public acceptance of nuclear power in China is volatile,” said Mark Hibbs, nuclear specialist at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
“The events in Taishan challenge Beijing to explain the facts to its people,” said the expert.


[Sport] Euro: Eriksen in a “stable” state, the match will resume

Fear at Euro football: Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed in the middle of a match on Saturday, causing immense emotion on the second day of the tournament, before being transported “awake” to a hospital in Copenhagen. According to the Danish federation, the Denmark-Finland match will resume at 6.30 p.m. GMT (10.30 p.m. Meeting).

Just before the break in the Group B game against Finland, Eriksen, star of his national team and Inter Milan, suddenly collapsed on the pitch, his eyes rolled back.

The match was immediately interrupted, the medical staff of the Danish team intervened, quickly joined by the medical services of the tournament, while his partners gathered to form a circle around the 29-year-old midfielder, some of whom ‘between them in tears.

After long minutes while medical services performed cardiac massage, the referee officially sent the two teams back to the locker room.

Eriksen, 29, was finally evacuated on a stretcher, still escorted by his teammates, while the some 16,000 spectators, mostly Danish, including his companion, who came to the edge of the pitch, were in awe. In photographs taken by AFP, we see Eriksen on his stretcher, looking haggard and his hand raised to his forehead.

The meeting was immediately “suspended due to a medical emergency,” UEFA announced on the tournament’s Twitter account, without giving further details.

The European body then clarified that he was “in a stable condition”, while the Danish Football Federation (DBU) was reassuring by indicating that he was “awake” and that he was undergoing exams at the main hospital in Copenhagen.


These particularly chilling images, which sent football fans back to other dramas that have occurred on the ground in recent years, such as the death of Cameroonian Marc-Vivien Foé in the middle of a match in 2003, immediately sparked a wave of emotion in the world. of the round ball.

In the stands, the Finnish supporters chanted the name of the Dane.

In Italy, the Lega Serie A, which organizes the Italian Championship, gave its support to Eriksen, on Twitter with the message “Forza” (Courage), just like football stars like the Croatian Luka Modric or his club, Real Madrid.

“Courage Chris, all our thoughts are with you,” Inter tweeted.

The other group B meeting was to oppose Belgium to Russia in Saint Petersburg (9:00 p.m. / 7:00 p.m. GMT), in an atmosphere necessarily cooled by this incident, especially as Belgium has striker Romelu Lukaku in its ranks, Eriksen’s teammate at Inter.

According to RTBF, Roberto Martinez said the Belgian players who play at Inter or have played with Eriksen (Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Chadli at Tottenham) were “very moved” but ready to play tonight.

It remains to be seen what the atmosphere will be at the Saint Petersburg stadium for this match between Belgium, one of the tournament’s favorites, against Russia, one of the host countries.

Earlier today, in Group A, Welsh and Swiss neutralized (1-1) in Baku, the day after an opening match dominated by Italy against Turkey in a festive atmosphere ( 3-0). Before the events in Copenhagen suddenly cooled the atmosphere …